Sister-in-law’s legs (JIMP#64)

Drunken pass in a hotel room ends in domination by a sexy pair of legs

I wanted a story just about Jim and his leggy sister-in-law Marianne

by Jimp
(c)Jim P 2017

What would you do if you fancied your sister-in-law and had the chance to be alone with her in a hotel? I didn’t always fancy her and I’m not a gigolo who goes around seducing women. When I first met Marianne she was a scrawny young woman about 5’9″ with a lean small-chested gangly body with short cropped sandy blonde hair. Her face was small, long and narrow with prominent cheekbones, a long nose and deep narrow, rounded jaw which emphasized a small thin-lipped mouth and teeth crammed into a small space. A large pair of spectacles magnified small eyes with blue-irises set in narrow eye slits that made it seem like she was squinting, giving her a mousey or dorky look.

After she got married and had kids, her figure filled out nicely becoming slender and well-shaped. Likewise her cheeks plumped slightly giving her face a nice oval shape that helped detract from a prominent nose. Slim-line glasses made her more attractive although still a bit dorky. Her bust also grew to pleasing proportions which caught my eye when she went through a phase of not wearing a bra to please her loutish hubby. It wasn’t until she began to wear skin-tight leggings that I became fascinated with her long slim legs. More so the first time I saw her in a mini-skirt and heels that showed off the muscularity and remarkably shiny muscle tone in her calves for a woman who didn’t exercise. From then on I was hooked, appreciating how pretty she was in her own way and staring at those sexy legs at every opportunity wishing she would wear skirts more often.

Back to the present. I was all set for another soul-destroying stay in a hotel on my own, so was only too pleased when Marianne asked to accompany me to Oxford as my personal assistant. I had arranged to meet a Professor of Persian History at the University to discuss photos I had taken of the painting owned by Countess Claudine depicting the Goddess Anahita on a murderous rampage in the persona of the Dark Goddess [PANTYHOSE#9]. I also had a copy of the translated scroll that mentioned her gift to the innocents, stolen by the ancestors of the Global Elite.

Actually she didn’t exactly ask. I had returned home after a long case in Paris [PANTYHOSE#1–9] and was rather put out that no-one bothered to show they even cared I was back. So I was pleasantly surprised when my sister-in-law came around to welcome me home. Wearing a pale pink tight top under a salmon cardigan that made her look much bustier than I remembered, denim shorts and tan coloured nylons showed off shapely lanky legs. It was very pleasant indeed when she pressed her lean body against me to deliver a big long hug and a friendly kiss. Marianne has a very kissable-looking small mouth with thin lips that I normally had to resist the temptation to kiss. Her hair, naturally mousey-blonde, bleached by the sun to a wonderful golden blonde softly framed her face. I could have stayed there for ages with her arms embracing me and lovely lips pressed welcomingly against my own while gazing into her blue eyes magnified by blue-rimmed slim-line rectangular glasses. It was enough to draw irritated glares and noises of impatience from our spouses. Even that brief contact was enough to make the front of my trousers lurch a few times.

Later, we were alone in the kitchen. Her magnified eyes were quite unsettling yet the dilated pupils, a sign that someone is interested in you, was appealing. “So why didn’t you take me to Paris, Jim?” she asked petulantly. I loved the way her blonde hair framed her face with a fringe above her light eyebrows, falling over the ears that she thought were large, hugging the sides of her flat cheeks to curl beneath the jaw to the sides of her swan-like neck. “You said I could help you. Don’t you like me any more?” she asked. “Of course I do” I replied. “Anything would be better than being stuck in that blooming burger van of his, I hate that boring drudge of a life” she added. I felt sorry for her and would have had enjoyed her company but had to explain that I couldn’t have afforded to pay for the both of us for the period of time I was out there and that our partners would have objected and been suspicious. She didn’t look convinced. “So what’s your plan now?” she asked a bit glumly, which I didn’t like to see as she was quite pretty when she smiled. I told her about my trip to Oxford and her face lit up. “I’m going too, as your P.A. Like it or lump it” she was very adamant. “I don’t think your old man will agree nor my missus” I objected. She gave me a hard tough look that was stony, fierce and determined.

“You’re just finding excuses” she accused. Before I could reply, she had seized my right hand, twisted my palm inwards while stretching my arm out to the side. “Ahh ahh” I whimpered as my wrist felt like it would explode. I was shocked that my sister-in-law was hurting me with a wrist-lock. With a magnified hard cold glare, she pressed my hand towards the ground forcing my knees to bend as shards of pain seared through my wrist and tendons. “No arguments. I’m going” she said forcefully, no longer the shrinking violet she used to be but an assertive confident woman. Without a smile touching her lips, she stepped to the side and placed a hand on the back of my arm close to the shoulder. Pressing her other hand on the back of my elbow it felt like it was going to shatter and forced me to bend forwards.

I had a good close-up of her long slim legs shown to their advantage by a small pair of shorts. The sheer tan-coloured pantyhose made her legs look perfect, smooth and blemish free, not that they weren’t already, with a sensual shine. Although removing her shoes when she entered the house, the shape of her calves were still highly noticeable. An impressive eye-catching shape ran from slim ankles fanning out behind long shins. Even without heels, they were long, deep and curvaceous, rather like upside-down bowling pins in shape. The irony that she wore tan-coloured tights while inflicting wrist-shattering pain was not lost on me, although she knew nothing of my recent adventures. “Ahh no please” I begged but she just stared at me clinically studying the effects of her handiwork. “Thank you for those self-defence lessons you brought me” [PRESENT] she stated. “It really changed my life”

“No!” I gasped as her right leg rose bent at the knee then straightened in the blink of an eye. I braced myself for the painful impact of her foot with my face but to my relief it stopped a fraction of an inch away. “I’ve got a pretty strong kick” she announced. Her foot pressed gently but firmly against my face rubbing nylon against my lips. “Shall I demonstrate by smashing your face in?” she asked, pressing the sole of her size 8 foot firmly against my mouth. The taste of nylon against my lips wasn’t my thing and tried to shake my head to dislodge it. “Refusal is not an option” she declared in a firm tone. Raising her foot a little, she playfully stomped my face a few times, mashing my mouth then twisting the sole to grind it against my lips. She also pressed on the back of my elbow while threatening to break my arm, making me squeal. With a wicked chuckle she kept stomping my face and painfully stressing my arm until I gave in and began kissing her foot. “That’s right foot-slave, kiss your mistress” she chuckled. That my sister-in-law had me like this was humiliating and reminded me of my experiences with The Pantyhose Society.

Eager to bully me some more, her foot dropped away and controlling me with small twists of my wrist, she forced me to stand straight. Looking me right in the eyes she folded my arm back upon itself around her right forearm. “I enjoyed them so much I joined The Salvation Army to learn more” [JIMP#15] I knew that but was trying not to scream as she tried to force my hand over my shoulder and wrap it around the other side of my neck. As she moved behind me forcing my elbow up towards the ceiling, I crumpled before her, my legs folding while I leant back in pain. I was helpless, just a toy for my leggy sister-in-law to abuse for her pleasure.

The words of Duke Gregory came to mind: didn’t I wonder why I seem to attract women like the Countess or in this case my sister-in-law? [PANTYHOSE#9]. She twisted my arm this way and that, forcing me to go wherever she wanted with a bemused smirk in unashamed enjoyment of her own dominance and without a care for the pain she was inflicting. She was in complete control and enjoying showing it off. “Oh Jim this feels so good. We must do this more often” she chuckled before twisting my poor arm at the wrist once more while pressing on my elbow. Forcing me to bend right over in front of her I watched helplessly as her right knee shot up with the long slim shin right in front of me, flinching as it narrowly missed my face. I caught a glimpse of her legs opening wide at the crotch as one soared over me only to freak as it dropped down fast. The back of her heel hammered hard between my shoulder blades driving me down to my knees.

Still holding my arm, Marianne shoved my head face-first between her waiting thighs. Pulling the back of my head against the crux of her legs, long columns of nylon femininity closed in on either side in a firm grip. Kneeling with the back of my head rammed against her crotch, there was nowhere to look except down. Her calves shone with good muscle tone through the pantyhose. I thought I could extradite myself as her legs were lightly holding me but my right arm was pulled vertically against the front of her body with the forearm sinking into the distractingly soft mounds of her chest. “Well, this is an embarrassing position to find yourself in” she teased. “How are you going to explain this to your wife, my husband and the kids” she laughed. “Shall I call them in from the garden?”

Panicking, I grabbed one of her slim ankles with my free hand enjoying how it fit nicely and began to tug as hard as I could. Raising herself onto her toes, Marianne’s large softly rounded-sided calves expanded and hardened into solid hard diamonds of muscle. Not that I could enjoy the sight as her lean thighs squeezed on the sides of my neck with surprising force. “Oh no need, here they come now”. I tapped desperately on her leg with my free hand, not wanting to be seen like this. Thankfully she returned her soles to the floor and released me. Looking down at her sexy legs as I got up, part of me wished I could have stayed between them to enjoy being their prisoner. Marianne looked at me with a bemused expression then burst out laughing. In embarrassment I realised that she had been leading me on and that no-one was coming to witness my humiliation. “No argument, Jim. I’m coming with you and that’s that” she told me brooking no-nonsense. “Or shall we see how long I can kick your balls for before someone comes in to see what all the screaming is all about?”. The way her magnified blue eyes glared at me and her firm-set mouth gave me little doubt that she meant it. I couldn’t help thinking what a monster I had created by paying for her self-defence classes. The feelings that caused in me made me agree which caused her to look smug.

I stared down at her shorts and lovely slim legs in appreciation but also in thought. “What?” she exclaimed. Tactfully I suggested that she wore something more professional looking for a renowned place of higher education. I doubted she would have such a thing in her wardrobe. It was a therefore a very pleasant surprise when a few mornings later Marianne turned up looking incredibly smart. A light charcoal-black blazer covered her slim frame, buttoned up at the front with a peek of a high-necked white top beneath while wide shoulder pads imparted an exciting look of executive power. A matching knee-length skirt hung above shapely lower legs clad in sheer nylon giving them a light black hue with the lack of seams at the back suggesting tights. Smart shiny black slip-on shoes adorned her feet with high heels and wickedly pointed toes. More surprising was that she had dolled herself up with make-up with a subtle rouge to her cheeks, a hint of light blue mascara and pink lipstick that made her small mouth all the more kissable. I was so gob-smacked by her appearance I just stood there staring in silence. “Scrub up well don’t I?” she joked. “You look absolutely stunning” I said in awe “like a shorter Princess Di with glasses”. She actually blushed at the compliment.

Stealing the occasional glance at Marianne’s legs as she sat in the passenger’s seat, I drove the car along the motorways until we finally reached Oxford. Arriving at the University, we got out to stretch our legs as we searched for the professor’s office. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it and soon found myself slipping behind to admire her calves flex as she walked. Quite large in length and depth but slender in width they were muscled in a very feminine way and highly toned. Raised upon high-heels, clefted double-arrow headed calve muscle heads were emphasized in bold relief and I just had to stay behind her to admire them while my manhood twitched in appreciation. They were sexy enough to turn more than a few heads of male students no doubt wondering who the leggy lady was in her studious glasses and business dress. Unfortunately her home counties accent spoilt the illusion of a well-bred woman.

The meeting went smoothly with the professor confirming that the painting and scroll were genuine and that a former colleague did the translation but was murdered before he could complete a second scroll. “A second scroll? From the temple in India?” I asked. “Yes, but William thought they originated from the Fire Temples in Persia, that’s modern Iran you know” I nodded my head in understanding. “A prophesy made by the Goddess to her followers about deliverance from servitude but sadly he didn’t get much further than that”. I enquired about the murder. “The pathologist thought bruises on his body were consistent with martial arts strikes” he told me. “Were there witnesses?” “No, but a security guard thought he saw a nun walking away from the campus around the time-frame. But then he’d probably been drinking eh what? Ha! What would a nun be doing around here?” “Stranger things have happened” I mumbled under my breath but he heard me. “Indeed” his tone became more respectful.

Analysing the conversation in my mind, I hardly said anything to Marianne as we drove to the hotel. I had booked one that wasn’t low-priced and cheap but not ridiculously over-priced either. After checking in, we agreed to meet up later after unpacking and freshening up, for a meal in the hotel restaurant at my expense. With almost 2 hours to kill before dinner and still a bit down about my poor welcome home, I went to the bar in T-shirt and jeans for a drink or more.

I soon wished I’d made an effort to smarten up when Marianne turned up wearing the same blazer and skirt from earlier but unbuttoned to reveal a light gauzy white blouse which showed off a tantalising amount of cleavage. Having re-applied her make-up she looked stunning. If anything, she looked even better than before and I was lost for words. I finally stop staring to stutter out a complement. “Wow Marianne, you look really beautiful” “You’re just saying that. I’m just plain. None of the boys at school would look twice at me” she smiled. “I would have” I said and with her smiling warmly at me we were led to our table. As I followed her, watching her sexy calves flex and wane, the sight of sheer black nylons with seams running up the back filled me with hope that they were stockings. Despite her protestation of plainness, I don’t think I’d ever seen her looking hotter and driving me wild with longings that I knew were wrong. Maybe it was that or the drinks I had before dinner that gave me the crazy idea of plastering her with alcohol in the hopes of maybe an illicit kiss and cuddle later. However she stuck with a couple of glasses of wine although that didn’t stop me having a few pints of bitter.

I had never had taken my sister-in-law out for a restaurant meal before and found conversation awkward. Largely because I am socially inept but also because I fancied her something rotten. The low neck line of her blouse also didn’t help. Luckily Marianne showed no such awkwardness and ended up leading most of the talk by discussing our meeting with the professor. “So what’s with the murdered man?” she asked “How do you mean?” “You seemed disturbed when he mentioned the murder of his colleague” she observed astutely “Possibly killed by martial arts and the security guard who saw a Nun, what’s that all about?”. “Do you remember the fire at Cambridge where the Anahita scrolls were being worked on?” I asked. She nodded “Two security men were killed using martial arts [JIMP#40] and the CCTV cameras picked up the images of what looked like two nuns [JIMP#41]” “Killer nuns? I don’t think so” she scoffed “DVLA traced the car to the Sisters of the Covenant of the Holy Messiah. An ancient order that even the authorities won’t touch” “And you think they are behind this other death?” Marianne asked. “I don’t know. Two archaeology research projects relating to the Persian Goddess both involving murders where Nuns were seen at the scene” “But why?” she asked “Religious zealots? I don’t know”. We continued our meal discussing more mundane topics, such as family and the like. After, she declined to keep me company at the bar. “I think you’ve had enough as it is” she observed, but agreed to come back to my room to keep each other company before going to her own room to sleep.

“Jim how many have you had?” Marianne asked as I returned from visiting the bathroom. “A few, it’s not as though I’m driving” I replied as I sat on the double-bed next to her. She had removed the blazer allowing me to see the sexy see-through blouse with clear visibility of the low-cut bra she wore beneath. Wow! I didn’t realise she had become so well-stacked and in my befuddled state had difficultly trying not to stare at her chest. However a greater distraction caught my eye. Although she sat primly on the end with one lanky leg crossed on top of the other, the skirt had ridden up with a glimpse of the dark matt band of stocking tops. Flipping heck! That got the heart pumping and my manhood twitching. How is a man expected to react when a woman shows off her stocking tops? As she chatted about this and that, I kept wondering whether she had worn this sexy clothing just for my benefit. Of course that would be silly being my sister-in-law and all. Alone in the room, I couldn’t stop lusting about her sensational slim busty body and incredibly sexy legs, nor stop the bad thoughts circulating in my head. I had a terrible urge just to push her skirt right back to her hips and grope the patch where the stocking tops met her bare upper thighs then ripping open her blouse to give her breasts a good feel. However even in my intoxicated state I knew that being unfaithful with my sister-in-law would get us both in a whole heap of trouble, certainly destroying both our marriages and more than likely leaving me homeless.

There is something about stocking and suspenders that inflames a man’s passion, well it does mine. The way the thin nylon forms a sensual second skin clinging to every curve and shapely contour, and Marianne’s legs were beautifully long and shapely, obscuring blemishes to give an image of feminine perfection and imparting a sensual nylon sheen. Although tan is more natural for white women, sheer black imparts an exotic lure. The matt black of the denser tops were stretched by suspender belts into a tantalising black triangle over bare skin as if signalling the way to her love nest. So caught up was I in battling my primal urges I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying until I heard her complaining about finding it hard to get good fitting boots that fitted over her ‘fat’ calves. That was it, I was off that bed in a flash and on my knees in front of her. I looked adoringly at the nylon-clad calve muscle sticking out on either side of her long shins like sexy wings. “They are not fat, They are beautifully shaped” I explained lifting her right foot with one hand. “You really have fantastic legs” I exclaimed before she could object. “When a man tells a woman that she has sexy legs, what catches his eye is this shape caused by the long slender shin at the front” I demonstrated by sliding my other hand along her shin, enjoying the silky smoothness of her nylons. “Contrasted by the curvy shape of her calves” I moved my hand to the back of her slim ankles. “See how comfortably that fits in my hand” I slid my hand along to the back of her Achilles tendon. “See how your calves form this lovely outwards curve”. My hand slid to the big hanging meaty calve enjoying the feel of the weighty muscle in my hand beneath the silky nylon smoothness. “Beautiful, so beautiful” I murmur in appreciation. “Enjoying feeling up my legs? You rascal” she chuckled. “These are not fat but wonderfully full muscles that give the back of your legs such a beautiful sexy shape. Look at this wonderful sweep” I ran my hand back and forth to illustrate from her slim ankles to the deepest part of the dangling muscle and over into the inverse curve heading towards the back of her knee. “That’s what a man finds sexy about a woman with good pair of muscled calves” “I guess you’re a real leg man” she remarked. I guess if I had been more sober I might have detected a hint of sarcasm.

I gently moved her leg out to the side, trying to point her foot and stretch her leg to flex her calves. “See this beautiful arrowhead shape visible on the inside edge of your lower leg” I said running my hand over the downward pointing slab of hard muscle. “That’s a quite a noticeable edge you’ve got there. Wonderfully toned too” I remarked observing the shiny gleam coming off her calves visible through the sheer nylons. “Some women such as yourself have a beautiful heart-shaped muscle with a smaller downward pointing arrowhead next to the first, forming a sexy double arrow head with a deep cleft particularly noticeable from the rear. And when you wear high-heels, Wow!” I exclaimed before realising that I’d probably said too much. “That’s why you keep walking behind me” she chuckled knowingly.

With my brain not in gear I slid my hands to higher regions. Running a hand along the back of her upper leg, I felt the long gentle but firm swell while extolling the sexiness of the female hamstrings. I then turned my attention to her outer thighs noticeable as a sleek firmness. I tried to get her to flex them but she claimed she didn’t know how. “That’s what you get living on a road up a hill. Up and down several times a day. Go to the shops, take the kids to school which is up another blooming hill. No wonder I’m fit” she said. “Phoar! You can say that again” I remarked. “Jim!”.

“Such sexy legs” I moan, caressing her calves “Really beautiful” Pressing my lips against the shapely hard muscle sheathed in soft sheer black stockings, I give in to the overwhelming urge and kiss them. “Jim!” she exclaims “you’re p*ssed!”. “Intoxicated with the passion your legs harden within me” I groan running one hand along her sleek thighs and the other along her hamstrings. “Beautiful thighs” The sight of her stocking tops peaking out beneath her skirt spiked my lust and I reached out to push back the hem. “Jim!” she protested. “Oh Lord, you are an incredible sexy leggy goddess” I moan running my hands over the stocking tops and then the suspender belts laying over bare skin at the top. “Your legs drive me wild” “Jim stop it”. Climbing onto the foot of the bed I force myself between her legs placing my head between her thighs. “Squeeze me Marianne, squeeze me between your sexy legs” I beg, closing her delightful thighs around my head. “No Jim, you’re plastered” she opened her legs and made to sit up “I’ll leave you alone to sleep it off and see you in the morning”.

I’m ashamed to say that in my alcohol-infused state I pulled her back down to the bed and tried to pin her arms. “You’re beautiful made up like that” I remark looking down at her as I laid across her chest to hold her down. Rather than anger in her eyes there was a strange look of suppressed excitement and a hint of a smile upon her lips. “The lipstick makes your mouth even more kissable. I just can’t resist it” with that I lowered my lips to hers and began to kiss her passionately. I expected her to turn her face to the side in disgust but instead she lay still beneath me kissing me in return. Just as I was thinking that I was going to make out with my sister-in-law, a steady surge of unexpected strength pushed back against me. I was so shocked that I had to stop kissing to see what was going on. Even though I had gravity on my side, and had assumed maybe naively greater mass and strength, she was pushing back with a strength that I never expected. The first thing I noticed was how her forearms were actually quite brawny as they powered a resistance threatening to bend my hands back at the wrists. Beneath that see-through flimsy blouse her arms were thicker than I remembered seeming more bulked up and certainly not fat judging by the strength they were exerting. Although she wasn’t having an easy time of it, I was surprised to find myself struggling to force her arms back down. Marianne has this way of looking at you where she silently studies you with a cold hard stare of her small blue eyes, which are magnified to a scary degree by her glasses, and a firm set to her slim mouth. I found it such a dominant look that inflamed my desire all the more as she maintained a spirited attempt to push back my arms.

I was really trying my best to stop her, yet I couldn’t help noticing clearly delineated shoulder caps and strong defined lines of her traps. “Give it up Jim. I’m stronger than you” she taunted with a pout of her lovely mouth. Not only did that make my cock aching hard but it made me more determined to pin her back down and give her a flipping good snog. Her hands were slowly lifting away from the bed and I was struggling to stop her, she was a lot stronger than looks would suggest. Flexing taut and toned, small low lying mounds of hardness steadily powered my arms back. “Bitten off more than you can handle, Jim?” she taunted with a smug smile, barely showing any signs of exertion even though I was sweating like a hog and tiring by the second. The harder we fought the bigger and more solid her arms got until they sported sturdy hard low hills that I was unable to cope with. Not that it helped having a steadily growing erection as I experienced her unexpected arm strength. It was no use, against her untiring strength and fierce determination I was flagging fast. I tried to tell myself that it must have been the booze however at the back of my mind was the thought that she was actually stronger than me. “Jeez! Are you working out?” I gasped as my hands lost ground rapidly. “Just a daily session at the Sally Army gym to keep fit” she said smugly. Jeez was she turning into a muscle babe? The thought turned me on all the more. Oh Lord, I wanted her so bad, my dick was unbearably hard for her. Abandoning all hope of pinning her back on the bed, I let go in defeat.

“Please let me see your biceps properly” I beg. “Why sure, if you think you can handle it” she teased, sitting up with her legs bent down at the knees in front of her. I watched in amazement as my sister-in-law began to unbutton her blouse without taking her eyes off me. It was like living one of my dirty dreams about her. The blouse fell open and she slipped her slim taut arms from the sleeves revealing a hint of biceps veins running along the centre of her upper arms. “Wow, you really have been pumping iron” I gasped. My heart pounds in my ears and I feel myself getting warmer as my attention slipped to her white bra and it’s alluring contents. When I first met Marianne she was somewhat skinny with a small bust which filled out nicely after having kids. Until this moment I never realised just how stacked she had become. Phroar! I groaned silently to myself drinking in the sight. Her bra was nicely filled with a good-sized pair of beauties forming a sexy pair of mounds peeking out from the low front with a short but tempting dark cleavage between. “You’re looking at my tits” she exclaimed in mock outrage “I thought you wanted to see these” she said raising both arms and bending them in towards her head. “Wow!” I exclaimed as her slim upper arms thickened with low gently curved hills that were undeniable muscle. They weren’t peaked or defined as a serious gym-rat but they were nice feminine biceps. I also noticed with excitement how her belly was sleek and flat. “Are you scared yet, Jim?” she teased while pumping her arms with inward jerks of her forearm. She twisted her forearm at the wrist so her fist was pointing outwards while continually pumping her arm making the small biceps seem to grow larger and more rocky. I had to feel them and they were rock-hard beneath her warm soft skin. “You don’t think they make me look like a man?” she asked. “No way! They are incredibly sexy” I gasped in appreciation. After all that booze, my sister-in-law in my hotel room fully made-up wearing a nicely-packed bra, stockings and suspenders and a skirt while flexing unexpected biceps was the sexiest woman on the planet. “That’s what a little exercise does for you” she told me shrugging off my groping hands then rising from the bed.

For a moment I just lay there watching her shapely rear with the room lights creating a sensual sheen off the back of the seamed stocking adorning her luscious long legs. To my surprise she turned to face me and began taking off her skirt. “Wh..what are you doing?” I stammered, sitting up in amazement, unable to tear my eyes away from the full reveal of those amazing legs clad in sheer black-nylon from the tips of her toes to the upper reaches of her thighs and topped by wonderful stocking tops. Lord! she has great legs and I couldn’t stop becoming aroused. “Isn’t this what you want?” she asked with a teasing smile stepping out of the skirt “to get me in the nude and bang my brains out”. “No!” I cried getting up to face her, although part of me wanted to do exactly that. “We’re married and not to each other”. “Sure and that’s why you’ve been feeling me up all evening” she remarked sarcastically. Leaning forwards to pick the skirt from the floor, her breasts fell forward with a dick-twitching wobble to dangle provocatively in her bra giving me a wonderful eyeful and unable to keep up the pretence of not staring. “It’s been a while since I gave you a taste of my self-defence skills at the passing-out parade [JIMP#49]” her eyes bore into me with chilling enthusiasm through the lenses of her glasses. Her hard stare and hard words were sobering and made me realise that perhaps I’d taken this too far. “I’m sorry Marianne but I think I will take that lie-down and sleep off the booze” I said. “Oh you’re going to take a lie down and sleep all right” she said in a taut voice.

Twisting quickly to one side Marianne leant away and a shapely blur shot out sideways at waist height. “Orphh!” a size 8 foot slammed into my belly causing me to take a step back. This was no sloppy kick by a beginner but a well-executed side-kick delivering a hard blow to my unprepared gut and a nasty jolt to my system. With a hard expression on her face her foot returned to the floor a pace in front. Pivoting on it, she swung in the other direction as her other leg kicked out in blaze of reflected light off her nylons. “Urghh!” another strong side-kick pounded my belly driving me back, knocking a jolt of air from me. Looking stern and serious, she took another step forward, swinging back the other way launching another kick. “Nnnn!” step and side-kick, step and side-kick. Long shapely stocking clad thunderbolts hammered my breath from my body with metronomic precision while steadily walking forwards. “I’ve been studying self-defence for several years now” she stated without even sounding breathless. “My kicks are fast, powerful and precise” “Orragh!” she doesn’t need to tell me as her sole kept finding the same spot making it really sore. My breath spilled with each kick, unable to catch it again before the next nylon-clad missile blasted my gut. “I know every spot on the male body that allows me to drop him at will or slowly take him apart until he is begging for mercy.” Her confident brazen words might have meant to intimidate me but made my cock lurch strongly. Helpless to protect myself I could only watch those erotically-clad limbs kick me backwards across the length of the room.

Marianne’s face remained glacially cold with her mouth tight and her small hard blue eyes unflinching staring right into my mine savouring every agonised moment caused by her hot legs of destruction. “I almost feel sorry for any man who tries his luck with me” she says. “Almost” she adds. Her stare chilled me yet turned me on making my dick really stiff. Her foot plunged further into my belly with each kick, piling agony on top of agony. “Mnnnrr Mnarrr!” The forced expulsions of air got louder as my diaphragm deflated. Unable to stand tall I creased over with my eyes looking down at her legs. Hard muscled calves bulged as incredibly sexy legs painfully rock my world in harsh jerking blasts and explosions of lost breath. I never realised that my sister-in-law could kick so hard and effortlessly in smooth fluid motions. I couldn’t even get my leg up to do a proper sidekick let alone have the stamina to keep walking forwards while kicking, yet this ordinary non-athletic woman and mother was doing precisely that dressed in sexy lingerie. She was a leggy kicking destruction machine and the thought kept me really erect. “Nnngh nnngh nnngh” pounding my gut like a drum, each blast from her feet was a seismic shift felt throughout my entire body. Creased over in agony I noticed that her nipples were huge, jutting out against her bra, hard in excitement. She was loving this.

By the time I felt the window wall against my back, the relentless leggy power had turned me into a gasping wreck. “I’m a good kicker aren’t I Jim?” she bragged but I was too winded to answer. “Are you listening to me, Jim Priest?” she asked in a stern tone of voice. I couldn’t even gasp out a reply. “Those self-defence lessons you paid for were really good as you can see” she remarked. Her hands reached out for my shoulders and turned me around until I was facing the window with her between me and the wall. “Obviously you’re not impressed” she said and pushed me gently away. I watched in disbelief as she suddenly turned side-on and a bolt of reflected nylon sheen blasted my belly. With a face steely cold in concentration with a hint of excitement, those legs of desire hammered my gut all the way back across the room. Strong and confident, she showed no sign of exertion while I was crippled with agonising stomach cramps. Breath-taking legs in both senses of the word delivered mercilessly powerful kicks that got stronger as I got weaker. The stern dominant stare of her face and the sexiness of her legs kept my pecker stiff even though I was in agony. I was staggering blindly backwards, terrified and turned on by her legs at the same time, creased over and unable to breathe or straighten up until the back of my legs hit the side of the bed. “Was that better or shall I do it again?” she teased. It felt like every molecule of oxygen had been kicked from my diaphragm making it impossible to answer. “What was that Jim? Can I please show you more of my self-defence moves? Why of course I can” she chuckled.

Looking straight down at the floor, the slim beautifully shaped legs that had devastated me came into view. Shimmering with nylon sheen, her calves were very noticeable even from the front. Even though she had just pulverised my gut and I was in absolute winded agony I had the most intense stiff dick imaginable. Too ruined to do anything I watched helplessly as my slim blonde sister-in-law moved towards me, brushing my side with her hip as she slid it behind me. Seizing my right wrist with one hand and pressing the palm of the other into my face, she kicked her right calve backwards into the crook of my knee while pushing against me. In an instant my foot swept from the floor and I went tumbling backwards over her hip landing heavily upon my back on the double-bed. She made it seem so easy I wasn’t sure whether she had just thrown me or simply tripped me up. “Enjoy your trip, Jim?” she teased “Why didn’t you send me a postcard?”. Crawling onto the bed next to me with hold of my right wrist, she gave it a slight twist forcing me to roll over onto my knees.

Lying in front of me on the bed, Marianne’s long perfect legs opened wide in a highly provocative pose that shamelessly exposed the skimpy panties at her crotch and matt black triangles of stocking tops with suspender belts running over patches of bare skin at the top of her thighs. As they stretched up towards me in a wide open V, it was like pure Viagra to my dick which started thumping against the inside of my trousers. I just couldn’t resist the erotic allure of her sexy limbs and had to reach out to pull those things of desire closer to caress them and kiss the inside of her calves while adoring the hard diamond pointed slab of muscle. Yes I know it was a stupid thing to do, but I was intoxicated with booze and lust. Those alluring sculptures in sheer black nylon closed quickly without warning capturing my neck between long shins and shapely calves. Before I had time to respond her hands grabbed my head and pulled it swiftly between a long channel of erotic silky smoothness until my neck slid past her knees. Those hot shapely sheer-black columns of beauty closed tight and squeezed much harder than a sexy slim pair of legs should have a right to. “Grrrkk!” the pressure around my neck soared to a level greater than I expected, like a sexy nylon-clad car crush. “I’ve seen you looking at my legs” Marianne told me while staring at me through her spectacles as I felt her lock her ankles behind my head increasing the squeeze. “You’ve always wanted to get between them, haven’t you, Jim?” she asked “Well today’s your lucky day”.

“Arggg!” I groaned as she began twisting her hips flinging my head one way then the other. My hands flew to her upper thighs where I felt the warm smoothness of the bare skin between her panties and the roughness of her stocking tops. “Argh!” my head lurched to the opposite side scrambling my brains. I slid my hands further down to try and get better traction to try to pull them off my neck. “Oorrrr!” my hands encountered sleek hard slabs bulging in her outer thighs like steel plates beneath the silky nylon smoothness. I had always admired the sleek strong-looking lines of her thighs yet was taken aback by iron-hard unyielding muscle wrapped in feminine stockings beneath my grip. “I love how my thighs bulge like that” she said as my hands struggled to gain purchase. “They look so strong, so powerful” she adds “That makes me feel so….phroar…like some kind of super woman” she laughed “With legs like these I could crush you to a whimpering mess in seconds”.

“Aghh! Jeez!” I groaned as Marianne racked up the pressure, the tightness around my neck was like a tourniquet. “Are you looking forward to being a whimpering mess sobbing for mercy like a woose?” she teased “I am. It really turns me on”. As my palms caressed her solid flexing thighs, my fingers couldn’t make enough of an impression to dig in to pull them away from my neck. “I love crushing you between my legs and am enjoying every second of it”. “Oraghh!” her lovely thighs crushed in with intense pain. I needed to find somewhere I could get a good hold of her legs to prise them apart. Moving my hands to the inside edges of her long legs, I slid my hands in the narrow gap between my face and her crotch. I tried to get a hold on the inside edges of her thighs but she didn’t have an ounce of fat to spare to grab onto. Everything was so firm, taut and unyielding. “Oh Jim, your face has gone all red” she chuckled while whipping my head from one side to the other with a twist of her hips. I tugged with both hands at her inner thighs in vain until with a twist of her long legs, Marianne slammed me down to the bed onto my side.

I was looking straight at the crotch of her skimpy knickers less than a foot in front of my face while my head was held firm between her long lean stocking-sheathed legs. The thought went through my mind that this was a very nice position indeed to be trapped in. With a stony stern expression, which I found domineering and arousing, Marianne stared at me with scary magnified eyes. Although she was wearing make-up that made her look very attractive, her stare was quite intimidating. “Eyes on the prize” she mocked, noting the direction of my gaze. Twisting her hips in the other direction I was flipped onto my belly. Clamping down with those silky thighs, her leggy man-trap tightened up and squeezed with a vengeance. “Orrghh! Stop please…arghh stop” I begged as her inner thighs cut like pincers into my neck. “Orrghh!” in horror I realise that they are pressing into the arteries in my neck like steel cables making me light-headed as they restricted the circulation of blood to my brain. The thought of being knocked out scares me. It’s like missing minutes of my life. The thought of being accidentally knocked out by an inexperienced woman terrified me even more. My hands went once more to her thighs before the hardness of her sleek bulging thighs reminded me I had no chance of shifting those sexy beauties. “Oh no, Jim. My legs are far too strong for your puny arms to pull apart” she laughed.

Jeez! Her inner thighs were more potent than I had expected and I saw spots before my eyes. I’ve often found that it is the slimmer women who have the more devastating scissors. Marianne watched me intently with a hard cold expression. “I love watching your face as I squeeze you between my legs” she announced. I try to get to my knees hoping that I can somehow make her drop her legs. Not wanting to her hurt her I reach down and try to tickle her but she grabs my hands and stretches out her body keeping her back and legs straight. The surge in neck crushing pressure is eye-watering. I try to twist and turn to break the hold, but her legs remain locked tight and her lean body counters my every move forcing my head back to centre. Another surge of crushing power while the strong core of her body twists suddenly to the right sends me crashing back down to the bed, still prisoner of her sexy thighs.

“Pathetic! No wonder you keep getting your arse kicked by women” Marianne taunts. “Ogghh! No! nooo!” more anguished sounds escaped my lips as she squeezed very tight while giggling at my helplessness. “Ooh your face has gone all dark” she laughed while flexing her slinky thighs around my head. “Jeez!” the power of her legs was insane. Desperately reaching behind my head, I got a good hold around her knees and frantically began tugging at them in opposite directions to try to prise away her clamp-like legs. “Oi! Stop that” she scolded. “If you ladder my stockings I’ll crack your skull like an egg” she warned. To underline this, she folded her right calve around the back of my neck then bent her other calve over her ankles locking me up into a very tight figure four head scissors. “Urrkk!” in dismay I found my situation had just got a whole lot worse. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face against her crotch. My lust soared as I found my mouth pressed firmly against the gusset of her panties with only a thin piece of material separating it from her pussy. My nose, meanwhile, was pressed against the top, giving me a view looking over her crotch, along her slender pelvis, over her flat belly to the lovely peaks of her nicely-filled bra. “The feeling of power I get when I have you trapped like this is like….Phroar!” she expressed with sensual tinged emotion.

Reaching down, Marianne grabbed her right foot and pulled the hold even tighter. “Mmm!” I groaned and ended up with a mouthful of panties. “Oooh I can feel your hot breath on my pussy and the vibrations from your mouth make it tingle” she giggled. Jeez! my dick was absolute throbbing with how hard she was dominating me with her legs and crotch. “I love the figure four scissor hold” she told me “I can thoroughly squeeze different parts of your head and neck while smothering your nose and mouth with my pussy”. With that she twisted her hips hard to the right with my head so tightly locked I had no choice but to roll with her or risk getting my neck broken. Laughing at my helplessness she immediately twisted her hips in the other direction forcing me to roll back to the other side. “Oh Jim! your helplessness between my legs with your face mashed against my pussy is really turning me on, Phroar!” she gave a lusty roar then chuckled. “Mmmm!”. “Oh God Jim! I love it when you moan against my pussy like that” she declared. Again I tried to tug against her knees behind my head but had to give that up as her legs were locked too tight. “No chance Jim. My legs are too strong for you. You’re my prisoner to do with what I wish” she teased. “You’re not getting out there and you know it, except out cold”. She must have seen the expression in my eyes. “Oh yes, Jim, I can knock you out whenever I want and there’s nothing that you can do about it” she stated.

“What?” she fixed me with her enlarged eyes as I held onto her firm upper thighs with the feel of bare skin with suspender belts running along them. “Don’t you think they’re strong enough?” With that she threw herself back onto her shoulders while lifting her hips high into the air with her legs slipping back around my neck. “Grkkk!” I had to use my arms to support my bodyweight or hang myself in her leggy noose while being choked by her crotch. Dear Lord! my head was absolutely swimming. “I can squeeze very tight like this” she needlessly stated. “Urgg!” I couldn’t stop groaning as Marianne tried to hang me with her legs, stretching my neck as she forced my head high off the bed. “Urrkk!” I got to my hands and knees to try to ease the strain on my neck but she just raised her crotch even higher until she was fully resting on her shoulders and the back of her neck. Jeez! How could legs that feel so silky smooth crush so hard? It felt like she was trying to lever my chin from my face with her hard unforgiving crotch. “Effing heck! This is blooming well turning me on like nobodies business” she gasped. The realisation hit me that she had been toying with me all along and that she really could have knocked me out at any time like she had boasted. Raised up on my arms, my sister-in-law was almost bent back double beneath me. “Noo! Noo! Oh God oh God oh God!” I cried as she began twisting from side to side once more. I was amazed with her core body strength that enabled her to press my torso right up above her using her vice-like thighs. I thought I could knock her off-balance by throwing my weight to one side but was shocked by how solidly she resisted my attempts.

Another sharp twist of her slender hips and my side hits the bed. “Look at the state of you, Jim” she laughs studying me closely. “Your face is all purple and you’re all groggy” she chuckled. It was true, I could hardly co-ordinate myself to move my hands. “My legs have you right on the edge of passing out” she looks me right in the eye with a tight smirk on her kissable mouth. “Don’t believe me? Then how about I tighten my legs even further to increase the pain?” she taunted. No, surely it wasn’t physically possible for a woman of her build to squeeze any harder. My leggy sister-in law unbent her legs and stretched them out against the sides of my head. Hot sexy columns of sheer nylon-clad feminine muscular power bore down upon the sides of my face and I realised in horror that I was wrong.

“It’s funny but when I was younger, men never gave me a second look. They called me scrawny and a dork. They used to bully me rotten” she told me as another twist of her hips slammed the side of my face down against the bed-covers. My vision blurred, my heart pounded loudly in my ears and it felt like my neck would snap at any moment. There was no doubt that she was fully in charge, manipulating me however she wanted with those sexy legs. I was completely at her mercy and it turned me on like crazy and yes, my dick was absolutely rigid. “Now when I’m older and have kids, I find guys like you staring at my legs like you really fancy me”. I was really struggling to cope between the relentless pressure of her legs and didn’t think I could take much more. She might have long slim legs with little visible signs of muscle other than her sexy calves and a hint of sleekness in her thighs but she could really power down a never-tiring agonising head-scissors. “It’s so unfair” she complained “When I wanted boys to notice me they ignored me and now when it’s too late all they are interested in are my legs. Sometimes it makes me so angry I wish I could get them between my thighs” she said while raising herself up on her arms, sending the crushing pressure through the roof. “Jeez no!” I cried “and just CRUSH” “Argggghhh!” My eyes were rolling around so much I felt sick and had to close them. “and SQUEEZE” “Kkkurkk! Kkkurk!” she powered down so hard her crotch was pressing right into my throat choking me while her adductors sliced into my throat like steel pincers. “Yes Jim” I heard her voice over the terrible noise in my head. “I’m knocking you out..RIGHT” “Orrrrgh!” flashes of light blasted my closed eyes and I felt nauseous. “NOW!” …

“Mmurr!” a spasm shook my body so hard that I bounced on the bed-covers. Opening my eyes in startled bewilderment, for a moment I couldn’t work out where I was. “Flipping heck, You went out!” Marianne’s excited cry drew me back to my senses. My dick went very rigid indeed as I realised that she had knocked me out with her legs. I looked across to the corner of the room where her voice had came from and marvelled at the sight of eye-watering lengths of slim legs with shapely calves with the sheen of sheer black stockings reflecting the room’s lights. “The way you just went out between my legs was so effing hot!” she exclaimed “I nearly came all over your face!”. She raised her left leg and began removing her skirt. “Wh..what are you doing?” I exclaimed as the skirt came off and was folded neatly before being placed on the sideboard. The long lines of her legs were now revealed in all their wonderful glory, matt black stocking tops and all, all the way to her hips courtesy of a daringly cut skimpy pair of panties. “This makes it easier to kick your arse“ she replied.

My sister-in law might not be supermodel material. Not that there were any signs of fat or flabbiness on her slim body. Her arms, legs, swan-like neck and chin were firm but bearing children had taken its toll on her mid-section. Although that too was in the main flat and firm, the sides of her trunk weren’t as taut and there were a few stretch marks. She hardly would have made a fitness contest, but standing there in just her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders had me aching to do things to her other than fight. I just had to get closer to this incredibly erotic image of my sister-in law knowing that I’d probably never see her like this again. “Come on Marianne” I said as I got off the bed to walk over to her, unable to stop my eyes wandering over her body in her undies as she showed more of her body than I’d ever seen before. “You’ve made your point. You’re good at defending yourself. Come and sit down and get comfy” “I know how you want to get comfy Jim and you’re not getting any”. I knew it was wrong, but the sight of her undressed had me throbbing in my trousers in pure lust. Not to mention how constantly stiff her unbelievably sexy stocking-clad legs were making me. “What a MILF” I groaned before realising I had said that out loud. “Jack now has a baby so that would make me a GILF” she replied with an amused arch of her eyebrows. “You’re the sexiest granny I’ve ever met” I groaned in appreciation.

Despite how I felt about her, I was shocked when her hands moved either side of her knickers and began to pull them down. “Woah stop! What are you doing?” I cried. “Isn’t this what you want Jim?” she purred seductively bending one leg at the knee slightly in front of the other, a pose that really showed off their slim eye-watering length of sheer nylon sheathed cock-hardening sensuality. “Orrrr!” I groaned “Your legs are amazing”. My dick was so hard it was pressing awkwardly against the inside of my trousers. Lifting a leg she stepped out of her knickers. “Marianne no!” I cried and tried to grab her hand. Her hand shot into the air out of my grasp and I caught sight of the excited eagerness in her eyes. “HAI!” she cried sharply while glaring at me through her glasses, making me jump as her hand held with fingers together slashed down like a knife. “Arghh!” the edge of her hand thudded against the left side of my neck shocking my system like an electric cattle prod. My face jerked up and caught a glimpse of her cold grim stare as her hand rose and swiftly fell again. “KIYAAH!” Her hand chopped the other side of my neck. Bolts of pain lanced through my nervous system, totally incapacitating me for a few moments. Once again I was stunned by how advanced my sister-in law’s self-defence skills were.

“Actually Jim” her voice cut through the frazzle in my head “This is so I don’t mess them when I cum in your face when I knock you out again” she continued to stare at me in that exciting cold arrogant way of hers and raised her open-palmed hand as her other hand reached down for her knickers to complete their removal. “Try to stop me again, Jim” she challenged. With her hard expression and hand raised menacingly poised to chop me helpless, I felt nervous to even try. “Please try” she taunted, her nipples noticeably erect. The capable way she held her hands made my imagination run riot of how they would chop me to bits. “Please Marianne, I don’t want to fight you” I told her although the thought of getting my hands on that scantily-clad body was very tempting. “Fighting? Ha! Don’t make me laugh” she sneered “This isn’t fighting, this is kicking your sex-crazed arse”. “And with these legs” she gestured to them and my eyes instantly followed, quickly skipping over the small patch of blonde pubic hair at her crotch. Marianne really did have the best pair of legs of anyone that I knew. She turned her right leg outwards proudly showing it off and of course my eyes followed drinking in their long lines and sensual curves. “They can really kick as I demonstrated earlier” she said with a smug smile. Her magnified hard eyes never stopped staring with a firm set to her mouth that made her look like a very stern teacher, albeit one in sexy lingerie and shamelessly exposing her pussy. Even with her closely watching I found it hard not to keep staring.

“My legs are very flexible too, considering my age and that I had kids” she announced. A black streak of motion took me by surprise as her right leg soared skywards in the blink of an eye, giving me a fright as it narrowly missed my face. My heart pounded in my chest knowing that kick would have really hurt and probably have knocked me out if it had connected. Marianne caught her leg held it against the front of her shoulder pointing towards the ceiling like a very sexy flagpole. “Phroar!” I moaned at the sheer flexibility of my sister-in law doing the standing splits right in front of me. Add to that, the sheer black stockings and suspenders and well-filled bra and my dick strained for release from my trousers. What sent me over the edge was the sight of her pussy brazenly on show. With one leg vertically upright while standing on the other, it was impossible to ignore her sex. “Orrr Marianne!” I groaned, taking a step towards that lust-inducing raised limb and that exposed pleasure-box of femininity that I just wanted to plunge my manhood into. She maintained that constant unnerving cold stare and I thought I caught a hint of a tight smile as if this was the reaction she wanted. Her leg dropped back to the floor and I braced myself for more high-speed high-altitude head bashing.

Instead, with a knowing glance at my twitching trouser-tent, Marianne pressed herself against me while continuing staring into my eyes. Some men would find her plain but in my eyes she had a prettiness that was genuine and less cosmetic than those wannabes you see on TV. “What are you going to do about it, Jim?” she said in a soft seductive voice. “Orrrrr!” I swear I tried to retain control, I truly did. Her well-stuffed bra pressed against my chest as she moved her face until we were nose to nose and I could feel her hot breath on my lips. With erect nipples pressing into my chest and her small kissable mouth barely an inch away, I had pulled her into my arms and melded my lips to hers. Letting my inhibitions go and meeting no resistance I kissed her with frenzied passion while my hands pulled her closer by her tight compact buttocks that felt wonderfully bare and devoid of clothing other than the suspender belts running over her hips. Suddenly her backside pushed back against my hands as she broke off the kiss and stepped back. Holding my shirt at upper chest level she suddenly jumped up, folding her legs towards her chest with knees bent. “Nnorr!” Her feet slammed together into my gut. Hanging onto me she leant right back upsetting my centre of gravity and pulling me down rapidly towards the floor. With a glimpse of her stockings and bare crotch, I saw her fall beneath me as I plummeted towards her. Before I could squish her, those hot legs straightened as her back rolled upon the floor. A surge of strength flowed through her feet against my belly, hurling me high into the air as my body arced over hers. It all happened so incredibly fast and the thought that my back was going to hit the floor hard had barely formed in my mind when I crashed into the bed covers and bounced softly. Lying on the bed I was staggered. Good grief! She had just thrown me! She was just an ordinary housewife yet after a course in self-defence my sister-in had combat skills like a marine! How was a normal man expected to cope with women like that?

My thoughts were rudely shattered when Marianne leapt astride me with her legs spread wide exposing her pussy to me like a pornstar. Grabbing the front of my shirt she rolled me to one side, her legs opening up like some kind of predator to ensnare me. I felt a leg slip beneath me then as she rolled me back I found my middle sandwiched between her thighs. I had to admit that they looked stunning with the patch of pale bare skin at the very top in stark contrast with the matt black of the stocking tops and those in turn with the sensual sheerness of the black nylons clinging to every line and curve like a second skin. My hands felt the lovely beauties lying across my belly with the other leg resting uncomfortably across the small of my back. Of course she crossed her ankles and squeezed. “Uh!” the upper leg pressed down compressing my gut making it hard to draw a full breath. A thick noticeable sleek slab of feminine muscle stands proud from her slim thighs looking as hard as steel beneath the sheer black nylon. “Jeez! Look at that muscle bulge! Oh eff! I feel so powerful” she cries proudly. I didn’t need to look, I could feel the strength caving in my middle. Ordinarily when her legs were relaxed, there was no noticeable muscle other than her sexy calves flexing when she walked or wore heels, even better both. However when she applied a scissor hold her sleek outer thighs bulged into prominence, a thick ridge of sexy muscle capable of crushing any man to a whimpering mess.

“!” adding to the intensity of the body-scissors, Marianne’s adductors cut into my left side like an oversized pair of scissors. “Strong adductors” I gasped, grasping at her slim rock-hard legs. “Where?” she exclaimed, looking around the room in confusion “I’d like to see them try. I’d give them a good kicking then knock them out too”. “Inner thighs … you’ve … strong inner thighs” I gasped. I’m not sure she understood or even cared. In response and with an exaggerated yawn, her legs flattened my middle and I experienced what female power was all about. I was astonished that she could squeeze with such ferocity and with such relentless stamina. The pressure was insane from such a slim pair of legs. I was short of breath and light-headed. I struggled to get free by tugging on her shin but her legs were as unyielding as steel girders. “Please….” I gasped rocking back and forth on the bed in vain “Can’t breathe…please..stop”. With that cold hard stern stare that drove me wild, she ignored me. “Why Jim, you’re as hard as a rock!. You love it” she exclaims with her hand on my trouser-bulge. Sandwiched helplessly between her thighs there’s nothing I can do to stop her as she unzips my files and releases my manhood. “No … stop!” I gasp as her hand encloses it and begins pumping. “Oh feck you’re so hard! That really turns me on. I want to force you to cum” she tells me. “I’m going to squeeze your middle like a tube of toothpaste and it’s going blast out here” she chuckled as her hand pumped away. “Arrrr!” I groan in a mix of pain and arousal as my sister-in law steadily works my dick so hard that I no longer want her to stop. Bending her upper body she pulls her face close then begins kissing down the side of my neck, working my erogenous zones while I squirm in her strong legs. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” her lips press against mine kissing me passionately in a long lingering series of kisses that had me thrusting my hips as my dick got hard beyond belief. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth to French kiss me and I nearly lost it completely. She stopped to stare me straight in the eyes to tell me. “I’m now going to force you to shoot your wad”. Resuming the hand job while continuing to scissor me, I had no chance and was soon bucking my hips moaning loudly. “Nnngh! Nnnngh! Nnnnarrr!” my dick blasted with vigour. “Feck! Such big spurts” she cried “Jeez look at that one! Is that all for me?”. Spent, I collapsed back with Marianne’s leggy embrace around my middle. “Well you’ve had your fun” she said as I lay on my back panting “Now it’s time to have mine and put your lights right out”.

With that Marianne placed her hands palm down upon the bed and raised herself up on her arms while leaning back then straightening her thighs. Dear God! I was arching up in throes of excruciating agony as her slim legs turned to bulging muscular man-crushers. With those hard inner thighs biting into my sides, it was like she was going to slice me in two. In desperation I pushed my hands against her thighs while writhing in agony crying with pain. Sheer agony burnt throughout my twitching body as it arced back with her legs squeezing out every molecule of air. With my mouth gaping wide unable to inhale I sagged back to the bed, unable to find the energy to resist, staggered by the overwhelming feminine strength in her legs. Over the pounding of my heart in my ears I can hear her moaning as she begins to cum while rocking and piling on the pressure on my rapidly weakening body. While she is having an orgasm, I am in the brutal grip of her silky nylon-sheathed wonders, certain my diaphragm is going to burst as every nerve and muscle strains within. A black mist overwhelms me as her orgasmic cries get louder and I feel like I’m falling down a deep dark well in utter defeat at the sexy legs of my sister-in law.

“Mmur!” my eyes open with a start as my arms and legs jerk to find myself on a bed looking up at the ceiling. A shift in the mattress and I become aware of Marianne kneeling close by watching me. Wearing only a bra and stockings with suspenders, her love nest stares out from between her thighs. Her fingers move provocatively around the area. “You better give me a big one or I’ll knock out you real slow and painful the next time” she stated as her fingers rubbed her clit. Oh God! It was tempting but I felt awful guilt. “Marianne. I don’t know. It feels wrong” I tried to explain. With a stern determined look she began to move towards me. “You are my sister-in law. Family. It’d be wrong” I began to back away only to find myself at the end of the bed. “I’d feel guilty” I added. “That didn’t stop you coming on to me” she stated, moving closer. I stepped onto the floor and began to move backwards. “Admit it, this is your dream come true” she said absolutely smouldering with sensuality. She looked so hot that my resolve wavered for a moment. In that moment she pounced. Leaping off the bed and pushing my back right up against wall, her scantily-clad body pressed against me. Those blue eyes bored into me with laser-like intensity enlarged by her glasses while her small mouth held firm. “I’ve just been playing with you up to now Jim” she stated. “I could really hurt you if I wanted”. A tight smile pushed up the edges of her cheeks. “I’m going to have a blooming big orgasm” she stated bluntly then underlined it with a long lick up my neck that had me moaning with wanton desire. She stared at me then stated “on your face”.

“Hai!” the shout made me jump and the next instant her fist drove deep into my belly. “Urrrr!” I cursed myself for being badly winded with just one punch. No matter how I fought it, my upper body creased over my gut. I saw her right arm swing up bent at the elbow. “Hai!” the point hammered the back of my neck. The impact made my shoulders jerk up while bending almost 90 degrees before her. I had no breath to scream when her palms slapped down upon the back of my neck and a stocking-clad thigh twitched driving a knee like an express train towards my face. Bracing myself for excruciating agony I was surprised when the top of her thigh above the knee met my face with a soft but forceful bump. Continuing to raise her knee, she forced me to stand straighter. “It’s lucky I like you Jim. I could have easily bust your face” she stated. Like a well-oiled fighting machine, the leggy blonde faced me grabbing my shoulder with one hand while the other grasped my right elbow. Turning around, her compact bare backside brushed against my groin while her right hand slipped around my waist and the other slipped to my wrist. A slight bend of her knees and her buttocks thrust forcefully into my groin. In a dizzying whirl, my feet left the floor and my body rode over her hip. Even as I flipped over I could feel her controlling my fall, steering my flight towards the bed. Barely had I thought that when my back slammed into the soft bed covers. Not only had my sexy sister-in law flipped me easily with a hip throw but had shown skill in doing so. She was more advanced in self-defence than I first thought and suspected the influence of the Militant Wing of The Salvation Army.

Still in possession of my wrist, Marianne bent back my hand forcing me onto my side facing away from her. Climbing onto the bed behind me, one foot stepped over me before the back of the heel tucked itself against the side of my neck. That gave me a close-up view of a muscled diamond of calve jutting out in bold relief of sheer black nylons with a stocking seam running over it vertically. Sitting down behind she pulled my right arm between her thighs then lay back at right angles to my body. With the rasp of sheer nylon against my neck, the semi-teardrop shaped calve was a solid weighty but very feminine pillar pressing down at an angle across one side of my throat while the shin of the other leg tucked in against my armpit. “Oh Marianne!” I sighed as the leggy goddess immobilized me with a side arm-bar. Dominated by her self-defence skills my erection awoke with a vengeance.

I was acutely aware of my sister-in-law’s pussy rubbing against the back of my elbow as it was pulled over her crotch. “Ahh ahh!” I yelped as she hyperextended my elbow joint. “Ahh! No please!” I begged as more agony was inflicted as a thumb pressed into the base of my wrist made the hand flop forwards which was then pressed painfully towards my forearm. I was squealing and writhing in agony. “Shush! Have some consideration for the other guests” she scolded while pressing her foot over my mouth to shut me up. Pulling back on my arm, I had no choice but to taste the nylon. She laughed as she ground the sole of her foot against my lips. “Oh you love it really” she chuckled, rocking her foot back and forth across my face. A sudden press of my hand in her wrist-lock had me opening my mouth to cry out, only for it to be filled by the back of her heel. “Lick it Jim and I might consider showing you mercy” she chuckled. Her cruel dominance was so stimulating that I licked the heel in my mouth trying to block out the raspy taste. “Or maybe not” she laughed, removing her heel. Hooking a semi-peardrop of dangling calve over my face she pulled back on my arm really hard. “Jeez no! You’ll break my arm!” I cried as she suddenly threw her hips into the air. “Arghh please stop!” I begged certain my arm would break at any second. “Argkk!” my neck involuntarily rose causing me to choke upon her large firm calve.

“What a woose!” Marianne chuckled as her backside returned to the bed. “You like my strong legs don’t you Jim?” she asked with a smouldering look of stern superiority that kept my dick rigid. Lifting away from my neck the leg stayed close to my face turning this way and that to tease me with it’s erotic beauty. The room lights reflect sensuously off the sheer black nylons enhancing its sleek shape. The black seams running up the back of her nylons are a constant reminder of the extremely enticing lack of clothing. As that sexy leg continues to flaunt itself right in front of my face, the agonising wrist-bending hold is forgotten as I adore the long sweep of the top of her thigh, the more pronounced curves of her hamstrings on the underside, the long straight line of her shin backed by the dramatic large hanging muscle of her calves. “Beautiful” I sigh in true appreciation. “Then kiss it” she ordered pointing to her calves before lowering the sexy hanging semi-teardrop until it was pressing against my lips. This time I didn’t hesitate and eagerly kissed the weighty muscle over and over until it finally lifted away. Swinging behind my head it gently nudged it up. A twist of my arm had me on my belly between her open legs staring at her pussy. “Kiss it” she demanded pointing to the inside of her thigh. Her sheer authoritative attitude was so dominant that I just got stuck in and began adoring her inner thighs with reverent passion.

“Now there” she demanded pointing to her crotch. Giving me no time to think she used my arm to pull me forwards with one hand while guiding the back of my head with the other. My face was rammed right into her pussy with those strong thighs immediately closing up around my head, locking me back up in a very sexy prison of her own making. “Pleasure me” she demanded folding a solid meaty calve behind my head. “Make me cum all over your face”. It was a dominant order not a friendly request. Her beautiful slender legs tightened like an anaconda squeezing tight to encourage me to carry out her command. It wasn’t necessary as I was so turned on that I immediately begin nuzzling into her lightly haired patch to find her clit with my tongue. “Orr eff!” she moaned in delight. “Deeper. Go on, get your tongue right in there”. With her thighs raised vertically around my head like silky-clad columns of steely feminine power, my head was kept firmly in place with my nose mashed against her fuzzy patch and my mouth pressed firm against her pussy. “You’re not going anywhere until I’ve had a blooming big one on your face” she declared. With that her sleek legs slid tighter around my head like a nylon-sheathed noose to ensure I serviced her for what seemed like an age. She began to breath deeper and louder, giving wonderful little sighs of pleasure that just spurred me on, determined to give this leggy blonde a big orgasm. “Orrr you’re the best brother-in law ever” she moaned in a voice dripping with breathy passion. “I don’t give a flying feck if its wrong. It feels wonderful”

Just as I began to think I couldn’t lick no more, Marianne clamped down the figure 4 tighter than I could have imagined for such slender legs. “Don’t you dare stop licking” she warned. Her leggy stranglehold was so tight it was beginning to choke me. “Ohh Jim!” she sighed loudly “I love it. Your pain and my pleasure is so effing delicious”. With a big moan her pussy rubbed into my face with small up and down movements that got stronger and deeper as her moans got louder and more frequent. “Ohhh eff I’m so wet and horny” her juices covered my nose and lips with slime. Her strong legs continued to hold my face captive, an inescapable prison that I didn’t even try to get out. “Look at me, you bugger” she moaned as she rode my face vertically like some kind of obscene slot racer. “Look at me and see how much I’m enjoying this” she gasped in a voice full of yearning. Moaning more frequently her pussy slid over my nose and mouth making it hard to breathe let alone pleasure her. I found that all I could do was lie there being used by my horny sister-in law as she ground her pussy on my face. Marianne was bucking her hips so fast that I was nothing more than a sex toy upon which she was pleasuring herself. “Oh Eff! Look at the colour of your face” she gasps “It’s all purple”. I didn’t need to look I could feel how hot it felt. “Oh Eff! That really makes me so effing juicy, I really want to scissor you hard and hurt you”. With that she squeezed against the sides of my trapped head, flexing her strong thighs in what seemed to be wild random waves of mind-crushing agony as she lost herself in a wild frenzy focussed on her arousal. I’m getting very turned on myself but I can’t move and can’t get much air. I’m weakening fast while this scantily clad woman rides my face with wild abandon. “Oh Eff, eff, eff!” her cries of passion got louder while the waves of sheer power from her flexing thighs sent me into a swirling spiralling pit of sensory depravation.

I awoke with a jolt only to find myself being battered by Marianne’s frantically bucking pussy lathering my face. “Oh Eff! Oh Eff!” she moaned. So intent upon building herself up to an orgasm, she hadn’t even noticed that her sexy legs had knocked me out again. Either that or she had and put her pleasure ahead of my well-being. “Oh Feck! Oh Feck!” she gasped as her silky smooth thighs squeezed hard in orgasmic spasms. Her legs are so strong I feel myself spiralling towards the edge as she mashes my face frantically. Cumming hard and loud while squirting all over my face, her deceptively strong slim legs flexing and pulsing in uninhibited frenzy obliterated me again.

“Mur!” I came around with a jerk to find my movements restricted. I’m very groggy and it took me a while to realise that Marianne was sitting high upon my chest with walls of stocking-clad thighs framing my face. She was completely naked apart from a suspender belt from which hung the black suspenders that held up her stockings. The sight of her hot near-naked body went straight to my groin. With my face framed by her thighs, I stared up over her fairly flat stomach at her bare breasts and a nice size they were too. “That’s it, look at my tits Jim” her voice came down from upon high. I saw her face peering over the soft wobbly mounds with her scary magnified eyes glaring down at me. “I’m not finished with you yet” she said. “Eff Jim!” she exclaimed “That was blooming amazing”. I was acutely aware of the scent of her juices. “The way you went out like a flipping light-bulb” she exclaimed “Fff..lipping heck! that gave me another orgasm right on top of the first”. I really wanted to get up and wash the smell of her love scent off my face but my shoulders are pinned by the backs of her thighs while the back of my head was resting on her calves crossed beneath in a sort of schoolgirl pin-figure 4 head-scissors combo.

“Marianne. Let me up” I begged. “Guess what Jim?” she ignored my request. “The thought of what I just did makes me so blooming horny. That I want another one. Right now”. She waved her hands before my face with the forefingers pointing to her crotch. “You’re going to lick my pussy again and then I’m going to knock you out once more as I climax which should make me cum again” she said running a finger gently over my forehead. “Please Marianne no. Don’t knock me out again” I begged “it’s dangerous to keep knocking someone out”. “Oh nonsense” she scoffed “where did you hear that rubbish?” “I’ve read lots of articles on the web that say that. Please Marianne you might leave me with brain damage or worse” I pleaded while her breasts jiggled around as she laughed. “Oh Jim! You don’t want to believe everything you read on the Internet”. With that she clenched her thighs together squeezing the sides of my face. The inward compression of her long slim thighs squashes my cheeks and jaw with astonishing force, pushing my lips into a tight oval. “Oh you look so silly with your cheeks puffed up and your mouth pouting like that, like a long narrow sucker” she laughs. “You’re so powerless and pathetic. It’s a wonder that you don’t get used by women all the time” she teased. “Ooo oooo!” I tried to reply but it’s hard to speak when your mouth is all squashed up by a lovely pair of legs. Marianne laughed hard at that. “Oh you’re making monkey noises now are you?”. She tightened her strong leggy noose sealing my lips tight. “Oh your sucker-mouth is too irresistible” she said “I’m going to sit my pussy right on there and use you”.

Totally unable to stop her, my sister-in-law sat on my face, positioning her pussy right on my squashed-up mouth with my nostrils pressed against the front of her fuzzy patch. Those long strong thighs squeezed the sides of my face tight as if trying to force themselves to meet in the middle. “Mmmmm!” my dick sprang to instant flagpole. “I’m sitting on your face, Jim. What are you going to do about it?” she challenged “Mmm! Mmmm!” I protested but she just laughed. “Oh yes Jim, keep doing that and I’ll soon cum all over your face”. Her strong thighs were distorting my face so much that I couldn’t even slide my tongue out through my compressed lips to satisfy her even if I wanted to. Not that it seemed to bother her. With her pussy pressing down upon my enforced trout mouth, she began to rock back and forth, working herself off upon my lips. “Orrrr, I love this” she taunts as she rocked and wriggled her pussy on my face “I’m going to knock you out and cum all over your face at the same time”. Trapped in this humiliating position beneath my sister-in law by her sexy stocking-sheathed legs, I can only lie there, completely helpless as she uses my face as a sex toy for her pleasure. “Oh Eff! This is so delicious mmmmm!” she moans while gradually building herself up towards to an orgasm. I can only groan into her pussy while desperately trying to get a few breaths as she slides back and forth. “Oh Jim, oh Jim!” she moaned between gasps of carnal joy “this is so effing good”. “Ohhhh!” her moans got more ecstatic as her orgasm builds. “Oh Feck! Look at you suffering beneath me. Jeez! That is really making this more intense Eff!” she cried in a voice full of yearning. Sliding back and forth across my mouth, she works herself into a frenzy, no longer caring about the prisoner of her thighs who can barely draw any air. “Ohhhh Feck!” she cried out as she went absolutely ape-sh*t, reaching the point of no return as her climax began. “Mmmm!” I cried into her furiously riding pussy as powerful surges of power threatened to crack my cheeks, bust my teeth and shatter my jaw as she reached her climax and came all over my captive face. Barely had that begun to subside when she growled “Now you’re going out to give me another”. What could I do, pinned beneath a horny dominant woman? Fully smothering my mouth and nose with her pussy, her thighs squeezed really hard upon the sides of my face while her calves exerted a strong pressure on the back of my head forcing my face even tighter against her crotch. Oh God, was this to be death by pussy? “Ohh Jim, Oh eff, go out you bugger!” she cried pressing down hard upon my face while crushing the sides of my head with her slim thighs. Her wet slippery pussy prevented me breathing while the pressure from her legs was brutal. Helplessly pinned beneath her as she scissored my head while smothering me, I was panicking as I couldn’t breathe at all. That’s when she began to cum on my face with her juices feeling like a veritable torrent. “Ohhhh you’re going, you’re going” she moaned as my eyes went all funny and my vision swirled. “Oh eff I’m cumming” I heard her as my hearing faded.

I awoke with a start only to experience the pleasurable feel of a hefty well-shaped calve sheathed in sheer nylon caressing the side of my face. I took hold of the slim ankle intending to move it away, but found myself running a hand along the gently outward taper and then over the semi-tear drop of hanging calve muscle, feeling it’s hefty weight and the hardness of the calve heads. “Beautiful just beautiful” I moan before leaning forwards to kiss it with reverence. Marianne said nothing but just sat there staring at me with a hard unreadable expression. The sight of her beautiful bare breasts reminded me that she was completely naked other than her stockings and suspenders. Rubbing her right thigh, she then pointed to it. Unable to resist, I slid my hands along the sides of her sleek smooth thighs running one hand back and forth over the long slab of outer thigh muscle then began to kiss that too. When she ran her palms along her inner thighs before pointing to her bare crotch, I had qualms about sticking my face between those devastating muscles again and backed off. Getting to my knees on the bed, I moved towards her and gave her a gentle peck on the cheek, resisting the temptation to grab her and trying to have my wicked way with her. “It’s been fun passing the evening with you but I‘m tired. We’ve a long drive home tomorrow and I better get some sleep.” I explained before getting up and heading to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed.

I had assumed that Marianne would get dressed and return to her own room but when I came back she was inside the bedsheets with her specs on the bedside unit. “I couldn’t be arsed to go back to my room. I don’t want to sleep on my own” she explained looking rather cute at me over the sheets. “I just want to stay here with you”. She looked so adorable I couldn’t say no, so got in next to her. When she snuggles up to me I’m startled to find that she is completely naked. I’m only a man for Pete’s sake, I couldn’t help but get aroused. Of course lying against me, she noticed. “Cor Jim! Yes please!” she whispered softly and began to get really frisky kissing me passionately arousing me further. I tried to resist the temptation but she won’t take no for an answer. What started off a playful tussle soon became more serious as she kicked back the bedsheets. Leaping across on top of my belly she used both hands to pull my left arm out to one side. Turning right around my arm got tangled in her legs before she fell forwards across my chest. I found my left arm now firmly clamped between her thighs. Grabbing my other arm and slipping her right arm beneath the upper part, she grabbed her left forearm and pressed down. “Arghh arghh stop please!” I begged as my arm bent backwards stressing my elbow joint the wrong way. The feel of her naked body lying across me was exciting but the cross-body pin double arm lock felt like my elbows would bust at any moment and had me begging for her to stop.

After letting me suffer for a while Marianne released my arms then span her naked body around on top of me. Her right leg brushed my face as it skims past to drop down by the side of my face whilst the other leg simultaneously slams against the left side of my head. Instantly her thighs close tight against the sides of my head in a reverse head-scissor. The feel of her soft bare skin on either side of my neck and my lower head combined with the view of her beautiful compact backside mere inches away from my face was wonderful. The lovely walls of her inner thighs close in to squeeze tight, the pressure around my head soon becoming painful. I grab hold of the backs of her legs with the sleek hamstrings standing proud, tugging at them to stop her adductors biting into my neck. However they were as solid and immobile as steel rails. “Orrghh!” the inward pressure she can exert with those long slim legs is scary. They are like a steel vice but far sexier. “Unnh unnnh!” I can’t stop grunting as her thighs flex really hard. A barrage of exquisite agony smashes like jack-hammers against the sides of my skull as she flexes and relaxes her glutes in quick succession. My hands fly to her tight and beautifully rounded backside. As I did, her buttocks hardened with her glutes flexing into tight balls under my palms, driving raw feminine power through her legs. Instantly my vision blurred and darkened. Her beautiful bubble-butt relaxed easing off the debilitating pressure, bringing me back from the brink. “Jeez! I nearly knocked you out there. Wow!” I heard her exclaim over the pounding of my heart in my ears. “Eff! I’m having some of that” she exclaimed in excitement reaching back to grab the back of my head and pull my face right against her crotch.

A calve folded behind my head locking me into a reverse figure 4 face-scissors, pulling my nose and mouth further forward burying them in her damp pussy. My eyes could only look up at her perfectly rounded buttocks and the curvaceous valley between. “Mmm mmmmm!” I squealed in protest trying to struggle but drained of energy I had to stop, accepting that there was no way to break free of my sister-in law’s thighs. They were squeezing so hard I could barely think straight so it was several moments before I realised that there was a warm hand wrapped around my erection. “Ooh you like it rough” she teased as her hand slid up and down my shaft in long tantalising pumps. I tried to struggle again but she just reached back with one hand, grabbed hold of her left foot and pulled the leggy triangle of head-crushing agony even tighter. “Mmmm! mmmm!” her ass-muscles ate up my face while her hair pussy muffled my cries. All the while, one hand remained pumping my dick with greater vigour while I struggled not to pass out. Marianne’s pert backside flexed squashing my nose closed with her glutes while her thighs of iron crushed the sides of my head and her adductors bit into my neck then relaxed letting the blood flow back to my head. Each squeeze caused my vision to narrow and darken as she took me to the edge with her deadly arse and legs while pressing my nose and mouth deeper between her clenching glutes. Throughout this, Marianne’s hand never wavered as it pumped my dick steadily increasing the tempo. “Aww! is your wicked sister-in law wanking you off?” she teased before another flex of her glutes nearly put me away.

“Mmmmrrrr!” I moaned into her backside as I felt the tip of her tongue teasing me with light little dabs around the head of my dick that had me moaning like an idiot. “Men! You’re so easily controlled by your cocks” she laughed. “Mmmm!” her mouth fully engulfed my shaft and I began thrusting my hips like a lunatic in a desperate desire to work myself off inside her warm wet mouth. “Oh do you want to cum?” she teased between sucks. “Mmmm mmm!” I groaned my affirmative. “Do you want me to suck you dry?” she teased. “Mmmmm!” I moaned as a really deep suck deep-throated me. I could feel myself building up to orgasm and thrust my hips even faster. “I don’t think so” she laughed. With my nose and mouth muzzled by her tight muscular arse I began to choke as she clenched her buttocks and really poured on the pressure. I didn’t stand a chance, and fell immediately into a dark swoon. Game over, Lights out!

I awoke to find Marianne’s naked body lying on top of me as she kissed me feverishly. “Oh Eff oh eff” she kept moaning. The next thing I noticed was the ache inside the top of my legs and realised that she has spread my legs wide in a grapevine press. “Oh God, Jim. feck me feck me” she moans between wild passionate kisses. A tightness around my dick and I am shocked to find that she has impaled herself on my erection while I was unconscious and is now riding me with short vigorous thrusts of her hips and backside. “Argg arrr!” I cry with each thrust of her pelvis against my crotch as she plunges herself down sending agonising lances of pain radiating down the inside of my thighs. “Oh feck this is so good” she gasps as her hips thrust faster riding me while leaning forwards to slobber her mouth all over my face and the side of my neck. Her body is so energetic and strong, I’m overwhelmed by her dominant lovemaking, taking all the pleasure while keeping me in agony with her strong legs. I’m astonished by her sheer sexual energy and to be honest finding it a little scary. “Oh feck, you were so hard when I knocked you out, I just had to have it” she gasped between moans of impeding pleasure. “Kurt just can’t keep up with me”. Suddenly I remember a remark her husband made to me years ago. We had gone with our families to an organised bonfire night at the rugby club. It was cold frosty night and we were walking back to the cars when I found myself walking slightly behind the rest with Kurt. “If your wife is anything like Marianne, god help you” he chuckled in a low voice so he wouldn’t be overheard “She just keeps going” he added. At the time I thought he was just bragging but as she kept riding me after already cumming several times I began to wonder whether he actually said “God help me”. “Ohhh ohhh eff eff efffff!” she moaned as she climaxed triggering my own ejaculation even though my legs were in agony.

After she got off me my legs were too stiff to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up so just lay back and tried to fall asleep then and there. My sister-in law stayed the whole night in my room, cuddling up to me. The guilt over what I’d just done made it difficult to get to sleep. The feel of her nude body against me didn’t help either. Not that I got much sleep because she kept waking up wanting more sex but not until she had dominated me in a different scissor hold while working me hard with a hand or her mouth before mounting and riding me. When I could no longer keep it up she would use my face keeping me short of breath before knocking me out with her wet pussy wriggling on my face as she came. By morning I was absolutely shattered. I had to keep stopping at service stations for a strong coffee to try and keep my eyes open as I slowly drove us back home. Yes the guilt shamed me and I knew that our relationship would be awkward and would never be the same again although I had to admit that I still fancied her.

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