Don’t mess with women of the Salvation Army (JP#18)

Bad men learn the family that pray together fight together

By Jimp based on ideas by Stefano

I liked the concept of The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army but felt that the previous attempt to show them uniformed and in action got too complicated because of the number of characters involved. This time I tried to keep it simpler. This was going to be turned into a comic strip by Diego but apart from some drafts of the characters I never saw anything more. Jacqueline was based on the ‘girl next door but one’ when I was younger.

(c)Jimp 2018

Somewhere inside a poorly lit pedestrian underpass beneath a road on the remote edge of a town where decent people fear to tread, we see the head and shoulders of a rough-unshaven bearded man. His mouth opens wide in excited exclamation. “Whores approaching” he cries pointing with one hand to the entrance where we get a glimpse of the outside world with blue skies and leafy trees. Walking along a path leading to the underpass we can make out three undeniably female figures. “Time to teach them to respect the laws of our culture” a figure unseen in the gloom growls.

As the figures get closer, it is clear that all three are wearing a navy-blue uniform with a hip length blazer, worn over a white shirt, and tailored to show off hour-glass figures. A matching skirt clings around the shapes of long thighs as they walk with the sun reflecting off shins and shapely calves raised up on shiny black high-heeled shoes in the manner that only sheer-black nylon can. The sight of such blatant femininity causes outbreaks of cursing from the shadowy figures in the tunnel. “Whores””Sluts” “Ssssh!” their leader urges. Topping it all, a bowler style hat sits upon each head with a red badge in the shape of a shield. A splash of red is visible on two of the figures along the top of each shoulder. Shining in the sun is a silver brooch upon each collar that draws greedy eyes.

As they get closer the uniforms of The Salvation Army becomes apparent and that the three women are of different ages. A facial similarity suggests that they are related. One is in her late teens and 5 foot 9” if she wasn’t wearing heels. Pretty and slim, the fresh-faced girl has smouldering looks from a sweet small heart-shaped elfin face framed by long brown hair with a parting that tumbles down partially covering her ears before being swept over her shoulders to fall down her back apart from a few loose strands that curl around the front. Brown eyes with dark eyelashes stare out from beneath slim eyebrows and atop a slender nose and appealing small slender lipped mouth. Her skirt is just above the knee showing long slim shins shimmering with the reflected sheen of sunlight off her black nylons. On each shoulder of her blazer are two red bars and a white letter ‘S’ on black epaulettes. The front is unbuttoned revealing a well-stacked bust that hangs firm and proud causing her blouse to bounce and lurch in a way that the men find unsettling.

Next to her is an older woman in her mid-40’s, presumably her mother with red epaulettes along the top of each shoulder bearing a white crest and the letter ‘S’. With a resemblance to her daughter yet with a sleek long narrow face with good complexion, she carries a haughty sophisticated arrogant air. Her hair is also brown but worn short, clear of the ears and styled in a bouffant. As with her daughter, she has slim eyebrows over elegant brown eyes and a sleek nose. Wearing a pair of spectacles with a slim frame and large trapezoidal lenses, her sophisticated looks are enhanced by a touch of mascara and eye-liner while scarlet lipstick glosses her mouth and a large pearl earring hangs from each ear. Without heels she would stand 5 foot 11 inches and it is her stunning hour-glass figure on a slim frame with large thrusting breasts pushing the front of her smartly buttoned-up blazer forward that draws the ire of the watchers. Likewise her skirt draws their wrath being a couple of inches shorter than her daughter’s and showing off a patch of nylon-sheathed upper thigh.

The other woman is in her 60’s with silvering hair and more rounded features like that of a slightly chubby-faced grandmother with a hint of looseness beneath the chin. Something about her demeanour suggests that she is strict, stern and takes no nonsense. Shorter than her daughter by around an inch and slightly plumper, the men are outraged at the display of a good 5 or 6 inches of firm thick thigh and long slender shins backed by prominent wide flaring calves. In possession of the most outrageous feminine figure of them all, the smart buttoned blazer with red epaulettes featuring a white crest above a bar and the letter ‘S’ can barely contain her bust. The front stretches forward in a manner of extreme womanhood that unnerves the watching men causing further outbreaks of cursing that is quickly suppressed.

Entering the underpass their progress is blocked by several tall menacing swarthy unshaven shifty men. As the women turn to the direction that they came more men emerge from the shadows to surround them. Wearing dark dirty clothes that look stolen, their muscular bodies are shown off with open shirts.

The mother steps confidently towards a glaring man with hints of silver in his hair who appears to lead these ruffians. Every male eye is on the front of her blazer thrusting forwards in impressive wide hanging slopes as tailored lines follow a dramatic hour-glass figure to a slim waist before curving back out to slender hips. So engrossed are they in this magnificent edifice they fail to notice the other two women spreading out behind her. With no sign of fear or nervousness she faces down their leader. “Stand aside and let good God-fearing women of The Salvation Army pass” she demands in a strong clear voice of the kind used to people obeying. The man’s eyes went wide and his face darkened in rage before he spoke. “Not the true God” he spattered angrily. “Do your menfolk truly allow you to walk about in public dressed like that?” his voice rose. “Like what, sir? We are in our smart decent Salvationist uniforms” “D…decent!” his voice became shrill. “You cause great offense with such shameless clothing tailored to inflame impure thoughts with all those…” he waved his hands around furiously as though too scared to describe her dramatic outline “those… unnecessary in and out bits” “Really?” the tall imposing woman glared at him through her spectacles with a condescending smile “they are bodies. All women have them” “Silence!” the leader yelled. “And those…those” he stammered in outrage pointing at her nylon-sheathed lower limbs. “Legs dear” the grandmother added in a clear strident voice “most of us have them, even you”. “Silence!” he yelled. “In our culture a woman’s mouth is bound shut so that they cannot tempt men with their lies” he cried “your faces and bodies would be covered from head to toe in a shapeless bag so not even your treacherous eyes of enchantment show”.

“Well lucky for us we live in a tolerant multi-cultural society. We all learn to get along together and respect each other’s customs” the striking tall woman added. “Bullsh*t!” the leader exclaims. “Your rulers bend over backwards not to offend” he cried. “Who are you decadent women who pollute our senses thus?” he demands. “I am Major Joyce, this is my mother Lieutenant-Colonel Mavis” she explained indicating the older woman “and this is my daughter, 2nd year cadet Jacqueline” nodding to the teen. “And who should you be?” she asked although the wild look in his eyes suggests that this too was an outrage. “We are the Sons of Asura Mahisha” he exclaims in frothing fervour “Descendants of the great Demon Lord himself and the slave women he seeded”.

“Asura Mahisha!” the young cadet scoffs “Isn’t he the loser who got his arse kicked by the Goddess Anahita”. “AIEEEE!” outraged howls reverberate around the tunnel. “Blasphemy!” the leader cries. “The wicked temptress distracted him with her beguiling naked body”. “And that’s why you suppress women” sighed the statuesque Major Joyce “Well that’s your problem, get over it. Now get out of our way”. Fuming with anger the men crowd closer. “We demand compensation for this great offence against our beliefs” their leader raged. His eyes narrowed slyly as he adds “Refusal is racist and your authorities won’t help you”.

“I’m bored. Just barge through them and let’s get out of here” young Jacqueline said. All eyes turned to stare at the contents of her open blazer with much deep breathing and sly smiles. “She has the gift of Anahita” the leader smirks staring at her large bust “We will have her as compensation. She will make plenty of new soldiers for the cause”. “No-one is having anyone” her mother states firmly. “We are experienced fighters from a war-torn land. No man in this country can match us” he cries.

With a nod of his head, one of the men grabbed the teen from behind wrapping his arms around her and groping her breasts. Without hesitation, she balls her right hand into a fist and drives it solidly backwards between his legs. “AIEEEE!” his face screws tight and his mouth drops open in agonised surprise. “Get OFF!” Jacqueline yelled, annoyed by a groping hand still on her breast. The man looked shocked as a bent arm pistons back angled high towards his face. “Naarghh!” the back of her upper arm close to the elbow smashes into his chin snapping his head sharply back. Turning swiftly around, a forearm blocks an incoming punch while the tight black skirt slides along her thigh as a knee snaps up. A concealed lateral slit at the side parts to reveal a long expanse of slim upper leg, shining with black nylon sheen with matt black stocking tops attached to suspender belts over creamy white skin. With a dramatic heave of her nicely endowed chest, the folded leg flicks open in a fast moving black blur. “GOAL!” she cries as the wicked pointed toe of her shoe nails his balls. “AIII!” he squeals as the force of the kick drives him up onto his toes with eyes tightly clenched and an expression of agony.

Barely had he returned to his feet when the excited looking teen, still with a grip on his arm, bent the upper thigh across the front of her chest while turning sideways on. Like a coiled spring the leg straightens as a slim nylon-sheathed lance pulsing sideways. “Gaaarrd!” his face melts in pain as the sole of her shoe ploughs into his groin like an unstoppable express train. “Right in the back of the net!” the long-haired girl exclaims jubilantly. Releasing his wrist, he begins to crumple at the knees. Spinning right around to turn her back on him, a streak of reflected sheen shoots out in a back-kick as she leans forward. The sole slams into the base of his groin while the sharp heel nails his shaft eliciting a shrill agonised howl. The strength of the kick lifts his feet clean from the ground while he doubles over in excruciating torment before crashing to the floor a whimpering broken man. “Yeah! And she scores the hat-trick” the impish teen cries triumphantly.

“Really Jacqueline! I do sometimes regret allowing you to go to those soccer matches” her mother remarks in disapproval. “Do you need me to show you how to dispatch a man with elegance and sophistication instead of such crude tactics?” “No, mother” her daughter replies sheepishly. “Then I suggest you show those men creeping up on you how ladies of The Salvation Army treat ne’er-do-wells” the statuesque uniformed Major replied. “Seize her! She’s just a girl!” their leader cries to two men approaching the girl with a manic gleam in his eyes “She will be taught the proper way to show respect for a man” “That’s right dear, show them proper respect” her mother advises as her hands go to the buttons of her blazer and begins to undo them.

Spinning around to face them, two dishevelled wildly bearded men find themselves facing the conflicting sight of a pretty young girl with her fists raised in a competent-looking fight stance. Tantalising their senses, the skirt clung to the contours of her left thigh while the right was exposed through the slit at the side, a feast for the eyes they could not refuse. Long and slim yet shapely with a hint of toned thighs, her calves jut out as balls of defined muscle heads resembling pairs of hard slabs of downward pointing arrow heads with a sexy diamond shaped cleft between. Her blazer hung loose and wide with the white shirt beneath becoming unbuttoned at the top during her close encounter. The men openly stare at the tops of well-endowed soft mounds of feminine hills and the tantalising cleavage where they met in a deep valley in the middle. “Pretty girl pretending she’s so tough” one laughs. “So you want to play with the big boys?” the other adds with a meaningful rub of his crotch while lustfully staring at her chest. “Oi! Keep your eyes to yourself mate!” she tells him. “With decorum please dear” the grandmother admonishes.

Jacqueline fearlessly steps close to the nearest man. “HAI!” her shout is like a shotgun reverberating around the tunnel. The side of a hand held flat with fingers straight delivers a fast sharp chop to the side of his neck. There are audible gasps from his watching companions as it looks like he is going to pass out on his feet. Confident and in total control the long-haired girl seizes his right wrist with both hands and bends back his hand causing a shrill scream. Turning around she side-steps while swinging her arms in a forward windmill motion with much heaving of her bust. The tall heavily built man’s feet leap from the floor as his whole body whips right over like a Catherine wheel around the sleight frame of a teenaged girl. His back slams heavily into the tunnel floor to the stunned amazement of the others. With a smouldering glare at the next man, she keeps the thrown man pinned to the ground whimpering in a savage wrist-lock.

With one man subdued, Jacqueline’s right leg whips forward. “HAI!” a sleek glistening sheer black missile rockets in a high arc. With her skirt sliding back to her hips the bewildered man gets a glimpse of skimpy white knickers at her crotch between two slim sexily clad legs rapidly scissoring apart. The top of her shoe blasts his right cheek, distorting his mouth as a shock-wave of power ripples across his face whilst his head whips from right to left so fast he stumbles to the side before recovering his balance. Glaring at her with eyes wide in rage, he raises fists rough and gnarled like well-battered hammers and steps forward ready to unleash a mighty punch. With one man writhing and squealing at her feet, the girl’s knee rises and unfolds towards another in the blink of an eye. “HAI!” the sole of her shoe smashes his mouth at shocking speed whipping his head over his shoulders in a spray of blood and spit.

With a man squealing in agony with his hand bent back, the pretty girl snaps her knee level with her ample bust while leaning to one side away from the other visibly dazed man. “HAI!” the man jumps as a slim stocking-clad missile streaks towards his face in a well-executed high side-kick. “Baaaghh!” the sole of her shoe pounds the middle of his face, breaking his nose and driving the back of his head sharply against the wall behind with an audible crack. There are gasps of horror as his eyes glaze over and he falls senseless to the floor. Without pause the teen raises the wrist of the man squirming in her iron grip forcing him to his feet while keeping his head bowed as if acknowledging the victor. “HAI!” the side of her knife hand slashes down in a solid chop to the base of his bowed neck. His face jerks back his wide eyes glazing over before also crashing out.

Jacqueline places a foot upon the fallen man flexing a sharp diamond shaped calve, with her hands upon her hips and a wide smile on her impish face. “How’s that for girl power? Three big toughs in less than 2 minutes. How embarrassing” she mocks. Angry noises get louder as the other men react badly to the humiliating defeat by a pretty teenaged girl in uniform. “Keep away from my daughter!” the tall elegant bouffant-wearing woman cries at the sight of a man wielding a wicked blade. With breath-taking forward-thrusting double pyramids of white pushing through the front of her unbuttoned blazer from a slim waist, the men gawp in an outbreak of stiffness in their groins. Rushing forwards, it is clear from the way that stunning bust heaves and wobbles with prominent jutting nipples that not only are they heavy but clearly unfettered without support of a bra causing rapid growth in their trousers.

With a mighty heave of those double-barrelled wonders, the uniformed woman gave a stunning leap into the air of epic proportions. Soaring level with their heads she cut through the air with legs scissoring wide in arousing jaw-dropping flexibility. In that brief moment of flight, the image that seared into their brains was of a bra-less very well-stacked uniformed woman wearing glasses with a dramatic hour-glass figure, athletically soaring past their faces, her side-slit skirt riding over her hips providing a view of strong shapely toned legs with defined quads and calves shining with the erotic allure of sheer black stockings and suspenders. With sleek muscled legs split wide like a gymnast and a scantily-clad crotch, there was much trouser lurching and lustful groaning. “YAH!” a sharp scary yell leaves her elegant lips as the sole of her leading shoe smashes the face of the knife-wielder with bloody explosive force. In a heartbeat his ruined face rockets back over his broad shoulders before the rest of his body flips over on a collision course with the hard concrete floor.

Mother and daughter stand side by side, looking military smart in their uniforms and competent with legs apart forming a solid base and open-palmed hands poised for combat. “These blazers are smart” Major Joyce addressed the men closing in around them “but not very practical for self-defence”. With a teasing smirk and a look of sheer arrogance, mother and daughter throw off their blazers to reveal that their shirts are short-sleeved. Proudly thrusting forward their firm pointing breasts, the men collectively groan with wanton desire. “Maybe the local men are no match for you” the buxom mother’s mocking gaze seared at them through her glasses, her nipples so erect with excitement they jut out from her shirt like studs. Jacqueline displays the same reaction with hard jutting pokies. “As you’ve plainly noticed we are not men” she says with a knowing glance at their groins.

If they hadn’t been focusing on their breasts the men might have noticed a level of fitness in their arms no doubt unacceptable to them. Jacqueline’s arms are slim with a light but clearly defined horseshoe shape to her triceps, a sail-like shape to her forearms and a tautness to the front of her upper arms. As she resumes the fight stance, small mounds swell in her upper arms suggesting she is no stranger to weight-training. The muscularity in her mother’s arms was more difficult to ignore. Her sleek arms were toned with well-defined shoulder-caps stretching the shirt sleeves, clearly visible well-defined triceps, strong forearms and a bulk to her upper arms with prominent biceps veins. Sleek and strong like an off-season top-class athlete, she too resumed her fight stance with hard ridged-lined biceps bulging.

“Orrrr woman!” one man moaned moving closer “We are blessed with the Demon Lord’s gift to the faithful and I’m going to plunge it right inside and seed you both” he groans with his hand rubbing a noticeably large bulge. “The women in our family are blessed with good genetics” Joyce replies with a cheeky smirk and pointed glance at her bust “A woman can always defeat a man who only thinks with his dick”. Performing a quarter turn to present her side-profile towards him, she lets him have it with both barrels. Unleashing the full impact of her big horizontal twin-peaks contrasting dramatically with a small waist and flat belly, he doesn’t stand a chance. “Orrrrr! Orrrrr!” he groans as the front of his trousers buck and thrash in uncontrollable lust. “Blimey, looks like he’s got a wild ferret down there” the teen laughs. “Humiliated without even touching him” the mother replies as he loses all self-control. He’s not the only one as several of his colleagues step forward with him to take these two well-endowed specimens of womanhood.

“HAI!” daughter and mother simultaneously kick a leg high into the air exposing their sexy lingerie until the top of their thighs hit their buxom chests where they remain in a steady standing splits like shapely raised nylon-clad flagpoles with seams running up the back. The men are driven wild with rampant desire of this display of flexibility and control. The sight of skimpy knickers drawn tight over their crotches with legs split wide and sheathed in erotic sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders stoke their aching erections. The young girl’s legs are long and slim with a hint of sleek toned thighs with relatively large calves flexed into hard double-diamonds. Those of the mother display a more formidable level of muscularity with strong sleekly defined quads, large solidly defined calves and strong bulging hamstrings lining the back of the raised thigh.

With a tight smile on her long narrow face while her openly inviting legs spread wide vertically and briefs pulled so taut a camel-toe was visible, the man before her loses it completely. With his erection pounding inside his trousers, he rushes forward desperate to take her. “HAI!” the vertically aligned leg sweeps to the right, the sole of her shoe slamming into the side of his face in an audibly strong blow that sends him staggering towards her daughter. The close up view of Jacqueline’s slim raised stocking-sheathed leg causes wild uncontrolled lurches inside his trousers. Within a heartbeat the sexy leg drops to waist height while folding at the knee then instantly straightens. “YAH!” a speeding front-kick rockets straight between his legs. “Arghh!” the arch of her foot makes full contact with his undercarriage with such force it sends his big trouser-bulge flying upwards while lifting him bodily off the ground. Remarkably when he lands back on his feet with his face screwed tight and creasing over in agony, his erection has grown larger and is lurching out of control. “HAI!” the mother’s sharp shout turns his face deathly pale as he senses that strong stocking-clad leg plummeting towards his bowed head. “Nnnnnnarrr!” with an almighty heave of his trouser-snake he creams himself whilst his eyes go wide and his mouth drops open in a silent scream as her heel pounds the back of his neck like an axe. Driven face-first to the ground he twitches before lying unmoving, out cold.

Facing the onrush of lust-fuelled angry men, Joyce steps forward to protect her daughter displaying a haughty sophisticated arrogant air that attracts men to her like flies. One man launches a side kick at her which she effortlessly catches before pulling him close. “Hai!” with a flex of strong muscled calves a long nylon-clad thigh shoots up. “Nuurrfff!” a cry cut off in an explosion of breath as her knee pounds his sternum like a drum, his mouth dropping open in winded agony. “Yah!” a long sleek muscular leg arcs around, a sleekly strong and flexible high-velocity projectile clad in the most erotic of lingerie. The sharp pointed toe drives into the side of his neck like a nail-gun. Hard unyielding toe-cap smacks loudly against human flesh. His face stretches skywards in a grimace of pain before his knees give way and he drops like a stone. “So you see the value of steel-reinforced heels in our combat shoes” the short-haired mature woman remarks as she looks down at the unmoving form with hands upon her narrow hips subtly turning her stunning torso to taunt the others to see who would succumb next.

Embolden by her earlier success, Jacqueline becomes more confident and eager to use her skills. “Oi! Creep, get a load of this” she yells at the nearest man. A hand darts out to seize his wrist and twists eliciting a squeal of pain. Her other arm, bent at the elbow, swings across the front of her body. “Yai!” in horror the man sees the back of the elbow rushing towards him at blistering speed. “Arrghh!” it connects with his face, breaking his nose and snapping his face up towards the roof. “Don’t you bleed all over my new shirt!” she cries shoving him away with her hand. Clutching his nose, his back hits the tunnel wall. “Want some more, mate?” she cries sharply lifting her left knee to waist height while leaning away from him giving him an eyeful of taut knickers and stocking tops. “Ha!” a gleam of reflected light traces the path of a high side kick. “Urrkkkk!” he croaks as the sole of her shoe hammers his throat and pins it against the wall. His hands fly to the slender ankle close to his neck but is shocked to find that he can’t budge it. “Kkkk kkkk!” “Hands off or I’ll crush your throat so you’ll never breathe again!” she warns applying more pressure with her foot. All he can do is stare along the shapely long expanse of her nylon-clad shin and thighs. The matt black stocking tops circling the middle of her upper thigh is highly arousing in it’s simplicity enhancing the contrast of the suspender belts running over creamy bare skin beyond. His eyes drank in the lengthy beauty all the way to the skimpy taut panties at her crotch exposed by the flexible stance causing his erection to lurch even though he was choking beneath her foot. Leaning right in, her right hand reaches for his trouser-tent. “Oi! what’s this? You’ve got a blooming hard-on” she chuckles “You must really like getting your arsed kicked by a teenaged girl”. She giggles as his manhood responds to the touch of her hand by getting harder and throbbing uncontrollably. “What a loser” she taunts “You can’t beat a young girl and your dick’s about to blow”. She leans forward applying more pressure to her foot until he can no longer make a sound and his face turns purple. “You’re not man enough to take me” she hisses in a low whisper. Her hand still encircling the throbbing trouser-meat, her thumb hidden from her mother’s view, stroking back and forth “You’re beaten, whipped by my legs”. His voice choked off, the flickering eyelids is the only sign before the front of his trousers turn sopping wet.

“Urrr you dirty pig” she sneers “you’ve creamed your pants” With that she lowers her foot and turns away from the humiliated man. “Oh and by the way” Jacqueline pauses with a wicked smile “your inability to handle a mere girl is a joke. Ha ha HA!”. With a heave of her bust and flick of her long hair, her right leg kicks back driving the heel straight into the front of his trousers stabbing the shaft closely followed by the sole stomping his balls. “Oooooeeee!” he squeals his knees weakening as he creases right over cupping his aching groin. “That’s right, bow to the superior fighter” she teased “Ha!” with a flex of hard-edged calves, her right leg kicks back once more this time stretching higher as it rises behind her. “Arrghh!” the sole smashes against his jaw and continues to rise, her slim leg straightening with the skirt falling back displaying her stocking tops and suspender belts, driving his head up and over his shoulders. His legs turn to jelly as he heads on a backwards course with the floor. “Yes!” she cries spinning around raising her arms giving a fist pump in victory. “Whose next to get their arses kicked?” she challenges then bursts out laughing at the sight of big tough guys staring at her small hard biceps in open disbelief and fear with the front of their trousers throbbing.

Joyce proudly watched as her daughter proved herself more than capable of dealing with a much larger man. In that moment of distraction, she is caught off-guard as a tall muscular man slips a thick strong arm around her neck from behind. Remaining steely calm, the slightest hint of excitement touches her luscious lips. “Yah!” her right leg rockets skyward in a sensual blaze of nylon sheen. Reaching vertical, the top of her long thigh hits her voluminous bust, framing one side of her face with an inverted large muscular calve as it powers her foot over the top of her head. “Arghh!” the sharp toe pounds his forehead like a pickaxe. Without pause, her leg drops to the floor. Spinning around and grasping his waist she bends sharply forwards by his side. Suddenly he is looking at a big dangling white cliff front as she bends down low. Her right leg whips up behind her, bent at the knee and rising fast arcing high above her back like a scorpion’s tail. Sensational flexible legs sheathed in sheer nylon spread wide apart with stunning litheness. The sole of her shoe slams against his face with dreadful power, pulverising his face and slamming it back so hard that his neck visibly strains. But he is tough and somehow remains standing although clearly shaken. “EYAH!” going onto her toes flexing her large calves pushing back the seams running along them, Joyce’s sleek muscular leg soars upwards at the side of her body in a brief display of bulging stocking-sheathed legs and tight panties. The top of the thigh ends up perfectly aligned against the side of her body but not before blasting his head out of the way and driving him through the air at high velocity.

With his head lolling like it is on a wonky spring and no co-ordination in his limbs he tries and fails to rise. The sound of high-heels clacking accompany long shapely shins backed by strong calves, their shape emphasised by being raised up by heels appear in his vision. Barely able to control his nodding head he looks up over long strongly defined thighs to slim hips that dramatically taper in to a pinched waist before encountering a huge wide thrusting shelf of white-clad bosom. Hanging over him her white blouse is stretched tight over beautiful big rounded feminine orbs that even in his badly dazed state causes strong lurching in his trousers. “You wouldn’t be able to handle them even if I let you” the mature woman told him with her eyes and nose peeking over the top of that stunning busty structure before adjusting the position of her glasses upon her sleek nose. With a wildly raging erection he tried to push himself from the ground but his limbs wouldn’t respond. There was an outbreak of groans as the Major placed a hand under each covered breast and gave them a lift. “Much more than a handful” her cultured voice purred seductively “More than you could handle” she teased lifting that big bundle of desire up and down. “Urrrrrrr uurrrr uurrrr!” he moaned with three mighty lurches in his trousers which became sopping wet. An arrogant smile touched her lips. “Just the sight of them fully clothed makes you premature” she mocked. “Ha ha HA!” her scathing laugh turned into a sharp shout as a leg shot forwards in a snap kick to the face that sent him skittering across the floor out cold.

“Temptresses, enchanting men with those…those chests” the leader cried incensed by the destruction his best fighters by a mere girl and her mother. His eyes darting around manically spots the Grandmother proudly watching the younger female members of her family make a humiliating mockery of his followers. “Seize the fat hag” he orders “we will take her hostage and exchange her for the girl. We will get our compensation”

As they turned their eyes towards her, Mavis met them with a wide knowing smile that pushed up the corners of her cheeks of her rounded homely face. “I was wondering when you would give me a piece of the action” she said cheerfully. Although appearing plump and outrageously top heavy with her blazer tailored to follow her exceptional contours, she now stood before them in a skirt far too short for a woman her age yet showing off a great pair of legs with thick sturdy thighs and long slender shins. Some of the men creeping up from behind caught sight of her large powerfully muscled meaty calves forming a wonderful shape by being raised up by high-heeled shoes and sheathed with the erotic allure of sheer black nylons and a vertical seam running over each.

The blazer was now removed with the chubby-faced woman proudly displaying a phenomenal bust of epic proportions stretching the front of the white shirt out of shape and straining at the buttons. “They’re perfectly natural dear” she smiled thrusting it forwards to the gob-smacked amazement of the approaching men. The huge bust distracted them from the tremendous degree of muscle that adorned her arms. Unlike a bodybuilder these were big rounded developed muscles with large shoulder caps stretching the short sleeves to breaking point. “Very firm too” she adds with a wicked smile and hands upon her wide hips. “So firm in fact that I don’t need a bra for support”. That statement just drew their eyes like magnets. Confronted by a low-hanging wide white slope ending in a pair of massive rounded orbs that must have thrust out a good 12 inches from her stomach, the sight of large jutting nipples pushing up the nylon of the shirt confirmed her statement. “Orrrrrr My Dear Demon Lord!” “Eff me!” men already stiff from the sight of the busty and leggy mother and daughter groaned loudly becoming even harder than they were already. “What’s wrong boys?” Mavis teased gently swaying those mammoth orbs “Never seen a real woman before?” her wicked knowing smile got wider at bulges so stiff they were obviously painfully cramped inside their pants. “Better than wearing a shapeless bag” she gave a throaty chuckle.

“I maybe in my 60’s” she announced presenting her devastating side-profile to each man, smiling at the outbreak of wild trouser lurches at the sight of such huge horizontally thrusting pyramids firmly defying gravity. “I keep fit with Pilates” she edged closer to their leader who was creeping along the wall towards her, his lust outweighing religious outrage. “Yoga” she stood in front of him swaying her massive frontage provocatively. He stopped, eyes staring, panting and sweating heavily while his manhood beat like a drum-stick. Her wide smile turned sly “And Karate! HAI!” with a mighty heave of her massive breasts that caused a few to cream their pants, a lateral side-slit opened as a thick shapely muscled leg sped sideways like a sheer black missile moving at tremendous speed towards the man’s groin. Streaking between his legs, her foot struck the wall behind. With a tremendous noise and a wave of sheer power rippling down large defined muscular quads in sexy stockings and suspenders, the brickwork literally explodes with pieces of masonry and dust flying everywhere. The shocking destructive power of the old woman’s powerfully-built leg causes more men to spill their seed. As the dust clears, the terrified leader looks down in horror at the thick muscled quads in front of his groin with her shin between his legs and a massive hole in the wall behind. With a wide teasing smile the ultra-buxom greying woman purrs in a throaty seductive voice like pouring cream “Imagine if that had struck your balls. You’d be dead, let alone have anything to reproduce with” “Nnnnnarrghhh nnnnarghhhh nnnarghh!” he cums so heavily that it spills over onto her stockings.

“YAH!” with her huge breasts lurching like big white bags covering footballs, her foot drops as her right arm powers forward in a blur of motion. Narrowly missing his head, a densely muscled arm struck the wall which explodes in another burst of bricks and mortar to stunned disbelief and more trouser-lurching. “Boy did you pick the wrong granny” she taunts their terrified leader now shaking in fear. “Stop her!” he cries weakly. “Yes, stop me” she sneers at men unable to stop staring at her enormous bust with throbbing erections in their trousers and fear in their eyes. “Someone stop me please” she says with a wide smirk stepping to the raised metal rail running down the length of the tunnel that is meant to separate pedestrians from cyclists. “Are none of you offended nut-jobs going to stop me?” she says opening her right hand, straightening the fingers and keeping them together as if resembling a blade while raising it over the metal railing. “HAI!” stiff dicks lurch as the woman’s huge unfettered breasts give a mighty heave and her hand slashes downward slicing through the thick metal rail. “Nnnnaeghh!” there is a loud collective groan of ejaculation reverberating through the tunnel as men are unable to handle the sight of such devastating power by a phenomenally endowed old woman.

In a lust-fuelled race to get their hands on the super-endowed Granny, men fight with each other. One breaks free of the others and rushes towards her with eyes locked on that phenomenally hung bust which she subtly swings from side to side in encouragement. “That’s it. Come and get them if you can” she teases. Hands reach for those huge fun-bags. “Hai!” a short thick leg sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings and bent at the knee rises too fast to avoid. “Nnnuraghh!” he wails as a hard rounded knee pounds the top of his ribbed stomach angling beneath his sternum smashing through his muscled defences as if they were made of air. With a loud hollow thump his mouth drops open soundlessly as he creases right over her wide upper thigh with severe cramps racking his diaphragm. Mavis looks down at him supported on his toes by her raised knee with the stocking tops showing. “Epic fail!” she chuckled with an amused superior smirk. Clearly suffering with the buxom old lady’s knee buried in his chest, he looked like he wanted to die than suffer this agony. “Well if you want my tits you might as well have them” she teased moving her hands low down front of her blouse to cup her mammoth breasts and raising them up to the audible appreciation of the others who had stopped to stare. Supporting a hefty heavy wobbling white bundle above his form crumpled over her raised knee she gave a saucy wink. “HAI!” a loud sharp shout and the enormous package slammed down upon the back of his neck driving him to the floor like a falling rock. “You have to be strong to lug these things around all day every day” she addressed the unmoving man out cold at her feet.

Another man rushed up and grabbed her from behind pulling her tight against his body as he tries to take hold of her protruding bust. She openly laughs at him. “They’re much too big for you to do that, dear” she mocks. “HAI!” her right arm pistons back with elbow sharply bent. “Orrraghh!” the point sinks deep turning his hard 6 pack to mush. The elbow continued to rise driving him up onto his toes as he crumples around it. The same arm grabs his wrist and pulls it over her shoulder while thrusting an ample backside into his groin and leaning forwards. With a look of shock, his feet left the floor as he is loaded onto the old Granny’s broad back and is left helplessly suspended there. Looking down over her shoulders with his groin pressing into her big backside, his erection grows even stiffer. “Enjoying the view” she taunts before bending further forwards. He is astonished by the hardness of her large rounded buttocks through the back of her short skirt against his dick and how good it feels. He can also feel the shift in weight beneath him as those massive love balloons swing beneath her. Visualising what that must look like his dick starts throbbing against her backside. “That’s right dear. I’m stronger than I look” she states then begins raising and lowering the angle of her back that sends his growing dick rubbing back and forth over the beautifully rounded curves until he can take it no more. “Please…please…” He groans desperate to cum. “Please put you down?, why sure” she mocks. Briefly returning his feet to the floor, she bends sharply. In the blink of an eye his body is a blur as it whips right over her body until his back slams heavily against the floor.

Desperately clinging onto consciousness the thrown man opens his eyes to find himself gazing straight up at the grey-haired woman standing over him. Her skirt is really short and from this angle he can really appreciate what a great pair of legs she has. Looking along them he peeks beneath her skirt to the white knickers at their apex. Of course his eyes are drawn higher up as if by magnets to that sensational wide firm thrusting white shelf of womanhood. From this angle it is so huge that he cannot even see her face but he can appreciate that she possesses a remarkable shapely figure like her daughter although slightly plumper. “Orrrr!” he groans as the sight reignites his hard-on. At that moment she steps past him to confront another man, he catches sight of her large shapely calves and is astonished by how hard and muscular they are. From a culture where women are forbidden to exercise, he was surprised to find the way those big hard calves flexed and waned so highly arousing that his manhood began to throb once more. Unable to tear his gaze away from them he was vaguely aware of her grappling with another man. Suddenly those sexy strong legs turned around and he watched in excitement as the man became a blur as his groin slid over her backside before rocketing over her shoulders with astonishing speed while those huge breasts wobbled and jiggled. He hit the floor so hard, his body actually bounced before finally coming to rest. The sight of the man clearly out cold at the feet of this amazing woman while her massive breasts continued to wobble outrageously unfettered tipped him over the edge and he blasted a massive load into his pants.

Racked with guilt and shame for being tricked into disgracing himself by a mere woman, and one that was a Grandmother at that, the leader looked around the underpass. In disbelief he saw that none of his followers were longer standing, all shamefully defeated by these heathen women. Heading furtively towards the nearest exit, he finds the teenaged girl blocking his way. “Out of my way sinful little girl” he growls struggling to get past and accidentally pulling the top of her shirt open to reveal the upper slopes of her large full and firm breasts with a deep-dark cleavage in-between. Placing his palm on her left shoulder he tries to push her out of the way. “Oi! Stop that” she protests. A hand slaps down upon his wrist pinning it against her shoulder, the other soars upward in a clenched fist. “Hai!” an uppercut blasts his jaw with a solid sound that grinds his teeth together and whips his face skyward. “Yai!” a forearm slams down on the crook of the pinned arm. “Arghh!” pain shoots along his arm and his knees bend. Grasping his wrist with one hand, the other grabs his hand and twists it sharply, forcing him painfully down to one knee. “Nooo!” With a twist of the arm outwards to the side she forces him to lean forwards. “Hai!” her right forearm with hand clenched slams down across the back of his neck at the same time as her right knee soars upwards. “Arkkk!” a solid crack as her nylon-clad knee connects with his face sends him flying back first against the floor.

The teen joyfully exclaims “she beats the head macho man”. With that she raises both arms clenching her fists and bending her strong-looking forearms in towards her head. His eyes go wide at the sight of small low-lying mounds of undeniable muscle swelling on her upper arms. Strong pectorals also causes her breasts to rise until they swell up in the open part of the shirt like two balloons sitting firm and tight upon her chest. “Unnatural! Not right!” he gasps at the sight of slender muscle on the young girl as he cowers before her.

“Look how scared he is at the sight of Jacqueline’s muscle. Yet he has a hard-on for her” Mavis remarked to Joyce. “They’ve never seen women like us. They force theirs to wear shapeless bags and forbid them exercising” “Your point being?” queried Joyce. A saucy grin spread on the old woman’s face “I think an attitude adjustment is in order”.

Without further word, the two older women walked in the middle of the men laying on the ground. Stirred from the shame of their defeat, their eyes swivel to long shins with strong calves flaring out behind like wings, clad sensuously in sheer black nylon, before moving swiftly on up over skirts taut between strongly-shaped thighs. From the ground, their upward view emphasised their outrageous hour-glass figures. Staring up at those huge protruding softly swaying wide-spaced shelves of womanhood hanging above them perk up their interest. “Oh my Demon Lord” they groan at the formidable sight. “It’s time for a little education for you, boys” Mavis cheerfully tells them “Er, my face is up here” she says indicating her head not that any of the men looked higher than her enormous chest. “An education that will write in your minds and cocks the real role in life for men like you” she continues. “Time for the dick-blaster, Major Joyce” “As you command, Lieutenant-Colonel”. “Take a good look” Joyce adds “I see you agree that a woman looks better not wearing a shapeless bag” she says with an amused glance at the front of their trousers.

Gasping in disbelief with hearts racing and heavy breaths, they stare as Joyce slowly unbuttons her shirt in a tantalising manner before removing it. Lustful moans accompany her as she proudly thrusts out her firm super-sized breasts. Without support, they sat firmly on her chest thrusting forwards in the most provocative manner with large very erect nipples. Slowly turning to present her stunning side-profile so that each man gets an erotic blast that goes straight to his manhood, the lustful groaning gets louder. Her sleek athletic muscularity is now impossible to ignore. “Women have muscle too” she tells them smirking at their openly amazed faces. “I’m still all-woman as my husband will testify. He can’t get enough of my fit muscled body playfully dominating him in the bedroom with my self-defence skills” “Urgh mum!” her daughter groans in embarrassment. Raising her arms she hits a double biceps pose that makes strong rounded top hills of bulging muscle stand proudly on the top of each arm while the triceps on the underside curved in counterpoint. At the same time the pose causes strong pectoral muscles to pull up those large firm breasts into tightly rounded balls pressing against each other in a deep plunging cleavage. With her bust raised, six sensually moving irregular blocks etched deeply on her belly are clearly visible. The sight leaves the men groaning openly in desire with very erect trouser-tents. “My, those look painful” she comments with an arrogant air of superiority that sets many of them throbbing wildly. “Get your dicks out right now and show me” she demands in a commanding tone but they hesitate.

“You heard her” growled the Grandmother. The groans of desire got louder as the wild thrashing in their trousers reached fever-pitch for she had also removed her shirt and was proudly displaying her phenomenal endowment. The men were shocked to find the sight of the topless old woman with her much larger yet still very firm breasts even more of a potent stimulus to their over-stiff dicks. The noise of zips filled the tunnel as the men frantically released their erections from the cramped confines of their trousers and pants. “That is your first lesson” Mavis told them “obeying a woman”. “Eff they’re huge!” the teen exclaims. “Jacqueline! decorum please” her mother scolded. “Stand there with your mouth closed and watch and learn, Cadet” she instructed.

“Now your next lesson” the homely-faced Grandmother said “as my daughter started to explain”. As one, both older women remove their skirts revealing their legs in all their glory. The men are dumbstruck at the sight of such powerfully strong yet very feminine legs clad sexily in sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders. Joyce’s legs are sleek with strong-looking well-defined quads and calves. Those of the grandmother blows away all of their preconceptions of the feminine form with thick powerful looking legs and softly rounded forms delineating big strong quads and massive calves. The men gasp at how fit and firm the silver-haired woman‘s body was with clearly delineated traps and shoulders. “I’m fitter, shapelier and stronger than most girls a third of my age” she states “My body is better than Viagra. My husband walks around with a near-permanent erection and with such a compliment I’m more than happy to take him several times a day” “Urgh Gran!” cries her red-faced Granddaughter. Both women raised their arms and flexed double-biceps poses, that strangely masculine movement that looks so good on a fit woman. Joyce had the same effect on the men as before with her sleek athletic muscles but the sheer size of the older woman’s solid round-top swellings on each arm and thick sail-like forearms was shocking, “Are they bigger than yours, boys?” she smirked making the big muscles bounce “I think they are”.

Placing their hands behind their heads, strong pectorals raised their big busts into firm rounded balls sitting high on their chests. The jaws of the men dropped in astonishment as the firm stomach of each buxom topless woman flexed into a dense mass of deeply cut blocks and taut obliques. Breaths got heavier and hearts beat faster when presented with a pair of rippling writhing living rocky pathways to their skimpy briefs. Glistening sensually with muscle tone a grid-work of feminine steel fell and rose gently in constant motion with each breath calling seductively to their groins causing more groans of desire. “A fit muscular female body is a thing of beauty, isn’t it boys?” the topless grandmother smiled at their shafts grew even stiffer with strong uncontrollable lurches. “Jacqueline dear, do you have a 2-pound coin?” she asked. “Yes, Gran” the teen replied. “Place it over my belly button please”. The thick round coin was duly put in position. Sucking in the lower part of that dense slabbed belly there were gasps as the girl moved away to reveal the coin was held firmly in place between the lower and bottom pair of rectus abdominis muscles. “Watch and learn boys” Mavis said with an arrogant smirk. Sucking in and rolling her belly the abdominals seemed to crunch together. “Nonono!” men groaned as the coin folded back at top and bottom. “Imagine your dick was in there” she teased. With a surge of concentration, the old woman crunched those very prominent blocks of muscle which seemed to grow bigger, more defined and ripped flattening the edges of the coin together. A final tighter squeeze and the rippling belly relaxed. “You won’t be able to undo that. It’s fused solidly together” she announced proudly throwing the thick semi-circle of metal to the stunned men. “Claim it on expenses, dear” she told the teen.

Still tensing their abs, each woman put forwards her right leg then flexed it. “Orrrraghh Demon Lord!” the men groaned as their thighs expanded and hardened into a beautifully shaped, wide rippling mass of large very strong-looking well-defined muscle heads. The bulging quadriceps stood in bold relief looking formidably strong. The shine of their stockings enhanced the clarity of those powerful uncompromising leg muscles with an alluring sheer-black sheen that was undeniably extremely feminine and sexy. Again, the sheer size of the older woman’s quads bulging as if they had been inflated with deep cuts as they flexed had an extreme reaction. “Bet you’ve never seen anything like this” she teased “scary and sexy at the same time”. The big throbs in their over-stiff dicks confirmed that. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined women like these. While their huge full breasts proudly proclaiming their extreme femininity had most of them secretly approving of their toplessness, their strong muscular bodies was another matter. Apart from their breasts, they were clearly not soft and cuddly but looked rock-hard and extremely strong like two powerful warrior goddesses. Yet most of the men were fully erect with desire and fear.

“Now you’ve felt the effect of female muscle on the male libido. It’s time to push you over the edge” Mavis told them. With that, both women hunched forwards while bringing down their arms in front of bringing their hands together tensing every muscle in the classic most muscular or ‘crab’ pose. “Orrrrorrrrorrr!” several men lost complete control, cumming hard at this extreme display of raw ripped female muscle. The huge breasts of the women began twitching and lurching in some kind of erotic dance. “Strong pecs” the Grandmother remarked as they made each breast dance up and down independently before making both lurch in opposite directions. “Nnnnarghh Nnnarrghh Nnnarggh!” the sensual breast dance coupled with the intimidating display of large striated swelling female muscle, blending raw power and sensuality, was enough to make the remaining men spill their seed.

Both senior officers looked down over the top of their phenomenal bare busts with a supremely arrogant sneer of superiority at the men laying around their feet panting with the exertion of such strong orgasms. “There you have learnt the lesson of the sexual dominance of women” Lieutenant-Colonel Mavis explained, as if explaining things to children. “Big dense lugs like you need the message rammed home several times before you understand it” she added. Glaring at them through the lenses of her glasses, the elegant Major Joyce addressed the men worshipping her semi-naked form with their eyes. “From now on, your women are free to wear whatever they want, speak freely and exercise if they wish” she instructed “The women of The Salvation Army will be checking up on you to ensure compliance”. She made it sound like a threat.

“No! Never!” the leader led the chorus of protest “We are the Sons of the Great Demon Lord! You could be the living incarnation of the spiteful Goddess with those…those unnatural…bulging naked bodies. We will never submit to the likes of you!” he spat in rage. As the men get to their feet to carry out his unspoken will, a wide smile spread upon the chubby homely face of the Grandmother “I was hoping you would say something like that so we can explain it to you again”. Although their huge firm bare breasts induced extraordinary levels of sheer lust, the men found such lean powerful yet smoothly feminine muscularity both arousing and intimidating. The sleek toned fit bodies full of sensually shaped bulging rippling muscle looked embarrassingly stronger than theirs and indeed reminded them of the Demon Lord’s nemesis, the Warrior Goddess Anahita.

Showing cool confidence in their abilities and looking very sexy in stockings, suspenders, briefs and heels; the two older women adopted fight poses with their hands held like blades poised like lethal weapons and excited bemused smiles mocking the men’s chances. With their rock hard feminine bodies ready for unarmed combat they seemed invincible and unassailable, a sight the men found highly arousing with the urge to experience those remarkable bodies in action.

One man is stunned to see the semi-naked mother running straight at him with big heavy breasts bouncing wildly. Suddenly he is confronted by a large wall of wobbling bust as Joyce throws herself forward into a one-handed handstand. A strong sexy stocking-clad leg continues it’s momentum over the sturdy core of her body. “YAH!” her sole back-stomps his face while the steel-reinforced heel punches his jaw. Barely had her foot lightly touched the floor when, with a flex of sleek muscled thighs, she back-flipped in the reverse direction. “EEYAH!” in a blaze of reflected nylon sheen the same foot powered into the underside of his jaw with tremendous force whipping his face towards the roof and spinning him right around in a daze. “HAI!” a long lean muscled leg kicks out in a sexy unstoppable bolt of power. “Naarghh!” her shoe hammers into the back of his neck, sending him speeding into the tunnel wall.

Without pause and with a huge heave of her lust-inducing bust, Joyce dropped to a low crouch between two approaching men. A leg streaks around sweeping one right off his feet while arcing around to do the same to the other. Dropping between them her long legs fly out front and back while doing the front splits. “HAH!” feet hammer both groins simultaneously with pounding force. As they crease over squealing in agony, she gives them a condescending look of pure arrogance through her glasses. “HAI!” stiff fingers on an open hand thrust into one’s larynx and he falls back clutching his throat while she turned her cold-eyed attention to the other. “YAH!” heavy rounded breasts heave upwards as the point of her elbow slammed down on the back of his neck and he too crumples to the ground. “See how aroused they are becoming at their failure to fight a woman” she told her daughter “an arousal at our supremacy in unarmed combat”

A man rushes at the silver-haired woman, a hand darting out towards her huge bare breasts in uncontrollable desire. “HAI!” the edge of her knife-hand was a blur chopping his wrist. “Arghhh!” he screams as his wrist shatters. “Touch my tits, I’ll break your bones” Mavis stated bluntly. With an agility that belied her aged plump appearance, her right knee soars to an incredible height while her hands pull down his face to meet it. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” a rounded nylon-sheathed knee pounds his face loudly in rapid succession, without once returning to the floor and with the dramatic bouncing of her huge breasts. Striking with fearsome force, his head bobbed up and down rapidly like a cork on an ocean as his face disintegrated. Without compassion, she seized his broken wrist as the devastating knee soared to chest height before the lower leg flicked around in a high backwards arc. He gets a brief glimpse of tight panties stretched over a mature love mound as a shiny black blur hurtles towards him at frightening speed. “HAI!” the sole of her shoe hammers into the side of his neck knocking him out instantly while sending him spinning away like a top into the men behind with such force that they tumble like 9-pins.

The sight of the hard-bodied topless well-endowed sexagenarian fighting-machine spur two to co-ordinate their attack, coming from front and back simultaneously. “HAI!” despite the evidently heavy mass of her breasts flying around, a thick muscled nylon-sheathed leg soars fast while turning to confront the man behind. At that moment the other leapt, grabbing her from behind while the first man throws out a strong arm in confidence to block her kick. “Argh!” there is a loud scream and the crack of bone as the old woman’s powerful muscular leg proved unstoppable. The other man now finds himself holding the well-built muscle-granny with his hands drawn to her huge frontage. Without warning the big firm breasts spring apart beneath his palms and his hands fall into her cleavage to encounter shockingly hard striated pectorals at the base. “ArrrNoNoNo!” he screams as those powerful chest muscles snap her breasts together trapping his hand between strong hard-edge muscle that start chewing up his hand like a rock-crusher. Whimpering and begging for mercy, he is unable to extract his hand from those feminine orbs that he desired now turned an agonising hand-mangler. With him immobilised by her crushing pectorals she returns her attention to the man with the broken arm.

“HAI!” a tremendous shout as a thick shapely blur of black nylon sheen flashes forward with a litheness unexpected from such a plump old woman. “WORAGH!” he wails as her shin slams horizontally across his belly like a shapely crow-bar, loudly pounding his abs to mush. Driven by big smooth bulging quads and strong hamstrings, his torso folds like a playing card while his body jerks several feet into the air, his face a silently screaming mask of agony. Even before his feet return to the ground, the sensuous stocking-clad quads of the Grandmother are powering her right leg back into the air with eye-watering velocity. “YAH!” her foot thunders into his face in mid-air, pummelling his face and whipping it back over his shoulders before his body flips a full 270 then smashes face-first into the floor.

Relaxing her fearsome pectorals, the grey-haired lady faced the one who had tried to grab her from behind smiling widely in amusement as she watched him clutch his now useless hand while the objects of his desire and downfall thrust proudly between them. “That’s what strong pectorals can do for a woman” she states. Standing so close to her, he is aware of the old lady’s shockingly big muscles and although nervous finds his ardour re-awakened. As her strong rippling arms reach out towards him, he freaks. “YAAAIII!” a blistering punch seared towards her head with his good hand. With cold disdain a thick sail-like forearm whips up to knock it casually aside. “HAI!” the sudden shout makes him jump as a thick muscled arm flashes between them. Her fist smashes through his abs like a hot knife through butter sinking deep into his belly while her huge bare boobs swing wildly. A loud solid sound of impact and his body is blasted off his feet, hurtling backwards at great velocity while folding up. His flight ends in a jerk as her hand shoots out to capture a wrist and pulls him sharply back. “You wanted my tits. Now have them” she tells him as he slams against her surprisingly sturdy body. Pulling on the back of his head he finds his face plunging deep between her voluminous breasts. Barely had he thought that this was a very nice place to be when he heard the sound that made his blood chill. “HAI!” powerful pectorals slam her massive breasts either side of his head. Two shockingly heavy and firm mounds of womanhood driven by strong chest muscles deliver a double-hammer blow knocking him out cold.

The huge man thought he was tough but as he squared off with the tall buxom stern-looking mother, he became aware of the sensual movement of her sleek muscles as she blocked his punches and returned blisteringly fast ones. Strong rippling biceps drove her fists through his defences to batter and bruise his face with crushing force while her big breasts swung as a constant reminder that she was all woman. No matter how hard he tried he is unable to land a blow on her. ”HAI!” as a blisteringly fast high kick clubs him around the top of the head making his legs go weak, he realises what a frighteningly good fighter she is. He barely had that thought when a fist pounds him straight in the mouth splitting his lip. Strangely she doesn’t follow up even though she could have but watches him through her glasses with an eager expression, fists raised and her breasts rising and falling gently. Her large breasts could keep any red-bloodied man very stiff but he increasingly found her forbidden muscularity highly arousing.

Suddenly another man rushes up behind her. Without pause, her right thigh flies up to her chest with foot extended before her. “HAI!” bending double at the waist, her right leg swings up behind her with remarkable flexibility. “Yargh!” he cries as the sole of her shoe slams into his face like an express train, destroying it and driving him back. He’d barely gone a few steps when she flipped upright and stepped towards him. “HAI!” her fist was a blur as it delivered an uppercut to his jaw knocking his lights out and blasting him across the subway.

Turning back to the first man with her fists raised a sly smile crossed her luscious lips. “Yes, I’ve been toying with you” she teased “I could have knocked you out whenever I chose”. The thought made him more aroused than ever and determined to give her a beating. It never happened. Pain leapt into his face in bright flashes of light that made his knees tremble as punch after punch hammered his face. He became entranced by the living carpet of toned abdominals sharply-defined and shining upon her taut flat belly. “ORRR! You have such a beautiful body” he moaned aloud. Those stomach muscles so taut and hard had him raging with desire. To his surprise she stopped punching and with a tight smile ran a hand over her ribbed stomach. “You’ve never met a woman with muscle before. Go on feel it” she said. His hands flashed forwards to run over her amazing abs, marvelling at their hardness yet highly sensual allure while moaning with desire. “Ohh I want to worship you, woman” he moaned, unable to cope with the incredible feel of that rocky yet very feminine belly. Balling her fist Joyce slammed it repeatedly against her six-pack with a loud solid sound showing she wasn’t holding back. “Go on, punch it. Show me what a man you are” she sneered. “Wimp!” she openly laughed at his first tentative punches. Getting irate he hit harder and harder until his knuckles hurt against her steel-hard sculpted belly while she continued to laugh at him. He had to stop, his hand hurt too much. Then came that sly smile and the words he was dreading. “My turn” she says raising her fists in an arrogant manner with smouldering eyes that went straight to his groin. “HAI!” with triceps flexing, a strong shaped forearm drilled a fist painfully ripping through his own 6-pack with such force that he was lifted into the air before crashing to his knees, gasping in vain for breath. Crippled with stomach cramps he was now totally helpless to defend himself as jaw-busting punches rained down upon his face. Her biceps seemed to get bigger as they pump blow after blow into his face. Knowing that the big-bosomed woman had him beat, a white gooey ejaculation spurt from his raging erection with each brain-scrambling punch. “EEYAH!” through swollen eyes he saw the sleek muscle goddess turn and jump as a sleek long leg soared near vertical behind her. A split-second later the sole of her shoe explodes against his jaw snapping his head back so hard that he flips heels over head, unconscious and trailing cum from his dick in honour of the sensuous muscle woman that had defeated him.

One man who had targeted the slightly plump smiling homely Grandmother because she was older with enormous breasts quickly regretted his decision. The topless old lady suddenly leapt to a tremendous height giving him a view right down a strong muscled leg bulging in sheer black stockings to skimpy underwear at her crotch. “KIYAA!” the flying sole of her shoe pounds his chest like a thunderbolt, almost crushing it and making him want to crease right over in severe winded agony. Before he can the smiling buxom lady lands on her feet right before him, grabs the front of his shirt with both hands then throws herself backwards. Pulling him down after her, a thick shapely leg rises to meet him, planting a foot in his groin. In a split-second, her back rolls on the ground and a powerful force hurls him high over her body in a fearsome stomach throw that sends him flying at frightening speed across the width of the tunnel. Flipping feet over head his back slams into the metal dividing rail spinning right around it before crashing to the ground.

Lying on her back looking at the thrown man with an amused smile, her sturdy legs bent at the knee formed an eye-catching sensual arch of sheer-black stockings that emphasised the strong curvaceous shape of her large deep calves and hamstrings. With her breasts flopping back upon her upper chest like large rounded pillows it was a scene to inflame desire in the remaining men yet they are too scared to approach. Her eyes flick to a man standing close by, a beckoning smile touching her lips as her thick shapely legs spread wide giving him full view. With an inviting seductive smile fingers draw his attention to the skimpy knickers at her crotch at the apex of her legs. With a raging erection it is too much to bear and he kneels between her open legs. Her fingers beckon his face to her crotch and he just can’t refuse. Plunging his face between those firm thick thighs, he is aching to worship her. His face almost reaches her love nest. “HAI!” like a steel-sprung man-trap those sturdy muscular thighs slam closed in an instant. Firm sturdy columns of nylon-sheathed female muscle hammer against the sides of his neck with great speed and strength knocking him out immediately.

Throwing herself rapidly onto the backs of her broad shoulders with a massive lurch of unrestrained breasts, the remarkable Grandmother propels herself into the air without using her hands to land steadily upon her feet before a totally astonished man. Without pause she wraps an arm around his head, grabbing her wrist with her other arm to pull his head into the pit of her arm. Shocked to find himself in a very tight side headlock, he is horrified by how large and muscular the old woman’s arm is locking him solidly in place. He is astonished to feel the side of his face sinking into the fleshy softness of the side of a large breast. “Oh you lucky man” she chuckles as he struggles in vain to free himself, realising that she was just too strong for him. He senses her legs tensing for a second before a powerful force lifts him from his feet and he finds himself plummeting sideways to the floor still locked firmly in her headlock pressed against her bust. “Argh!” he yells as his side hits the concrete floor hard. The next instant several pounds of dense large female bust slams into the side of his head knocking him out.

The leader of the fanatics was shocked by the ruthless devastation of his men by these unnaturally built women for a second time. In disgust he saw that they lay at the feet of the older pair looking up at these unreal females with their huge firm thrusting breasts and bulging muscles with longing and very erect members. Creeping along the tunnel wall he again tried to make his escape. “You ain’t going anywhere, mush”. Once more he finds his way blocked by the pretty teen with a tough confident look and hands raised open-palmed with fingers straight ready for combat. The sight of the young girl openly challenging him to a fight brought back painful memories of how he had underestimated her before and how easily she had utterly humiliated him. “What’s wrong? Scared of a girl?” she smirked, making him feel nervous. “HAI!” a loud shout right in his face reverberated around the tunnel, shocking him with its volume and making him jump in fright. Falling back against the wall in terror, his manhood is fully erect. The girl bursts out in loud mocking laughter at his reaction for she hadn’t done anything other than shout. “HAI!” another shout and trembling in fear he watches as the girl’s long right slim leg soars into the air. As it narrowly misses his face, his dick erupts in orgasm.

“Please no more young Warrior Goddess. Let me worship you with my body” he begs. “Ugh, gross” she wrinkles her nose in disgust. However his actions had triggered an outbreak of pleading as the other men followed suit begging the older muscle women to allow them to worship them. “I don’t think so” Lieutenant-Colonel Mavis laughs with contempt, looking down at the men. “You will all be here tomorrow evening” it was a command. “Yes yes” they beg. “Your womenfolk will accompany you”. A slight hesitation but a glare from the powerful buxom grandmother had them agreeing. “And they better not be wearing shapeless bags” Major Joyce warns.

The grey-haired woman walked over to where the leader knelt in defeat on the floor. Even he looked up at her in awe, his manhood beginning to stiffen at the sight despite just climaxing. “The Demon Lord’s gift indeed” she gave a saucy smile “A gift to women like me to exploit to keep you aroused and under control” she smirked as it got stiffer under her watchful eye. “Are you married?” she asked in a husky voice that called to his loins. Conscious of her watching stare he forced himself to look above that massive wobbly shelf of bare thrusting womanhood. “Yes” he mumbled, unable to stop his eyes from slipping back to her bust. “Good news” she announces loudly so that all can hear. “Your womenfolk will enjoy lifting weights to get fit and strong at the Salvation Army gym”. A murmur of shock went through the men. Placing her right leg close to their leader, he admires her firm thick legs, looking very sexy sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings. He gasped as those legs suddenly flexed right in front of his face. Those thick softly rounded curves in her legs swelled tremendously in size with hard pumped-up quadriceps, each muscle head large and bulging and clearly defined. There was no doubt that these were extremely powerful legs indeed. The sheer power emanating from those bulging leg muscles made his dick harden and throb but the thought that the old lady would pull his head between them terrified him. Before he could move away she addressed him again. “After a few months weight-lifting, your wife could have legs like these and looking to see how hard she can squeeze your head between them” she said with a smile. His dick lurched again at the thought. “Or it could be your Mother in-law or Grandmother giving you some corrective therapy” she added watching the idea sink into his brain and travel down to his dick while flexing and re-flexing her quads to encourage further growth. “You wouldn’t stand a chance. Legs like these could crack your skull like an eggshell. She’ll soon have you crying like a baby if she doesn’t knock you out first” she said with a wicked smirk. He clearly could imagine it as his dick gave several strong lurches. “Don’t touch it” she ordered as a hand moved towards his manhood.

Suddenly the old woman leant forwards with a wall of breast wobbling close to his face. A dense rippling arm reached down, a living muscle-packed pillar which terrified him so much he was too scared to move. He had noticed her thick bulging arms before but close-up they were absolutely terrifying with their sheer power undeniable. Grabbing the front of his shirt she slowly but surely hoisted him effortlessly to his feet. As her arm folded at the elbow to lift him, he gasped at the thick firm softly rounded mound forming in the middle of her arm right before his eyes, becoming solid and hard. He felt weak knowing that the old granny had much bigger and harder biceps than he did. Those terrifying but powerfully sexy huge bulging quads passed close before his face making him fearful that she was going to crush his puny head between them, but with relief he was raised above them.

“Just imagine, one day soon your wife will have a six-pack like this” she crowed as her firm belly hardened into rocky slabs of sharply-defined abdominals. A second later his face was being pulled over that ribbed plain, feeling every iron-hard slab and bumping over every deep groove and finding every moment of it highly arousing. His manhood went crazy with the contrast of her hard belly and her large soft but firm breasts as his face next plunged through her deep dark cleavage between them. “Are you in heaven?” she asked cheekily “Does your wife have big boobs?” “Mmm mmm!” was his muffled reply. “Your more endowed women-folk will be shown exercises to strength the pectorals to develop strong breasts that can reward her man with sensual pleasure” “MMMM! MMM!” His muffled moans of pleasure became cries of pain as the old woman flexed her mighty pectorals once more crushing his face between her large firm heavy breasts. “Or inflict an attitude adjustment” she explained as her breasts squeezed his head. Her bust relaxed and her strong biceps continued to lift him, as he panted for breath, until he was level with her face.

“You are such lucky men” she looked him right in the eyes as that cunning wide smile pushed up her chubby cheeks. “Your wives, mothers and daughters will also be taught how to defend themselves by mastering the martial arts to a very high degree” she stated to a stunned silence while their mouths fell open in disbelief. “Imagine it, Gentlemen. Soon your very own wives, daughters, mothers, mother in-laws, even grandmothers will be better fighters than you. They will use you to practice their unarmed combat skills upon because you will be unable to stop them” she paused to let that image sink in. “With their finely-tuned fit strong combat trained bodies your wives and older female relatives will demand vigorous worship as your very own Warrior goddesses. Think on that, you lucky boys” she said. It was obvious from their expressions, the slight rocking of their hips and the hands stealing to very erect shafts that the men were indeed imagining what that would be like.

Even the leader held by her strong arm before her face was shifting uneasily with his hand reaching for his dick. “I said no!” she reprimanded sternly. Once more he found himself staring at the old woman’s steely-hard biceps as they lifted him right off his feet and raised him above the level of the top of her head while keeping the rest of him sliding along her firm fit body. “I bet you can’t wait for your wife to be able to do this to you” she taunted. Just then he felt his hard throbbing manhood slide over her firm ribbed abdomen and was unable to control it any longer. “Nnnnurghh! Nnnnurghh! Nnnurgh!” with loud moans of pleasure his whole load erupted in massive blasts all over her sexy firm sculpted belly. That was the trigger that set the others off and the whole subway erupted to the sounds of mass orgasm as the men realised the fate in store for them.

Lowering the drained humiliated man until his feet touched the floor, Mavis grabbed his head and pulled his face down against her hard belly and rubbed it over her six-pack. “Clean up your mess leader man” she demanded holding his face in place with a strong arm around the back of his head until he had followed orders. Pushing him away, she let him fall back to the floor before turning to the other two members of her family. “Another job well done” she remarked as they collected and put back on their uniforms. “Same time tomorrow with your womenfolk or we’ll be very angry and we will track you down and punish you in front of them” she called out before the three women, once more looking very smart in their Salvation Army uniforms walked out of the subway tunnel and back out into the daylight.

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  1. Looking forward to the story. It sounds like the religious fanatic’s female relatives will get martial arts training. Will there be pantyhose?


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