Dominated by a teenaged ATC Judo girl (JIMP#65)

Jim finds himself outmatched by a young girl

I like women in para-military uniform 🙂

by Jimp
(c)Jim P 2018

There was too much to do in my long-running quest but secret women’s organisations and the greedy scheming of the Global Elite doesn’t pay the bills. I was contacted by a local residents alliance, protesting against planned massive development of high-density housing on greenfield sites. The scale was staggering, destroying much of our countryside to create massive urban sprawl. Owners of an impacted estate agreed to fund my time to find out why local politicians refused to listen to their concerns.

A few days later I went with them to a mockingly called public consultation at the council’s head offices. Built for an eye-watering amount of local tax-payer’s money these were located on a high-security military air-base miles from the nearest settlement. Only authorised vehicles were allowed which excluded those of the public. With nowhere to park nearby and buses that did not run during the evenings, there had been accusations of blocking local democracy. A foot and cycle-path was hastily constructed but unlit and several miles from the nearest town. So it was that I had to park with the others an hour in advance for the walk there, remembering to bring a torch for the walk back. The ‘consultation’ was a farce with the media barred. I’m surprised they let me in as a few years ago when they were known as the most corrupt council in the land, I exposed several of them in a slave import business. At the meeting our town councillors didn’t even bother to turn up. The remainder who lived well away from the proposed developments acted like they were the great and the good knowing what was best for the common folk they were meant to represent. The head of the chamber lectured the public gallery as if we were naughty children who had no right to be there, warning us to keep quiet unless invited to speak or be forcible ejected by the Military Police. Despite a planned 30 minutes for the residents to make their case, they were only given 3 minutes during which they were rudely ignored by councillors and planning officers playing with mobile phones or laptops. A cry of outrage was met with mass violent eviction by the Military Police and destruction of phones used to film the event. Outside, I met up with the local media who were outraged and vowed to report this. The next morning I took a call from a BBC reporter regretfully informing me that the ‘powers that be’ had killed the story. A similar tale came from the local papers.

Determined not to let this drop, I phoned the local councillors to ask them why they could not be bothered to turn up to represent our interests. Those who didn’t put the phone down told me to make an appointment with their office which went straight to voicemail with no return call. I decided to pay a personal visit to the head of the chamber. Councillor Bill Jakes lived in a large mansion in a small rural village where normal people couldn’t afford to buy a house let alone rural workers. Councillors volunteer their time with expenses paid, however there have been long-running scandals over expense claims and being paid handsomely to use their positions of power for the benefit of big business. Unsurprisingly the village was untouched by the monstrous plans. Large ornate railings and an automated gate surrounded the property, but a departing delivery van gave me enough time to duck inside.

Alarm bells rang in my head when the front door was opened by a scrawny old Indian woman dressed in rags who spoke little English. She made a feeble attempt to stop me entering but couldn’t stop me. I entered the waiting room while she went off in a huff to find her master. He soon appeared, an elderly arrogant puffed up, self-important blustering expensively dressed man. “How dare you enter my house uninvited. Get out right now” he demanded. “I will when you’ve explained why you have no time for the public you are elected to represent” I replied. “Leave now, I’ve more important things to do than talk with plebs” “Like playing golf” I said spotting the golf bag in the hall “Is that the one still funded by the taxpayer from which the general public are excluded”. He went red in the face. “You are an elected public servant. You should be sorting out our concerns instead of playing golf with rich business men or are they developers”. I could see in his expression that I had hit a truth. “How dare you!” he bellowed “this country is not a democracy, you moron. It is an autocracy. We are your overlords and masters. The sooner you lowlife understand that the better. Why do you think the same people keep getting re-elected time after time regardless of whatever dirt is dug up on them? Because it’s a farce and you little people have no control”. He turned to leave, but paused to give me another blast. “Trouble makers like you make me sick. Now get out before I set my daughter on you” he shouted then stormed off.

I needed evidence to tie him with the developers so tried a few doors until I found a study containing an expensive mahogany desk and filing cabinets. After a few minutes, in a drawer I found a folder containing development plans. Inside is a map showing the proposed development except it is much more densely populated and extensive than those for public consultation. Then I discover that the map folded out to reveal proposed developments for the adjoining counties and am shocked to see an enormous wide swath of developments in an arc from Oxford to Cambridge. Barely a patch of green exists and where there is there are notes saying these are non-viable or non-profitable. I get out my phone and take photographs. Turning the page I find notes and take pictures of those too. A few phrases catch my eye and I’m horrified. It is planned for an initial 5 million new high-density homes with agreements to buy from large foreign investors to be rented back at lucrative rates to a low paid low skilled workforce employed by large distribution warehouses on zero hour contracts and built on a huge private motorway network for lorries, creating a ‘string-super-city’. A ring of private transport bus-lanes will be created for the workers while private cars will be heavily tolled generating additional revenue. Investors, developers, local and central government, and councils were signatories to the plan. Exposing this would send shock-waves through many communities so I took more photos and mailed them to local reporters I trusted.

I was about to leave the room when I noticed an ancient-looking framed scroll hanging on the wall. Faded and written in old English it was hard to read. “The decree signed by King Henry VIII exempting the Covenant of the Holy Messiah from the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536” a strong female voice said from the doorway. I guessed that this was the daughter. Given the Councillor’s age, I was expecting someone in her thirties or forties and therefore surprised by a teenaged girl entering the room. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, guys like him seem to attract younger women.
The bigger surprise was the para-military uniform, the round metal badge on a blue-grey beret indicating the Air Training Corps. Standing around 5 foot 4 with her back ramrod straight she had a small slim oval face with small narrow eyes with brown irises that glared at me with hawk-like intensity beneath slender brown eyebrows and above a sleek long nose with flat plains of her cheeks either side. A small firm-set thin-lipped mouth sat over a shallow dimpled chin. Youthful looking with good complexion, a stern appearance was enhanced by brown hair worn high off the forehead and swept back well clear of the ears and secured at the back of the head in a neat bun. A long slender body tapered to a slim waist then out to nice hips covered by a thick tough-wearing woollen blue-grey jumper featuring nylon shoulder epaulettes, shoulder pads, elbow pads with a pen pocket on the left arm and a large grey brassard on the right bearing various insignia. The thickness couldn’t hide shapely swellings on her chest suggesting that she was quite stacked. Above a high rounded neck there was a glimpse of a wedgewood-blue shirt and black tie. The jumper was long, coming down well past her hips below which a functional knee-length blue-grey skirt hung with a box pleat at the front. With knees on show, her lower legs were relatively long and slim with a nice shape provided by her calves and sheathed in barely-black sheer nylon. On her feet were rather boyish black lace-up work shoes polished to a high shine.

There is something about a woman in uniform. Smart, disciplined and authoritative, with the militaristic ones suggesting combat skills that could kill a man, but that’s probably just my warped mind. “It’s from the Council vaults. Dad found it and brought it here as his bonus one year. It’s worth a bucket load” she added. I noticed other pieces of art around the room, no doubt valuable public assets to which he had been helping himself.

“Killer Nuns” I said. “What?” “They silence anyone who finds artefacts that contradict their beliefs” I nodded to the scroll. “They are still very much active and interfering in a case of mine. What does your father know about them? Why did the King leave them alone when he smashed the rest of the church?” I asked. “Who knows? Who cares? What I want to know is why are you snooping around his office?” she fixed me with a surprisingly tough stare for one so young. With her hair swept away neatly under the beret and mouth tight set, the uniform added an air of authority despite her age. “I was leaving when that scroll caught my interest”. The cold unwavering look in her eyes told me that she didn’t believe me. “Thank your father for his time” I said and began to head towards the door. She moved to block my way so suddenly, I instinctively put out a hand to stop bumping into her. To my horror it sank into the front of the woollen jumper at her breast. “I’m so sorry” I gasped “It was an accident”.

Before I could remove it, she grabbed the index and middle finger and bent them right back. “Argh arghh!” I was yelping with my knees bending before the girl. She glared at me impassively with an amused smirk. “My name is Melissa; but the boys round here call me Mistress” with that she darted behind me whipping my right arm up behind my back in a painful hammerlock. “Hey! Cut it out!“ I yelped. She just laughed and pressed my hand up between my shoulder-blades then proceeded to march me out of the room. “Don’t mess with me. You’ll only get hurt old man” she sneered, forcing me down the hall. “Argh, stop it, you’re breaking my arm” I squealed, squirming in the girl’s grip. “I will if you don’t stop whining like a bratty boy” she replied in a voice that showed the relish at subduing a much larger and older man. I tried to kick back at her legs hoping to get her to drop her hold. “Arghh!” a shoe rose between my legs from behind clubbing my balls in a swift upwards kick that left me wincing in agony. “Try that again and I’ll take great pleasure in breaking your balls” she warned in a hard voice “I’m very good at it. Just ask the last reporter who came snooping around here”. In too much pain to stop her, the slim uniformed teen frog-marched me down the hall.

Instead of heading towards the front door, she forced me around a corner into another wing of the house. “Let go or you’re in trouble” I threatened, trying to twist and turn from her hold. In response she pressed herself against my back. “Argh no no no!” a nylon-clad knee forced it’s way between my legs from behind to jack-hammer 5 strong upward blows, pounding my balls at close-range. I was jerking into the air by the force of each blow causing me double pain as this strained the armlock. “Oooh oooh!” she mocked as I groaned in pain, unable to crease over my aching balls due to the agonising sharp stabs in my trapped arm. “What did you say?” she laughed “Come on. Say that again, old man”. “No? Then move your arse before I break your arm and kick your balls to pulp” she ordered in a tough tone. I had no choice, my balls ached too much.

Driving me towards the end of a wide luxurious corridor lined with more expensive artwork no doubt courtesy of the taxpayer, we entered a door at the end into an empty room with large rubber gym mats on the floor. “Still think I’m the one in trouble, old man?” Melissa sneered then delivered a swift sharp stomp of her foot to the back of my right knee. Yelping, my leg folded to the floor as her shoe pressed forward and down against the inside of my knee. “What’s wrong, is a teenaged girl hurting you?” she laughed forcing my hand so far up between my shoulder-blades that the side of my face was pressed against the floor. This couldn’t be happening! The more I struggled the more she exerted pressure on my arm which was now a useless appendage. “Stop! Please you’ll break my arm” I pleaded. “As if I give a toss” she jeered. She was only a teenager and a slim one at that which made being face-down at her feet all the more demeaning. Her bodyweight fell upon my back flattening me under her. “How does it feel old guy, being humbled by a girl young enough to be your daughter?”. Very humiliating. Momentarily releasing my wrist, my relief was short-lived as she immediately hooked an arm beneath each armpit, closing her forearms around my biceps before locking off with her hands pressing on the back of my neck. “Oh dear. What happened there?” she mocked restraining me in a full nelson. My arms fluttered wildly but uselessly, unable to reach her. Sitting on the small of my back she leant forward driving my face back against the mats. Her hot breath upon my ear, intimate and disturbing. “Come on old man! Not tired already, are you?” she jeered sending unwanted tingles along my spine. I’d been outclassed in the past by women skilled in unarmed combat but being held down by a teenaged girl a fraction of my size had to be the most humiliating. Even worse was that she didn’t look like a tomboy or chav but actually not that bad looking. Laying along the length of my back keeping my arms spread out behind me like chicken-wings, it was machismo-destroying to feel how light she was. I thought I would be able to shift her by bucking my body but she maintained total control forcing me to rear back from the floor before slamming it back down against the mats. She repeated that several times before forcing me to agree to keep still.

After an embarrassingly long time while Melissa let me bathe in humiliation, she let go of my arms then got off my back to stand up. Wearily I began to rise, my eyes locking onto the plain functional lace-up shoes and drawn up along the nylon-clad slender shins with nice curves to the back of her calves. I hadn’t even straightened my knees when she grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me close, a well-developed bust leapt towards me. I averted my gaze to see her staring right back at me which she held for several long uncomfortable seconds. “Do you like a woman in uniform?” she asked. I didn’t answer. “I bet you do” she chuckled “I bet you like dress uniforms, the ones with skirts and black hose or stockings”. Again I refused to answer. “Yes. I can see by your reaction that you do” she said with a subtle smile. “I bet you like young girls in uniform” she stated. “I’m not playing this game” I replied. “I think you like it when a uniformed girl kicks your arse”. Again I kept quiet. “What about Girl Guides? Brownies? The kid next door is in the Brownies, they learn self-defence to protect themselves from weirdos like you. Shall I call her? I bet you’d enjoy a tiny girl in a short brown uniform, bare legs and socks high-kicking and chopping you to a whimpering mess” “I’m not a paedo” I stated hotly. I wasn’t in the mood to take it from a young teen playing tough and wanted to teach her some respect. I rushed her and she spread her legs, stretching the skirt taut between her thighs, as she squared up to resist me. “Careful. You need to take it easy at your age” she teased as I struggled against her, surprised to find myself standing and grappling with the uniformed teen and making little headway. The feel of her lithe slender body beneath the thick woollen utilitarian jumper moving in my arms as I tried to hold onto her was disconcerting.

She was twisting and turning while smirking derisively. The only way I could think of restraining her was to slip around behind with my arms around her belly holding her close while trying to ignore the feel of her squirming body writhing against me. “Argh!” a clunky shoe stomped the top of my foot. “Arrrr!” grabbing two fingers of my right hand in each hand, she wrenched them wide apart breaking my grip. Spinning around to face me the energetic youth took a firm grip of my sleeves while brushing my side with her hip. I felt her right calve against the inside of mine then in alarm found myself tripping as it kicked back sweeping my foot into the air while she pushed against me. In the blink of an eye I was falling backwards with my legs whipping into the air with the feel of her hip beneath her hard-wearing skirt against me. A brief sensation of falling helplessly then my back slammed heavily against the mats, momentarily knocking the wind out of me. “Oops did you fall?” Melissa teased as I lay at her feet admiring her slender shins with curvaceous calves. I looked up at her standing over me with her hands upon her hips, the beret still upon her head and a mocking smile. “You old people are so unsteady on your feet”. “You tripped me” I protested. “The door’s there if you are going to run for it” she taunted.

As I got to my feet, I saw how the room lights reflected off the sheen of the sheer barely-black tights. That drew my attention to the rest of her uniform. With it’s suggestion of military combat training, the idea of getting to grips with a woman in uniform had it’s appeal. However Melissa was just the bratty kid of a corrupt councillor. As she stepped close with a mischievous grin, I stretched out a hand to keep her at bay. A hand knocked my arm towards the ceiling with one hand while a blue-grey corded streak sped towards my middle. “Woargh!” I wailed in an agonising expulsion of breath as a small hard fist drove into my soft unprepared belly. Not only was it unexpected but she punched really hard. Trying not to crease forwards and failing while gasping for breath, I was acutely aware of Melissa standing there studying me with an amused smirk, enjoying my groans of pain as I fought to keep my torso straight while battling painful stomach cramps for air. “Such a snowflake!” she chuckled.

I hadn’t quite recovered when the teen stepped up to me. Again I tried to hold her away from me. “I’ve had enough of your stupid tricks, tripping me up and that” I gasped angrily. “Oh really?” Melissa said sarcastically. Before I could stop her, she pushed me up against the wall pressing her body against mine with that thick jumper cushioning her buxomness against my upper belly. It was a worryingly pleasant feeling. “What did you say, old guy?” she sneered, staring up at me trying to look tough. I placed my hand upon her shoulders to push her off with the heavy-duty feel of her jumper beneath my fingers. The last thing I expected was her right hand to fly up to cup the front of my neck and squeeze. “Kkk! Kkk!” I croaked as her slender fingers constricted my windpipe. My hands flew up to peel them away. “Arghhkkk!” a swift knee to the groin sent the contents of my pants flying up inside my trousers to be pinned by her upper thigh reigniting the pain in my balls while her fingers kept their steely grip on my throat. “No” she said firmly. From the set of her mouth and hard stare I knew she would do it again if I didn’t drop my hands, so to my shame I complied. “Drop the excuses, old man. You were beat up by a girl“ she told me glaring up into my eyes with her fingers tight around my windpipe and a nylon-sheathed knee between my legs pressing upwards into my groin. “I beat up all the men who get in my father’s way” she snarled acting real tough. “I threw you, old man” she said “and now I’m going to throw you again and again to prove it wasn’t a fluke”. Think of me what you will but her words caused an unwanted lurch inside my pants. She raised herself on tiptoes to bring her face close to mine. “You should have run while you had the chance” she told me.

With that Melissa grabbed my right wrist with one hand while hooking the other over my shoulder from below. Turning, my arm was swung over her right shoulder pulling me snugly close to her back. She bent forwards sharply with a pert skirt-clad behind thrusting into my groin and in a fleeting moment I was loaded onto a young girl’s back with my feet dangling in the air while rolling along her curved spine. A terrifying glimpse of the floor over her shoulder then I was free-falling hurtling head-first towards it. No, this can’t be happening!. The room was a nauseating blur spinning rapidly as my body flipped over at tremendous speed. The next instant the back of my shoulders slammed noisily against a mat followed by the rest of my body rolling out from neck to feet. “Nnurgff!” the force of the landing knocked the breath from me and I lay there stunned. The girl had kept hold of my arm and now used both hands to press mine forward at the wrist. “I’ll show you who’s stupid” she hissed As she made me suffer for several moments.

Dropping my arm, Melissa stepped back indicating the door as if taunting me to run. I wasn’t going to be cowed by a slim teenaged girl and stood up defiantly to face her, rubbing my sore wrist. Surely I could handle a bratty young girl?. Moving faster than expected, I failed to stop her grabbing my right arm before spinning around and pulling it over her shoulder once more. Dropping to her knees in front of me, my arm was leveraged forward sending me flying over her shoulder. I was whipped over at such blinding speed that my body had barely flipped over before slamming into the mat harder and faster than before. “Orrfff!” my breath escaped me and I could only lie there in a total daze for several moments trying to recover my senses while aware of Melissa standing close by watching in amusement. Oh crap, she was good at this. What had I got myself into? I saw the smug smile on her face as I warily got back up, trying not to stare at her nylon-sheathed legs.

“Er maybe we can talk about it” I gasped as the uniformed teen began to approach. “Er, like no” she taunted then rushed me. I put my arms out to seize her wrists to stop her but a twist of her hands broke my grip. “Ouch!” her palm slammed against my chin knocking my head back. The next moment she moved close and with a very confident look grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands. With the pleat at the front of her skirt expanding and the hem sliding back to reveal long slim nylon-clad legs, she raised her knee level with her blossoming chest to plant her right foot against the middle of my stomach. Bending her left knee she fell backwards pulling me down with her. I knew what was happening but couldn’t believe it. The room rotated and I caught a glimpse at the young girl beneath me at with only a slim leg supporting me and feared I would crush her if it gave way. But it was sturdy and sent me flying overhead at tremendous speed, flipping right over with a dizzying motion to slam heavily upon my back. I lay groaning, dazed, winded and bruised by the incredible throw. It was then that I realised that this petite slender girl was a skilled fighter and that I was in real trouble.

Melissa appeared in my vision looking down as I lay watching at the ceiling. “So you want to play with the big girls?” she sneered then leant over to wrap her arms around the back of my neck before hauling me to my feet “I’ll show you my Judo if you show me yours”. I wasn’t quite fully standing when holding my head with both hands, one hooked from beneath grasping the top, the other clamped from above. Slipping around to my side, facing the same direction, she stooped low bringing both hands down in a quick circular motion. The room whirled as my body somersaulted before my back hammered the floor at her feet. Before I could collect my wits, she had knelt down by my head. The hem of her skirt slid away from the knee as her left leg knelt across my throat, exposing an expanse of long slim nylon-sheathed thigh before my eyes. Horrid choking noises left my mouth as the folded leg pressed into my throat. Frantically I tried pushing her leg away with both hands, not that she was heavy but it was enough to close my windpipe. To my astonishment she swung her other leg over my body and pressed the sole of her right shoe against my groin. “What’s the matter old man? I thought you were going to teach me a lesson” she laughed then wriggled her shoe in my groin. “You’re one of those pervs who like getting dominated by young girls!” she exclaimed. To my horror I realised that those throws had got me stiff and the foot pressing down and moving wasn’t helping. Fortunately the choking ended as she grabbed the top of my hair in a big clump then proceeded to pull me into a sitting position, facing her. An arm whipped out wrapping over my neck, pulling it into her armpit then locking it off tight with her other arm so that I was bent forwards looking out past her back. I tugged at the slender arm maintaining a surprisingly tight headlock but she began to stand up and I had no choice but do the same. Clutching onto the back of her skirt for support while she savagely jerked my neck up and down, I inadvertently pulled it up to reveal an exciting expanse of leg. “Oi, stop that!” she protested then drilled a series of fast hard punches into my exposed side. “Ow ow!” her small fists bit into my side. Realising she was only holding me with one hand I took a good hold of her forearm and pulled down hard while twisting myself outwards.

My elation at breaking free was cut short when the girl’s body crashed into mine and drove me backwards with sheer momentum into a wall. Sliding a hand around the back of my neck Melissa stooped down while pressing her side against me. I was shocked at the feel of an arm being thrust between my legs, hooking the crux of her elbow against my groin. Shock turned to disbelief as her arm pressed into my groin lifting my back-end from the floor as she straightened up. Falling across her narrow shoulders I was hoisted into the air astonished to find myself in a fireman’s lift. The young girl lifted me with ease and began to carry me around the room even though I was much heavier and taller than her. “Pretty strong, huh?” she teased cockily. You might say its a simple lift but when performed by a slim feminine woman rather than a gym-rat it is very arousing with an overwhelming feeling of inferiority and helplessness as you are hoisted from the ground and left dangling over her shoulders. That I was being lifted by a slender young girl magnified the feeling several-fold. I couldn’t help my body’s natural response and with an arm between my legs I was sure she noticed.

I was just about holding it together when Melissa stopped parading me around the room and sniggered “Oh look at you”. Looking up I saw a full-length dress mirror with a reflection of a grown man draped over the slim shoulders of a young girl in uniform like an oversized scarf with my legs dangling on one side and my head lolling on the other. With her back and legs ramrod straight and a cute smile on her face, it was clear that she was experiencing no discomfort. Oh lord my manhood went absolutely rigid at the sight and a little groan left my lips. “What’s that. Want me to put you down? Alright” she chuckled. With that, she bent her left leg while tilting her shoulders sharply. “Woah!” I fell off her shoulders sideways with my legs raised high into the air. Curling around from her shoulders in a controlled fall, I plummeted head-first towards the floor, flipping over so that the top of the back of my shoulders hit first. “Ow!” I yelped at the brutal impact of my back hitting the mats at high speed from being dropped from such a height.

Giving me no time to breathe, Melissa leapt astride my body to sit on my belly. The hem of her skirt slid back to expose her slender sheer-black sheathed thighs all the way to the triangular patch of the reinforced gusset under which I could make out white panties. I tried not to look but it was too late for the sight seared into my memory and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Despite her size, she sat heavily on my stomach making it uncomfortable to breath. I went to push her off but she grabbed my hands and I found myself in a battle as she tried to force them down to the floor. Melissa had gravity on her side and a scary ferocious determination to win that meant I struggled to stop her. Frightened that she would succeed I began to buck my rear-end to unseat her and saw was she was doing her best to stay on, riding me like a bucking bronco. With her lighter weight she was struggling so planting my feet on the floor, I bucked my arse as high as I could get it adding a twist to the side that sent her tumbling. I had barely rolled away to my side and turned to face her when a small hard fist drove against the centre of my chest stopping me in my tracks. “Nnnruphh!” the suddenness and strength of the blow was the distraction she needed to re-mount me. Pinning my shoulders to the floor using her shins with the weight of the back of her slim thighs pressing down upon them, her legs spread out either side of my head. “You should be ashamed of yourself, letting yourself get beat up by a girl” she mocked, her youthful face looking down at me framed by the lovely nylon-sheathed walls of her inner thighs.

Melissa suddendly slid further forward until I felt the soft nylon of her gusset against my neck and then the hardness of the pubic bone beneath as it pressed into my throat. “Urgkkkkk!” With her full-weight focussed on my windpipe driving her crotch into my throat, she was choking me. My face flushed red with embarrassment as a young girl choked me with her crotch. “Oh if only my dad would walk in right now and see me. How proud he would be” she laughed. “Urkk!” I could feel myself going woozy and wanted to tap my submission but my arms were still pinned, not that I suspected she would have taken any notice. “I bet you wished you stayed at home now, old man and never hassled my dad” she chuckled.

A hard slap cracked across my right cheek sending my face hard to the left. “Wake up you old git” Melissa’s voice cut through my confusion “don’t you die on me yet”. Oh crap, had the teen knocked me out using her crotch? I seriously couldn’t remember it happening. Overwhelming shame flooded over me, tinged with worry at what she was capable of and how was I going to stop her as I had failed spectacularly so far. The girl was now sitting high on my chest. I didn’t know where to look as she unfurled her right leg and stretched it out pass my left shoulder giving me an eyeful down the insides of her lovely slender thighs to the gusset. Grabbing my head, she raised it to slide a calve behind it until the side of my neck was tight in the crook of her leg. Lifting herself from her haunches she wedged my arm in the crux of her legs while hooking up one leg with the other. Sitting back down on my chest, I found myself in a triangle hold with a tight figure 4 head-scissors locked around my neck and my right arm sticking out from her crotch like a flagpole with the shoulder pressed across my carotid artery. Wedged firmly between her thighs, one hard squeeze and I was whimpering with my eyes screwed tight, trying not to beg for mercy. “Argkk!” the girl was pouring on a constant squeeze on my neck that seemed to slowly increase, making my face burn. Being trapped between a young girl’s lovely legs was little consolation when I could feel the blood being choked. In defeat I began tapping on her arm with my free hand but she just brushed it away. With increasing panic at feeling woozy I began flail my legs and buck my body. A momentary let in the pressure made me realise that positioned very high on my chest with a light bodyweight made her more susceptible. Starting to feel quite zapped I began to rock and twist furiously, encouraged by the big shifts in her body as she tried to keep seated and instantly feeling some relief in my brain. “Oi stop that!” she scolded.

I felt her roll off to the side but was gutted to find myself rolling with her onto my side with her legs still gripping my neck and the top of one shoulder in a figure 4 scissor. Things had got worse as she was now able to pull back my captive arm against her body levering it over her crotch. “Garkkk!” her legs seemed tighter than ever as she absolutely poured it on. She was really punishing me by rolling onto her back, flinging me to my knees by the tight leggy noose around my neck. “No no!” I squealed as she flung her back-end off the floor stressing my arm over her crotch to breaking point while destroying me in a fearsomely tight neck-scissors. I could hear her laughing over the loud heartbeat in my ears then there was a savage downwards lurch on my neck as she let her backside drop to the mat with me still trapped in her overly-tight leggy embrace.

The next moment I didn’t know where I was and why I was lying on the floor, looking around wondering where the hell I was. My eyes spotted a pair of slim shins with nice-shaped calves behind, shiny black lace-up shoes and a heavy-duty blue-grey skirt down to the knees. The memories came back and as I looked up into the smug face of a teenaged girl with a beret upon her head I realised in horror that she had knocked me out again. “No excuses this time, old man. You should’ve ran when you had the chance” Melissa said with an annoying smirk which just emphasised her youthful face. “I love putting men like you in your place” the little monster declared trying to frighten me. Her uniform made me feel intimated although I knew that the ATC was engineering oriented. “I don’t fight women especially girls” I said getting to my feet while warily keeping an eye on her. “You mean you’re a crap fighter” she said with a demeaning smirk. That was probably true but the unarmed combat skills had spooked me and I wanted to leave dignity intact except that she was between me and the door. “You’ll never make that door unless you fight me and win. Which will never happen“ she said “Come on fight me, old man” she said more forcefully. “I’m not going to fight you” I replied. “In that case I’ll keep going until you can’t take any more, which won’t be long” she said with a sinister smile.

Not wanting another confrontation I calmly walked towards the door but she moved to block my way. Suddenly I rushed her intending to shove her harmlessly out of the way with my hand and make for the door. With a steely cold disposition she stood her ground and caught my wrist. Spinning around, her tough-wearing skirt flew out around her thighs as my arm was thrust into the air then brought down sharply in a forward arc while she stepped to one side. “Woah!” my feet rocketed from the floor as my body leapt into the air to turn full somersault. My brain was completely dazed as the room spun at nauseating velocity. She kept hold of my wrist so that my side crashed heavily against the mats less than a second later. I was stunned both literally and by the fact that I’d been thrown again by a petite slender, reasonably attractive teenaged girl.

With my arm still captive, I was kept on my side unable to do anything except admire the back of her calves as she stepped one foot over me. Slipping the crook of her left leg in front of my throat, it bent trapping my neck between her calves and hamstrings as she lowered herself to the floor to kneel astride me. Levering my right arm over her crotch and sitting back on her haunches, her upper leg pressed down on my neck. “Urkkk!” she was choking me in the crook of her leg with the back of her thigh pressing tightly into one side of my neck and pushing the other against her slim hard calves. The silky nylon feel around my neck was a reminder that I was being physically dominated by a woman and a young one at that. “Uhhh uhh! I could hear her mocking laughter as my chest rose and fell heavily with my laboured breaths, locked in a nylon-clad guillotine press I could not escape. I grasped her lower leg and began frantically tugging. In response she leant back to put more of her bodyweight upon my neck while pulling harder on my arm forcing my torso to rise pushing my throat tighter against the inside of her knee. My eyes felt tired and I only closed them for a second, the next moment I found myself lying flat on my back with a lower leg holding a shoe in place on my groin. My eyes followed the leg upwards to see a uniformed girl with one hand on her hip and the other raised in victory, staring back at me.

No! not again. The thought sent an unwanted lurch inside my trousers. Suddendly I spotted a chance and sprang into a partial crouch, wrapped my arms around her knees and pulled her legs from under her sending her to the mat. She sat up and tried to rise but I got her by the padded shoulders and put her on her back again. As I leant over trying to keep her shoulders pinned, her bent legs came up between us so her shins were pressing against my chest like a springy cushion between us. Suddenly with her skirt falling back, those slim legs slipped upwards on either side ensnaring my waist. “Urrrr!” I grunted in surprise as she locked her ankles to surround my middle in a nylon-sheathed ring of steel. Melissa wasn’t big and muscular yet her slim thighs were biting into my sides and compressing the sides of my stomach. She laughed when I had to let go of her shoulders to move my hands to her thighs to try and prise them away to no avail. Lovely to feel in her pantyhose, those slim legs were immovable. “Ooh having a bit of difficultly, old man” she laughed as I got onto my feet and tried to straighten my torso hoping to break her body-scissors. “Urrghh!” I couldn’t straighten up and was left bent over her at right angles as those slim thighs squeezed brutally hard. That such a young girl could squeeze so hard was shocking. “The bigger they are” she declared grabbing the back of my calves. “The harder they fall” with that she pulled my feet from under me sending me crashing onto the mat.

Without pause she grabbed my right arm raising it up at an angle with the back of my hand against her bust while draping her legs either side, one across my throat, the other across my belly. The back of my arm was pulled between the silky nylon smoothness of her firm thighs causing her skirt to ride up, exposing a lovely leggy bridge over my neck. Hooking my arm over the crook of hers, she locked it off by gripping her right biceps then stressed it while bending the hand back at the wrist. “OK old man” she sneered as I winced with pain “There is nothing left but the begging. And you will be begging” she stated, her youthful face looking down at me, again reminding me of the age of the girl hurting me. “Arghh arghh” I yelped as more pressure was applied to my wrist while levering my forearm over her elbow straining my arm all the way to the shoulder. “Suffer, you old git” she mocked then laid right back, straightening my arm as she put me into a side arm-bar, bending my arm over her crotch while scissoring it between her thighs. At the same time, with the rub of nylon against my skin, the crook of the back of her knee and the top part of her calves pressed against my throat. “Kkkurgg! stop please” I croaked, afraid of being knocked out again by this young girl. “Well that’s put you in your place” she laughed “You see, women aren’t the weaker sex when it comes to unarmed combat”. With laughter ringing in my ears, her response was plain. “Ouch ouch please please” I begged as her backside thrust into the air sending excruciating stabs of white-hot pain shooting along my forearm, elbow and upper arm. “You woose” she laughed as her raised hips rocked first one way then the other adding a terrible twisting pain. “Please please I give I give” I yelped “Pleeaaase your’re breaking my arm”. She responded by pressing my hand into the wrist piling on the hurt. “Come on, louder. Let me hear you submit or I’ll break it” she demanded then began to buck her hips up and down causing me to squeal at the agonising bolts of pain threatening to shatter my arm. “Ahh! Please OK OK I submit” I cried out. The teen was now in complete control and utterly dominating me. No matter what I tried to do, she forcibly kept me in my place, beneath her silky smooth pantyhose. I couldn’t help thinking of the girl as an unassailable fighting Goddess, a young grappling Queen who completely outmatched me with superior unconquerable combat skills. Sorry to say I couldn’t help but get aroused and to my shame she noticed. “Oi! what’s that bulge at the front of your trousers?” she exclaimed. “You dirty old man” she sneered “I wish my boyfriend got as hard as that when I Judo him. Well, I say boyfriend. He’s just this boy I really fancied. I put him in a few holds and he was soon begging to be my boyfriend” she told me as I writhed in agony. “Dad didn’t approve. Wasn’t from a family with a high enough social standing” she added, working the hold to demonstrate her total superiority over me. “Money and power, that’s all he thinks about. Those rich boys he wants me to go out with are so boring”.

Without warning, both lower legs swung behind my head while her thighs continued to grip my arm. I felt the back of one leg across my back in line with my armpits and the other behind my neck. “Argh!” I yelped as she lay back and pulled on my arm forcing the back of my neck against the crook of her leg while that in turn pressed my chin forwards against my chest. I thought I could get out this and summoning my energy I threw my body sideways away from her and succeed in rolling myself forwards out from her legs. Unfortunately she still had a wrist lock on my arm causing me to swing around to face her. Using my arm to pull me close, the hem of her heavy-duty skirt rode up as her slim legs flashed out like tentacles to ensnare me. Oh jeez she’s good! I realise, finding myself looking right at her smug face as she trapped me in a triangle choke hold with silky smooth nylon rubbing against my skin as they encircled the sides and back of my neck and arm. A calve locked across the top of my shoulders wedged my neck deep in the triangle of leggy humiliation with my chin resting on my trapped arm which in turn was lying over her crotch. Her mocking youthful face was before me watching my suffering between her tightly locked legs. The lopsided beret and thick corded jumper with insignia added an exciting aura of military training that my body responded to. “Corr you really like getting beat up by a girl don’t you mister?” she teased “I bet I can make you beg to be my boyfriend“ she chuckled “except you’re much too old”. Her legs were never-tiring locked up tightly like a tourniquet around my neck as she twisted me from side to side. My struggles were futile and met with a sharp increase in pressure that had my senses swimming and face burning red as her slim legs cut off the blood to my brain. I thought I would pass out until the pressure eased to a tight firm grip and I realised that Melissa was toying with me and could knock me out whenever she wished. It was a thought of female superiority that had my manhood lurching. “Ready to blast a heavy load into your pants, you dirty old perv?” she sneered. That was embarrassing and made me determined not to shame myself like that. I nearly failed when the young girl gave an almighty tight squeeze that almost sent me over the edge into darkness.

Urkkk so tight! I moved my free hand to the leggy nylon triangle of young female superiority, enjoying the feel of a silky unyielding thigh. “Jeez you look so funny. Like a complete loser” her taunting words just made it worse. This girl in her late teens was in complete control. So young yet so ruthlessly dominant. The feeling of being completely dominated was so overwhelming was it any wonder that I was throbbing hard? “I’m going to knock you right out again” she chuckled, fixing me with a hard stare with more than a hint of excitement in her eyes “And there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it. Stop me if you can” she chuckled wickedly then thrust her backside off the ground and really poured it on. My God, I didn’t stand a chance! Her legs were wrapped around my neck and shoulder so tight it felt like she could snap them through pure physical power alone. My vision blurred straight out, forcing me to close my eyes and cling on while my heart beat loudly over the buzz in my ears. Urrr! My head was spinning as those tight young legs strangled the arteries in my neck stopping the blood carrying oxygen to what little brains I had. Urrr so drowsy. Dominated so physically my inhibitions fled. I was in awe of this young fighting Goddess even as I slapped weakly on her glorious deadly thigh. Completely overwhelmed, my dick beat wildly inside my pants even as I tried to cling on to consciousness. I didn’t want to be knocked out at all, let alone by a teenaged girl but she was too much for me to handle. Nurrrrr a strong warm sticky load blasted into my pants as I felt myself slip away.

“Oh wow, that never ever happened before” Melissa’s voice chuckled through the haze. Opening my eyes, not remembering that I shut them, I found myself on my back with the dangerous teen standing over me with a look of unrestrained glee. Deeply ashamed I began to rise, repeatedly apologising for my disgrace, “sorry but I really need to go and clean up”, but she kept laughing making my ears burn making me feel even more degraded. I began to head towards the door but she blocked my way then pointed to a door in a corner of the room. “Through there” she could barely speak for laughing “on-suite”. Any hope that she had gone by the time I was done vanished as soon as I opened to door to re-enter. “You took your time” she scolded “I hope you weren’t whipping one off” she accused shocking me. That last embarrassment had been the last straw. I’d had enough for one day and just wanted to go home except Melissa tried to block my way. “I’m leaving now” I said trying to sound firm as I tried to squeeze past. Intimdating in that uniform, she kept moving to block my way no matter which way I went. Her face was stony, giving me a hard look. “I tell you when you can leave” she stated. I was getting frustrated so gently put my hands either side of her slim waist. It made me feel awkward holding a teenaged girl like that but felt that I had no choice. “I’m sorry Melissa but you’re fun is over” I said trying to move her to the side so I could get past.

“I know a cure for that” the young girl declared. “A cure for what?” I asked in confusion. “Being a dirty old perv who snoops around other people’s business” she said in a hard-edged toned. “No, it’s not like that”. “YAH!” the shout took me by surprise sending shivers down my spine. The next instant a knee ploughed hard between my legs and into my groin, a slim nylon-sheathed express train of agonising destruction. “Oraghh!” I wailed at the bruising pain flaring out from my nether regions and spreading rapidly outwards throughout my lower torso. That such a young girl could power her knee into a man’s groin like that causing incredible disabling agony was truly shocking. “Take that you horny old dog” the fresh-faced girl laughed as I creased forwards before her, cupping my balls with my face screwed in agony. “You don’t come around here ever again pestering my dad. Do I make myself clear?” she asked in a no-nonsense voice while pressing my shoulders against the wall behind forcing me to stand upright. “If Gazillion want to give my dad shed-loads of money to build all over your poxy little towns that’s his business not yours” she stated in harsh tones. “Let me explain it for you, so you fully understand” she declared with a chilling smirk. With great show and deliberate slowness she drew back her right leg, bending it at the knee lifting her shoe behind her, making a show of it, taunting me with those slim legs. I knew what was coming but was too debilitated by pain to do anything to avoid it. “Ready or not, here it comes” she laughed. With the lights reflecting of her hose, a sheer black pulse arced down from behind her waist, streaked beneath her torso and rose straight up between my legs. “Arghh!” the top arch of her shoe pounded square on with my undercarriage, crushing my balls as her foot continued to swing up forcing me onto my toes while the leading edge of her lower shin hammered my shaft painfully against my pelvis.

Hard, fast and excruciatingly painful, piled on top of that brutal knee blow, my balls would have screamed if they could. “I told you I was good at busting balls” the youth chuckled as I begun to crease over once more. “Stop me if you can” she announced. I looked up horrified to see her approach with fists clenched and eyes focussed on my groin. I threw out both arms intent on grabbing her around the head to hold her off. Nimbly ducking beneath my arms, going down onto one knee, her left fist shot forwards like an arrow from a bow. “Oragh!” her fist drove solidly into my already badly aching balls. “Ha! How do you like fighting a young girl now, old man” she cried triumphantly holding her fist in place with her hard knuckles biting into my tender groin. I was in absolute agony, feeling sick and close to tears. “Please no” I groaned watching in horror as she drew back her fists for another strike. In too much pain to think how to defend myself, I cupped my hands over my aching parts to protect them. The girl’s right fist sped towards my groin like a rocket. “Argh!” it smashed against the middle of my cupped hands, feeling as though my fingers had got hit by a hammer, while her fist broke through to slam into my groin hammering the shaft against the ball-sack.

“Please no more” I begged, unable to hold back a sob. With a tight smile, Melissa slammed her palms against my shoulders driving me back against the wall then brought her face close staring at me with her small hard brown eyes for several moments. Her right fist grabbed the top of my shirt and roughly forced me to look at her in a very intimidating manner. “Do you remember what I told you to call me when we first met?” she growled then silently framed the word ‘Mistress’ with her petite mouth. It’s such a deeply humiliating thing for a grown man to call a young girl but with my balls aching like crazy and no wish to suffer anymore, I really had no choice. “P..please Mistress, no more” I begged. Oddly, verbally acknowledging her superiority was causing stiffness in my aching groin. Her youth, vitality and sheer dominant fighting skills was turning me on, no matter how hard I tried not to be. She noticed. The knee between my legs pressed menacingly against my excruciatingly painful balls. “You will never come here again” it was a statement not a question. How could such a young girl look so menacing? “No” I gasped. Shockingly I actually found myself scared of the teenager and yes, more than a little turned-on although I didn’t want to be. This young girl had repeatedly proved herself to be the better fighter. “You’re past your sell-by” she sneered “bested by an alpha female a fraction of your age”

To my confusion, Melissa jogged to the other side of the room. Facing me with a hard stare and looking dangerous in her uniform, she began to run towards me with her arms pumping and the hem of her skirt flying around her thighs. A few paces from me she threw herself forwards onto her hands going into a back hand-spring, launching herself into the air. I only had a split-second to act and failed as the backs of her thighs slammed against the tops of my shoulders and her shins locked together behind my head. There was a lurch of weight around my neck as the rest of her torso flipped up towards my face with her ample bust appearing right before my face. Her hands grabbed the back of my head for support. Instinctively I raised my hands and encountered her pert hard buttocks but didn’t know where to move them. “Well this is cosy” she brought her face close as I struggled to support her weight as she sat on my chest with her legs around my neck. “Going down” she chuckled then letting go of my head threw herself backwards away from me. The youth’s torso fell away before me, her hands reaching for the floor. With her legs locked around my neck there was a lurch as I was pulled forwards and found myself flipping right over.

My side slammed into the mats and for a second Melissa’s silky smooth hose-sheathed legs lost their grip. Although stunned by the showy throw, I saw my chance. Pushing her legs to one side, I quickly got to my knees and leant over to grab her arms and tried to pin the girl. Of course she wasn’t going to make it easy. The adrenaline pumped as I grappled with her. I thought with my greater bodyweight I could pin her easily but although on her back, she gave a spirited resistance. There seemed to be long legs everywhere in that alluring look of nearly-black sheer nylon as they were flung about trying to capture my head. As I pressed my advantage I was over her as she lay on her back with her legs vertical at her hips trying to ensnare me while I battled with her arms trying to get them down to the floor. The hem of her skirt had fallen right back around her waist giving me an eyeful of her white knickers at her crotch covered by the sheer nylon gusset. That distraction nearly cost me as a long leg almost hooked around the side of my neck. I focussed on keeping her legs away not wanting to end up in another brutal triangle hold. However, she managed to grab my right wrist with both hands and pull it against her belly. That created space for her long slim legs to come up to capture my arm between her thighs then cross her calves on top while her feet continued forward to trap my neck between the top of her shoes. “Nnnurk!” I groaned as her feet pressed tightly against the sides of my neck with her crossed calves exerting a shockingly efficient scissor-hold through her feet. She watched me silently for several long seconds while I clutched uselessly at her slim ankles with my free hand. I quickly began to feel woozy. What chance did I have against a skilled teenaged girl intimidating me in her uniform using her Judo skills against me time and time again. Oh Jeez! You know that sinking feeling when you realise that you are well out of your depth? No? Maybe it’s only me then. “Shall I knock you out with my feet, pervy old loser?” she finally asked with a cheeky grin.

Before waiting for a reply, a sharp twist of her slender hips sent me crashing to my knees and elbow looking down at the floor. Melissa lay perpendicular with my arm pulled back tight over her crotch and still squeezed between her thighs. Her calves had slipped their position and I now had a single set of slim hard calves pressing against my throat while able to look down at close range at the side of the other set which stretched out before me which whether planned or not lay across my left forearm pinning it to the floor. “Is this heaven for you, old man?” she chuckled. I tried to pull back but any movement sent shards of agony through my arm while I was brought back under control with the rasping of nylon against the skin of my throat. “I think I would make a good killer nun” the fresh-faced girl laughed. “You have to become a nun first” I gasped trying not to cry out in pain. “Hmmm I don’t think so, I like boys. Well beating them up at any rate” “In that case you’d make an excellent killer nun” I gasped. “I like you old man, you’d make a good career’s advisor” she laughed then to my surprise released the hold and stood up. “So I’m going to give you another chance. Especially as you seem to enjoy grappling with a young girl in uniform” she added in a tone that made me flush with embarrassment. Relieved of the break in her relentless attack I got to my feet. “I’m not going to fight with you. I wouldn’t want to hurt you” I told her. She gave a derisive sneer “You can’t fight anyway old man and, tough!, I have no qualms about hurting you”

As quick as a flash Melissa rushed me, quickly sliding an arm around my middle while grabbing my right wrist. Turning sideways on she leant forwards while thrusting back her right leg sweeping my right foot away. The next thing I knew my feet had left the floor and I was rocketing fast across the back of her hips from left to right before flipping over and plummeting. There was a loud sound as my back slammed at high speed into the mats accompanied by my cry of pain. “Come on show me what a real man can do” the teen taunted as to my astonishment she lowered her backside towards my head while keeping my right arm, which she retained after the throw, straight to force me to my side. Tucking in her right calve around the underside of my head, the sides of my face was sandwiched between the back of a thigh and calves as the teenaged girl sat her buttocks on the side of my face. Bending my captive arm around her forearm then forcing back my wrist she had me howling in pain as she gleefully tortured my arm. “I bet you like young girls sitting on your face” she mocked, although in truth she was only sitting on the side of it.

She let me stew in embarrassment for a while longer before sliding off my head, turning around and hooking her right arm around the back of my head then locking it in a side headlock while laying across me. As an added bonus my right arm was held tight in the crook of her other arm. “Cozy huh?” she chuckled then transferred my arm between her thighs and began to scissor it while squeezing my neck tight trying to choke the blood from my brain. Her youthful girly face looked down at me from only a few inches away. The hold was too intimate for comfort and I struggled to keep my cool. After laughing in my face for a few moments she released me once more and stood up forcing me to do the same at risk of a shattered elbow and splintered arm.

Melissa immediately spun her back to me whipping my arm over her shoulder pulling my body close. Leaning swiftly forwards, her pert behind thrust into my crotch as my feet left the floor and I flipped right over her slender body at mind-numbing speed. The loud smack of my back slamming into the mats brutally fast was only matched by my yelp of pain. Without pause, another brutal wristlock forced me to my feet whimpering in bone-grinding agony. Whereupon she stepped behind me with one arm around across my chest and grabbed the back of my neck and a wrist. A swing of her slender hips and a bump of a pert hard buttock against my rear and I was falling backwards. My feet leapt off the ground as my backside rode her hip. With one arm still captive she controlled my fall while the floor came up much too fast to meet me. Another loud thud and yelp of agony as my side hit the mat so fast and hard that I was literally stunned. With two lightning fast throws in rapid succession, I couldn’t even think straight let alone try to stand.

Her bodyweight fell upon me, pushing me flat against the floor. Leaping across my back Melissa pulled an arm behind me by the wrist and once more I was yelping in agony as she bent it around her forearm then forced my wrist down over my shoulders. “Argh argh no no!” it felt like the bones in my wrist, forearm and elbow would shatter at any second. “Please please stop. You win, you win” I cried in agony. “That’s right, old man. Cry for mercy” she teased. This was so degrading! Melissa was so much younger than me yet repeatedly overpowered me with ease. “Arghh arrghh no more please” I begged as her full weight settled across the top of my back. Pinning my left shoulder under a bent leg, I screeched in pain as she forced my abused arm straight out behind me and then trapped it beneath her armpit while hooking an arm around it locking it up painfully in the crook of her arm and a forearm. To my horror she grasped the top of my right shoulder then began pressing it against the floor while torturing my arm with her forearm forcing it to bend the wrong way. “No no please arrrghh!” it was like my arm was on the rack. The agony got a whole lot worse as she pulled back on my arm painfully forcing my face to rise from the floor. Her black clunky lace-up shoes appeared from behind passing my neck followed by long shapely shins and calves. There was nothing I could except watch as they closed around the sides of my head. Bending at the knees, the calves framed my face as she placed the soles of her shoes flat on the floor beneath my raised chin. “Please don’t…you’ll break my arm” I pleaded but the teen ignored me. “And I give a flying frig?” she replied testily. Kids today! No respect for the elders. With my other arm pinned at the shoulder by her knee there was no I could do except cry out in pain for several minutes of arm-wrecking torture.

I felt relief as her weight finally lifted from my back as she got off to stand up but then abject fear as she took my right arm with her. “No more” I gasped as I was forced to stand or break my arm. On my feet, my arm was released and in agony I tried to straighten it but it was sore, aching and useless. With a hard smirk of superiority Melissa faced me, pressing her front against mine. I actually felt so afraid of the young girl I tried to back away but she kept stepping forward. Looking up at me with a cold hard stare, she kept thrusting her well-developed bust against my upper belly. The repeated bumps of her chest kept upsetting the rhythm of my breathing while forcing me to retreat more. It was an unusual but effective technique and I have to admit quite arousing but her fearsome hard expression made it clear that this was not done to tease. After several steps she stopped. “I can even beat you up with my tits, what a loser!“ she mocked. Grabbing the front of my shirt with both hands, she gave me a hard push forcing me to stumble back quickly. A hard tug pulled me straight back towards the smirking girl who immediately began to fall away from me as I rushed towards her. A lurch of exhilaration went through me as in a split-second my body left the floor and was hurtling over the young girl as her back hit the mats. Launched at high velocity in an almighty high-speed stomach throw the room span so fast I had to close my eyes. The throw was so strong it felt like she has tossed me clear across the length of the room before my back crashed loudly against the mats so hard that it knocked the breath from me. I could only lie there, looking up at the ceiling, totally destroyed by a young girl in unarmed combat.

I had no energy left when a smirking Melissa plonked herself down behind me. Grabbing my aching right arm by the wrist with one hand and pulling it past the side of my head, I found the back of my head resting against the crux of her legs which closed up like some kind of leggy predator. A calve was across my throat trapping the side of my neck in the crook of her leg while she locked it all in place with the foot behind the knee of her other leg. My right arm was also trapped between the side of my neck and the inside of her thigh, pulled back pass my head and over her crotch with the back of my forearm sinking between her breasts. Trapped in another form of triangle hold, her young lean legs formed a tight noose around my neck. The back of her right calves was pressed across my throat like a steel bar and just as hard and unyielding. I tugged at her lower leg with my free hand and found her calves excitingly hard and muscular but totally immobile. “I’ve made plenty of grown macho men turn to crying wimps” she bragged, tightening the leggy triangle around my neck making me choke. Seeing no way out, I began tapping my free hand against the side of her thigh. “You can tap out all you want. I don’t care how badly I hurt you” she taunted. I groaned as she squeezed relentlessly while twisting my head from one side to the other. The girl was merciless and really seemed to get off on dominating me. I knew this brat wouldn’t stop until she’s decided to finish with me. She could knock me out any time she wanted with her lovely nylon-sheathed legs wrapped so incredibly tight with her hard calves pressing into my throat, choking me. It was humiliating knowing that she was toying with me, taking her time putting me to sleep. She pulled back on my arm thrusting her hips into the air and my head swam while mocking laughter burned my ears. Just as I thought I would pass out the brutal teen twisted her hips sending me to my side then twisted back again, raising her hips again to pour it on. It was more than a man could take and with a hard arousal I felt myself go dizzy. Laughter rang in my ears as I felt the dizziness subside.

“Oh no you don’t. I’ve a special treat I’m going to give myself” she said ominously before twisting her hips once more. I was flung from side to side, powerless in a young girl’s vice-like legs. After several more minutes ruthless domination, I was terribly aroused even though I was coughing and grunting in agony while she took me close to the point of passing out before easing off the pressure at the very last second. This time the legs unfolded although still restraining me by my right arm held straight by my head. I was so utterly exhausted I could offer no resistance as she pushed herself into a sitting position behind me. I felt her crotch press into my back as she brought my body to lean against hers. Her legs slid around my sides with her knees by my sides and long shapely calves crossing over in front over my groin, the sheen off her nylons alluring. I tried to pull away but too late. Her ankles locked and the pressure around my middle soared. “Orrragh!” I couldn’t suppress a groan as her young slim thighs crushed against my sides with a force I wouldn’t normally have credit them to possess. “Dangerous legs” Melissa teased “more than enough to take your breath and your life if you’re not careful”.

Worse was to come as her right arm came from behind wrapping around my right shoulder pressing my upper arm against the side of my neck, then folded at the elbow to bring her slender forearm across my throat. Her other arm hooked beneath my left armpit bringing her hand behind the back of my head and pressed against it.  Her right hand seized her left biceps tightening the choke hold across both sides of my neck while pressing on the back of my head forcing my throat tighter against her forearm. Not only had the girl got me in a very tight sleeper hold but also had me in a bodyscissors around my waist that actually hurt. All the while, my right arm was stuck straight up in the air useless and a demeaning sign of my failure to handle her. I could feel my face becoming redder and redder as her arms prevented the air from getting to my lungs. A nice looking petite slender teenaged girl had me in a sleeper hold and I was powerless to stop her. To top it all I couldn’t help my manhood being rigid beyond belief and beating a drum solo against the inside of my trousers. “Please no” I begged “mercy” “No chance” she laughed close to my ear “I love it when a grown man goes limp in my arms, out cold. That’s the best bit. It makes me all gooey inside and incredibly powerful”. Knowing that the girl wasn’t going to stop until she had knocked me out and taken her time about it so she could savour every moment of my lingering demise spurred me on to tug at her arm in desperation but I simply couldn’t break free. I then tried to struggle to get free, trying to raise myself or move or anything but it was useless. My exertions just made me cough, zapped my energy and made my face burning red. “You need bigger balls to stand a chance against me” she told me with a derisive laugh. She kept me helpless like that that for ages totally in command, slowly choking all resistance from me.

From a seated position she dropped onto her back taking me with her. With my waist wedged in the apex of the girl’s legs, I was scissored tightly as her tightly locked arms repeatedly took me close to the brink of consciousness. Starved of oxygen, my mind dissolved into a warm comfortable fug while my hands originally clutching onto her legs ended up absent-mindedly enjoying the comfortable feel of stroking her slim nylon-covered thighs. Melissa kept me on the edge with frightening skill for one so young for what seemed an eternity. “Is that for me?” her voice cut through the haze. I didn’t know what she was talking about, I was too busy trying to cling on to consciousness. “Jeez! That thing is like a flipping tent. Look at it twitch!” she shrieked with a dirty laugh. In horror I realised the back of her calves had encircled my trouser bulge and was toying with it, driving me insane as they slid, pressed and moved against it. I tried to keep it together but the movement and feel of her calves against it was a virtual foot-job. “Are you going blast for me again, old kinky man?” she teased. The thought was too humiliating to contemplate yet her sheer domination using her combat skills had me too aroused for it to subside. “I’m going to make you give it up then put you to right to sleep” she taunted in a confident tone. She began jerking my head hard to one side then the other. “Don’t fight it, old man. I’m too good” she jeered thrusting her crotch against my back a bit too enthusiastically for my liking. It was too much. The overwhelming feeling of being overpowered by the skilled teen was more than I could cope with. “Nnnrr” a massive blast jerked my whole being wedging my throat even tighter into her unyielding arm. “Nnnnr!” it got tighter and tighter around my neck. “Nnnnarrrrr!” an almighty blast thrust my neck tighter into her arms sending me into oblivion with her triumphant cries ringing in my ears.

I awoke in confusion not really knowing where I was except that it was outside somewhere and how I got there I did not know. As I slowly regained my senses and began to get to my feet, the embarrassing memories returned of my deep humiliation making me feel bad. The sticky goo in my pants became an extremely shameful reminder of my reactions and I prayed that nobody saw me in this state. Finally getting my bearings I made my way back to where I parked the car. During the walk I decided to check my phone and was astonished by the huge number of posts on social media. The posts of my pictures of the secret development plans had gone viral being picked up by the local protest groups raising it’s profile to the national BBC news website. The response from local and central Government politicians was typical denying that such plans existed, criticising the corporation for publishing fake news while saying how essential such development would be for the national and local economy i.e. their bank-balances. Reaching the car, I got in and headed for home hoping that no-one was in to see me in this state so I could change without drawing further attention to my shame.

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