Laying The Dragon (JP#19)

Man meets and succumbs to a formidable old battleaxe

By JimP with suggestions by Fotios

A mix of a few ideas which together in this two-part story featuring The Dragon.

(c)Jimp 2018

1. Forest Encounter
My name is Fotios and I am visiting England in the hope of meeting women like those Jim Priest writes about encountering. I’ve asked him how to find them, but he tells me that most are very dangerous and didn’t want to feel responsible if I got hurt. Personally I think he’s just trying to keep them all to himself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my forties, handsome and in good shape through regularly playing soccer and working out but the women I meet of my age don’t appeal to me. I’d prefer strong older mature women like Jim describes, however I’ve never met any back home. After a few weeks in London I was beginning to think maybe they were all just figments of his fantasy. Feeling low and needing a break, I hired a car and left the hustle and bustle of the crowded capital to explore the English countryside.

To cut a long story short, I ended up in Sandringham country park in Norfolk walking through the forest, enjoying the fresh air on a mildly warm day. Suddenly a mature lady, with white-gold blonde hair in a pink tracksuit top and tight cropped black leggings that came down just beneath the knees, jogged across my field of view on the main path which the track I was on met a short distance ahead. I got a brief side view of a fairly tall sturdily built woman of around 5 foot 8, probably in her 70’s, of fierce countenance with a thick mane of shoulder length curled fine hair almost resembling candyfloss in the sunlight. For a moment I imagined this was the fierce dangerous older royal woman that Jim wrote about but then dismissed that as a wild flight of my imagination and continued up the slight incline to the path junction.

As I arrived there, the mature jogger was a fair distance down the path. My heart leapt into my mouth at the sight of huge flaring powerful calves on the old dear. Even from a distance they looked fricking massive although she wore trainers, no doubt pumped up from her exercise. Full and shapely like upturned bowling pins, a deep cliff edge ran along the bottom of each steel-hard looking calve muscle notched with a deep heart shaped cleft. I even saw strong tendons along the sides of her lower legs as she pounded away from me. I just stood there in amazement watching the sexiest most muscular well-developed calves I’d seen in my life, let alone possessed by an old woman, flexing and waning in a spectacular dance of raw feminine power. My manhood was achingly stiff and getting stiffer with every step she made. Transfixed I saw large defined downward double arrowheads with clear separation between chunky muscle heads, glistening with good tone and perspiration making them shine in a very sexy manner as they powered the old lady into the distance. By the time I had come to my senses and decided to follow, she was just a rapidly dwindling figure in the distance. Boy she was moving! No stranger to exercise I set off at a fast jog after her but soon had to admit defeat as I lost sight of her completely as she powered off among the trees.

Feeling deflated I decided to call it a day and made my way back to the main car park. Back at the car, I decided to have a coffee and quick snack in the visitor centre before going to find a hotel. It was a week day, out of tourist season and nearing the end of the day, so I expected to drink my Mocha and eat a cream scone in peace and quiet among the old retired folk I could see through the windows. Unfortunately there were two young men talking very loudly in rough accents and being rather raucous, clearing annoying the customers. I sat down and tried to ignore them, thinking that the staff would sort them out. However it became clear that the young women serving behind the counter were too timid to interfere. “Quieten it down lads” I speak up as no-one else seems willing. “Ooh effing Nazi telling us what to do””Heil Hitler” They go into a racist rant. “I am not German” I tell them but they are having too much fun talking loudly and acting like yobs. Suddenly a woman sitting a few tables away with a shoulder-length bob of thick whitish-blonde hair spoke in a husky low-toned loud clear authoritative posh voice. “Clearly your parents and teachers failed to educate you to show consideration for others and speak quietly when in public” she berated “But if you don’t shut the noise I will come over there and you will regret it”. For a moment the lads said nothing, clearly bristling to be publicly reprimanded by a posh old granny, their slow-thinking brains working to think up a witty come-back. “Keep your hair on Mrs. Featherstone” one finally exclaimed starting the loud insults and laughter at a new target.

I had seen the old British comedy about a shopkeeper on a re-run channel at hotels I had stayed at. I hadn’t found it mildly amusing, aimed at a much older generation, but had kept it on in the background as there was nothing better on. However I remembered the name and recalled the large well-built old woman with the scary face who dressed all in black and thought she was some kind of cougar. Sitting with her back to me several tables away, I could only see an emerald green jacket with broad shoulders covering a well-built frame. The lads continued being loud and obnoxious when the woman began to rise. “All children should have a volume control and mute switch installed at birth” she stated. As she got to her feet I saw a black dress patterned with red roses hanging below the jacket. From the way that she dressed and spoke it was clear that she was well-to-do and sturdy, around 5 foot 8, with a plump but undoubtedly feminine figure. My view of the rest of her was obscured by tables. One of the yobs spotted her approaching and nudged the other, they looked up together. I couldn’t see what they saw but they seemed frightened but tried not to show it, trying to act cool and cocky but visibly spooked.

“Sit down you old bag” one said with bravado but then jumped to his feet looking uneasy as she reached their table. As she turned to address them I caught her upper side profile and noticed a large low hanging bosom. Her chin and neck were loose and jowly while a deep chin, large prominent nose and wide mouth glossed with scarlet lipstick dominated her face. That mane of hair covered her ears from which ornate silver and pearl earrings hung. “Push off grandma” the yob said aggressively, his hands darting forwards to push her away.

To everyone’s astonishment the old woman swiftly threw up an arm to block his. “What, seriously?” he scoffed. The next instant her other arm flashed towards his head, the edge of a long aged hand swiftly chopping the side of his neck solidly. The lad’s body jerked violently with his eyes flying wide in surprise. As fast as lightning the well-built lady’s arm flew forwards with fist clenched. A solid loud thud like tenderising meat was heard as her fist drove deep into the pit of his stomach. His torso instantly snapped forwards 90 degrees, creased over sharply with eyes tight and mouth wide open in shock. Grabbing the back of his head she pulled it sharply down as a black-nylon clad knee shot upwards trailing a large shapely meaty calve, streaking like an express train on an unavoidable collision course. A terrible crunch as her knee pounded his face sending it jerking upwards trailing a bloody nose. Without pause she bent back his wrist, soliciting a shriek of pain, as his arm was twisted inward then raised forcing him to his toes. Looking magnificent and in complete control I got a glimpse of a stern wrinkled-faced old woman as she swivelled around. Swinging her arms forwards and down, the lad’s body was compelled to jerk into the air in a very fast forward roll before his back crashed loudly against the floor. He didn’t even have time to breathe as the remarkable wrinkly planted a heeled foot on top of the side of his head in an extremely dominant manner that stiffened my groin. Bending back his wrist she pulled his captive arm vertically straight following the line at the front of her dress between her legs then buried his bent hand against her crotch to subdue him.

This all took place incredibly quick in a blink and you’d missed it moment. By the time the other lad had risen from his seat he found himself facing the broad back of the woman with his mate lying on the floor before her in agony. In the heat of the moment he grabbed an arm from behind. Her other arm pistoned back driving the point of her elbow deep into his gut. He also folded over like a creased playing card. The elderly lady clenched her hands together and brought them down sharply onto the back of his bowed neck driving him towards the floor. A fast moving shoe rose fast towards his face. The hard impact jolted him almost upright again sporting a bloodied nose to match his mate. Seizing his right wrist, she forced the arm into the air then brought it smartly down across an outstretched arm, hooked it over then folded a thick solid looking forearm to trap it. Snapping on a wicked wrist-lock that bent his hand back sharply at the wrist, she folded his arm into a small agonising bundle which she forced back towards her own shoulder. Transferring his wrist, she held him captive with just one arm, forcing him into a high crouch with his knees bent and his head level with her bust, writhing in agony. She looked totally dominant as, with one youth already subdued using a single arm on one side, the woman reached down to snatch the other lad’s wrist from her crotch then forced him to his feet while wrapping his arm up into a similar bundle of pain.

In a matter of seconds a frumpy old lady had totally subdued and incapacitated two rowdy young men who were now semi-crouching and whimpering with their eyes tightly clenched in agony upon either side. The other customers and staff break the stunned silence by bursting into noisy appreciative applause. She had their arms so firmly locked up in tight bundles against her bust they looked like they would snap like twigs. “Ow ow you’ll break my effing arm” one whined. “Oh do stop whingeing or I will” the fearsome woman growled in a clear husky voice that sent shivers down my dick. Forcing both onto their toes she kept them in that humiliating position, parading them around for everyone to see, as if she were the huntress and they her trophy catches. With my penchant for strong dominant older women was it any surprise that I found myself with a massive hard-on. The way she effortlessly disposed of them in what was probably less than a minute was utterly arousing.

It’s at this point as she basked in victory that I got my first full look at her wizened face. Her thick near-white blonde hair sat in a puffed up bob hugging the sides of a wide high-cheeked face, covering her ears while a soft feathered fringe swept across the forehead and down to her eyebrows which were covered on one side. The years had taken their toll with an olive-toned complexion lending a bit of colour to skin that otherwise looked dry and weather-beaten. There were lots of little lines around her mouth on a hard-worn creased face alleviated only by a subtle pink gloss lipstick, loose foundation powder and a slick of mascara. Her jacket showed off a trim waist while a V-shaped neck hinted at a very deep cleavage. I also noted how pleats in the black dress swirled around thick legs as she moved. Hard blue eyes stare out in an uncompromising glare from her craggy features. “Are you tough enough?“ she snarled “I don’t think so” she added in dismissal. For a moment I thought she was addressing me and felt ice-cold dread accompanying a strong lurch inside the front of my trousers. I was so taken aback by her hard fierce look, it was only when she turned away that I swore I knew who she was.

With the young men flanking her on either side on tip-toes writhing in agony in a steely double armlock, the mature woman marched them into the main aisle at the edge of the dining area and towards the main doors. It was only then that I got full sight of the back of her legs and was blown away by the sheer size and power of her calves as they bulged and flexed in wonderful indescribable ways. There was no doubt these remarkable calves belonged to the same woman I saw jogging earlier. Only now raised up on high heels and glistening with the sheen of sheer black nylon they looked much larger, muscular and sharper defined. The sight of seams running straight up the middle had me practically drooling at my table. Yes, I had a hard-on of epic proportions that felt as if it would rip right through my trousers. As I watched those huge slabs of defined, rippling double-headed downward pointing erotic muscle disappear from sight, I knew that I just had see more of this remarkable fierce old woman. My erection was so stiff that it would not go down anytime soon and by then the old battle-axe and her amazing calves would be long gone. Covering my trouser-tent as best I could with the map I had been using earlier, I rose and weaved my way between the tables on course towards the doors to give chase.

It was only as I left the building and began to look around to try and find which way she had gone, did I give any thought to how the old lady would react to find a man following her with a noticeable erection! Judging by how she handled those young men just for being loud and obnoxious, she might think I was out to sexually assault her and put me in hospital! Spotting her walking away down the path at the side of the visitor centre with her writhing captives towards the main car park, I discreetly followed the senior citizen that had turned me on so much, the best I could sporting a very stiff boner that had barely begun to subside. She walked briskly, not slowed in the slightest by her protesting unwilling companions. I picked up the pace so as not to lose her as I had earlier. With a determined unyielding stride she forced the two lads across the car park and into the forest beyond. Unable to spot her once I’d reached the trees I feared that I’d lost her when a rustle in distant shrubbery signalled the way. Cautiously I entered a narrow track and silently crept along until I could hear sounds close-by. Coming to a large bush I carefully peeled back the leaves to reveal a small glade.

Keeping myself hidden I watched the scary-faced woman standing with the captive yobs. Suddenly she looked in my direction as if she heard something. I ducked back and kept still, not daring to breathe, with my heart pounding in my ears. After several agonising seconds, squeals of pain indicate it’s safe to peek again. Unfolding their arms the elderly sophisticated lady raised them up in the air on either side of her body, high above her head. Her jacket fell open to reveal a low-cut black dress revealing a lot of cleavage and buxom chest. They had barely let out a squeal of protest when she whipped their arms in a very fast forwards circular motion. With her big bust heaving, two large heavy balls of womanhood lurched upwards in the V neck of her dress to such an extent that I half-expected them to break free. The lads’ bodies lurched into the air with the mature woman standing in the middle. Spinning over incredibly fast their backs slammed into the ground with audible force, their breath noisy hissing through their mouths. My word, how can a man handle a woman like that? My dick regained it’s former stiffness in appreciation.

Laid on their backs, the lads were winded and totally bewildered that they had been thrown by an elderly woman in such a spectacular and decisive manner. With a look of arrogant amusement she began to remove her green jacket and walked towards where I was hiding. I crouched down low behind the bushes as quietly as I could, certain that she wouldn’t appreciate a peeping Tom. When the cries of indignation at my discovery didn’t appear I carefully moved some leaves aside to watch apprehensively fearing discovery as the craggy faced pale-blonde carefully hung the jacket from a low hanging branch close to my position. I was so close that I could clearly see her face and the resemblance to the woman that Jim had described, I could have been looking at The Dragon herself.

I breathed more easily as the well-built biddy turned back to the lads lying on the ground groaning and rubbing their arms. Through the gap in the leaves I caught sight of the amazing shape of the side of her calves with slim ankles that tapered to a thick soleus muscle like a ledge before the sensual curve of the large muscle head of the calves. I just had to get a better look and so risked peaking around the bush. I was in time to gawp in slack-jawed astonishment at the back of her huge well-developed muscular calves shining healthily through seamed sheer black nylons as they flexed and waned in the most mesmerising sexy dance raised upon high-heels. Then I noticed the way she carried herself with broad shoulders and a straight back with a pronounced tapering towards her waist, in a way that reminded me of a bodybuilder as if she had well-developed traps, lats and deltoids. No, that would be ridiculous. How would a posh old lady get a build like that? Surely not through jogging or horse-riding? I couldn’t really believe this was Jim’s fictional character made real. Yet it seemed inconceivable that that a frumpy old upper-class woman would do anything as physical as serious weight-training. However that impression was enhanced when she reached the feet of the yobs and turned to face them. For several moments she said nothing, just glared at them with a chilling stare from her hard-worn granite face. She held her body, straight and confident with thick arms hanging straight, spaced wide by broad shoulders in that way that bodybuilders do with wide long triangular shaped forearms, a strong suggestion of large sculpted shoulder caps, firm pecs, and large defined traps sloping from her neck to her shoulders. The shapes stretched the fabric of her upper dress to accommodate her physique giving the overall impression of a strong powerful mature woman.

Groaning and cursing, trying to get life back into their arms after her brutal double armlock, the yobs noticed the scary lady standing over them like an all-conquering victor. Her legs were defiantly astride in a stance extruding power and showing off her large flared calves. “You will walk back into the restaurant willingly and make a full public apology for your actions” she announced glaring down at them like something she scraped off her shoe “or you will have me to deal with” She gave them such a hard stare that I would have done anything for her if I were in their place but they thought different. “Eff that you ugly old bag” one declared, his mate joining in with similar abusive language. “I was rather hoping you would say something like that” she replied with a chilling smile. With that she undid the buttons of her sleeve and rolled them back to her elbows as if preparing for a fight. This was just like one of Jim’s stories! The stiffness in my groin grew more intense at the staggering thickness of her forearms which were covered with thick cords and vein creepers and dense muscular shapes. This was especially the case of a thick slab of muscle below the inside of each elbow giving them that characteristic sail shape. I knew at a glance that I wouldn’t survive arm-wrestling this remarkable old lady and again wondered how she had developed them.

“You nearly broke my arm, you old hag” one protested as he rose. “Oh I’m going to do a lot more than that to curb your unsocial behaviour” This didn’t go down well with the lads. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you and then I’m going to turn both of you into cum fountains” she stated confidently in a husky voice. “Then knock you out cold” she added. The young men look startled “W..what?”. “You heard! Cum fountain. You’ll be blasting your seed in copious amounts and there will nothing you can do to stop me” she declared. The lads’ faces reddened and they tried to look tough but seem unnerved “We wouldn’t touch you with a bargepole” one said. “You say that but you can’t stop staring at my breasts” she gave a throaty chuckle. It was true, for all their bravado, their eyes kept flickering to her large wide low-hanging chest and deep cleavage. “Oh yes you’re going to make nice big cum fountains” she laughed “And then I will put your lights out”. “You’re loopy!” “Ugly hag” “Oh stop whining and fight” the old woman says, shocking them. “Are you scared?” she asked as they stood there gawping. “You soon will be. Let’s rumble” she beckoned with her hands. “We ain’t scared of you” we’re going to beat you and leave you for dead”. I couldn’t believe it, these idiots seriously thought they could attack this well-built lady after the way she had handled them in the restaurant. My heartbeat rose in excited anticipation. Standing with her hands upon her hips she looked scary and unassailable. “Come on children, less talk more action or are you going to talk me to death?” her voice was scathing. “Perhaps you’re just going to stand there looking at my tits? Why don’t you whip your dicks out and save us all some time?” she sneered. That really annoyed them.

Giving each other not-so-subtle indications of the head, they spread out to come at the arrogant pensioner front and back at the same time. Carrying herself with a dignified air, the elderly lady stood with a dismissive set to her tightly held mouth. They had barely laid hands upon her upon her when hers flashed out to seize the wrists of the lad before her. With a fierce glowering look and mouth set in a wide unsettling grimace she ripped his arms wide then her fist streaked straight down the middle and slammed solidly against his throat. “Kkkkk!” a chilling sound of hard knuckles against vulnerable flesh, a look of shock hit his face as a horrid croak escaped his lips. The front of her dress flicked up with a flash of strong thick thighs, stocking tops and large shapely calves. “HAI!” she yelled as a full-throttled front kick soared effortlessly high. The sole of her shoe hammered hard against his sternum resonating loudly like a drum. For an instant a huge powerful slab flexed in her raised thigh, shining in sheer nylon sheen, as it made contact before the leg straightened. “Kkkkk!” he was lifted clean off his feet and went rocketing backwards at tremendous velocity. He jerked to a sudden stop in the air with one arm fully-stretched, restrained by the terrifying old lady’s steely grip upon his wrist. His feet dropped back to the ground with knees buckling beneath him as he slumped before the old crone. A swift kick to the front of his knees swept his legs clean away from under him, flipping him right over to land heavily upon his back.

All this happened so fast that the other lad didn’t have time to think. As he reached out to grab her from behind, the sturdy woman leant away and a high-heeled shoe rocketed back towards him, the pleated hem billowing in a delightfully feminine manner that exposed stocking tops and strong thighs. “HAI!” my dick lurched at the terrifying sound as the sole of her shoe slammed into his throat. His hands hadn’t even begun to fly towards his neck when she seized his wrist with both hands and spun around to face him. With a gruesome look upon her stony features that sent shivers down my spine, she forced his elbow into the air while bringing his forearm vertically down then savagely twisted it around. The lad was in pure agony forced by the snooty old lady to bend by her side. Forcing his hand sharply upwards at the wrist with one hand she pressed down upon the back of his elbow with the other causing a squeal of pain as she forced him to double right over with his head right by the side of a thick right leg. She looked seriously powerful, dominant and in total control, leaning over him with her leading leg bent slightly and the other stretched out behind. Bending his hand by her shoulder with one hand, the brawny forearm of her other arm pressed against his elbow while digging into his side for leverage. This wide-legged stance caused the calves of the lead leg to flex into large sharply-defined downward arrow-heads while stretching the pleated hem of her dress causing it to ride up to reveal thick sturdy legs with muscular thighs and strongly-shaped hamstrings. The sight of the matt black band of stocking tops and suspender belts running over an eye-watering amount of firm bare upper leg and a large wobbling bust proclaimed she was all woman.

The thick-set harridan was the picture of supreme female authority with a frightening emotionless expression on her wrinkled face, really pouring on the hurt. A widening of her broad mouth pushing up her cheeks indicated that she was enjoying dominating this lad. “I’ll teach you to mess with older women, boy” she growled keeping him bowed over looking at the ground in her wicked arm-lock. “YAH!” the pleats billowed around strong stocking-clad thighs as a solid-looking knee soared upwards. A terrible crunch and a wail of pain as it forcibly connected with his face blasting his head towards the sky with his neck straining to keep attached. Forced back into a stoop with his legs wobbling and face bloodied, the ageing she-devil bent back an arm across her shoulders. “YAH!” angling her body towards him, her elbow sped across her body angling down onto the base of his neck. A solid thud, a spasm of pain and the lad hit the ground.

With barely concealed contempt, the terrifying senior stared at the first lad down on one knee clutching his throat with his back to her. Swivelling her hips a knee rose with foot angled towards him, with a glimpse of strong muscular shapes sheathed in sheer black nylon. “YAH!” the lad jumped as that powerful leg stomped down the sole and high-heel on the base of his spine. Arching back in agony he collapsed face-first to the ground at her feet, barely stopping himself in time from going into a muddy puddle. “Best to stay down, boy. Best place for you” she told him in deep throaty authoritative voice, her face hard and expressionless as if set in stone. Underlining her superiority, she raised a foot with a long shin flanked by large meaty wings of solid calve muscle. Placing the sharp heel in the base of his neck and the flat of the sole on the middle, she pressed his face into the puddle. He began splashing around until those mighty calves directed fearsome power through the heel against the base of his neck. With a loud splutter he had no choice but to remain there subdued underfoot by an elderly lady. The way she stood with a hard stony face keeping the lad’s face in the muddy water was pure dominance that had me absolutely throbbing in my pants.

Once more this capable woman with hair so pale it was almost white unequivocally asserted her superiority over these yobs in a matter of seconds. Both were on the ground coughing and spluttering with their faces red and tears in their eyes while she stood majestically over them with a hard cold look of pure arrogance. “Oh do stop snivelling you little dweebs” she berated “You wanted to learn your lesson the hard way, so take it like men”. The sight of her standing victorious over the defeated lads set my manhood throbbing like crazy. “Or can’t you handle a pensioner”. From a pocket in her dress, she took out a phone and began to take pictures of them on their knees in defeat. “Oi!” one cried before breaking into a cough “what’d you think you’re doing”. The woman pressed a button before replying “soon your humiliation will be published all over social media as a warning to all loud-mouthed men who don’t show respect in public”. “Don’t you dare!” he yelled. “You haven’t got the balls to stop me” she stated. “Good signal, 5 bars, here goes” she taunted making a show of moving her index figure forwards. The knowledge that their shame was about to be made public spurred the lads to scramble to their feet.

Muddy face pulls a wicked-looking blade and waves it menacingly. The upper-class lady looked unconcerned. This was getting out of hand, should I help before she got stabbed? “Ain’t so cocky now are you? bitch” he sneers although her stony expression hadn’t changed one iota. “Now give it here, you ugly old crone”. “How tedious” she exaggerated a yawn “Put that down before someone gets hurt”. “Yeah, you” he cried and lunged forward. With a speed belying her age and build, her knee soared to waist height while leaning away. A blurred pulse and the sole of her shoe slams into his wrist. “Argh!” the knife fell from his hand. “Borrpph!” a lightning fast punch to the solar plexus, an open-palm against the jaw and he’s writhing on the ground.

Picking up the knife the other lad attacks. In a swift fluid motion her arm is thrown over his wrist, trapping it in the crook of her arm between a brawny forearm and the unmistakable bulge of big biceps swelling under her rolled-back sleeve. Turning so that the back of his arm is held straight across the top of her ample chest, her nearside fist rockets into his jaw at close-quarters blasting his face clean over his opposite shoulder then slams open-palmed against the back of his elbow, eliciting a shriek of pain. Twisting his arm he was forced to stoop forwards. “Hai!” the pleats flicked up as a blood-chilling kick across the front of his hunched body drove the point of her shoe right into his groin with a brutal solid sound that made me wince in sympathy. With a howl of anguish he was driven up onto his toes before a sharp twist of his arm skywards brought him swiftly down face-first to the earth. With a knee on the base of his neck and the other over his kidneys, the mature kick-ass pinned him in the dirt. His arm was pulled straight, angled back with the side of his forearm over her inner thigh. A hand pressed down on the back of his elbow while the other upon his palm bent it back at right-angles. The blade fell as he let out a cry of agony. With her dress riding high upon either side of his tortured arm showing the tops of her thighs and stocking tops, pinning the lad to the ground in such an agonising hold, it was a magnificent sight that made me want this amazing old lady in an intimate manner. He frantically slapped the ground with his free hand and kicked his feet for a good minute before she released him. “HAI!” a hard chop to the back of the neck sent him into a disturbing spasmodic episode.

Muddy-face was back looking worse for wear and snarling with rage. Throwing a punch at her head, the sophisticated lady ducked beneath the swinging arm then bounced back up. “YAH!” a lightning-fast punch to the solar plexus stops him in his tracks. “HAI!” a solid chop to the side of his neck caused him to twitch. “HA!” another across his throat reduced him to coughing. Grabbing the top of his arms, the tireless old lady raised her knee with a flash of stocking tops and muscled thighs. Slamming the sole of her shoe against the pit of his stomach her other knee bent in a controlled fall backwards. Looking shocked, he was pulled down with her. As her posh backside hits the ground she rolls onto her back. With his forward momentum his feet leave the ground, stunned to be looking down at the old woman as he goes flying over her in a speedy stomach throw. Hurtling at tremendous speed, his body whips above her atop a thick sexily-clad leg. His back slams into the dirt several feet away where he lays stunned. To my amazement the craggy-faced woman rolled herself forwards onto one bent leg with the foot upon the ground, giving a side-view of a marvellously shaped calve, before smoothly rising without using her hands. With the pleats billowing around strongly-built legs, she went from her back upon the ground to her feet in a single amazing step of flexibility, strength and stamina. His face turned ashen with dread as the formidable lady stood over him. “It’s time to deliver, boy” she says then crouched to slam a hand shaped like a claw between the top of his legs and took good hold of his groin. “Get up or I’ll lift you up by your testicles. Your choice?” she states. With the old lady maintaining a good grip on his balls, the lad hurriedly and awkwardly got to his feet.

He didn’t even get the chance to cry out as she grabbed his shoulders, and with the pleated hem sliding back along muscular thighs, her right knee powered high into the centre of his chest. “Worrragh!” bending forwards so sharply he was looking down the front of her blouse, but in no condition to appreciate the view nor that of her stocking tops as the knee remained impaled in his chest. With deliberate slowness so he appreciated how powerless he was, the white-blonde haired lady pulled his shoulders towards her, an act that pushed her knee further into his diaphragm causing his face to turn bright red. In excruciating agony, his face inched closer towards her harsh features until they were nose to nose. Her legs looked sensational with one raised sheathed in sexy lingerie and trailing a large beautifully shaped calve muscle below the knee incapacitating the lad. “Are you skilled in unarmed combat?” she asked in a husky tone. Leaning forwards, a long lingering lick up one side of his neck elicited strangulated groans caused by the tactile feel of her tongue against his skin. Her eyes never left his, their coldness bored into his soul, while her whole being radiated that she was used to being in complete control. With her raised knee flattening his diaphragm it was unsurprising that he couldn’t answer but the expression on his red face said it all, he was terrified. Her mouth spread in a wide gruesome smile. “No? Well I am” she whispered almost seductively before her face moved close to flick her tongue all the way up the side of his neck again, his groans signalling his discomfort at being stimulated by a wrinkly old woman. His hands came up to try to push her face away. “No!” the edge of her hand slashed across the inside of an elbow then the other before chopping the join of his neck. “Don’t touch” her aged wrinkled hand as solid as an axe made him jerk and twitch uncontrollably as his arms fell limp at his sides. Impaled upon her knee, he was powerless to stop her as her tongue worked it’s way up the other side of his neck licking from side to side driving him crazy with the sensation. “After humiliating a man in combat I love to rub it in by sexually humiliating him as well” she said in sensual low tones before tracking her tongue all the way from the left side of his neck, over the jawline then up the cheek and around the ear. It was electric to watch let alone be on the receiving end. My boner was throbbing so hard I found my hand on the front of my trousers and had to resist the urge to masturbate. Barely able to breathe, the lad managed to gasp out a few No’s. “Don’t deny it boy, you are really loving my Granny kisses” she cooed before repeating the process on the right side of his neck and face. “Cum” she with slow enunciation “fountain”, followed by an extended bout of licking around his ear that sent him into a frenzy making loud rapid gasps. He didn’t want to be turned on by the old hag but couldn’t help it. Finally lowering her knee revealed a very prominent bulge at the front of his trousers.

“Stand still” the mature boy-tamer barked with a fierce glare daring him to stop her and raising a knife-shaped hand in warning. She unzipped his flies and scooped out a very erect manhood. You could see that he wanted to stop her except his arms hung loose by his sides and was too scared of this dangerous old dragon. Taking his face with both hands, she pulled his face close to hers. “Cum” a long wide tongue licks slow and lingering tracing the outline of his lips drawing moans from the lad and causing his body to shake in a mix of fear and longing. “Fountain” she slowly emphasised each word. The tongue wriggled across the centre of his lips then forced it’s way inside as that gruesome mouth with the small vertical cuts forced itself against his, opening it wide to slip her tongue inside open to deliver a vigorous lengthy French kiss. The young man’s body writhed in a weird sort of dance, too weak and scared to stop her while making loud moaning noises. When she let go, his dick was rigid and beating up and down of it’s own accord. “Resistance is futile” she purred adding a lick of her tongue around her lips that made his meat beat again. Suddenly a thick arm slid around the back of his head pulling the back of his neck into the armpit and closing the forearm across his throat locking him in a side-headlock. Massive solid mounds bulged under the sleeve making his neck seem tiny and puny as she pulled the side of his face so close that he was once again within range of her stimulating tongue. Slipping a hip behind him and a thigh pressing into his back he was forced to lean back with his legs bending beneath. With a knee pressing into the small of his back she pulled back his head while elegantly folding herself into a low crouch. The youth however now had a severely bent spine with his legs bent awkwardly beneath him. Twisting his face in her strong head-lock towards her the terrifying woman forced her tongue into his mouth while edging his dick with the other hand. Despite what must have been an agonising position, he began thrusting his hips rhythmically with his face flushing and sweating. As soon as his mouth was free while she worked on long lingering licks of her tongue, he was moaning loudly. The sight was so stimulating that I found myself rubbing the front of my trousers and had to force myself to stop in case she heard my moans of pleasure and discovered me watching.

Just as he looked to be on the edge of cumming, the old lady removed her skilled hand from his dick and moved her face away. “Please, please” he begged weakly. “Remember what I said I was going to turn you into?” she asked in low seductive tones. With that she reversed the arm around his neck so her biceps were across his throat and the forearm hooked around the back of his neck. His head was now bent right back, looking out upside-down from behind her back in a form of reverse dragon sleeper hold. Her other arm was slipped beneath his other armpit and took good hold behind his shoulder while a knee pressed into the small of his back. Bent back almost double, a very erect dick pointed towards the sky. Remarkably in this painful position his cock gave periodic strong lurches that got stronger and more frequent. Suddenly a huge stream of white cum shot from it like a volcano sending a mighty spurt high into the air. “Cum fountain” the old woman slowly announced in glee. “Argh!” she pulled his head back even further while pressing hard with her knee into his back. More long sperm spurts shot into the air, each getting weaker than the last. Finally they stopped and the fearsome lady opened her arm to let the doubled form of the lad tumble senselessly to the forest floor. Jeez I nearly creamed myself with a very heavy load but somehow managed to assert control and avert disaster.

Gracefully straightening to her normal height the striking but terrifying elderly lady set eyes on the other lad, who had been watching with a look of fascinated horror although failing to hide that he too was aroused. “Your turn” she tells him “get up and face your fate, boy”. Fixing him with a cold hard stare she approached with deliberate slowness savouring the terror she instilled. “No, no, it’s not right. You’re sick” he whimpered and began backing away like a crab on the ground. She raised her hands in front of her, open-palmed with fingers straight and held together. “These hands can cut through steel. Get up or you’ll find out what they can do to your body” “No old bag going to wank me off” he babbled trying to keep away. Suddenly moving into a slightly crouched stance with her knife-hands poised as if ready for action, turned his face pale. “HAI!” she shouted waving her knife-hands menacingly, looking far tougher than I would care to handle. He freaked, leapt up and began running towards the other side of the clearing.

I’d thought that he had got away when the big old lady broke into a tremendous run, pounding after him in an incredible sprint with her pleated dress billowing around the top of her thick strong legs. She set such a pace that the hem flew up over stocking tops and suspender belts. I’d experienced how fast she walked but never expected a big woman her age could run so fast, especially in heels. Her big calves looked massive and powerful, getting a good pump as they accelerate her, becoming more rocky and defined. I also saw how her big thighs stood solidly proud and strong as she closed to head him off. Showing no sign of exertion those strong legs powered her close to her prey. Almost upon him those big calves flexed into thick slabs of deeply cleft striated muscle then astonished me again as she sprang high into the air. Her amazing forward momentum continued making it seem like the regal old lady was flying through the air with one leg leading and the other tucked under. With the hem of her dress billowing around her hips showing her sexy strong legs in all their glory, the mature huntress dropped kicked the fleeing youth. “Unnnh!” the sole of her shoe slammed like a speeding rocket into his temple sending him sprawling sideways to the ground.

The dangerous old lady leant forwards to stare at the badly shaken lad lying on the floor. “You’re not going anywhere until you blast for me” she stated firmly. “No, no” crying in panic he leapt to his feet again but before he can run, a veiny wrinkled hand slashes down in a lightning-fast series of hard chops. “Hai Hai Ha!” her hand is a blur striking the sides of his neck, temples, side, chest, arm joints and other points on his torso faster than the eye could follow. His body was jerking and twitching like a demented mannequin. Seizing his right arm she spun around pulling it over a broad shoulder, bringing his front against her back. Shoving her backside into his groin, it moved against his manhood as she stooped sharply forwards. His eyes went wide in surprise at the sensation of his dick moving over a firm female behind, then shock at being loaded on her back with his feet in the air before whipping over her shoulder and hurtling towards the ground. Retaining his arm with both hands the strident lady immediately forced him back to his feet, looking dazed.

Keeping hold of his wrist and with her pleats swirling around the tops of her thick powerful-looking thighs, the tireless woman leant away and unleashed a lightning-speed torrent of kicks. High-arcing back-kick to his right ear, high-sidekick crushing the left side of his jaw followed by a high strike of the top of her shoe close to his left ear. Spinning right around, a spinning back kick plunged straight into his gut with such force that sent him flying through the air until his back slammed heavily against the trunk of a tree so hard the leaves rain down around him like it was autumn.

Slowly stepping forwards in a regal authoritative swagger that oozed dominant ruthlessness, the elderly predator cornered her prey. With a tight knowing smirk and cold staring eyes, the almost-white haired woman slowly began to undo buttons at the top of her dress below the low v-neck. Unable to tear his eyes away from the expanding display of bust his breathing got heavier and chest rose and fell deeper. “Orrrrr” he groaned in wanton lust at the sexy sight of the underside of her large breasts as they curved away from a deep cleavage beneath her ballooning curvaceous breasts. Preserving her dignity the unbuttoning went no further, leaving her nipples covered. “I think you want to touch me with more than a bargepole” she remarked moving her eyes down to look at the lad’s dick as it lurched strongly. Placing her hands upon her hips she stared into his eyes for several moments, intimidating him before planting her knee against his groin with a firm press. “Try to move it at your peril” she warns. He looks too terrified to even try. With her raised knee keeping him in place, her hands grab the front of his T-shirt and pull in opposite directions. Thick vascular sail-shaped forearms bulge with power tearing the shirt apart with loud ripping sounds, shredding it from his body in 3 moves from top to bottom.

Lowering her knee she raises an open-palmed knife hand in warning. “Don’t even think of it”. Her wrinkled hands reach for the top of his trousers and unbuckles his belt. “No” he moaned trying to stop her with his hands. A crushing chop from the side of her aged hand and a firm upward thrust of her knee against his groin silences further objection. Unbuttoning his jeans, they come swiftly down around his ankles. “You’re going to enjoy this” she looks into his eyes with a gruesome side smile “well I am”. Grabbing his pants with both hands, her strong forearms and hands rip them off in a single motion. His dick springs out like a ruler, already stiff. “All those nasty things you were saying about me yet you’re rock hard for me” her husky voice tells him. He can’t stop looking at her aged wrinkled face in fascinated horror.

Like a striking cobra, the scary lady blasts the sole of her shoe into his throat, pinning him against the tree. Her leg was so steeply angled it looked like she was holding him part way up. The skirt had ridden completely over her hips giving full view of her sexy thick stocking-clad legs one planted on the ground while the other angled high to his neck. Leaning in close her hands reach for his dick. Showing great suppleness for her age, she began giving him long slow teasing pumps of her hand that had his dick getting stiffer by the second while he turned red and frantically tried to pull her foot from his throat to no avail. The woman’s flexibility and stamina was amazing for any age, pinning the lad effortlessly in a foot choke while skilfully arousing him. After several minutes of this it was visibly giving strong lurches on its own. She stopped and lowered her foot to the ground. The yob fell back against the tree clutching his neck with both hands while coughing and spluttering while sporting a very prominent hard-on.

“Let me give you a cuddle” the woman said with the barest hint of a smirk on her cold impassive face. Before he could react her arms whipped out to wrap themselves around his lower back, trapping his arms against his sides, pulling his front tight against her chest. “Urrgghh!” he groaned, gasped and cried in the same breath as she lifted him high crushing his belly against her well-endowed bust as she pulled him into a literally breath-taking bear-hug. Large firm horseshoe shapes bulged beneath her sleeves, unmistakably developed triceps. Similarly swelling shapes indicated well-developed shoulder caps and thick biceps. The old lady was built like a fricking tank! His bare chest was now level with the woman’s crinkly gruesome mouth ringed by lots of little deep cut like folds. Crushing the life out of him in her thick powerful arms, her mouth licked and sucked on his nipples driving him wild with arousal and powerless to resist. Lowering him until he was on his toes face to face, he was red-faced and gasping for breath in big powerful arms which although sleeved except for her formidable forearms seemed more than capable of breaking him in two. She held him there, never taking her eyes off him with a stone cold expression, watching him barely cling on to consciousness. He watched in morbid fascination and a throbbing dick as her lips parted slightly and her tongue ran around her lips suggestively. Held tight in her strong arms he was unable to move as that craggy mouth moved against his, her lips forcing it wide for her tongue to slip in. A very long deep French kiss from the old woman while immobile in her crushing bear-hug had him bucking his hips in no time. His revulsion of kissing the old crinkly was replaced by pure lust as the tactile sensations overwhelmed him. Still French kissing him, he was lowered to his toes where the gruesome granny held him in place with just one arm and the other slipped to his dick and began vigorously working him off. I am so aroused that I had to get my own man-rod and wank off at the sight of this amazing old lady completely dominating the lad so ruthlessly both physically and sexually.

Just when I thought the lad was about to blow his load, she stopped edging him and forced him in front of her with his back to her. Before realised what was going on, a thick sturdy arm hooked itself around the front of his neck trapping it between a broad rippling forearm and the big hard bulge of her sleeve-covered biceps pulling his head right back. Locking off an exceptional tight sleeper hold, her other forearm pressed across the back of his neck. She whispered loudly into his ear “Time for you to become a”. “Cum” a long lick up the back of his ear made the young man’s dick lurch up and down on it’s own like a demented drumstick. “Fountain” streams of hot sticky cum blasted high into the air in several pulses that progressively got weaker. As they did the hard-faced old woman tightened the headlock, forcing his face skywards leaving him clutching at her strong arms while his face turned bright red, choking with drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. “I could put you out instantly” she whispered in his ear “but you pulled a knife of me, so what the heck”. Openly toying with him, she kept working the headlock prolonging his humiliation and suffering while openly demonstrating her superiority over him. The realisation that this woman could finish him for good whenever she wanted and powerless to stop her must have been highly arousing as his dick got rigid again leading to several more minor eruptions.

What a woman! My own dick was blasting massive amounts more than I could control, over and over again. I was getting into a right mess. When the almost-white haired lady tightened her big thick arms savagely, his eyes rolled up inside his head and he began to make horrid choking noises before slumping in her arms with a loud series of snorts. The sight of him finally passing out made me blast again and again when she threw his body dismissively to the ground. I felt absolutely drained.

To my alarm I heard her footsteps approaching my hiding place to collect her jacket. I suddenly realise that if she leaves the glade the same way she entered she would catch me cum-spattered and with my dick out. As quietly as I could I slowly got down low into the bushes as best I could and tried to keep still. Trembling with my heart pounding so loudly that surely she could hear. Peeping beneath the bushes I stare in astonishment at the sheer size of her massive muscular calves barely inches from my face while she puts on her jacket. Raised upon heels, very slim ankles flare out into thick wide slabs of developed calve muscle, well-defined and glowing with good tone through sheer black nylons. I breathe a sigh of relief as the sexy calves head away from me towards the far side of the glade before remembering that this was exactly the type of woman I came here to meet. Cleaning myself the best I could and zipping my bits away I quickly tried to give pursuit but soon lost her among the trees. Feeling down that I lost my dream woman I decided to call it a day and head back to the visitor’s centre to see if they could help find me a room for the night. After telling me everywhere in the area was fully booked they offered me a reasonably priced room in one of the small outbuildings dotted around the estate. In retrospect I should have noted how the lady kept glancing down at her phone and the strange smile or was it sympathy in her eyes.

2. The Dragon’s Lair
It turned out that the lodgings were board only, so I drove to King’s Lynn and had a good pub meal. Returning to the estate some time later and following the instructions I had been given brought me to a small isolated rustic worker’s cottage that I had all to myself. The upper floor had been turned into a large, spacious and comfy bedsit with a large open seating area, double bed and en-suite bathroom. It was very nice but I was weary after the day’s events so decided on an early night. As it was rather hot and sticky with no air-con, I left the big upstairs windows open. With no neighbours or passers-by to peer in, I didn’t close the curtains in hope of a cooling breeze. Pushing the covers to the bottom of the bed, I got on in just my boxer shorts, turned off the lights and settled down to get some sleep.

A creaking floorboard, a soft footstep on the carpet, a dark silhouette barely discernible in the unlit room. Unmistakably feminine, full and shapely with a large bust, it reminded me of the fearsome woman I’d seen earlier. Was this the Dragon come to give me my groin’s desire? In the low light levels I swore I could make out white-blonde hair in that style of hers. She had made such an impact on me I was dreaming about her! As my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw the figure with her back to me standing by the dresser clad in a figure hugging black leather catsuit and thigh-length boots. With that figure it was unquestionable a ‘she’ with a marvellous broad back tapering to a smaller waist and out again to a breath-taking tightly-wrapped firm black rounded peach clad in sensual skin-tight leather that called to my groin. In alarm I realised that she was going through my stuff! This wasn’t a dream! The lady with the great arse was stealing my wallet!

In an instant I was alert with muscles taut as springs leaping out of bed towards the intruder. Grabbing her from behind I tried to restrain the thief. Orrr! a hard rounded backside thrust into my groin with an exciting electric touch. “HAI!” I jumped as a leather-clad arm pumped back. “Nnrrrff!” the point of an elbow hammered against my sternum; “YA!” and jaw, whipping my head back so hard I saw stars. Leaning forwards, a thick leg struck like a cobra slamming into the top of my gut. “Woragh!” winded, my feet left the floor from a shockingly powerful kick. The dark-clad figure stepped close seizing my right wrist. “HAI!” the edge of a hand slashed across my throat. A horrid croak left my lips as I began to choke. In the gloom I saw a knee soar high with heeled boot aiming for my head. “HAI!” like an arrow released from a bow it streaked towards my face. In fright I throw up my forearm. “Ow!” the leading shin of her boot slams into it sending numbing lances of pain throughout my arm which flops uselessly by my side. “YAH!” an arc of movement and the top arch of her foot smashes into my jaw. With the taste of blood in my mouth, my head flies back over my shoulders. Staggering, the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed and I tumble onto it. Lying there, I am stunned that the thief had taken me apart so easily. I thought myself tougher than that and steeled myself to get up and fight back.

I’m about to make my move when there’s a click and the low-level room lights come on. I am gob-smacked at the sight of a mature woman clad in a skin-tight black leather catsuit and black high-heeled thigh-boots moulded over a powerfully shaped physique. Slinky and sexy with the reflected lights shimmering and rippling with every move in a sensual and alluringly feminine manner, I was practically drooling. Atop that erotically-clad figure was the once-handsome face of a fierce-looking woman with almost white hair. “So, Fotios, if that is your real name” a low gravelly privileged voice says with a glance at my passport in her hand. “It is” I gasp “I’m stunned and excited to be in the same room as you” I blurt out. “You’re…” “Ah-ah!” a finger rose in warning. “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing” stony hard eyes bored into me. “Dr. Porter-Bowl or Clarissa if you’re getting familiar” “You’re The Dragon” I gasp in excitement rising from the bed. “You’re amazing. You look incredible” I babble with rising desire. Her old wrinkled face is nothing to write home about but the way she glares at me like she could rip me to shreds really turns me on. That figure-hugging leather made the crabby old lady an erotic vision of a real stern dominatrix rather than some bored-looking whore. But it’s not her face that I’m interested in although that fearsome appearance added a strange dangerous attraction.

“HAI!” a well-shaped thigh-boot clubs the top of my head shockingly fast and hard. “YA!” belying her age and build her legs flipped apart with staggering agility in a blaze of reflected light off tight leathers, nailing the top of my chest with a pointed toe. “YA!” the same leg whipped around my head to blast the shin against the back of my neck. “HA! HA!” the top of a boot hammers the other side of my neck and top of my head in a single fluid move. Jeez! Her kicks are so quick and strong, only then did I remember Jim saying Clarissa was in The Elite Death Squad and clearly had lost none of her skills. Seizing my right wrist she powered a lightning fast thunderbolt kick into my side that made me squeal. “HAI!” Her leg came up fast, coming out of no-where, straight and vertical to blast my jaw, whipping my head right back with my knees buckling beneath me.

“Ow!” a twist of my arm stopped me falling and folded me over as a hand pressed against the back of my elbow. Bent over at 90 degrees I marvelled at how the catsuit clung to the old woman’s body like a second skin with her legs stretching the leather with thick powerful shapes adorning her outer thighs like granite slabs. “YA!” “Orraghh!” a twitch of her right leg and a knee mashed my mouth, bruising my lips and making my teeth ache. A brutal twist of my wrist and I was on my knees with my nose less than an inch from the top of a booted foot while my right arm was painfully twisted at the shoulder and pulled vertically behind me with the brush of leather against my bare skin. “Arghh!” she pressed back my hand. “You’re the one who’s been following me. Who are you? A stalker?” the fierce lady growled, further pressing back my hand for added pain. “No, no” I begged. With a sexy shiny thigh-boot close to my face reflecting the room lights in a wonderful shimmer, I was awed by how they managed to contain her large muscular calves. “You don’t know how much I long to be with you, after the way you handled those rude lads. You are incredible!” I gasped although my wrist felt like it would shatter at any moment. “I followed in case you needed help”. “Did it look like I needed any help?” the stern leather-sheathed Goddess standing over keeping me in agony sneered. “Am I am weak old lady that needs a man to protect me?” “Ah ah!” my hand was at snapping point. The boot toe was shoved in my face “Kiss it and apologise or this weak old lady will break your wrist and elbow with the slightest of pressures” I’m not into that foot-fetish stuff but her raw dominance was seriously turning me on. I kissed the toe, tentatively at first then working along the top of the foot getting more passionate as this became a manner to release the sexual frustration she had been instilling in me all day. “Oh you really turn me on. I want to worship you all night long” I moaned. “You were perving on me, I heard your heavy breathing and smelt your seed” she accused as I worshipped her foot. “I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t help myself. The way you destroyed and dominated those yobs. I’d love to be physically and sexually dominated by you like that; but in a more tender, loving way” I admitted. The way she just glared at me made me nervous wondering whether I’d had said too much.

Powerless to stop her, Clarissa inflicted more painful manipulation of my wrist and elbow forcing me to rise slowly with my face rubbing up over those incredibly long sexy thigh-boots and then that sturdy power-packed catsuit. My journey upwards lingered over her wide low slung bust where I couldn’t help noticing the prominence of her big areolae and erect nipples pushing out the soft leather like large studs. Physically dominating me made her aroused as I was. The size of her arms with strong bulges stretching the leather and delineating big shoulder caps, biceps and triceps was intimidating close up. Exciting me with every inch, the strict mature lady drew me up until we were face to face, where she held me for several uncomfortable seconds staring at me with cold intimating eyes and hard aged features. While far from beautiful in the conventional sense, she once must have been quite handsome before the ravages of time had imparted a fierce and scary countenance that could intimidate any man. Yet there was something in her powerful physique, combat skills and dominant attitude that greatly aroused me. I wanted this woman like no other I had before. “You followed me earlier but I lost you” she accused. “I saw you jogging and when I saw those amazing calves I just had to follow to get a better look. They are really incredible. You’re really a very sexy woman” “Really” she said unimpressed, taking my trembling hands and placing them upon her hips. “And what do think of this little get-up? Not exactly Saville Row I know” she asked guiding my palms up to her waist on either side, then sliding them up to the sides of her large bust then back again. The feel of soft leather gliding beneath my hands was sensual, triggering primal urges. Despite being almost grey-haired, that incredible figure in a leather skin moulded tightly to every contour, was obviously well muscled making my dick grow stiffer by the second. “Incredible! I want to make mad passionate love to you” I groaned “Yes I thought you would say something like that” she remarked. Running my palms from her navel, over a firm belly to a startlingly soft malleable large bust, my fingers were guided to a small zip close to her throat. “A woman who wears a figure hugging leather catsuit has to be confident” she drew my hands slowly downwards unzipping the front. The edges fell apart to reveal large rounded orbs of breast that left me moaning in desire. “Strong enough to deal with horny men” The zip went lower until the underside of her large orbs were visible with no sign of a bra. The sight of large fleshy boobs meeting together like two balloons with a deep enticing cleavage between drove me to extreme levels of longing that I had never experienced before. “Oh you sexy dragon” I moaned trying to kiss her.

“Woragh” the buxom GILF‘s knee soared high slamming cruelly just below my rib-cage, lifting my feet completely off the floor as shock-waves spasmed through my diaphragm. With the tantalising view of her firm partially-uncovered breasts, she rose onto her toes while leaning into me as a sensuous length of leather-clad thigh-boot streaked upward hammering the knee right into the same spot but sinking much deeper. “Nnngh!” I groaned through clenched teeth with little breath to give. With her knee still buried in my upper stomach, the edge of a wrinkly old hand slashed down upon the rear of my neck on one side. “HAI!” my head jerked violently while a wave of nausea tinged my mouth, my vision darkened and my senses faded. With a chilling ferocity in her face that really scared me, the nearly-white haired woman grabbed the back of my neck with both hands and again powered that knee high with great stamina and flexibility. The big solid knee thundered into the middle of my gut with such force, I felt myself riding it as my feet left the floor before crashing heavily to the carpet.

A pair of heeled shimmering black thigh-boots moulded around dramatic strong muscular shapes filled my vision as I lay gasping for breath with pained constrictions in my chest. My gaze followed those sexy leather pillars of dominant womanhood up to a sturdy yet curvaceous figure and a stern face glaring down at me in an expression of impatience. “Oh do man up” the privileged lady rebuked “You’re just as bad as the stable-boys. They can’t take their punishment either” she leant forwards to address me lying on the floor. “Look at you. Big macho man destroyed by a woman old enough to be your grandmother” she sneered. Breasts like flesh-coloured beach balls hung in the partially unzipped catsuit, two unrestrained sexy globes beckoning to my dick. With boobs like those it didn’t matter what her face looked like, I wanted to bang her to infinity and beyond. Charged with testosterone I forced myself to my feet. “I told you the truth” I tried to hide the fear as I faced her. “Lord you look amazing” I groan in desire running my hands up the sides of her body enjoying the feel of that sexy second skin. “Oh botheration. You really are a pest” she sighed as my hands wander to that alluring opening where her breasts are on the verge of busting out. “Such a sensational body” I groaned reaching for the zip to set them free. In a flash her arms shot up through the middle of mine and sprang outwards with the edge of her hands chopping across the top of each elbow making them tingle and fall numb.

Grabbing the back of my neck Clarissa pulled my face down to watch in horror as a knee sped up towards me. “Arghh!” hammering my jaw, my teeth mashed together as my head tore back in a blinding blaze of lights behind my eyelids. I would have crashed to the floor if she hadn’t seized my right wrist and twisted it forcing me to stay upright. Turning around she pulled my arm over her shoulder and leant forwards, thrusting back firm buttocks wrapped in shiny black leather. Pulled against her back, the solid feel of her backside pressing into my groin had my dick lurching uncontrollably inside my boxers. She leant further forward and the feel of my groin sliding over that sexy firm slick leather peach almost made me lose my load completely. The next instant I was tumbling over her shoulder at terrifying speed. The floor came up much too fast and slammed into my back making me cry out. The harsh woman still had hold of my wrist with my right arm vertical in front of her sexy thigh-boots. “Oh do stop whining. Get up or suffer multiple-fractures of your arm which will never heal properly. Your choice” the striking woman was as tough and unforgiving as she looked. Pressing a knee against the back of my elbow to over-stretch my arm, I shrieked in pain. “What were you thinking?” she scoffed with my arm on the point of breaking. “You saw how I handled those yobs. Did you really think you were a match for me?” I had no choice but to struggle to rise, sure she would really break my arm.

“Please, I don’t want to fight you. Much the contrary” I told her holding my hands out in supplication, trying not to wince at the pain in my arm. “What you want doesn’t matter” she stated, facing me in a wide-sideways stance with her hands raised like knife blades. I felt unease as the sturdily-built lady looked such a capable fighter. She must have noticed for she lowered her hands, moved her legs closer together in a more relaxed stance and softened her fierce glare. That form-fitting soft leather catsuit was so alluring that I could only stand and stare in rapture as she slowly approached with a seductive swagger to her broad hips. Pressing up against me in a provocative manner made me think my luck was in. Without warning the leather-clad granny grabbed me around the neck and fell backwards while a knee came up and buried the sole of a shimmering thigh-boot in the pit of my stomach. “Woah!” I was falling down towards her then momentarily supported upon a raised thigh-boot as she lay on her back beneath me. Less than a heartbeat later I was hurtling overhead at tremendous speed in a longitudinal tumble before my back slammed against the carpet.

She must have rolled right back up again as she had outside for the next instant she stood over me facing me with her legs astride my upper chest. My view from the floor is sensational. I’m looking up at the zip running over the leather mound at her crotch with a sensational view of her cat-suited strong body and thrusting breasts sticking out like a sexy wobbling shelf high above. In alarm I realise that crotch is falling towards my face. “Mmmm!” I cry against the soft leather smothering my nose and mouth while thick sheathed thighs angle either side of my head, bent at the knees to pin my shoulders, although the weight bearing down on my upper chest is enough to stop me going anywhere even if I wanted to. “Mmmm!” my dick lurches at being in such a compromising position with my face in her crotch. The catsuit is so tight I swear I can feel a camel-toe against my lips. Before I could show my appreciation, she grabbed the top of my head and rolled off to the side, taking me with her with my face stuck firmly between her thighs. Her calves fold behind my head as we roll so when I came to a halt on my side facing the strong old lady, a meaty calve across the back of my neck locked my face tightly against her leather-clad crotch. In an instant I was screaming into her pussy at the excruciating pressure crushing down upon my head. Stuck between them, her thighs were massive and unbelievably strong. “Mmmm!” my hands fly to the outside of her thighs yet seem so far away from my poor head. Powerful muscular shapes bulge and flex beneath the leather exerting an unrelenting inward crushing pressure on my head. “Mmmm!” I’ve never felt anything like it and feel my skull is going to crack under the strain. Her thighs may be big but certainly not fat. They were solid and hard, bulging fearsomely like lead balloons beneath the leather. “You’ll be begging to get in there soon enough” I heard her state over the buzzing in my ears.

“Mmmm! Mmm!” my whole skull is bending out of shape and will surely split in two. I frantically tap my hands against her big hard thighs but the woman ignores me. “Still think I need help taking care of myself?” she growled then pulsed her thighs, jerking my head up and down, rubbing my face against her crotch like a slot-racer. “Not bad legs for a defenceless old granny” she mocked over the banging of my heart in my ears and the creaking of my skull. The pain is so intense, I am in tears and keep slapping for mercy on those big merciless thighs. She continues to squeeze me in the agonising face-scissors for several minutes, her leather-clad thighs around my ears so tight I can no longer hear her. “Please no more” I beg, the sound muffled by her crotch, tapping futility on her strong unforgiving thighs.

Finally after I think I’m going to die, the pressure eased and Clarissa lifts my face up to look at hers. “Who sent you?” she demands in a stern tone. “No-one” I gasped. With that she began to push my face back towards her crotch. “Jim Priest” I screamed petrified of going back in there. She stopped with a quizzical look. “I asked him how to meet women like you” I told her scared of her big skull crushing thighs. “That explains that then” she said looking at my groin which was sporting a huge throbber in my boxers despite the splitting agony in my head. Reaching across to my boxers, her wrinkled liver-spotted hands took hold of them in the centre and in a single outward move shredded them exposing my manhood. “Not bad” she remarked “I suppose you expect to plunge that inside me? Well think again. I love to play with men who think I’m an ugly hag until they’re moaning in sexual delirium, begging for release and then blasting their load in frustration” “I don’t think you’re ugly” I said for she was kind of handsome and exciting in a strict mature domme kind of way. Before I could move, a thick arm shot out and wrapped itself around my head in a tight lock hauling me irresistibly to my feet. Releasing me, I faced the dominant old mistress and watched dumbfounded as she unzipped the front of the body-clinging catsuit to the waist and then slipped her arms out, allowing the soft leather to fall down and hang around her hips.

I stare in awe at her upper body, exposed in all it’s glory. Clothed she seemed like a frumpy well-to-do mature woman, but topless had an extraordinary level of muscular development that would have been remarkable for any woman but especially one of her years and social standing. Even though I had seen the signs of a muscular physique, I wasn’t prepared for the reality of it. The elderly lady had a stunning level of muscularity that would have shamed most top-level female bodybuilders. She clearly spent many hours working out but why would a cultured lady do that? Unless Jim’s stories hinted at the truth and she was indeed a former member of a secret political assassination squad. I had seen her scary vascular forearms when she dealt with the lads in the glade but now I was faced with thick traps forming triangular slabs from the back of the neck to her shoulders and well-developed arms with large pronounced biceps that looked intimidating even though at rest with thick veins running down the middle. Even the triceps at the back of her arms were large dense and developed. Her stomach was hard and sculpted with a grid-work of abdominals that I just wanted to get down and kiss and lick along the grooves between the blocks of muscle. Most arousing of all was the way that her naturally large breasts hung like two firm rounded orbs well supported without a bra due to well-developed pectorals. “Are you scared? Most men are at this sight” the posh old lady asked. “No” I gasped lustfully “you’re my perfect kind of woman”

A hand darted out and forcibly slams me up against the wall, pressing a strongly-built body against me. The old crone’s face comes right up to mine and fixes me with a hard stare. I do my best not to flinch under her withering gaze. Raising her right arm out to the side level with her shoulders, she bends the thick rugged sail-shaped forearm with fist clenched in towards her head. She studies my reaction as a thick mound swells on her upper arm growing into a stupefying huge softly rounded hill before hardening into peaked biceps of a truly breath-taking size. Flexed right in front of my face I felt small and intimidated knowing that this mature lady had muscles several orders of magnitude larger than mine. Those huge fearsome biceps was replaced by her equally intimidating face which came right up close. “This is the age of the cougar” she rasps in a seductively low tone sending shivers down my spine making me recall that frightening old battleaxe from that lame TV show. Her tongue flicks out giving me a long lingering lick up the right side of my neck that has me both squirming and lustfully groaning while my dick gave big lurches.

Without warning the topless old dragon bent before me thrusting an arm between my legs then rising, causing me to fall across her broad shoulders. “Now for my fun” she chuckled in a seductive throaty voice as she pressed me towards the ceiling. Looking down at the topless muscle-laden form beneath me I was again stunned by the sheer power of this mature woman and wondered whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Turning, she carried me pressed above her head with ease until she stood before the bed and then threw me onto it from that great height making me bounce several times. Oh what a woman! I hadn’t even stopped bouncing when she leapt on top facing my feet and closing her big leather-clad legs. “No please!” I begged scared that she was about to crush my skull again. However she slid back until my chin was right up against the apex of her legs with my vision dominated by her ample backside. “I will not tolerate disobedience” she scolded. Right before my eyes her buttocks moved together like two leather-clad cannon balls mashing up against one another in a rugged muscular fault-line, clenching together becoming more compact and muscularly hard. It was a sight that made my dick get harder as they got tighter, pert and very sexy. “Argk!” my hands flew to the back of her legs as her thighs tightened like steel-plates against the sides of my neck exerting a brutal crushing force while her huge hamstrings bulged like black leather walls on either side of my face. “Please I’m sorry” I begged grabbing the back of her huge iron-hard hamstrings trying to prise them away from my neck. Using all my strength, they won’t budge even a centimetre. The mature lady had me helpless between her killer thighs and I knew that she could finish me in seconds. Oddly enough the thought made my dick lurch even more.

My head was swimming and I was close to blacking out when the dreadful pressure eased to a more comfortable level. In astonishment I felt a hand caressing my shaft and I relaxed, enjoying the slow gentle strokes that reinforced it’s rigidity. “Orrr!” I felt a strong, long serpentine tongue curl around the head then skilfully work it’s way down the shaft to the base then back again. This happened several times leaving me breathing heavily and enjoying it. I moved my hands to that beautiful big backside in front of me to enjoy the feel of the leather as I caressed their roundness. “Orrrr!” I moaned louder as her warm wet mouth engulfed my erection and began moving up and down in a slow tantalising steady motion that had it growing harder and stiffer. “Arghh arghh!” her glutes clench incredibly tight beneath my hands powering down a soul-destroying squeeze with her huge legs swelling up to frightening proportions on either side of my face. “This is to remind you that this is for my amusement and not your pleasure” I just about made out her voice over the muffling of her big inner thighs. Thankfully the neck-crusher eased and I tried to enjoy the blow job from this remarkably dangerous old lady. This went on for while. Having a woman hold me in a reverse head-scissors while sucking my dick was heaven except for the regular bursts of brutal scissoring which had me screaming, reminding me who was in complete control. It subdued my erection keeping it going for what seemed like ages, far longer than normal. I was in ecstasy and agony.

Sudden her mouth went all the way down to the base in a single thrust. “Ohmigod Ohmigod Ohmigod!” I moaned. The harsh-faced lady had deep throated me! and it was wonderful, like nothing I’d experienced before. Right back up past the head in a sloppy slurp and down again, back and forth bobbed her head driving me into ecstasy. She was unbelievably skilful, working me to the edge with delicate precision placement of her tongue, deep sucks that seemed to urge the seed from my balls and those mind-blowing deep throats that had me moaning like an idiot. “Oh you’re incredible!” I cried tying to cope with the amazing sensations of her lips, tongue and mouth taking my manhood whole. The woman withdrew with a loud slurp. “A lady who can deep-throat a man properly can own him totally” she stated “And if you think I’m doing this for your pleasure”. Her glutes clenched into tight sexy black shiny balls of leather as big muscular legs of truly destructive power crushed my neck, threatening to pop my skull right off at any moment. Oh God, it hurt so bad! I had done a bit of wrestling in my youth but had never faced such overwhelming power from male opponents! Her elderly thighs were annihilating me! I was frantically tapping on the solid sides of her thighs and screaming for mercy and of course receiving none. Just when I thought I was finished, the shocking pressure eased off. “Armed with skills like these a woman is more than capable of controlling and destroying a man in the bedroom. Let me demonstrate” her voice faded in, now that her inner thighs weren’t ramming against my ears. I groaned loudly as that wonderful aged mouth totally engulfed my being and plunged all the way to the bottom whereupon her tongue flicked out and began licking all around the base. “Oh whataWoman whataWoman!” I groaned as she sent me to new heights of delirium. A hand lifts my balls while she deep-throats me and her tongue licked those too! “Oh Clarissa! You Goddess!” I cried, bucking my hips with the desperate need to cum. A hard flex of her steel-hard glutes powered another tight squeeze putting a stop to that, devouring my head like a muscular serpent. “Orrrrrr!” such skill. She resumed throating me deeply and licking my balls. A man hasn’t got a chance against a tongue and mouth like that. The old lady was a sexual demon, pumping tirelessly all the way down my shaft licking around the base and balls then sucking all the way back up again. That wrinkled old mouth and thick raspy tongue turned me into a babbling idiot as she performed the most amazing brain salad surgery on me. I would do anything for a woman like that!

Faster and faster, her head moved up and down the full length of my shaft as I became unbearably stiff and aching to blast. In desperation to cum I’m bucking my hips. Without warning, the mature lady stopped, freed me and slid back behind my head. Forcing me to sit up in front of her, my dick was making wild strong lurches on it’s own. A big strong arm hooked around my neck and throat, locking off with her other arm which pressed a brawny forearm against the back of my neck. To my horror, I realised she had me in a tight sleeper hold. “Watch and observe my mastery of a man’s penis” she whispered in my ear followed by a long lick which drove me crazy. Despite the dangerous hold I was in, I couldn’t stop bucking my hips which only served to force my neck deeper into her choke hold. The pressure built in my dick which seemed to have a life of it’s own. Several huge lurches then it erupted hard as though it was trying to drain my balls in one go. “Oh my!” she exclaimed as a thick stream of highly pressured cum shot towards the ceiling. With my heart beating like a military tattoo and sweating like crazy, several more eruptions blasted from my dick. “Urkkk!” each jolt of my body drove my throat tighter into her strong choking arms, getting weaker and woozier by the second. I groaned in defeat as a final ejaculation from my body sent the back of her forearm deep into my throat. Unable to breathe and with everything getting foggy, I could feel the old Dragon rubbing herself in a very sexual manner against my back. “Cum…Fountain” she whispered sexily in my ear. Those words made me cum again as I swirled into darkness.

I came round with a start, confused and sexually exhausted, feeling absolutely drained and emotionally tired. I was all alone in the room and naked with urgent need of the bathroom. As I relieved myself, the memories came flooding back of the strongly built near-white haired aristocratic lady. Re-entering the bedroom intending to get what sleep I could before day-break, the sight that greeted me took my breath away. A totally naked mature lady faced me with hands upon hips and a barely concealed look of eagerness. “Jolly good workout with the free weights downstairs while you were out” she stated. A faint sheen of perspiration made her body shine, emphasising the remarkable muscularity now pumped up like a top-class athlete. Although there was a little mottling of the skin, creases and stretch marks that one would expect from a woman her age, it was like her torso had been lovingly sculpted from marble with deep chiselled abs and pumped-up arms. Even the top of her chest was layered with thick striated pectorals holding up those large firm breasts. This was the first time I’d seen her thighs uncovered and they were wide with thick slabs of muscle adorning her outer thighs and hints of the shapes of the rest of her quads. Knowing I was watching she flexed them and the quads of her right leg swelled into huge slabs of incredibly intimating yet somehow feminine muscle. A dense ridge of outer thigh muscle curved in above the knee where it met a downward pointing elongated V slab of muscle running centrally and a smaller tear-shape bulge.

“Time to server the cougar” Clarissa’s husky voice stated adding a sexy growl that went straight to my loins. Rubbing her hand suggestively over her grey-haired pussy, she gave a knowing glance at my dick stiffening in anticipation. “Oh no. This is for my pleasure not yours” she observed then ran the tip of her tongue around her lips to make her demand clear. As much as she turned me on, the thought of sticking my head against the apex of those big bulging legs, thickly adorned by dense solid muscle terrified me. The naked mature woman raised both arms into the air, bent her forearms with clenched fists and flexed. “Are you brave enough to disobey me?” she taunted flexing her big peaked biceps. The lady’s nudity was shocking, being old enough to be my grandmother. Yet the level of fitness and sheer muscle was highly arousing adding to my feeling of inadequacy of being unable to handle this remarkable mature muscle-woman nearly twice my age. I groaned lustfully as her strong striated pecs lifted her large breasts into hard sexy balls of womanhood, like sexy flesh coloured balloons rising up her chest raising them clear of the dense slabs of deeply-cut abs. Phoar! It was a sight that got my dick stiff in no time. I was desperate to get to grips with that powerful body yet stopped in sheer fear as she tensed her rippling arms and with fists clenched and striated pecs flexed, swung them forward in a downward circle while hunching forwards. “Orrr!” my dick went ballistic, lurching strongly. I was faced with a mature naked woman performing the scariest, most intimidating most-muscular pose I had ever envisaged, with every muscle in her well-developed body bulging and tensed as she fixed me with a fierce grimace. I felt small and weak yet highly aroused. “Oh please, I want to make mad passionate love to you” I told her. Lust overriding my brains I rushed forwards to get my hands on that amazing body.

Wrinkled hands flashed out to grip my shoulders as a knee soared high, with an agility one wouldn’t expect from such big legs. “Oargh!” my mouth dropped open in agony while my eyes screwed tight. I have good abs, yet her knee plunged through them like a high diver into a pool. My upper body had barely begun to crease forwards, when the nude senior grabbed my right wrist, pulling me towards her and sliding her other arm around my shoulders. An electric tingle shot through my groin as her bare curvaceous hip pressed into it while she turned her back on me. Fleeting arousal turned to terror as my feet left the floor and I went hurtling around the old woman’s side, flipping over in a controlled manner as she leant forwards to slam my back hard and fast against the carpet. “Orpfff!” the sudden impact knocked the wind from me but the naked Dragon had retained a grip around my wrist. With her other hand pressing against my shoulder she adopted a wide-stance in front of my prone body which gave me full view of her old pussy. Bending her knees she flopped back landing on her backside with legs draped over my neck and upper chest, my arm trapped between her big muscular thighs. “Argh! Argh!” levering the back of my arm over her crotch with her pubic hair brushing against it, I was screaming as she stressed my arm close to breaking point in a side armbar. “Oh man up!” she reprimanded then bent her right leg by the side of my head laying the outer thigh against the floor while pressing the arch of the top of her foot against my throat and locking it in place by curling her toes upward around the side of my jaw. I thought I could easily shake off her foot but I thought wrong as she levered back my arm, my throat was pushed against her immobile foot. “You should be careful what you wish for, Fotios” she stated as I began choking. “Look I don’t even have to use my big muscles to put you away” the mature bully woman sneered as she pulled harder on my arm forcing my neck so tightly against the top of her elegant foot that my head span as it cut off my airways. In desperation I grabbed her toes trying to use them to peel her foot away but they were shockingly immobile. To my surprise I felt her other foot move on top of my dick and begin mashing it in a sensual way. Being physically dominated by any woman is humiliating enough but the fact that she was almost twice my age, completely naked, outmuscled me and choking me out with a foot while stimulating my manhood with the other made it more acute. “Keep a man in agony to remind him who’s boss while keeping him on the edge sexually. That’s how I make love” the overwhelmingly powerful lady stated while her bare foot had my dick hard again. “If you don’t like it. Tough”

Close to passing out, I hadn’t even realised the buffed-up old lady had stopped trying to rip my arm off. Grasping my jaw and back of my head with wrinkled hands in a shockingly fierce grip that felt like she could crush my skull, I was manhandled swiftly to my feet by rippling bulging muscles that I had no chance against. “It’s cougar-time, boy” she snarled facing me, intimidating me by flexing her huge biceps right in front of my face. “Please! No more, Clarissa. You’re too strong for me. I can’t take any more. Please, I submit. You win. Just let me be your lover” I begged, for I yearned that naked pumped up incredible body. “Oh you will take much more if I say so” the old harridan said tensing the remarkable muscles in her aged body to create a living wall of rippling sensually moving awe that made me feel small and weak yet want her more than ever. I was so mesmerised by her muscle control, I hadn’t realised she had stepped closer until an arm slid beneath mine. Swiftly spinning around, her arm folded upwards to hook it just below my shoulder. Leaning forwards with her legs spaced in a sturdy stance, my feet lifted away from the floor to be loaded and held upon her back. The feel of her naked body beneath me against my skin flooded my senses and teased my dick to full-on stiffness. Close bodily contact like this can arouse almost any man. Beneath my chest was a tapering back with wide flaring lats marbled with a crazed anatomical contour map of dense muscle. Beneath my groin rounded solid balls of buttocks clenched and relaxed as if devouring my ever-stiffening man-rod. “Orrrrrr!” I moan in demented pleasure at the feel of iron-hard glutes beneath a velvety smooth skin clenching and relaxing around my achingly-hard dick. How was a mere man expected to handle sensations like this? “Nothing but total control over a man’s body is good enough for me” Clarissa stated as her glutes continued to flex giving me a buttocks-job. “Please, please, let me cum!” I begged desperately for badly needed release.

“All you are going to get is a bad back” the naked muscle-bound senior stated. Momentarily straightening up, the pressure against my groin eased as I began to slide down her back until my toes touched the floor. “HAI!” the sudden shout jarred my nerves. The old Dragon bent sharply and I went whipping over her back and shoulder in a blur of motion before my back slammed against the mattress so hard that I bounced for several seconds. Stunned from the speed of the throw, all I could do was lay there shocked to be thrown like a rag doll by an older woman and be utterly powerless to do anything to prevent it. A sudden movement and I looked in fright to see the ruthlessly dominant dragon standing at the end of the bed by my head. Big rippling vascular arms reached down towards me, taking hold then pulling the back of my head to the edge of the bed. Quickly straddling me, she looked down into my face. I was shocked by the sight of a greying pussy lowering itself onto my face! “Mmm!” I got a mouthful of pubes as she sat on my face at the end of the mattress with her legs reaching down either side of my head with her feet on the floor. “Mmm!” scary monster thighs framed my face tightening uncomfortably as she crossed her ankles. Trapped in a standing face-scissors, I lay at the edge of the bed with my mouth firm against the lips of her pussy and nose pressed into her bush. “Well? Get to it, boy” she demanded in gruff uncompromising tones. As if I needed encouragement, muscular quads ballooned in a short excruciatingly agonising burst of neck-breaking power. Needing no further prodding I started lapping her womanhood while my hands rested on the outsides of those wide scary thighs. Her soft moans turned me on and I began stroking her big hard thighs while I tongued her, enjoying the smooth curves of her solid bulging quads beneath my palms. “Orr, that’s it boy. Get right in there” she moaned. With her curly patch irritating my nose as my mouth did the best to please her, I looked up from my leggy prison at the powerfully-built torso towering over me. That broad firm stomach with the amazing six-pack was the closest thing at hand and I couldn’t resist placing both hands on to that chiselled landscape. Feeling her abs, I adored every deep groove and large irregular shaped raised bump of feminine-clad steel. From my position beneath her I was struck how the slopes of her flaring lats contributed to the overall effect of a very feminine hour-glass figure.

“If you want to feel some muscle, feel these big girls” the mature woman gasped between moans. From below, I saw her big breasts pull themselves up her chest, moving together and tightening into rounded orbs as she raised her arms to flex them once more. Having a naked fit greying lady sit on my face flexing her huge biceps was totally humiliating for my machismo yet my cock was stiff as anything and throbbing like crazy. “Go on, feel them. Feel what real muscle feels like” she demanded. Without hesitation I reached up to feel those solid bulging muscles amazed how large and hard they felt beneath my hands. I couldn’t stop cupping those remarkable peaks, filling me with such unbridled lust that I licked like crazy determined to make this old woman cum as she kept flexing her mighty muscles while riding my face. “Oh! Yes! Marvellous!” she moaned loudly, sliding her pussy back and forth over my mouth and nose as she got more and more excited. With an aching erection I worshipped her as best I could. “Oh yes! That’s the spot” she cried. That’s when I discovered the perils of orally servicing a muscular legged woman. “Mmmm!” I screamed into her grinding love-nest as her thighs really bore down as she let out a loud moan. The moment passed but I realised what would happen when she climaxed and every muscle in her body tensed. As the old Dragon ground down faster and faster on my abused face, I knew that I was powerless to stop her. Those terrifying involuntary muscle contractions got stronger and more frequent. Soon I was in tears with the splitting pain but the ferocious woman was focussed only on her own impending climax. Feminine-feeling skin over mass-muscle bulged and flexed in waves of unbearable pressure around the sides of my skull. Fully engulfed with my face pressed tight against her crotch, my head felt small and puny compared with the muscular behemoths trying to grind me out of existence. When her climax came, I was screaming myself hoarse into her pussy as her huge thighs bulged so much it felt they were swallowing my head. “Ohhh!” she cried as her juices flowed like a torrent into my captive face. My whole skull felt as if it was bending out of shape and splitting. “Ohhh ohhhh yess!” she screamed bucking her hips so hard that I feared she would break my neck, while her powerful thighs squeezed with skull-splitting intensity. The pain just would not stop as she kept climaxing and screaming in noisy ecstasy. I slapped at her solid unyielding bulging thighs as her overwhelmingly powerful legs squeezed me out of existence.

A hard slap across the cheek jolted me to alertness. “Are you dead?” came a familiar husky voice. “Apparently not” I groaned. How I managed to come through that alive was beyond me. I was still lying on the bed with a naked scary lady crouched over my feet. “Please, I need to get a headache pill” I begged with a terrible splitting headache. “Oh, grow a pair” she snapped “with that magnificent erection you’re going nowhere”. I was astonished to find I had retained my rock-hard stiffy despite being crushed to nearly an inch of my life. Grabbing my feet, she bent my legs forwards towards my head and rolled my arse off the mattress. Pressing against the back of my legs with her sensational chest and my calves against her broad shoulders Clarissa leant forward with thick vascular arms reaching for my dick and plunged herself down upon it. “Orrrr!” I moaned at the heat of her hot love-furnace. “This is the Amazon position” she informed me as she began riding my cock sliding up and down it’s full length in strong plunging strokes while keeping me immobile bent almost double, compressing my chest. Once more she was in complete control of our love-making, on top and humping me in a position where I was nothing but a human dildo.

“You wanted to bed a woman like me” she told me while riding me in a steady rhythm causing those large unfettered breasts to jiggle and bounce in a most arousing manner. Clenching her fists she again raised her arms and flexed both mighty biceps while her striated pecs pulled her big breasts into firm balls. “Well this is how women like me bed a man” she said. The sight of her amazing naked body just made me harder. “That’s a boy” she gasped as she felt me stiffen inside her. “Oh please, Clarissa. I love you! I want to be with you!” I blabber from my uncomfortable position. “Are you a Prince?” she growled waving her big pumped arms with thick biceps veins in front of my face. The mighty woman increased to a more vigorous tempo to punish me for my impertinence. “Royalty? An ultra-rich man capable of keeping me in the lifestyle I am entitled to?” she glared fiercely, her powerful build with broad strong shoulders and wide lats made me feel insignificant knowing that she could destroy me physically but turned me on all the same. The tempo stepped again leaving me gasping. “You are nothing but a bit of rough, a toy-boy, a tool to be used for my pleasure. Nothing more” her words were cutting but she was right. She was well above my station in life but I still wanted to worship her and be with her. “You wanted to lay The Dragon” she said, constantly pounding against the back of my legs while playing the pink oboe with my manhood. “Well this is the price you have to pay” she told me breathlessly while riding me like a sex toy. “I have a very large sexual appetite and will take you however and whenever I see fit” that sounded like music to my ears. “Failure is not an option” the privileged elderly lady warned. “Believe me. I’m more than capable of killing a man sexually. I don’t tolerate disobedience lightly” she raised a big peaked biceps in a menacing manner and pointed to it. Her words stiffened my ardour even as I began to doubt that I could keep up with the dominant harsh-looking woman in the bedroom but I was going to give it a damn good try!

Pounding my dick with unrestrained vigour, I was caught off-guard when she leant forward to press hard against the back of my legs pushing the tops of my thighs against my chest. “No, please!” I gasped as I found it too compressed to breath. I caught a glimpse of her mighty thick quads bulging with raw power as she began to fold me like a pretzel. My face flushed, my eyes blurred and my heart pounded in my ears while tendons and ligaments screamed in pain in my leg sockets and the muscles at back of my legs burned in agony. I thought she was going to knock me out again while riding my dick to orgasm and therefore surprised when those big bulging arms with thick prominent biceps veins, rounded shoulder caps and swelling triceps reached down towards me and slid beneath my arms and behind my back. I was astonished by her phenomenal strength when she lifted me off the bed while still folded over in the Amazon position and impaled inside her. Carrying me, I was able to breathe slightly better although curled up in the same position. Clarissa crouched slightly keeping me embedded inside while awkwardly waddling away from the bed towards the middle of the room. Instinctively I throw my arms around her thick strong neck, clinging for support as best I could given my awkward position. Given her advanced years, she is as solid and sturdy as an ox but the dense striated pectorals holding up large rounded breasts proclaimed she was all woman. With the sweat pouring from the both of us in the sticky heat and extraordinary sex, she slid her hands to my buttocks then began moving me like a dildo. Utter helpless, I looked up at this massive old muscle woman with her densely muscled arms rippling and getting a pump on as she bodily raised me up and down to slide my stiff rod back and forth inside her hot sticky pussy.

“Women in many rural parts of India are skilled in advanced Tantric and other forms of esoteric sex” the muscled crone lectured as she used me for her pleasure. “Villagers claim these were first taught to their ancestors by the Goddess Anahita herself” This was such a humiliating position, screwing a lady while held folded double in her arms while she plunged your cock back and forth in her pussy. “Jim’s secret Sisterhood are not the only ones with sacred sexual knowledge” With that she shocked me by removing both hands from my body, raising them into the air to flex her mountainous peaked double-biceps. I clung on tighter to her broad neck but instead of falling to the floor I was surprised to remain in place, held and pumped in and out by her pussy alone. “How about that for Cougar-power” she growled seductively. Her old love-box was amazingly tight with strong vaginal muscles inside keeping me in place while rippling and rolling in an almost a chewing motion that drove me insane with lust as they moved me up and down. “Any woman can have a strong pussy if she exercises right. Of course sex with other women is ruined, stopping a man from wandering and keeping him true” she chuckled. “From now on when you make love to another, you will be disappointed and remember me, for sex will never be as good as this”. If I could be with The Dragon why would I even want to look at another woman? I thought to myself.

Placing her hands behind her head she flexed her dense well-defined deep-cut abs. I groaned as the muscular mass surrounding my dick solidified preventing any movement. “These abs will help clench my pussy down on your manhood” the old lady declared “And allow me to do this”. Yet again the formidable stern-looking lady blew my mind as her stomach muscles began to roll in a bulging tidal wave from top to bottom and back again over and over like a well-muscled belly dancer. I don’t know how she was doing it but I felt an overwhelming powerful mass envelop my dick in an all-encompassing massage. I’d read about this in Jim’s stories but hadn’t believed it was possible yet the reality was more mind-blowing than words can describe. I didn’t stand a chance against such muscular sex and was stiff and swollen to bursting point. “Ohhhh ohhh!” with crazed moans of pleasure I was about to cum and cum hard. “Woah boy!” her muscular channel clenched down tight to the extent that it was becoming painful, cooling my ardour.

“You see how easy it is for me to finish a man sexually?” the horny old lady boasted. With that she took my hands and placed them on her hips. “Hold out for just a bit for I’m going to give you the ride of your life”. The naked powerhouse began to bend right back with me still impaled inside. The flexibility of this senior citizen was breathtaking given her age and dense muscular physique, her spine bending right back until her hands touched the floor. Pushing herself up onto her toes the surprisingly limber old lady was bent severely back like an up-turned U-pin with my folded-up body now resting on the peak of the nude curve, stiff manhood still in place. I moaned as her strong pussy resumed it’s mastery over my dick pumping me in and out like some sex-toy. “You see Fotios, how an old granny such as myself can have total mastery over a younger man using her skilled strong pussy alone” she boasted as it sped up like a vacuum pump to a rate that I simply had no chance against. Folded up and helpless in the face of such mind-boggling sex, I realize she may be an old craggy granny but she is also a powerful woman both physically and sexually who is giving me the ultimate pleasure unto which I willingly succumb knowing nothing else will ever compare. I try to be the super-stud lover but her strong muscular pussy is beyond belief and I was soon cumming very long and very hard indeed. “Urrrrrrrrrrrgh! Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” I moaned loudly, so hard that my whole body shuddered uncontrollably with the sweat dripping off in bucket-loads. More worryingly my heart fluttered and my blood pressure went through the roof making me feel very ill. I felt woozy and the next thing I know I was being helped back to my feet in a gentle manner. “You’ll live” she muttered, looking distractedly over my shoulder glaring daggers.

Turning around, to my horror I saw four men standing there with their mouths open and eyes wide in amazement. To my shame I know they have been watching me having incredible sex with an upper-class granny. I recognise the two youths from earlier, but not the older guys with them. “It’s him!” one of the lads exclaims “The German who beat us up” “Greek-American” I reply “Whatever” “He didn’t beat you up. I did” Clarissa proclaims. The two lads blanch at the sight of the lady who had totally dominated them. “He’s a Granny-fecker!” one cries as if that were some sort of excuse. “You? You beat up our sons?” one of the older men asked with incredulity “But you’re just…just” “Fricking huge” one lad exclaims “Fricking naked” the other adds. “You sure you’re not a tranny?” the other man sneers, clearly uncomfortable in the presence of the nude muscle woman who just gives them a withering glare. They visibly cringe at the sight of her ferocious crabby face. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show” she says with a pointed glance at the woodies evident in their trousers. “But I’m going to severely punish you for breaking into my guest-house” as she spoke they gasped in awe as her big bare breasts move together becoming firmer and more rounded under control of her strong pectorals. Despite their snide remarks they are visibly aroused by her naked body glistening with a sheen of perspiration that makes every muscle shiny and slinky with each movement. “Dad, please! she’s a monster!” a lad cries in disgust seeing his dad’s trouser tent lurch. “Dad?” she sneers “This must be mum” she nodded at the other man. “So you two are responsible for the lax discipline of your sons. No wonder they’ve grown up to be yobs” The stinging rebuke shakes them from their transfixed stare at her remarkably fit naked body. “Apologise or you’ll get my fist in your ugly big gob” one yells. Facing him down, her abs flexed into a brick-like wall of living moving feminine muscle. “Ah! The response of the uneducated to civilised debate” she sneered as they stared in astonishment.

A big fist flew towards the tempting target ending in a dreadful loud sound of impact as it struck the mature lady’s midriff. “F*ck!” he cried clutching his wrist. “Did you break your weak pathetic wrist on my rock-hard Granny-belly, she taunted with a demeaning smirk. Grabbing the sides of his face with wrinkly strong hands she slammed it against her hard paved stomach then ground it over her abs as if grating a piece of cheese. “Ow! Ow! Stop it!” he cried. “Hello Rudolph” she smirked at his red sore nose as she released him. “Grab the c*nt!” he yelled and all four stepped forward. Rudolph was closest and seized both of her wrists but was alarmed when he couldn’t stop her thick powerful forearms rising with hands open-palmed and fingers together. “Ow!” trying to keep hold of her rising wrists, his hands were bent back the wrong way. “YAH!” her hands slid over his wrists then shot down the middle of his arms, breaking his grip and slamming into his chest with such force that he went flying backwards even as the other dad grabbed her shoulders from behind.

Crouching low and twisting around in his grasp, her hard face glared up at him making him flinch. “HAI!” her right hand held like a knife flew upwards edge-first between his legs. “Orraghh!” his head flew back with eyes screwed tight and mouth in a wide cry of agony. “YAH!” with a hand lodged high in his balls the edge of her other hand slashed side-ways into his kidneys. “HA!” the mouth of the fierce, uncompromising, wrinkled old dragon opened wide in a gruesome bark of a laugh as the same hand flew around horizontally in a blur. “Grkk!” a hard chop like an axe across the throat sent him to the floor.

“Dad!” a lad swung his fist only for it to be blocked by with a thick triangular vascular forearm. Grabbing his wrist, the mature nude slammed her other palm into the back of his upper arm just above the elbow. “YA!” “Ouch! Grant help!” A sharp twist of his wrist while pressing against the back of his elbow sent him whimpering to one knee. “Deja vu, boys?” the wrinkled lady chuckled as Grant drew his fist back with a determined snarl upon his lips. Barely had his fist let fly than a twist of her wrist launched the captive lad to his feet, whipping his arm behind his back to whirl him in front to take the full force of the punch. “Tommy!” he cried in shock at what he had done then in horror as the fierce woman hooked the crook of a powerfully bulging arm around Tommy’s throat bending back his head while pressing his hand right up between his shoulder-blades forcing him to bend backwards. As Tommy screamed in agony Grant clenched a fist in anger. “HA!” a foot drove into the back of Tommy’s knee sending him sprawling to the carpet as her mighty forearms fly upwards crossing to stop the punch. With her strong wrists clamping his, she pulled him forwards. A fist flashed towards his jaw impacting with a bulge of powerful biceps that rocked his head right back over his shoulders. A lighting-fast punch to his gut sends him onto his toes, creasing sharply with a noisy expulsion of air followed by the slam of an elbow upon the back of his neck. Seizing his right wrist with one hand and grabbing his opposite shoulder with the other, a thick strong leg kicked out. The densely muscled outer thigh brushed his hip as the large calves bent back to hook around the inside of his knee. His foot was swept violently from the floor and he began to fall backwards but the old crone spun, bumping her hip against him so he fell across the small of her back, flew right across it then tumbled head first with his legs whipping high into the air as he plummeted then slammed into the carpet so hard the floor shook.

“You ugly old trout!” Rudolph was back and angry although unable to take his hungry eyes from her nudity. A meaty fist flew, she ducked driving a fist into his beer-belly, sinking deep. “HA!” “Nnnuagh!” he groaned clenching his teeth as he was bodily lifted from the floor by the power of the punch. The naked old woman unleashed a mind-boggling series of rapid punches blasting his cheeks, eyes, nose, while her big bare breasts bounced around energetically. Driven by strong rippling arms, her punches were so fast and strong his head bobbed around uncontrollably like it was on a spring. Unable to hit back or defend himself she punched his face into a raw bloody mess before the other man came to his rescue. A powerful upper-cut nearly tore Rudolph’s skull from his neck knocking him clean out on his feet leaving him to fall to the floor.

“Is there anything more humiliating to a big tough macho man” she taunted as she stopped the other man’s punch with a chop across his forearm “than being totally dominated in combat by a naked old lady?” Another punch was blocked by her rugged forearm. “HAI! HA! HA! HA!” aged hands struck like lightning bolts, shocking his body with a chop to one side of his neck, then the other and back again. “YAH!” stiff fingers drove without mercy straight into his windpipe causing his whole body to jerk. “My hands may be old and wrinkled but they are tempered like steel” she boasted as he choked. “Remember life imprisonment is less of a deterrent to a woman my age” she chuckled before her hands flew up inside his arms to grab the top of his arms. Turning side-on, a strong shapely leg slipped behind his right leg and swept it from the floor. He went flying backwards over her hip to crash on the carpet with a loud thump. Crouching, the white-blonde nude grabbed his jaw and the back of his head and gave it a hard twist to slam his face against the carpet. With erect nipples and an arrogant smirk indicating her enjoyment, the fearsome craggy-faced lady crouched over her prey and drew back a fist. The man looked up in fear at the massive peaked biceps bulging ready to pound a privileged fist right into his face. The tough no-nonsense lady fixed him with a chilling glare. Unable to meet her steely gaze, his eyes kept slipping to that stunning figure formed by a wide muscled back, taut ribbed stomach and curvy hips. His manhood clearly appreciated the view and that made the corners of her aged-ravaged mouth curl before uttering a single word that made it lurch strongly. “Beg” “P..please no more” he wailed knowing his face was no match for her fist.

“Pathetic! What’s your name, loser?” Clarissa asked towering over the cowering man. “Frank” he stammered staring in awe at her muscled legs with a grey-haired twat between. They flexed and he nearly choked in terror as staggeringly thick well-defined slabs of undeniably powerful quadriceps muscle bulged in his face. He reared back to his haunches in terror as she gave a gruesome smirk at the rigid tent at the front of his trousers. The man suddenly found himself facing her large calves as she turned around and rose onto her toes. “B…big!” he gasped with his dick lurching uncontrollably, his gaze locked on the massive diamond-shaped, formidably hard, deeply cut and widely ridged muscle. The next instant his neck was between those mighty calves while he clutched at her lower shins in desperation as she slowly pushed up and down on her toes, pumping those balls of sensually moving muscle. They swelled and grew as she held each pump, reducing the available space between at the expense of his neck. “Gawkk!” “That’s it, Frank have a good feel” she sneered as his hands clutched behind his head at those massive calves. “Your face has gone scarlet as my granny-calves grow beneath your palms turning harder than anything you’ve ever felt in your worthless life” she taunted. I felt that I should be defending Clarissa but the naked mature dominatrix had swiftly beaten all four and now was using her massively muscular body to toy with them. I could only watch with my dick absolutely rigid once more with lust for the old woman.

“She’s killing him!” his son exclaimed breaking the trance of watching an old naked woman pump her calves to extraordinary size and hardness. “Come on boy, save daddy” the fierce lady taunted. “Expect no mercy from me a second time” she told him as he rushed forwards, raising her hard-knuckled fists with thick biceps swelling for action. With big breasts swinging, her left fist shot out hammering his jaw and whipping his face around in a spray of spit and blood. “HA! HA!” her right fist streaked up, with a sexy wild bounce of breast, to meet his face, crushing his jaw and whipping his face back the other way. Grabbing his shoulders, powerful calves flexed into hard diamond shapes, his father flopping senseless to the floor, as she lifted herself onto her toes. A strong muscled thigh drove a big rounded knee into the lad’s balls with agonising solidity that sent his trouser-meat flying up to the top of his pants. Before he could even cry out the knee drove into his groin again crushing the shaft against his pelvis. Audibly solid, the cruel blow sent him to his toes while folding forwards with a jerk, his eyes clenched and mouth gaping wide. “These are of no further use to me” the massively muscled mature woman declared. “HAI!” the lad’s face went white at the shout. A split-second later a flesh-coloured pulse delivered a full throttled front kick into the underside of his groin of such shocking power that he was bodily lifted into the air with his face a mask of total pain. It was shocking to watch, a craggy old granny destroying a young man’s balls. Landing and creasing right over, the smug victorious woman drove the point of an elbow hard down upon the back of his bowed neck driving him to the floor.

Tommy’s hands were almost upon her from behind when, as though she had eyes in the back of her head, the frumpy nude‘s left leg lifted bending at the knee with bare sole aimed at the on-rushing youth. “HAI!” a thick shapely blur streaked behind her, straightening and unavoidable. “Arghh!” the sole of her bare foot rocketed straight into his groin, crushing his crown jewels with such force his feet left the floor even as his body folded around the foot powering his groin rapidly backwards.

‘Rudolph’ was groggily getting back to his feet when the fearsome harridan wrapped a powerful arm around his neck, pulling the back of it snugly under her armpit. “You should have stayed down” she growled bending a leg while crouching low, forcing him to fold almost double. Falling onto her back, her bare soles slammed into his gut as she pulled him down towards her. Powerful legs bulged propelling his falling body into the air, launching him right over her in a flash, flipping right over to slam into the carpet close to her shoulder with her arms still locked around his neck. The woman casually got to her feet with a smug smirk as she glanced at his still form.

An agonised groin from a prone Tommy drew the scary lady’s attention. His eyes went wide in fear as he saw the naked woman stand by the side of his head. “Are you looking up at my pussy, boy?” she teased with a smug smirk of superiority. “No, no, never!” he cried clearly terrified. “HAI!” his body jerked in fear at the shout as the old woman’s muscular right leg soared effortlessly skyward, shamelessly exposing her hairy pussy. There was a thud as the top of her thick thigh hit her ample chest then fell like an executioner’s axe towards the terrified boy. With a worryingly loud thump, the back of her heel hammered his throat. A strangulated croak and his eyes went wide as his arms stiffened and shook then went limp with his eyes closed beneath the privileged old lady’s foot. “Is that it?” she asked in an imperious tone looking around at the prone men around her. I was really turned on by how she brutally discarded them, making me realize how lethal and ruthless Clarissa, my dream woman, is and not a woman to mess with. Feeling that I was way out of my depth yet addicted to being so aroused when I’m around her, I want to be with this old Dragon more than ever. Even if she killed me with her sexual skills then I would die happy and go to heaven with a big smile on my face!

The mature she-bully gave each of the intruders in turn a hard slap. They awake to the sight of a nude mature muscle-laden posh woman who took great pleasure in flexing her huge muscles right in front of their eyes before thick bulging arms and vascular forearms shred the shirts from their chests followed by their trousers and pants. Their exposed dicks sprang to attention stiff with arousal being confronted by a fit naked female body, glistening with a sheen of perspiration in the stifling heat, albeit an aged one confusing their brains with a mix of fear and lust.

“Well? Who’s next?” Clarissa asked glowering down at the men laying around her feet. They kept their heads down, afraid to make eye-contact with the formidable lady. She came to a halt, towering over the two lads who cowered together as the nude muscle granny stood over them. “And how are my little cum-fountains?” the all-conquering woman teased. With that, thick rippling muscular arms reach down towards them. “P..please no more” “I’m sorry” they whimper in fear of the mighty sail-shaped forearms bulging with deep-cut tendons and writhing with prominent veins. “It’s much too late for that” she smirked clearly enjoying the fear she instilled in them. Grabbing an arm each, they were hauled unceremoniously to their feet as easily as lifting paper bags. Standing right before them, they couldn’t stop their eyes flickering over her naked body in awe and large breasts with lust. The old nude hunched over while bringing her bent arms together in a circular forwards motion while tensing. “Oh Lord!” “Massive!” they gasped at the sight of dense lats, huge shoulder caps and swelling arms glistening sensually with perspiration, her body head-to-toe massive muscle as hard as granite. Every muscle and sinew was bulging and rippling while thickly cushioned, deeply striated pecs pulled her big breasts tight. Hunched over like a feral primal monster, her dense abs were flexed into a solid wall of muscle while her left leg was slightly extended forwards with quads bulging in an awesome show of raw female power. “Rarrrr!” she roared turning to present her extremely scary visage to each man in the room, even myself. So intimated yet incredibly turned on by the terrifying most-muscular pose, my dick was lurching so hard I nearly creamed myself. Sporting rock-hard boners, the fathers are clearly shocked to have such a reaction to a mature muscular woman. The lads are at ground zero and got full impact. “No, no” they moaned unable to handle the bulging rippling awe that was this mature lady’s naked body fully tensed at the max. “Nnnnarrrr Nnnarrr Nnnarrrr!” strong spurts of cum blasted from their wildly lurching erections while their faces took on a strained ecstatic expression that dissolved into gross embarrassment.

Sexually-humiliated once more by the deep-creased faced all-conquering old battle-axe, this time without her even touching them, the lads looked at her in part-fear and part-expectation, their eyes unable to withstand her harsh stare kept falling to her large bare breasts. “You don’t get to experience my special skills again“ she sneered then made her breasts bounce with a flex of her pecs that made them groan lustfully. Straightening her fingers she raised her hands, shaped like blades. “I have no further use of you. You are DISMISSED! HIYYAA!” the sharp shout makes them jump before hard rigid hands fly back and forth between them delivering a barrage of lightning-fast chops. Breaking their arms with blows to their elbows, the dominant aged Karate-chopping demoness’ hands rain punishing chops over pressure points in their upper bodies especially their sides and necks. Powerless to stop her, they twitch and jerk as if being electrocuted. Tommy tried to turn and run but an iron-hard knife-hand drove point first into the kidneys made him squeal before a wicked chop across the throat drops him senseless to the floor. Turning to face Grant with a look of malicious glee, the lad trembles at the sight of the old woman holding up her deadly hands with a look of sheer arrogance. “HAI!” his dick lurches blasting cum as the iron-hard side of her hand chops down like an axe across his throat knocking him out. My dick lurched in sympathy.

It happened so fast that the dads didn’t have time to intervene even if they had dared. As the strong woman lifts one boy up and throws him over a broad shoulder then the other lad over the other and walked effortlessly to the open window, they looked worried. My attention was captivated by her phenomenal back which was an exaggerated hour-glass figure tapering dramatically inwards on both sides to her waist. Shredded dense slabs of muscle lay like a sculpted contour map below which was the highly arousing sight of very sexy, tightly rounded buttocks. “No! Stop!” ”You can’t” the men cried scrambling to their feet as her intentions became clear. Turning her face towards them she gave them such a withering stare with her cold hard eyes and tight-set mouth surrounded by loads of little vertical creases that they visibly baulked and fell silent. Without another word, she casually tossed the bodies of the lads out of the window one after the other. “No!” the men cried at the solid thuds as their son’s limp bodies hit gravel. “Oh, now you show some parental concern” the gruesomely smiling lady says sarcastically as the men rush forwards together to seize the muscular old she-devil. “Ha!” a wide-mouthed adds a barking laugh of contempt that deepens the wrinkles in her face. With no sign of concern, she moves shockingly fast swivelling at the hips as a knee rises before her. “HAI!” with rippling muscled thighs a side kick streaks out into Rudolph’s gut. “YAH!” pivoting on one foot her other knee lifts high right in front of him as he creases forwards. He got a full close-up of her greying twat as the leg whips around in a roundhouse kick that slams the bare sole of her wrinkly foot against his left eye. “Arghh!” he staggered back clutching his face.

Frank was almost upon her with arms wide for the capture. “HA!” her hands flew out seizing his right forearm and elbow. Turning her naked back on him she pulled his forearm across her front in a lover’s embrace, causing me a pang of jealousy. “HAI!” a thickly muscled leg sped skywards in an axe-kick with jaw-dropping flexibility, right over her shoulder and into his face. Still grasping his forearm her foot fell back to the floor as she faced him. “YAH!” with thick slabs of calve muscle like the blade of a garden spade swelling as she lifted herself onto the toes of one foot, her other leg kicked high arcing across between them. The balls of her feet hammer his forehead then quickly drop as the mature lady bent before him throwing both hands onto the floor while kicking back her legs into a backwards walk-over handstand. “HAI! YAH!” the heel of one foot closely followed by the heel of the other clubbed his face. With her legs spreading into a front splits while maintaining a hand-stand her foot drove him all the way to the floor.

Springing effortlessly back to her feet she faced the stunned man. “Haiiii!” he visibly shook as the naked old woman adopted a Karate stance with one hand held open like a knife, the other clenched in a fist by her side. Looking fierce, determined and capable, he was intimidated by the old woman and her muscular build. “YA HA YA!” the stocky muscled crone’s knee shot to an incredible height blasting his face from right to left and right again without lowering with blood and spit flying in all directions. “EEYAH!” the knee soared again brutally pounding his jaw and dropping him to his knees. He knelt with his head bobbing looking dazed in front of a sneering old lady. “Now, do your thick heads get the message?” she addressed both men but her eyes stared at me and my re-awakened erection in all its vigour. A smug smirk appeared on her lips. She knew the effect this was having on me. “You don’t stand a chance against this Dragon Granny” “HAI!” with an ear-splitting shout her right leg shot straight into the air and fell immediately with the heel of her foot hammering the top of Rudolph’s chest sending him sprawling at her feet.

Macho egos shattered by the mature posh lady’s superior fighting skills, the two men lay battered and bruised upon the carpet. Looking up with rising lust at the old woman’s large dangling breasts yet cowered by her fearsome ripped physique as she towered over them totally naked. An arrogant smirk graced her lips as she looked down upon them with hands upon her hips while spreading her lats making herself look fricking huge. Glaring with cold eyes they had to look away. When she finally spoke it was in a low sensual growl, slowly enunciating every word that went straight to my dick. “Beg. You do know how to beg don’t you?” the posh old lady taunted. A tight smile pushed up the corners of a wide mouth that just emphasised the deep creases and wrinkles covering a well worn face. “Please, no more. You win” “Mercy, let us go”. “HA!” a loud bark showed what she thought of that. She looked straight at me, her blue eyes fixing mine. I felt weak at the knees for this was the woman I truly wanted. “Toy-boy, which martial art form would you love to be dominated with by an elegantly maturing granny?” Was that a hint of a warm smile towards me? “Judo” I immediately replied with the thought of getting to close grips with that stunning physique forefront in my mind. “Good call, my boy-toy” she replied with another smile that warmed the cockles of my heart. Was she taking a shine to me at last?

Her face hardened as she addressed the men once more with an air of menace spreading her broad shoulders to show off the bulges and muscle veins in her arms and formidable brawny forearms to intimidate them. Totally naked, she looked invincible and powerful and my heart rose in anticipation of what she would do next. “You heard him” she snapped with a subtle flex of her big horseshoe shaped triceps. Their eyes went wide at the large solid shapes bulging on the back half of her right arm. “Get up and let me show you my Judo” she demanded, the fear evident in their faces. With an evil grin she raised an arm and slowly flexed it letting them take in the huge mass of powerful hard peaked muscle that grew there. “Or I’ll show you my boxing…with these!” she gave a pointed glance at her intimidating bulging biceps. “No. You can’t do this. You’ve no right” Rudolph protested with false bravado, getting to his feet to stand up to the posh aged bully. “Yeah. What you did to our sons. That’s a whole wad of compo you’ll be shelling out” Frank put in, clearly nervous. Standing up to a woman with arms more than twice the size of yours and writhing with thick muscle veins seemed foolish to me, no matter how old she was and the amused smirk on her lips indicated that this was precisely what she wanted.

Without warning, ‘Rudolph’ found himself grappling with a mature posh lady who had grabbed his wrists and was pressing her naked muscular body against his in a trial of brute strength which he was rapidly losing. “Come on man. I’m old enough to be your grandmother” she taunted as her massively bulging physique totally overwhelmed him, steadily forcing him into a humiliating crouch before her. Suddenly releasing one arm, the powerful woman hauled him to his feet, spun around and pulled his arm over her shoulder. “JUDO!” she cried bending sharply forwards and sending him flying over her shoulder in the blink of an eye before pile-driving into the carpet with a solid thud where he lay stunned.

Standing close-by, Frank was helpless as the ferocious nude spun towards him with her knee raised high, fully exposing her pussy to him. “EEYAH!” her kick was so fast I didn’t even see it until after it had struck his jaw and her leg was returning to the floor. Without pause she slid an arm around his waist while grabbing a wrist before spinning around pressing her bare hip into his side. “JUDO!” there was a blur as he flew over her hip then slammed heavily against the carpet. Showing impatience and still grasping a wrist the stern mature forced him straight back on his feet again with a twist of the wrist. Pushing him away then pulling him right back she shouted “JUDO!” right in his face then fell backwards with an elegant foot planted firmly on his dick. A beautifully executed tomoe-nage performed in the nude at whiplash speed sent him hurtling away tumbling fast and slamming onto his back several feet away. Lithely throwing herself back onto her feet without using her hands, she approached his prone body and raised his head. “HAI!” a hard chop to side of his neck made his arms and legs stiffen while his torso jerked from the floor as if a 1000 volts had gone through it before falling limp. “I read it in one of Jim’s stories” she explains with a silly grin that hinted at some of her former handsomeness. “I know it’s corny but it scares the what-not out of them”

‘Rudolph’ had recovered only to find a powerfully-built naked muscle granny standing over him. “No more, please I beg you” he moaned as a thick rippling arm reached down to grab an arm and haul him effortlessly to his feet. Staring at him, face to face, Clarissa addressed the trembling man. “I bet you never thought an old granny like me could throw you around the room like a rag doll” her tongue flickered out giving him a long slow lick up the side of his neck that had him moaning and writhing in repulsion yet getting turned on all the same. “I’m very good with my tongue. Just ask boy-toy there or your son” she paused then added “Except he went out of the window with the rest of the trash”. Immediately grabbing his right arm and pulling it over her shoulder, she spun around and bent forwards. I expected her to shout “JUDO!” then toss him over her shoulder and slam him into oblivion. Instead he remained loaded onto her broad back with his feet dangling down with his groin pressed against her backside with his dick lying in the crack between her muscular buttocks and the side of his face pressed against her aged wrinkled cheek.

“Orrrrr!” he moaned with his eyes glazing over as small shifts in the angle of her body caused his manhood to slide back and forth between those hard tight balls of perfect womanhood. “I bet you never expected an old granny to get you so hard” she taunted as she continued to make small movements with her torso sliding his stiffening rod between the cheeks of that sexy tight arse. Turning her face so her mouth was pressing against the side of his face, he was in no position to escape that tantalising skilled tongue that had him moaning loudly while his breath steadily became frantic with growing arousal. “Does your wife get you as hard as this?” she whispered seductively “I know she doesn’t” Her tight ass cheeks clenched around his manhood in a solid unyielding mass of striated muscular glutes. He went crazy as that well-developed backside massaged his manhood as it slid back and forth along that channel between those exquisite buttocks. “Ohhh please. I want to f*ck you like crazy” he moaned frantically trying to hump her backside but unable to move except under her control. “Please please” he begged, driven crazy with lust by her long writhing tongue and moving backside. Just as I thought he was going to blow his wad, Clarissa cruelly stopped leaving him moaning incoherently desperate to cum. “I’m a better lay than your wife could ever be” she teased “but you’re not getting any” “JUDO!” she yelled briefly standing almost straight before bending sharply forwards. His body was just a blur arcing over her shoulder then slamming so hard against the carpet that I felt the vibrations beneath my feet.

Retaining a steely grip on his wrist after the throw, the fearsome woman used it to apply a wicked arm-bar, forcing him to his feet once more. I thought she was going to slam him around a bit more but never expected her to seize his throat with one hand and steadily lift him from the floor. “Grkk!” his hands flew to his neck but was unable to prise away her veiny hand. With her thick vascular intimidating arm rock-steady, bulging and rippling with immense power and writhing with thick veins, the naked woman raised him a good couple of feet off the ground. The phenomenal strength of the buxom old crone had my dick throbbing. Holding him steady while he looked down at her in abject terror the nude, ripped and shredded cougar raised her other arm and slowly flexed massive peaked biceps right before his face. The sheer size of it was breath-taking from where I stood but he was right up close and personal. Pumping her arm slowly with a mocking smile upon her face as she studied his terrified reaction, her biceps seemed to grow bigger and harder. “How do you like my 71 year old biceps?” she asked “Much bigger and stronger than your weedy arms” she mocked. At the complete mercy of this terrifyingly strong senior citizen, he had no option but to look at her as her hard craggy face addressed him. “I’m going to milk you like a cow and there’s nothing you can do it” her gravelly low voice stated “Then I’m going to woman-handle you, knock your lights out then throw you right out of that window”

With that, her other arm came between his legs and took hold of his groin. Raising up his back-end, she pressed him horizontal over her head before draping him over her broad right shoulder with his head looking down her muscled back. The display of dominant muscular womanhood had made him hard and yet again Clarissa astonished me by grabbing his shaft with her left hand and proceed to make long strokes up and down. “Orrrr! Orr!” his dick got harder in no time then to my amazement she clamped his dick in her fist, aimed it out behind his arse and proceeded to pump up and down long squeezing strokes like milking a cow. Suddenly, accompanied by loud manic groaning, a huge strong spurt of cum blasted from his dick then was choked off by her strong hand tight around the base of his shaft before another pump of her hand sent another stream blasting out. “Maybe we should call you Daisy the Cow” she chuckled. Again and again he came in short strong blasts that gradually got weaker as the old lady milked him dry. I was so hard at the sight that I wanted to get inside her pussy and bang her hard except one look at her hard fierce face set in a feral look of malicious joy zapped my courage.

The scary Dragon was pumped up with her amazing naked body seriously buff as she returned the shagged-out man‘s feet to the floor. Standing before her, he looked bewildered. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to beat you up with Karate or slam you around with Judo” the craggy face told him. She raised her arms into the air and flexed a double-biceps. He cowered at the sight of those huge solid peaks. “I’m going to use good old-fashioned brawn to finish you off” Her hands landed upon his shoulders and spun him around then did the same so they were back to back. Clarissa’s thick brawny arms reached behind her head, grabbing hold of his neck and interlocking her fingers. Thrusting her sexy hard rounded buttocks against his backside, the fearsome lady bent forwards pulling the hapless man by the neck onto her broad muscular back leaving his feet dangling in the air. “This is called the Hangman, for reasons you can no doubt feel” she growled in a sensual low toned voice as he began to choke. Bent upon her back with his legs dangling and held by the neck, there was nothing he could do about it except clutch uselessly at her strong wrists while turning bright red.

Remarkably the old nude slid his head over her shoulder and bent forwards even more forcing his spine back into a U-bend. With raw muscular power, she hung the helpless man over her shoulder in a display of total physical superiority. His eyes kept fluttering open as if to make sure this wasn’t a nightmare before clenching tight again. With the old lady’s powerful arms pulling on his neck, he didn’t stand a chance. “Grkk! Grkk!” his eyes were screwed tight and his mouth set in pained grimace as his face went bright scarlet. Then with flicking movement beneath his eyelids and drool running from the corner of his mouth, his features relaxed and his hands dropped limply by his side as he passed out. “Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish” the naked superwoman declared as she hoisted him up so that his limp body hung more centrally over her mighty shoulder as if he was simply a backpack. Despite the earlier mind-blowing sex session I now had an absolute aching boner. The power and ruthlessness of this woman was stronger than Viagra, not that I’d ever taken any you understand. I watched with a painfully hard erection as almost-grey haired Clarissa effortlessly carried a large hulking man draped like a scarf over one shoulder to the open window and casually tossed him out.

I can take it no more, my dick is fit to burst and I’m desperate to get inside the aged woman of my dreams. In awe of her amazing body with my dick as hard as can be with blue balls I rush forwards to take her in my arms. Pulling her close I enjoy the feel of her smooth bare skin over solid hard muscle. “You turn me on so much. Please continue your sexual conquest of me” I plead “I love you. Take me and make me cum again” I beg as my palms run over the rugged muscular landscape her back, as her nudity inflamed my desire close to bursting point. A glare that could curdle milk chilled me to the bone. Before I could do anything, the hands of my groin’s desire flew up with one hand cupping my jaw with her strong fingers while the other clamped itself on the back of my skull. “Ark!” her strong hands twisted my head sharply to one side. A loud crick in my ears coming from inside somewhere terrified me, knowing that she could have broken my neck. “WOARGH!” I groaned in agony as a powerful gut-busting punch driven by a fearsomely cabled forearm and bulging biceps blasts my feet clean from the floor and sends me flying across the room creased over in winded agony. I crash heavily on my back, unable to stop myself from curling up as strong cramp spasms wrack my body. “Don’t touch me again while I’m working, boy-toy” she growls in stony anger.

Unable to draw breath and desperately trying to hang on to consciousness while creased up on the floor, I can only watch the woman’s quads flexing between painful spasms as she walks towards me. I look up as those fearsomely powerful legs stop before me to see her looking down at me with the muscles in her body subtly flexed. “That’s tough love, Fotios” she states. “I’m sorry” I gasp, barely able to breathe. That craggy tough face stares down at me in cold emotion for a several uncomfortable moments “Get up, boy” she commands. I do so, nervously watching those big solid quads bulge as she tries and succeeds to intimidate me, her eyes never leave me the whole time. As soon as I was standing she wrapped her strong, pumped up arms around my back, pulling me tight against her. I was scared she was going to give me a bear-hug. From the sheer size of the thick bulging rippling arms encompassing me I knew that I wouldn’t survive that. I was therefore surprised and relieved as the upper-class woman sank into a wide-legged squat. “Orrrr!” I groaned in anticipation as my hardness hovered between the apex of her legs pointing straight up at her grey-haired pussy. Leaning me back in her mighty arms my feet leave the floor. The feel of my dick against the lips of her pussy has me moaning in no time “Orrr! please, please” I beg, desperate to enter. Holding me off the ground in her strong arms with my cock straining to slip inside her, Clarissa gives me a fierce glare knowing full well she has me in sexual agony. That long writhing tongue comes out to lick slowly around my lips, tracing the shape of my mouth tormenting me with the tactile sensations. “Ohhh ohhhh Clarissa!” I moan like an imbecile while squirming deliriously thinking full well that she will take soon me, dominating me to new heights of ecstasy. “JUDO!” with a swivel of her bare hips pressing against my aching erection while she clasps my arse with her right hand, the old tease threw me up and over her before slamming me into the carpet. “Patience is a virtue, Fotios” she growls in that seductive low toned gravelly voice as I lay gasping on my back with a hard unfulfilled boner.

Swivelling on her feet, I watch transfixed as big muscular calves slid beneath Clarissa’s skin as she walked towards Frank, who must have seen my sexual denial, flexing momentarily in large slabs of sharp deeply-sided double-diamond muscle before waning as she took the next step. The sight of those massive defined calves in motion was exhilarating and a turn on despite the awful cramps racking my diaphragm. Frank’s terrified face showed he didn’t feel the same. “Try to run and I will punish you hard” the stern woman warned. Turning her back on him, his eyes went wide at the sight of those big muscled calves. “Remember these Frank?” she purred in a low seductive voice as she raised herself upon her toes. I only had the front view where her massive solid calves flared out behind her shins but he got the full rear view and his face went pale. “Meet the makers of your humiliation and doom” she declared.

Despite the warning Frank began to rise before Clarissa leapt upon his back wrapping those big muscular arms around his neck and hefty powerful legs around his middle. “Not going anywhere are you Frank?” she growled close to his ear. Throwing herself sideways with her limbs wrapped tight around him, he rolled with her until coming to a rest with her sitting behind him and his middle wedged so tight between her legs he must have felt her greying pussy against his back. His hands flew to her thick arms in vain as her biceps swelled with that big peak pressing hard into his throat. “That was rather silly after I told you not to” she snarled as that mighty peak pressed deep into his throat so he couldn’t even make a sound while his face turned bright scarlet. “Putting you away like this would be too easy for an old Granny like me” she snarled as he seemed on the brink of passing out. Easing the brutal headlock only slightly, his hands continued to clutch at the strong arms around his neck while her calves crossed over in front of his body, trapping his dick between them. Suddenly his eyes flew open in surprise. Turning his head, her mouth was by his ear “Oh yes, you like my calf massage, don’t you?” she purred followed by a long slow lick up the side of his neck and over his jaw that had him squirming in her steely hold. Those big calves were flexing and waning slowly, sliding those bare-skinned rocks of sexy toned female muscle against the sides of his shaft. Her long writhing tongue worked all around his jaw line in long sloppy licks while his dick was massaged by large well-defined calves that looked hard as steel yet moved with silky smoothness eliciting moans of pleasure. Her tongue resembled a sea monster attacking his face seeking out the erogenous zones and working him into a frenzy of sensual discomfit mixed with arousal. All the while his stiffening member was being alternately rolled and gently squeezed between those mighty slabs of clefted female glory. “Oh God, so good, don’t stop” he moaned. Her craggy wrinkled mouth placed itself against his lips, forcing them wide so that big slug-like tongue could dive inside in a long mouth-rape of a French kiss. Suddenly those massively powerful calves flexed into sharp relief, the big inner calf head of one leg crushing the angry purple head of his cock against the deep cliff-like edge of the inner muscle head of the other calf. Screams of agony came from inside their conjoined mouths until the calves relaxed and resumed massaging his member. This happened several more times while the naked old lady maintained a strong headlock with his face twisted towards hers as her tongue continued to assault his mouth. The head of his cock seems ready to pop off as it is squeezed by her calves and soon pre-cum starts to ooze over the sides.

Clarissa’s thighs bulged with raw power as her calves edged him to the brink. With the twin assault of her tongue and awesome calves he didn’t have a chance. “Ohhhhhnnnnnnnnaarrrrr!” he cried loudly as his dick erupted in a huge climax. The strong stream of spunk cut off suddenly with a howl of pain from Frank in the midst of ultimate pleasure. Her huge calves were bulging bigger than I’d ever seen them. Two double-spade blade like slabs of deep edged muscle were squeezing so hard beneath his dick-head it looked like they could cut it off like a pair of shears. “My big calves are fucking you up real good” Clarissa taunted as the man cried in pain, his hands desperately trying to prise her big solid legs away but of course failing. “Pumping your dick hard then forcing it to squirt bit by bit whenever I decide” she declared before those sharp diamond shapes faded as they relaxed their wicked grip. Those big calves bounced up and down allowing another strong blast of semen which cut-off when they flexed into painfully dick scissoring blades of muscle. Frank was now sobbing in pain and sexual frustration as the naked woman’s calves once more spoilt his orgasm.

“This old lady is in charge, Frank” Clarissa teased. Those calve-heads looked so thick, sharp and lethal, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could cause serious long-term injury. “My big nasty old calves will drain all the cum from your pathetic little balls while my peaked old arms slowly put your lights out” she teased then tightened her arms once more around his neck with a set of biceps across the throat. “Then you’re going to join the rest of the trash”. Relaxing then flexing those powerful steel-hard calves, her amazing legs controlled his orgasm while tantalising the side of his face with her long serpentine tongue. The pressure built up once more then shot out in a strong spurt until cruelly cut off again. Over and over she repeated this incredible domination of a man while gradually flexing her iron-hard peak into his throat. The ejaculations kept going as Clarissa tightened the noose formed by her mighty arms while Frank desparately clutched at those fearsome forearms in vain as her peaked biceps cut off his airways. The eruptions grew weaker until they became a feeble dribble then stopped. “Time’s up” Clarissa growled then with a savage look of determination flexed her biceps into his throat while her big thighs ballooned with frightening power around his waist. To my surprise his flaccid dick lurched releasing several more blasts of semen before falling limp.

Slipping her arms beneath his armpits the scary old nude rose taking Frank’s limp body with her. Glancing at the window, she shuffled his unconscious body as if hardly weighed anything at all. Yet I gulped when I saw how big her triceps and shoulder caps had become. “I’m going to enjoy this part. I think you will too”. All the muscles in her thick sturdy body were pumped and toned from the workout that beating up and sexually dominating four men had given her and shown to the full by being completely naked. Propping up Frank’s floppy body in front of her, she shouted “JUDO!” then threw herself backwards while bringing up both feet to plant in his groin. As her back hit the carpet and rolled her quads ballooned adding a strong surge of leggy power to the physics of the throw, launching his body clear of the window sill and clean out of the open window. She then hurled herself to her feet without using her arms as the sound of his body hitting gravel came from outside.

Clarissa faced me with her hands upon her hips in a manner that emphasised the ruggedness of her arms and the perfection of her large breasts. “Well Fotios” she purred like cream being poured over gravel. “Are you ready to rock me all night long?” she asked. I was so aching hard for her that I meekly replied “Yes please”. A tear ran down my right cheek as I have never wanted any woman more in my life than her. Forcefully pulling me against her formidable nude muscular body, she gave me an unbelievable French kiss to which I willingly succumb. The hard-faced lady looks me in the eye and whispers “Time to do the jack, Fotios dear”. “JUDO!” the unexpected shout makes me jump. My arm is flung over her shoulder as she spun around pulling me against her back, my dick sliding up and over her rock-hard buttocks as she lent over. Whipping me over her shoulder, my breath escapes me as my back slams against the carpet.

On the floor breathing hard, my dick stood straight up in salute as the naked old Dragon stood over my pelvis looking down at me with a menacing smirk. Hunching over she bends her arms inwards hitting a most muscular pose which on a woman with such a powerful physique is truly intimidating with every muscle and sinew straining. The sight has my dick throbbing hard. Turning to face my feet, I watch that remarkably rocky back, tight rounded buttocks and large powerful calves as she squats until my purple head is almost, but not quite, touching her vagina. “Please” I beg willing my dick to enter her love-box. I am then shocked as she goes into a deep squat, with her feet wide, plunging my throbbing dick right into her anus. I gasp very loudly as it is my first time inside a lady’s back-passage. “I’m a whole lotta woman, Fotios” she teased as I gasp in surprise to feel her anus massaging my cock while she spreads her wide lats to maintain that intimidating view. “Ohhhhh!” I moan in pleasure realising that her anus is as talented and muscular as her vagina. “The walls of the anus are formed of circular muscles called the external sphincter ani” she lectured as that sexy dick-pumping arse drove me to new sexual heights. “Like any muscle group, they can be trained to be stronger and be used to devastate a man” The ring of muscle clenches on my embedded cock in a sequential motion that feels like it is going around and around like some bizarre sex toy while her muscular ass cheeks clench pumping me back and forth.

“Hang on my sweets. I’m going to own you mind, body, and soul with my arse” she said in a low gravely seductive tone. Unbelievably she began to gyrate her hips at the same time to heighten the sexual experience even more. “Orrrrr!” I groan feeling like I’m in sexual heaven. “Oh Clarissa, oh Goddess!” I begin moaning incoherently in wild sexual ecstasy. “Fotios, savour the pleasure an old granny can give” she purred while driving me insane with her mind-blowing arse. I just want to blast inside her but her glutes flex, trapping my aching dick in a rock-solid mass of muscle. “You’ll cum when I allow you to and not a moment before” The out of this world anal control resumed and I realised that she was dominating me with her muscular backside and anus prolonging my erection well beyond the point of my control. With my heart pounding in my ears and my breathing laboured, I’m hyperventilating to the point my eyes roll back and my toes curl, while my body is stiff as a surf-board. “Now you know that it is true that a woman could kill a man with sex” Clarissa told me, looking back at me over her left shoulder.

Once more, the privileged mature lady surprised me with her incredible flexibility by straightening out her legs in a wide side splits like a gymnast. Just the purple head of my dick was clamped inside which her strong anal muscles massaged. “Ohhhh!” I am totally blown away as she gyrated her hips and abs like an elderly belly dancer who still possessed her erotic skills that could destroy a man in the bedroom. “Ohh I love you Clarissa. I never want to leave you” I cry as sweat poured from me as I force myself to sit up, pulling myself against the phenomenally muscled back of my lover, slipping my hands around to her front so I could feel her abs and breasts. I moaned again as she plunged all the way down to the base of my shaft and back again, her moving wall of anal muscle driving me wild all the way. “Ohhhhh!” I have no chance against the strong dominant woman and moan uncontrollably as she repeats this over and over with increasing speed. I was on the verge of cumming very hard when her old anus clamps down on the head of my cock for a brief second. Suddenly my backside slaps down then lifts only to repeat over and over. In astonishment I realize her muscular anus is actually sucking my aching dick back and forth while maintaining her incredible wide splits off the floor. “Oh my god Clarissa! I love you!” I meekly moan, overawed by the amazing sensations. “Never thought an old lady could give you the best sex ever?” she taunted. My buttocks were getting sore from the pounding her muscular anus was giving me by lifting me up then slamming me down upon the carpet with total control of my cock. I was so enthralled by her sexual skills, I was in total rapture. My god what a sexual demoness this muscle granny is! “Bet you never knew an old granny could bang your brains out?” she chuckled throatily. All of a sudden she stopped and growled “here we go toy-boy”. With that she set a furious pace, pounding up and down my bloated rod. I didn’t stand a chance. “Urrrrgh, urghhhh, urghhhhh, urghhhhh!” I can’t stop groaning as copious amounts of my seed is drained by her man-devouring backside. My heart is racing and I’m sweating bullets while my blood pressure soars, making me feel like my life-force is being drained to form a small puddle on the carpet. “Ohhh yes Fotios, give it all to me” Clarissa purred sexily. I’m exhausted but shockingly her massaging anal walls keep my rod incredibly hard bringing me quickly to yet another earth-shattering climax. “Orrrr! Orrrr! Nnnnn nnnn nnnn nnnn! Nnnargh! Arghhhh!” I cry uncontrollably in the longest, most intense climax that I’ve ever had. Close to passing out in total exhaustion, with scary twinges in my chest, I feel near death. Her hips stop moving and those tight rounded buttocks unclench releasing me from her backside.

“Now it’s time to serve the Dragon” she purred like the cougar she was. Lifting herself up and moving backwards I became concerned at the sight of her bare behind hovering over my face in a rather menacing way. “Lap it up real good, lover” she instructed as her backside lowered itself towards my face. To my relief I found her exposed pussy firmly on my mouth while staring up at her buttocks. “Do it!” she growled. Reaching for her bare hips I held on as I went to it with a vengeance, suppressing the initial queasiness of the taste, determined to show that I was worthy and to give her an orgasm just as massive as she had given me. “Oh you wonderful pet! What a good boy” she exclaimed in a lusty voice after a few moments of serious worshipping. I furiously licked her until her breathing got heavier with gasps and moans of pleasure. Her ecstatic cries became more frenzied spurring me on to even deeper devotion. “Ohhh you pet!” she cried grinding her pussy down upon my face and rubbing herself off on it. Her climax was loud, vigorous and very wet as she squirted and slimed my captive face.

I was shattered after all that licking but Clarisa slid back to kneel by the back of my head and forced me to sit. The insides of her formidable rippling forearms clamped against the sides of my skull and her hands interlocked. “Arghhh!” I was shocked by the agonising force she was exerting through her forearms. “Argh!” It felt like those huge corded vascular forearms could crush my skull as she forced me to my feet. Releasing me, the aged powerhouse looks me up and down, her hard uncompromising stare turns me on but my dick meekly twitches as she has drained so much seed. Although physically and sexually battered, I realise even more that I truly want to be with her. “I’ll take care of that” she says with saucy smile, a rare sign of affection from the fierce old woman. “Hang on for one last amazing thrill ride, lover boy” she chuckles pushing me up against the wall.

Pivoting on one foot, the naked old lady gracefully raises her right knee chest high before straightening her right leg vertically. I found myself staring at her grey haired pussy as her elegant foot stretched towards me until it pressed gently but firmly on the underside of my chin. I could feel the latent power of her big muscular thighs as that foot pinned my head against the wall. Reaching down for my limp bizkit, the posh mature Amazon placed the head at the tip of her love hole then lets go. “Oh wow!” her strong muscular pussy slowly sucks it all the way in. With her bulging physique glistening with a sheen of perspiration, the old battleaxe’s powerful vaginal walls massaged my manhood slowly to unbelievable hardness, making me gasp with astonishment. Pumping my cock as though simultaneously giving me a hand and blow job in a way I could not comprehend, I thoroughly succumb to what this posh elderly muscular lady is doing to me. Her foot swivels my head to my left plastering it against the wall in a reminder of the mastery over me by a woman old enough to be my grandmother yet limber enough to perform an incredible vertical splits while sexually dominating me. Her foot swivels my face to the front to watch as she flexes her massive biceps right in front of my face. I am so turned on by her awesome physique I slip free from her foot to bring my lips to those amazing rocky peaks and begin kissing them in unadulterated muscle lust, my dick stiffening with the steady pump of her remarkable love muscles. I am getting so turned on that I take hold of the flexible old nude pulling her incredible body against me as her pussy pumps me and I worship her huge biceps. The feel of hard muscle beneath her warm smooth skin under my palms and pressing against me makes me want to make her cum.

Holding her tight I spin her around and slam her back against the wall. The surprise in her eyes is accompanied by a relaxation of her pussy allowing me to bang away furiously. She had drained me so much during our previous love-making that her muscular pussy has made me unbearably hard yet unable to cum and a desperate need for relief. I am humping away in a furious need to sate my desire for this old dominatrix. “Oh Fotios!” she moans “such a stallion!”. For the first time in my life I am hammering away like a porn star at an old posh lady who is doing the vertical splits with an incredible firm aged body with the large breasts and sculpted physique that keeps me hard. Just as I am beginning to tire she begins to gasp and moan in ecstasy. That’s enough to make me do the jack with renewed vigour, wanting to teach this old muscle crone a lesson. “Ohhh you beautiful, sexy Dragon!” I cry out as I drive my hips back and forth as fast as I could. Firmly clasping her left hand to the back of my head, Clarissa pulls it until we were cheek to cheek, while still in her gymnastic vertical split, to ride out this amazing sexual experience together. With sweat pouring off both our naked bodies while gasping, she hits her climax with loud cries of pleasure and a tensing of every remarkably defined muscle in her body. “ORRRGHHH!” she moans loudly. Her strong pussy spasms uncontrollably, muscular waves surge around my dick and I finally lose it, cumming hard to sexual oblivion while I moan very loudly and drool uncontrollably. “NNNNARGHHHH! NNNNGHHH! NNNNGHHH!“ I cry with my body convulsing and shaking sporadically while my heart beats so fast and loud I fear a heart-attack.

Suddenly completely drained of energy from her powerful sexual domination, I feel faint, barely able stand and need to lie down. Clarissa noticed and I found myself being lifted tenderly and placed on the bed. Cuddling a nude mature muscular woman in my arms, I pant hard gulping for air as I limply hold onto and caress her. “Please I know I’m not royalty” I tell her “or upper class but I can’t live without you. Please take me in as your toy boy”. In my exhausted state, I look into her hard unreadable eyes. “Let me be your lover” I plead. Her stare is chilling yet I ride it out, refusing to look away. Finally Clarissa presses her lips to mine and gives me a long good meaningful French Kiss! “Very well. You can stay here and be my lover whenever I demand it” she said then paused “This remains a secret. Betray me and the consequences will be fatal for you” With that she flexed her right biceps in warning before breaking into a rare smile. “Now you can sleep with The Dragon” she said tenderly.



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