Into the lair of the Killer Nuns (JIMP#066)

Jim gets a painful lesson from a Superior Mother

(c)Jim P 2019

The killer nuns have had small cameos in various stories but I really wanted to dedicate an entire story to them. In doing so, the historical flashback section became a story in it’s own right (JPECHO#08). Mother Jackie is based on a rather smoulderingly stern looking tall mature female manager at work, Sister Sarah is likewise inspired by another lady at work. The opening part of the self-defence scene is inspired by Joan Crawford’s Judo instruction scene in “The Caretakers”.

What am I doing out here in the countryside in the middle of the night? Not for the first time, I looked up at the broken remains of a disused 14th century church and tried not to find it sinister silhouetted against the night sky. Sitting on the crest of a hill over a mile from the village it used to serve, it was surrounded by woods and pastures with only a few eco-holiday lodges as neighbours. Abandoned in the 19th century after a larger church was built in the village centre, the nave and tower became a mortuary chapel for the graveyard until being left to decay and becoming the haunt of body-snatchers. In the 1960’s it gained notoriety for desecrated tombs and signs of black magic. Recently the site had been made safe and secured, reinforced with positive Christian messages and guided tours up a newly constructed metal staircase to a viewing platform at the top of the tower. Still, rumours of lingering negative energy persist with reports of a chilly and oppressive atmosphere even during warm days and sightings of a ghostly monk. Maybe that’s why I was spooked being out here on my own. It was a stark disquieting place even in the daylight, but positively creepy at night especially when clouds obscured the moon with no street lighting and little noise.

What was that? Out the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move but when I swung my torch in that direction I saw nothing. Calm down, I was jumping at shadows. It was probably just an animal, there’s no such thing as sh*t! My torch light faded and gave out leaving me in the pitch black. A soft feminine chuckle nearly gave me a heart attack. Looking around frantically with my heart pounding too loud and fast, it was too dark to visualise an escape route that wouldn’t involve tripping over a gravestone and twisting an ankle or worse. “This place drains batteries” said a soft female voice in the shadows. In the gloom I saw a dark shape detach itself from a large ancient tomb. Jeez! I nearly soiled myself and was just about to run in fright when a soft warm light appeared and expanded. Spirits didn’t need candlelight to see in the dark as far as I knew and so tried to calm down. I now made out an old-fashioned lantern lit by a large candle carried by a distinctly female form. The light wobbled and flickered as the figure approached. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to give you a fright” the voice was soft and reassuring. I began to make out a headdress or cowl and a long coat or robe. As it got closer, the candle’s illumination revealed that this was a nun. “I should have brought a back-up. I was here in the daytime and the batteries in my camera and GPS drained even though they were new” I said trying not to show that I’d been scared half to death.

The woman held up the lantern and my first impression was that she was tall and slim, standing at least 6 foot 3 inches. A white tight-fitting wimple hugged the sides of her face on top of which was a stiff white piece with a black veil attached that flowed down her back. Around her lower neck was a white rolled collar over which was worn a long black coat. Even in the gloom I could see that she was a mature, good-looking elegant woman probably in her mid to late 50’s. A pleasant oval-shaped face of clear complexion studied me with small eyes over a long slender nose, with slightly flared nostrils. In the candlelight the vertical groove between the bottom of her nose and upper lip seemed pronounced as did the lines that ran from her nose to the corners of a thin-lipped mouth. Standing with her back regimentally straight with noticeably wide shoulders, a firm chin was slightly raised imparting an air of command that made it seem as if she was looking down at me with a smug look of superiority. Phroar! There was something about that hard smouldering severity on a mature handsome face that I found a turn-on. That unapproachable intimidating stare with her thin lips tight radiated a strict authoritative coldness that went straight to my groin. I instantly felt guilty about having that reaction for a nun.

“And did you see any ghosts?” the striking woman asked, towering over me while looking down in a condescending manner. “Actually” I began, feeling rather embarrassed. “I was here earlier in the day looking around and was just leaving down the footpath that runs around the back when I thought I saw a man in a brown robe in an upper window of the tower. It was just a quick glimpse but when I looked back it had gone. Strangely my wife, who was with me at the time, stopped and looked at the same time although I hadn’t spoken and swore she saw the same thing”. “Probably the caretaker from the eco-lodges” the woman remarked. “He told us that he hadn’t even unlocked the iron gate to the tower today let alone been up there” “I believe they project images to scare away the vandals” she suggested. “Not in the daytime. I don’t know what we saw” I admitted rather sheepishly. “Probably harmless residual energy. There are a lot worse things you could meet around here. Such as nuns” she added. For a moment, her face broke into a brief warm smile that pushed up her cheekbones and softened her features making her appear more attractive and friendly.

“So you came back at night for better sight of the spirit?” the handsome nun asked. “No. Actually I’m a private investigator here on business” I replied before adding “I’m Jim Priest by the way, and you are?” “Someone a God-fearing man wouldn’t want to meet at night” she answered with another smile that made me warm to her. She held out her hand in greeting “Mother Superior Jacqueline Stone”. “Mother. Sorry, I feel awkward calling you that” “Reverend Mother is the correct form of address” she explained “however, you may call me Mother Jackie”. “So what brings you here in the middle of the night if not hunting ghosts, Mister Priest?” she asked. “Jim. Please call me Jim” I said with a little smile and glad to receive one in return.

“Something has been attacking the local kids here at night” I told her “They come here for a scary thrill but get more than they bargained for“. “Not ghosts” I put in before she said it “Something dark, physical and vicious. Several such things that emerged out of the shadows and attacked boys and girls alike”. “Teenagers in scary costume, I expect. They can be uncaring brutes at that age” the Mother Superior said. “That was my first thought too but the kids swear that the beasts came out of nowhere and melted away back into the shadows. They were robed with animalistic faces, which suggested masks to me but they said not, and spoke in a low guttural voice saying that they knew where the kids lived and where they went to school, so they better watch their step. Understandably their parents freaked when they heard that and called me in” “I would have thought they were better off calling The Police than some two-bit private eye. No offense meant” she added without a smile in a tone which suggested otherwise. “The Police didn’t want to know. Budget cuts mean they concentrate on easy wins like motorists instead of catching criminals” I had to pause as I felt myself getting worked up. “I’m sorry I’ll get off my soapbox” I apologised and was surprised to receive another friendly smile. ”As a woman of the cloth, I can assure you that there is nothing paranormal scaring the kids” she told me. “So I thought, so I came here to see for myself” I told her. “Forgive me, but you do not look like a man of violence. How would you see off any nasties without a nun to protect you?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm. “I’m not” I admitted. “I guess I didn’t expect to see anything. Which appears to be the case.”

“Anyhow. What brings a Reverend Mother out here in the middle of the night?” I asked. “Don’t you know that nuns are friends of Batman and bats like to hang out in dark spooky places?” the tall woman asked with another smile. “It is getting rather late. Could I impose upon you to drive me back to the convent?” she asked with a beguiling smile that made me forget to ask how she got there in the first place. “Of course” I told her “but we have to walk back to the village as I didn’t fancy parking on dark unlit narrow country lanes” “I am perfectly capable of walking“ she replied “Besides, I am the one with a working lantern”. She had a point there.

After nearly 20 minutes of careful walking by candle-light, we reached street lighting. I had found that Mother Jackie provided enjoyable companionship. She was very easy to speak with, something that I normally struggle with until I know someone quite well. Warm and engaging, she had a knack for making me feel at ease which was probably part of the job description. Clearly intelligent, she also displayed a keen wit and pleasant laugh. Reaching the car, I unlocked and held the passenger door open for her. The ‘welcome home’ interior lighting gave me my first view of her in better light. She was indeed a handsomely attractive woman with small hazel eyes, surprisingly outlined by a light touch of black mascara and naturally thick eyebrows. I also noticed a tight smile upon her thin lips and a shock of brown hair escaping the white wimple. The mature woman caught me looking and gave me an arrogant stare that could melt rocks and of course that went straight to my loins. In that instant I noticed a medium sized upper body with broad shoulders and a nice-sized bust, that tapered in along a lanky upper body to a slimmer waist before curving out to her hips. Closing the door, I walked around to the driver’s side.

After being guided down dark country lanes and back roads, we came to a place that I had never noticed before. Turning off onto a long private drive we arrived at the convent house, the main building clearly medieval, hidden from the road and with no signs of its use. She imperiously remained seated waiting for me to get out and open the door for her. “Come with me Jim. You will find the answer to your threatened children within” she insisted. Before I could tell her I should be getting home, she slipped an arm firmly through mine and proceeded to lead me towards the entrance.

“Welcome home Mother, may I take your coat?” a nun in traditional black religious habit met us at the door. “Thank you Sister Sarah, please attend to Mister Priest first” the tall woman directed. Back in her normal working environment she had taken on an imperious manner. As she waited for me to remove my coat I noted that the sister stood around 5 foot 6 inches with a medium sized figure. With a large oval face of pale complexion with small blue eyes, a nicely shaped mouth and a sharp prominent nose, she was pleasant looking. A hint of freckles and faint eyebrows suggested she was a red-head. She had the sort of nice girl next door look although lines around the eyes suggested she could have be in her 40’s. As she turned to take the Reverent Mother’s coat I saw that the sister wore soft black slippers almost resembling ballet slippers.

With coat removed, Mother Jackie was revealed to be wearing an elegant modern interpretation of a nun’s habit. A light-weight hip length tailored jacket emphasised a long inverted triangular upper body while a long billowing skirt with large pleated sections came down to just below her knees with simple black slip-on low-heeled shoes on her feet. More surprising were matte black fishnets with a small diamond-shaped knit that accentuated the long sweeping curves of her slender lower legs with a close-fitting grid. “This way Mister Priest” she directed, heading towards a large old oaken door without looking back. I followed on behind and was astounded to see a high slit at the back of her skirt that went all the way up and under the tails of her jacket. It was incredibly provocative, sexy and an irresistible eye-catch to leg-man like me and I just couldn’t stop staring, although I felt guilty and would probably burn in hell! That was not the only distraction. The back of her long lower legs were very slim and tapered to quite substantial but not overly large calve muscles. The fishnets seemed to accentuate their muscular definition as they flexed and waned in a sensuous manner as she walked, momentarily becoming quite rocky, defined and strong. It felt wrong staring at the back of a nun’s legs but they were beautiful in motion and I’m sure she knew I was looking.

The door opened before her with another nun welcoming her as we entered a large hall that must have been the refectory. Tables and benches were moved to the sides to create a large central space with large rubber exercise mats on the floor. Mother Jackie paused waiting for me to catch up. “Do hurry along, Mister Priest” she told me with a hint of impatience, her clear hazel eyes glaring at me. Lined up forming a central square in the middle of the floor were nuns of various ages dressed in full religious habit. Opening up to allow us to enter, the Reverend Mother strode confidently into the centre with myself following, as the wall of nuns closed up behind.

Mother Jackie‘s steely gaze travelled around the line of nuns with a hard stare of her handsome but strict face. “Greed” she spoke loud and clear “Avarice” she paused between words, slowing scanning the women who stood silently and stoically. I couldn’t take my eyes off her sexy muscled calves as the fishnets emphasised the hard muscle heads as they pushed out the pattern of the mesh drawing my eyes like tractor beams. “Blasphemy” she commanded complete attention with her voice and authoritative presence. She stared at the women silently for a few seconds, her slim mouth set firm. “All are condemned in Holy Scripture” Another silent pause then she turned her gaze upon me sending shivers down my spine.

To my surprise, the stern woman began to unbutton her jacket and handed it to Sister Sarah. This revealed a tight black top that clung like a second-skin to her upper body with sleeves that just covered her elbows. Around her neck was a stiff white collar which I had originally taken to belong to a blouse. This too was removed leaving a rounded high modest neckline that exposed a slender taut neck and prominent well-defined traps sloping down from the back of each side of the neck. It also emphasised broad shoulders with noticeable well-rounded shoulder caps hidden beneath the top. The inverted long triangle of the sides of her torso down to her waist were taut without love handles while her belly was flat and firm-looking, possibly a benefit of a strict religious diet. I know I shouldn’t be looking but her fair-sized bust thrust firmly forwards.

Wandering back and forth between four walls of silent nuns, the authoritative woman held their rapt attention. Without breaking pace, her hands went to her skirt and removed it with smooth elegance and grace. If I’d been surprised by the tight black top, I was now gob-smacked to see her standing before me in a one-piece black leotard cut daringly high well above her hips. Although I found that quite shocking for a nun to be wearing, I couldn’t stop staring. She had a staggeringly beautiful pair of long legs sheathed in the fine-gauge fishnets I noticed earlier. Her sleek long thighs were much thicker and stronger looking than her lower legs. While not overtly muscular, there was a hint of sleek strong outer and inner thighs like those on a dancer. Looking sensational, they caused a reaction I shouldn’t have for a Mother Superior. “Those who propagate untruths and falsehoods against The Lord will not go unpunished” she stated while adopting a seemingly random walking pattern around me with her hands placed firmly upon her exposed hips. When she turned away from me, my incredulity increased at the sight of a barely visible thong travelling the crevice between a pair of wonderfully tight rounded buttocks. Orrrrr with that moving around right before me, I couldn’t help but be aroused and prayed no-one noticed.

With a tight smile, Mother Jackie approached me with a sensual sway to her fishnet-clad hips that made her beautiful long legs move in a sensational manner. Her tall leotard-clad form was like some kind of slinky black panther; a very long legged slinky black panther. “This is Mister Jim Priest” she introduced me, extending her right hand towards me with an unsmiling face. Trying to keep my eyes on her face I put out my right hand for a handshake and was shocked when she grabbed my wrist with one hand and my fingers with the other then rotated my palm upwards before bending back my fingers towards the floor. “Arr arr arr!” rising onto my toes, I tried not to scream out as pain lanced through my fingers, wrist and forearm. All the while the coldly attractive woman stared at me over her sleek nose while her mouth was kept tight in a manner that proclaimed she was in charge. I couldn’t believe a nun was actually hurting me! “There is only one true God” she announced in a strident voice as a load of strangers watched my humiliation as she bent my fingers back to the point where it felt they would break along with my wrist. “Argh” she pressed my wrist towards somewhere above my shoulder causing my arm to twist awkwardly forcing me to lean back and my knees to bend. She looked mean and moody as she watched me writhe in agony under her control knowing that if she forced my hand back any further I would fall. “Not unworldly fiends with many arms and legs or unholy demons with advanced technology to fool native people” she finally added.

The magnificent woman’s mouth spread in an arrogant smirk that pushed up her cheeks. Swinging around next to me while bringing my arm down and tucking it beneath her armpit, she secured it by hooking her arm over the inside of my elbow while keeping grip of my upturned wrist. The feel of her slender firm body against the outside of my arm was exciting although the stress exerted upon it was uncomfortable. “Argh!” with the barest of pressures I was forced to bend at the knee, sinking down by her side. My eyes followed the beautiful lines of a long slim sexy leg sheathed in fishnets then I was yelping in agony as she leant back, pressing against my back while angling my arm towards the ceiling overstretching my elbow. The Mother Superior was really dominating me! “Mister Priest is discovering that male brawn is no match for the intelligent application of force by a woman” she declared as I writhed in pain, afraid to move unless it made it worse. Looking fit and sexy, she was dominating me in no uncertain terms and, despite the suffering, was turning me on with her smouldering cold aggression. “The Lord Jesus is the only Saviour, not a weak Godless man” she proclaimed. Restraining me with one hand, I saw from the corner of my eye a slender hand rise with deliberate slow menace with long elegant fingers straight and held together as if she had formed a knife-hand! But that was impossible, she was just a nun! “One!” she shouted. “Arggh!” her hand slashed down, the edge struck a hard crushing blow against the base of the side of my neck. My shoulders hunched up while my head flew up with my mouth wide in a feeble cry as nerve-jarring pain and scary tremors radiated throughout my upper body making my head and arms jerk uncontrollably.

Mother Jackie’s eyes bored into me with a hard look while her thin mouth spread in a wide smirk. She studied me for several seconds with her hand raised in menace, letting me bask in the knowledge of what just happened. The Mother Superior had given me a Karate chop! Did western nuns do Karate? “Two!” she shouted with a hint of excitement in her eyes. Letting go of my wrist, the hand arced around. “Urkk!” the edge of an unbelievably hard hand chopped across the front of my throat making my head shudder. I began to cough feeling as if something hard was lodged in my throat. Clutching my neck, it was a scary experience, while she watched me suffer with self-satisfication. Her devastating hand was still raised and I actually felt afraid of a nun. In the presence of a smouldering handsome woman who knew Karate, I felt my manhood stiffen.

“Three!” I jumped, throwing out my right arm to protect myself. A blur of motion streaked beneath my outstretched arm then a thunderbolt slammed across the middle of my belly. “Orrghhh!” I wailed creasing forwards with my mouth turning down in misery. Her hand felt like a crowbar slammed across my stomach. I folded over with cramps in my gut in front of the tall leggy ice Queen who watched with contempt, her deadly hands raised like axes ready to strike again. In my severely winded state I would be unable to even try to stop them. I was completely at her mercy. The sight of her beautiful long legs right before my eyes was little consolation but the way she watched my suffering in silence with barely concealed arrogance was arousing. As the cramps started to subside, I raised my eyes to find a splendid bust thrust before my face. However I never expected to be confronted by a very prominent pair of nipples pushing out the material of the leotard in a clear state of arousal.

Giving me no time to recover, the alluring figure stepped forwards. I raised an arm to push her back but was swiftly blocked by her left forearm which folded to trap it. “Four!” she cried holding me captive before grabbing hold of my upper arm. Swiftly turning her side into me, a hand slid around my waist and another seized my right wrist. There was an exciting electric touch of a slender feminine hip bumping forcibly against my groin then the world span violently around me as my feet left the floor. My body curled around her fishnet-clad hip at speed before flipping over very close to her lithe form. For a moment I was looking up at a haughty face with the ceiling way above. A moment later my back slammed hard against the mats with the sound of impact deafening in my ears. Vibrations from the hard fast throw racked my body knocking the breath from me. Mother Superior was was also skilled in Judo! She had actually thrown me! There is something highly erotic about being thrown in close-bodily contact by a feminine woman. No wonder I had a rapidly stiffening hard-on.

With my right wrist still restrained and my arm vertical as I lay upon my back, my arousal got stiffer when she placed a low-heeled sole on the side of my neck and pressed firmly while levering the back of my forearm over her crotch. It was an unmistakable victory pose of female supremacy, asserting her dominance over me. There was nothing that I could do, I had been subdued in less than a couple of minutes by the head of a convent. The slightest move sent shards of pain tearing through my elbow and wrist. I could only lie there submissively beneath her foot as she addressed the nuns watching my embarrassment. “So you see the folly of man’s assumption that women are the weaker sex and that nuns are defenceless” the mature woman told the assembled nuns, as she kept me helpless beneath her foot. “That is why you keep yourselves in top physical condition” her voice was strong and strident. “You must be able to protect yourself from possible attack by non-believers and those of self-interest at any moment” she stressed my arm for emphasis, making me squeal “Remember, never turn your back on them. They are different than you. They think different. They act different. Cruelty, greed and violence is the only language they understand” she lectured. “From the very beginning, their kind must understand that you are in control. You have the power to make them obey God’s rules. Treating them firmly is the only way to gain their respect” she paused for emphasis before removing her foot from my neck and releasing my arm.

Rubbing life back into my arm, I looked up at the stunning form standing over me. “This order has faced and defeated the greed and lust for power of the ruling classes before” she said with a pointed glance at an antique painting given pride of place on the high wall behind the top table. It looked medieval and set in an ornate gilded frame. I had never before seen what was depicted in any painting let alone one from that era. It captured a scene set in the grounds of the convent house as it must have looked many years ago. In the foreground, a plump mature Mother Superior wearing spectacles and a fierce crabby scowl glared down at a large man lying beneath her. Raised up on her knees, which pinned the man’s broad shoulders upon the ground, her thick sturdy thighs were shown in full and bare. The hem of her habit was around the top of her thighs and barely covered her modesty. There had clearly been some sort of physical contest between them and the man found himself in what must have been truly traumatic humiliation for those times. Although his face was depicted as battered and bloodied the artist had managed to show a strong resemblance to King Henry VIII, except with a strange green-grey hue to his skin. The victorious woman was kneeling astride the King with the apex of her legs a good foot away over his face, however shocking of all was a long serpentine dark grey tongue snaking from his mouth heading up beneath the nun’s robe in a clear act of homage still enjoyed by many of the dominant women I had met in the modern era.

As I studied the painting, Mother Jackie explained the fantastical tale behind it [JPECHO#08] and with growing trepidation I realised who these nuns were. “The Covenant of the Holy Messiah” I said the name of the secretive order rumoured to be dreaded silencers, killing and destroying anyone or anything they believed threatens their faith. “Of course Mister Priest. Who did you think we were?” her tone was sarcastic. Looking up at her face as she stood over me, it was hard for my eyes not to linger longingly on the tight one-piece leotard that emphasised her taut figure and fishnets that showed off her sensational legs. She stared at me with a tight smirk knowing the effect she was having on me. “Did you think we were strip-o-grams?” she teased, leaning her torso forward allowing her bust to swing forwards. Her unswerving gaze made me uncomfortable as she stared at me with a withering sneer before turning her back on me.

Her long calves tapered gradually in subtle curves from slender ankles to larger muscle-heads that featured a clear slab of hardness on each inward side with a shallow bottom edge and a less defined slab on the outward side. The back of her upper legs had a hint of strong hamstrings while her backside was on the moderate size yet with tight rounded buttocks shown in full, thanks to the high cut of the leotard and the tiniest of thongs. It was an extremely sexy sight but something she had said bugged me. “Wait!” I cried, scrambling to my feet. “So you’re saying the King was a descendant of Asura Mahisha?”. The tall woman stopped and gave me a snooty look over her shoulder. “Did you hear me say that?” she replied. God she has such an arrogant sexy look that made me feel like grovelling at her feet, however I was fuming at the hypocrisy. “It was implied” I countered trying to keep my eyes on her face and not slip to that distracting tantalising body. “And what if it were?” a tight smile pushed up the corners of her cheekbones and highlighted a few faint wrinkles around her unsympathetic eyes. They bored into me and headed straight to the groin assisted by that smouldering set to her face that made me want to melt in front of her. “Your order murdered innocent people working on translating scrolls from the temple of Anahita. Rare historical accounts of events from the time of the war between the Asuras and the Deva that your order claim to be false and contrary to your religion. Yet you honour an encounter with one of their descendants!”

Turning back on me with a dismissive air, Mother Jackie began to walk away. I stretched out a hand to stop her. No sooner had I touched her right shoulder when she grabbed my wrist with her left hand while hooking her right arm beneath my arm pit and folded it to grab my upper arm at the shoulder. Swiftly stepping her right leg forward whilst going down upon her left knee in a low crouch, she levered my arm forwards. The sudden drop in height made me tumble forwards to hurtle over her shoulder while flipping over to catch a brief glimpse of her smug face. No sooner had my back slammed heavily against the mats, she bent my arm over the top of her thigh and forced me to stand again wincing in agony. Spinning around to face her, her mature face was full of excited intent as she grabbed the front of my shirt. Falling back, a long leg rose to plant a low-heeled shoe against my gut as she pulled me down with her. Her back hit the mats and the sexy leg lifted my body high into the air propelling me with tremendous speed over her sensational form while executing a forward roll in the air. My back hit the mats hard and fast with a loud booming sound that knocked the air from my lungs. Despite the pain in my back and shortness of breath, my dick was absolute rigid as I realised how far the leggy Mother Superior had thrown me. This nun was really skilled in unarmed combat! I thought excitedy before realising that meant I was out of my depth.

Waiting for the pain in my back to ease while I caught my breathe, a hand clamped around my right wrist and raised my arm. Looking up I saw the seriously sexy legs of the dangerous nun by my right shoulder. Placing the sole of her right foot upon the side of my face, she bent back my hand at the wrist over a lovely fishnet-sheathed thigh. “Argh arghh” my hand felt like it would snap off at the wrist. “Never let a man touch you, unasked” her strident voice addressed the watching nuns as she held me writhing in agony beneath her foot. “Always teach them the errors of their ways” she paused to let me suffer “Do not be gentle. Do not be kind. Be forceful and domineering” The pressure of the shoe against my cheek eased as it moved a short way in front of my face. I had a close-up view of her shapely calves as the leg bent at the knee and the hamstrings folded towards my head. Falling elegantly to her backside, long shapely calves straightened across my throat and upper chest trapping my right arm between her luscious firm upper thighs while levering it back over the crotch of her leotard while applying a fierce wrist lock with both hands. A Mother Superior in form-fitting exercise-wear had me totally helpless with her sexy legs in a side arm-bar! “He will not believe that you have him in excruciating pain. So hold him there in agony while your dominance washes over him and he cannot deny it” the coldly aloof woman’s voice instructed as she held me helpless on my back with my wrist once more in agony with my elbow now joining it. With long legs draped alluringly over my throat and upper chest, I was in constant reminder that I being dominated by a sexy fit mature woman. Was it any wonder that I was achingly hard?

“Let him suffer unto The Lord as you explain the error of his ways” the pious MILF declared. With that she pressed my cheek with the sole of her shoe, pushing my face hard in the opposite direction against the mat then pressed down firmly while pulling back on my wrist. “Arghh no no!” my arm felt like it would explode at the elbow. “Aliens using our world for their material gain and a theatre for war is not in The Good Book, and therefore not for public consumption” Mother Jackie’s authoritative voice lectured. “Nor is the Black Knight Satellite, the pyramids in Antarctica, or the structures on Mars” Draping a calve back over my throat, she pulled my arm back forcing my neck to rise against the firm unyielding calve muscle. “Urrkk!” “Did you say something, Mister Priest?” she mocked as I choked against her hard shapely calves. “See how easy it is to subdue and overwhelm a man with intelligent application of your superior body” she explained. “Over-stretching his arm can break it in several places using my crotch. Pussy power indeed” That caused an outbreak of laughter. “Argh no no no!” I begged as she raised her hips to exert even more strain upon my poor arm. “Look at the deviant. The bulge in his trousers shows that he enjoys it” she sneered as I frantically felt her shin and the side of her calves with my free hand but unable to prise them from my throat. “I could choke him unconscious with my calves he so lovingly adores” she sneered. It was no use, her leg was immobile. The back of her calves pressed down my throat like a blunt guillotine while my head swam dangerously close to the edge. With my energy fading fast I tapped the side of her calves, expecting no mercy and therefore surprised when I sensed her backside return to the mat, her legs folded back and my arm released before she rose.

I lay on my back rubbing my aching arm while trying to clear my head. “We are the silent enforcers of faith, Mister Priest” the firm tones of the Reverend Mother made me look up. “We ensure that Holy secrets remain so” The statuesque woman with the pneumatic figure stood above me with her hands upon her hips in an arrogant manner and her long legs in a wide stance. The sight of her victorious pose and the sultry smirk upon her face drove me wild but I can’t ignore what she is saying. “Whatever happened to ‘thou shall not kill’?” I challenge as I force myself to my feet trying to keep my distance from the tall alluring woman. Her stern handsome face never stops staring at me with an almost sensual self-righteous air of superiority. “Except in the defence of God’s people. As anyone who has studied scripture will tell you” the magnificent but moody woman sneered. “Those scientists were not attacking anyone” I pointed out “Their actions attacked the foundations of our belief” she glared then raised both hands before her, in a menacing flat open-palmed stiff-fingered stance. “Please. I want no trouble” I said putting my palms up facing her, hoping to pacify her. She moved slowly around me, her tall broad-shouldered narrow-waisted figure alluring in the high-cut skin-tight leotard, yet intimidating with her smouldering stare and hands held like blades, the right slightly over her chest and trailing the left. PHOAR she looked so potently deadly, my dick just would not go down. “We are the protectors, the vengeful hand of God. Feel the hand of God” she closed in on me. I was being menaced by a mature good-looking Mother Superior!

I placed my palms over her hands to deter her striking. “No” I said quietly but firmly. Her cold face sneered in open derision as her hands threw off mine to grab my right forearm and twist it sharply to one side and away from me drawing my torso and head closer to her statuesque body. “HAI!” a blur as the top edge of a long slender upper leg jerked upwards driving a hard rounded knee straight into my stomach. “Woarrrrrgh!” I groaned loudly as the holy woman’s knee plunged fast and deep into my gut with such force that it drove me to my toes, flattening my innards while violently expelling my breath in a body-wrecking instant. Brutally winded, my torso creased forwards. “A nun’s knee is a very effective hammer of The Lord” she declared. “HAI!” in horror, her knee shot back up slamming into the side of my jaw, crushing the side of my chin and bruising my mouth. With an aching pain in my jaw, my head whipped back and I would have fell if she hadn’t had hold of my arm. “HAI!” her right hand flashed down striking the side of my neck. The jolt to my system was immense that my limbs just seemed to pack up and I fell to the floor.

As I lay wishing my spinning senses would stop, a heeled foot stepped onto my chest. I looked up at point blank range at long legs, one bent stepping on my chest, soaring away from me in gentle sweeping curves of feminine sensuality alluringly clad in close-mesh fishnets. From this extreme view looking up at her, there was no doubt that she had a remarkable figure, firm and flat in all the right places with a desirable thrusting bust and a long inverted triangular sweep from a slender waist to broad shoulders. Looking down at me with a sneer over her sleek nose, she raised her right arm horizontal with her wide shoulders and bent her forearm towards her head with her fist clenched. With growing anticipation (and something else) I watched a firm-looking mound rise from her upper arm stretching the sleeve of the leotard as it formed a solid but discernible biceps. Those slim taut arms were flexing good sized muscle pushing up the short sleeves to the extent that I could see the start of a defined hard slope rising away behind the inside of her bent elbow. I also noticed that her bare forearms now raised slightly off vertical with her fists clenched had visible sinew and a slight brawny look below each wrist and a definite sail shape with a gentle convex curve to the outside edge and a more subtle concave look to the inside face which had a flatter surface. “You mistook us for weak helpless women, but as you see, even nuns can keep themselves fit and strong” the hard-faced woman seemed slightly amused as she looked down her nose at me lying on the floor looking up at her towering fit body.

“A man’s body is bundle of nerves” the phenomenally legged Mother Superior lectured while I tried to force myself to stand, unable to stop drinking in their stunning length with my eyes. “You must strike instinctively; without second thought”. I couldn’t believe how ruthless this magnificent woman was. “Learn where to strike and you can disrupt a man’s central nervous system in a blaze of pain” the sleek black clad figure stated while strolling around with a confident air of superiority. “Thus armed you can temporarily paralyse him” her hazel eyes locked on mine with a piercing intensity, making me nervous. “Render him unconscious” her hands rose in that open palmed form that meant trouble and I the recipient. “Or kill him with a single blow” she began to slowly approach taking one long legged stance step forward while presenting a side profile and forming a wide sturdy base with her legs. With her hands raised and eyes never leaving mine, Mother Jackie was so menacingly attractive in her form-fitting leotard and fishnets, my dick was throbbing. How could I possibly stand a chance against this smoulderingly sexy mature holy martial arts goddess. “A man’s body is weak. Yours are strong” She took another step forward while swapping her deadly hands around. Her handsome face was serious and set in fierce concentration. Another step, again swapping hands, her eyes wide, pupils dilated with a strange intensity and her thin lipped mouth spreading wide pushing up her cheeks. I was terrified yet turned on at the same time of this magnificent mature dangerous woman.

“HAI!” a sharp shout made me jump. In blind panic I threw up an arm to protect myself. “Argh!” the edge of a hand chopped the inside of my elbow sending bolts of tingling lightning throughout my arm leaving a frightening numbness in their wake. “Paralysis!” she crowed with a wicked smile like the cat that’s got the cream. A hand darted out like a viper, seizing my left wrist and twisting it out to the side while raising her right hand close to the side of her head with the arm bent at the elbow. “Disorientation!” her arm straightened in a flash driving her hand in an angled arc. The edge chopped the arteries at the base of my neck causing my eyes to clench at the intense flashing pain. The next moment I found myself on my hands and knees on the floor without actually remembering falling. The bite of a low heel and the flat of the sole of a shoe against my backside gave me a hard shove, sending me sprawling to the amusement of the watching nuns. “Humiliation!” Mother Superior announced smugly.

“Your hands are efficient weapons” the haughty woman proclaimed “With your hands, you can master a man” “Ouch!” I yelped as she grabbed the back of my hair and twisted it forcing me up to face her. “Chest!” she cried. Her right hand streaked down to strike the clavicle. “Urgghh!” I groaned loudly. “Nose!” she cried with her hand bent back above her opposite shoulder. A flash of motion and I cried out as the hard edge chopped the bridge of my nose. The hand pulled back close to the side of her head. Her eyes were blazing with zeal and her mouth a wide grimace. “Neck!” it moved so fast I barely saw it before her devastating hand chopped the base of my neck causing my face to jerk back with a blaze of light blinding my vision and wrecking my senses. I felt dizzy and collapsed to one knee with a sensual high-cut fishnet-clad hip before me. “Ouch!” she grabbed the back of my hair and yanked my head sharply back so I was looking at the ceiling. “Throat!” the next instant it felt like someone had slammed an iron bar across my neck. “Urrkkkk!” with horrible choking noises, my airways clamped tight. Clutching my throat, terrified of choking to death, I watched helplessly as the moody smouldering woman raised my chin with her left hand while drawing back her right hand. “Jaw!” bare knuckles hurtled towards me then pain exploded in my jaw as a strong uppercut crashed against the underside of my chin like a jack-hammer. My teeth mashed with a clunk as my head whipped back over my shoulders so fast that my brain is in a spin with sharp flashes of light blinding my eyes. Totally disorientated, it feels like I’m floating backwards on a cushion of air as all sound is muffled and my vision blurs.

The next moment I’m flat on my back on the mats with a low-heeled shoe resting on my upper chest. I look up to see the glorious legs of the fit leotard-wearing woman peering down at me with a wide grin, the wimple around her face and the attached veil reminding me that she was a nun. With her hazel eyes never leaving mine, she bent her right arm to bring her fist about an inch in front of her lips. Pursing her lips, she made a show of blowing upon her knuckles as if blowing away smoke from a fired pistol. It was a clear message that made my dick lurch. She lowered her fist, her eyes constantly boring into mine, before giving me a wink. “Did you enjoy the hand of God, Mister Priest?” she asked. Before I could answer, her attention was focused elsewhere in the room, and she removed her foot from my chest. “Here are the sinners, Jim. I think you will want to watch this” she told me. A commotion of shuffling and complaints coming from across the room. Looking around, I saw a group of nuns strong-arm several young men, all stripped down to their shorts or briefs, into the room and none too gently either. Despite what I had experienced, it was still a shock to see a group fully-robed nuns driving young men in front of them trapped in a variety of arm-locks, excruciatingly painful ones judging by the expressions upon the lad’s faces.

“Don’t feel sorry for them” Mother Jackie told me “These yobs are responsible for terrorising children in order to intimidate neighbourhoods from objecting to massive local development applications by a greedy council operating as both developer and planning authority, in return for drugs that they then sell-on to young kids in the area”. I was truly shocked but could well believe it. “The scumbags soon discovered that they could not intimidate nuns”. She gave them a withering stare under which they shuffled nervously. “Sisters. Team up and practice delivering them The Lord’s justice“ she instructed. With that, she looked at me and leant forward extending a hand, which of course I didn’t take. “Come on, Jim“ she said softly while giving me a warm smile, her hand still extended. It was amazing how her appearance changed when she smiled “I didn’t hurt you seriously, besides you rather enjoyed it” she said with a pointed glance at the front of my jeans. “You will enjoy this” More out of curiosity, I accepted her hand and let her help me to my feet. “Was that true, what you said about them?” I asked watching the lads, clearly resentful of being man-handled by nuns onto to the mats “I’m a Mother Superior! Would I lie to you?” came her amused retort.

Before me a red-faced shifty looking youth squirmed in the hammerlock of a young nun while bad-mouthing a slim crabby-faced elderly nun of short stature with thick lensed bottle-bottom glasses standing before him. “Are you giving me lip, boy?” she asked in a configurational manner. He glared at her. “Answer me, boy. Are you giving me lip?” that just made him all the more angry. He glared at her again then replied “Fuc..” Before he could finish a black bolt of lightning struck his jaw. Her fist, driven by a brawny forearm hit with a very loud solid blow that jerked his head back hard and would have sent his body flying if he hadn’t been firmly restrained. His head fell forwards hanging loosely while the rest of him slumped unmoving. “Sister Irene has a mighty punch” Mother Jackie remarked as the old lady glared at the senseless lad. Out cold from a single punch from an elderly nun! All around me nuns in groups of two or more clustered around a youth but this was no Bible class.

Close by, a middle-aged nun restrained a lad while another, slim medium-height sister faced him in wide-legged stance with fists raised, one fist close to her body, the other extended towards him. “You gotta to be kidding” he sneered at the woman who was probably old enough to be his mother. Before he could say another word, she began pumping her arms alternately at an astonishing speed delivering a non-stop barrage of punches to his belly, so fast her fists are a blur. The noise was intense as each blow landed solidly like she was speed-punching a bag. His body jerked wildly as the gut-punches came at a blistering rate, wanting badly to crumple forwards but restrained by the other nun. The lightning-fast salvo was devastating, turning his belly bright red and sore-looking as she turned his strong hard-looking abdominals to mush. With his eyes screwed tight in agony, his mouth constantly opened wide then closed like a goldfish, unable to draw breath under the rapid-fire assault of her fists. He tried twisting away from the fearsome barrage but he was held firmly facing forward. With focussed concentration on her face, her fists sunk deeper and deeper into his gut, the veins on his forehead standing out with the strain to breathe. He was completely destroyed in a matter of seconds by a black robed nun. “I bet Sister Julienne would make a good drummer” the handsome woman remarked by my side “she really knows how to beat those skins” It was exciting yet horrifying to watch. With his mouth in a wide open silent scream, the youth had clearly reaching breaking point. As her fists seemed to drive right inside his body, he kept lurching forwards with the need to crease over while raising his knee as if that could somehow save him, yet the other nun kept him firmly under control. The nun kept up the blistering pace, never slowing, never tiring, showing incredible stamina with a fiercely determined look upon her face. The ceaseless blur of punches never missed it’s target. After what must been barely a minute of gut devastation he went frantic trying to twist his way from his captor, his need to breathe overriding that not to break his arm. Soon he didn’t have the energy to hold up his head which just hung limply bobbing up and down under the brutal gut-flattening barrage until he flopped senseless in the other nun’s hold. Still the mature nun kept slamming in punches until loud sharp claps from next to me rang out. “Enough! Leave something for Sister Honey to practice upon” The other nun smiled with gratitude and anticipation and let the limp form of the yob fall to the mats to await her turn.

All around me was the unnerving sound of violent physical contact as seemingly harmless nuns lay into the yobs with a ferociousness I wouldn’t have previously given credit. Their chilling focussed gaze instilled fear into their young victims. The sound of a hard slap drew my attention back to the aged Sister Irene. The previously belligerent youth had just come round to find himself with a sore jaw and struggling to come to terms with being firmly restrained by a young nun while a crabby old one was practically growling in his face. She clutched his chin in her wrinkly aged hand and roughly forced him to look at her. Her bottle-lensed magnified glare looked him close in the eye, clearly unnerving him. You could read his bewildered expression, had this old nun really knocked his lights out with just one punch or was this was a nightmare?. “Are you going to give me more lip, boy?” she growled. He angrily shook his jaw from her grip. Before he could say a word, there was a streak of black and her fist hammered his chin. His face snapped upwards in a spray of blood and spit as his body slammed backwards in the younger nun’s hold then hung limp, out cold again.

“Over there, Jim. This is going to be good” hooking an arm around mine Mother Jackie led me over to an area close to where they had moved the long wooden dining tables. A lad was stretched out by his arms between two nuns, one standing upon each side with a double-handed grip on his wrists. Facing him stood a nun in a long flowing black habit who stood in a wide-legged stance with her hands raised, open-palmed. “HAI!” the unexpected sharp shout startled him as she dashed forwards with the hem of her habit lifting, giving a quick-glimpse of a sheer-black nylon sheathed leg, as it powered an incredibly fast kick to his groin. There was an awful solid sound of impact as the top of her foot swung upwards right against his balls visibly making his trouser package lurch upwards before being pinned against the underside of his pelvis by the top of her foot. His body flew backwards with shocking speed and his feet leaving the floor until he came to a shuddering halt as his restrained arms reached their limits and jerked sharply forwards. Collapsing between the two nuns, who provided his only means of support, he let out a chilling howl of anguish that must have made every male in the room wince in sympathy.

The nuns on either side kicked the back of his legs to force him to stand properly. He looked up in horror to see the aggressive nun already on the move. “YAH!” the habit flicked up as the hem fanned out and a nylon-clad shin delivered a solid front kick between his legs. A loud sound of impact and his body hurtled backwards, swept off his feet until his momentum was restrained by the nuns who flanked him. There was a perceptible delay before his system got over the shock and his voice gave vent to his harrowing anguish. With a mean glare the nun didn’t wait but drew back her leg and drove another kick straight to his balls. Again and again with relentless determination she slammed fast front kicks into his groin each as powerful as the first. The hem of her habit clung tight to the lines of long slim legs as it rode up over lovely shaped nylon-sheathed calves. The loud repetitive pounding of his balls was horrifying as was the blood-curdling screams as his body bounced back and forth with his arms stretched between the two nuns. These were hard fast powerful kicks from a nun. I know some men get turned on from being kicked in the groin but no man could take this level of ball-busting for very long. In less than a minute this young tough was weeping and crying loudly as his body hung like an abandoned sack with his legs no longer able to support him.

It was the same story all around me. Young yobs were being physically restrained by one or two women of the cloth while another administered a brutal beating. Some used their fists to pound a lad’s face to a bloody battered mess while others hammered a jaw until he fell unconscious, whereas Sister Irene took great delight in knocking a guy’s lights out with a single punch. Elsewhere long black skirts were flying up, revealing some great legs sheathed in sheer black nylon hosiery, as they unleashed a whirlwind of kicks to face, head, chest, gut and groin.

Nearby a lad had slipped his captors and pulled Sister Sarah onto her back on the floor. Mother Jackie put a hand on mine in reassurance. “Don’t worry, Sister Sarah is a sweet-natured soul but quite capable of defending herself” she told me as the nasty looking sneering yob crouched over the pleasant-faced nun’s head with his hands reaching for her throat to throttle her. With her face serenely calm, her hands clamped onto his wrists before throwing her legs into the air with a surprising thrust of energy and curled them back over her body towards the attacker’s head. The habit fell back around her hips revealing thick but shapely legs that looked very sexy in sheer black nylon pantyhose. He looked stunned at the sight of the thick legs rushing towards his head, then surprise at the feel of silky smooth nylon rasping against his skin as they slid either side of his lower face until big shapely calves stretched past his ears. Finding himself in a nice place between her calves close to the back of her knees looking down the back of a lovely pair of upper legs towards a nicely-rounded backside, his expression first turned to shock as she locked her soft black ballet shoes and ankles behind his head, then to alarm as her thick thighs hardened around his face. I too was surprised for the sweetly-smiling nun had curled back her legs over her body and got her attacker in a form of reverse hanging headscissors and very tight they looked too. With his eyes creasing and mouth opening wide in clear discomfort, his hands flew to the back of her chunky legs and began trying to prise them away when a twist of her hips flipped his body over to his side on the mat.

“Urrgh!” he cried as he hit the mat with her legs still clamped around his face then looked stunned as the back of those those big shiny black-clad thighs slid down around his neck with her backside rapidly moving closer to his face until his throat was rammed against the apex of her legs. Levering his right arm over the top of the uppermost thigh, she pressed down causing him to shriek in agony. “No!” he cried as her buttocks clenched hard becoming sizeable but very tight-looking balls while her thighs expanded, stretching the black nylon as dense large slabs swelled into existance along the outer edge of her thighs and strong-looking hamstrings bulged at the back of her upper legs. “Urrkkk! Nourkk!” he croaked horrified to find the thick strong thighs of the pleasant-looking nun were very solid and strong indeed as they squeezed down hard upon either side of his neck. Looking sensational as the light reflects from the sheer black nylon sheen, the raw power emanating from her thick thighs is tangible. “Arkkkkkk!” his face turned bright red with his eyes screwed tight and his wide with his teeth bared frozen in an agonised rictus as the back of each nylon-clad thigh looked wider than his head. It was exciting and stimulating to watch Sister Sarah in full religious habit squeezing the living daylights from this thug. “Argkk!” his legs began kicking in frustration. “Arkk! Arkk!” he croaked in loud frantic cries as she bent his arm further back over her upper thigh in response. “It’s not nice to choke people, is it?” she asked in a softly spoken voice. “Is it?” she repeated in a harder tone. Unlocking her ankles she raised the upper leg high with the wide flaring shape of her large calves noticeable then slammed it straight down upon his neck like a guillotine, causing him to cry out loud. A second later he was croaking very loudly as she re-locked her ankles and her buttocks tightened into hard quivering balls focussing fearsome power into her thighs as they locked down upon his neck noticably much tighter than before. Dense slabs of thick sleek arrow shaped muscle adorned her outer thighs and powerfully shaped hamstrings bulged, pushing up the sides of his red face as they poured what seemed like immense feminine power upon his neck. His face was bright crimson and the veins stood out on his forehead as his body tried to flap around the mat like a wounded animal. However with legs like those clamped down upon his neck he didn’t stand a chance, the nun held his head tight like a man-trap. With a painfully stiffening erection inside my pants, I watched as his movements got slower, while the pleasant-faced nun looked on with a tight smile of superiority. With a loud series of snorts he suddenly stopped moving. My dick give a stiff lurch of appreciation inside my jeans.

Still smiling, Sister Sarah opened her legs and gave him a good hard shove that sent his body rolling limply onto his back, clearly unconscious. To my surprise the slightly-plump looking nun went into a sudden handstand with her shoulders touching the mat before rolling forwards with her legs splayed wide while her dress draped down at her waist. Coming down into a front splits, the back of a large shapely calve slammed down hammering right across the lad’s throat to which his body gave an impotent twitch. Pressing her hands upon the mat she raised her body like a gymnast with her legs maintaining the splits, stretched straight fore and aft, and swung herself fully onto his prone body. Her dress was fully pulled back over her hips to show those chunky shapely legs sheathed in sheer black nylon. Coming down upon his chest, the nun was now doing the side splits upon the hapless yob. Raising her left hand open-palmed it swung down to give the lad a hard slap upon the cheek that whipped his face from one side to the other. It was certainly not a gentle slap to awaken him as one would perhaps expect from a nun but a full bloodied blow. She repeated this several times in quick succession using alternate hands rocking his face left then right then stopped.

The yob opened his eyes and looked up in terror at the sweetly smiling nun sitting on his chest with the shimmer of nylon sheen from her legs spread wide on either side. “Urkkkrrrr!” he croaked, shocked to find difficulty voicing his objection. “Repent Sinner” Sister Sarah said in a soft tone, then bunched her fists and started hammering upon his face, alternating fists while smiling sweetly. Although she had a pleasant-looking friendly face, her fists landed very hard taking a terrible toll upon his face. He tried to sit up and push her away but she just slid further forwards pinning his upper arms beneath her shins. “Now what are you going to do, apart from look silly?” she said with amusement then pulled back her right sleeve and flexed her arm right before his face. His eyes went wide in shock as her thick upper arm grew and hardened into a good-sized rocky slab of biceps muscle. Without further ado the smiling nun resumed punching his face, her fists relentlessly pounding his cheeks and jaw with a growing look of excitement that bordered on the sensual. With a terrible sound like tenderising meat, the nun’s punches noticeably got stronger and wilder. “Stop now, Sister Sarah” Mother Jackie instructed. With obvious reluctance she obeyed. The lad’s face is a bloodied mess but it is clear that he is out cold. Her face bore a look of disappointment until lifting her eyes to look me right in the eye. A wicked smile spreads her lips then without taking her gaze from me raised a fist and pointed to it with a finger on her other hand before pointing it straight at me. The message is clear “You’re next” which made my dick throb like crazy while filling me with trepidation.

“Sister Sarah wants to play with you” Mother Jackie said with a light chuckle “But she does tend to break the toys”. “Let us leave them to practice. I have something to show you” she told me. After the way she had put the hurt on me and humiliated me, I wasn’t keen to go anywhere with her. “The kids I spoke with swore that they weren’t attacked by yobs wearing masks. How do explain the low guttural voices and appearing out of nowhere?” I asked determined to get some answers. “Come with me, I will show you” she replied in a soft tone and a beguiling smile. With the sisters pre-occupied with punishing the lads, there was no longer a wall of black robed women surrounding me and I decided on a quick exit. The only problem was getting past the mean and moody Mother Superior. Trying to keep well away from her, I made a run for it. Without warning a black streak leapt up in front of me. The next instant the top of a long shin trailing a beautifully shaped calve slammed hard across the front of my shoulders bringing my flight to a shuddering halt. “Nnnurghh!” I groaned, feeling like I’d ran into a steel bar and taking the wind from my sails. Although I had been at least a good 3 feet away, her beautiful leg was just too long, too fast and too accurate to avoid.

“You made your choice. Now face the consequence” the tall handsome woman declared then removed her low heel shoes while giving me a chilling glare that made me regret my decision. “HAI!” I jumped in fright at the shout only to wince as a leg flew up at frightening speed, narrowly missing my face and continuing to soar into the air right in front of me. I never expected the mature Mother Superior to have such amazing flexibility but she was doing a standing splits with her incredible long sexy legs right before my eyes, making me throb in pure lust. With the haughty mature maintaining an unemotional expression, the raised leg fell with terrifying speed towards me like a leggy axe. “Argh!” the back of her heel hammered my left shoulder close to the join with my neck with crushing force that made that side of my body sink and my knees wobble. The handsome woman watched me with a tight-lipped expression. “YAH!” the leg rocketed straight up again. Sleek, beautiful, shapely and blindly fast, the ball of her foot slammed against the underside of my jaw kicking back my face towards the ceiling in a whiplash dizzying instant. With my head blasted right over the back of my shoulders, I crashed to the mats.

“Please no more” I begged, gasping as I managed to get to my knees. Handsomely attractive but dangerous, the leggy Goddess of a woman was looking down at me with a tough stare and fists raised, very unlike the usual image of a nun. “Yes more, Jim. For daring to run away like a frightened child” she scolded. “HAI!” a terrible sharp shout made me jump, xa twitch in her right thigh, a flash of motion and the top of her toes struck beneath my chin, lifting and snapping my head back in front kick that mashed my teeth together and sent me sprawling back onto the floor. “Don’t look for comfort in this house of mine” she stated. Shakily I raised myself up onto my elbows and looked at her quizzically, Arena? recognising the lyric only to see in horror the sole of a foot speeding towards my face in a low-angled side kick. “Mmm!” it pummelled my mouth like a boxing glove, leaving it bruised and aching with the taste of nylon on my lips as she flattened me out upon my back once more.

“Don’t break the Holy bread or drink the Holy wine” the imposing woman delivered the next line as though it were a sermon. I tried to roll away to the side, intending to jump to my feet and run, but had only got as far as my knees when a fishnet-clad leg flashed into my vision. The top of her foot punched the join of my neck with terrific speed and force. My head jerked back sharply then everything went woozy and numb as if I had too much to drink. I remember kneeling with the lithe form of the Mother Superior before me with her hands held like the deadly weapons they undoubtedly were as I swayed back and forth feeling drowsy. With senses numbed I closed my eyes and felt my front hit the mats.

I distantly felt a foot lift my face and being rolled over to my back with something pressing down upon my throat. Choking, my hands flew up to encounter the feel of small-mesh fishnets enclosing a slender ankle and a long sleek curvaceous calve. My eyes flew open to find Mother Jackie standing over me with one foot pressing down firmly upon my throat. Jeez she was a magnificent specimen of total female supremacy! “Don’t test my patience again, Jim” she warned with a smouldering stern stare then looked up and rapidly clapped her hands loudly twice. The room fell silent apart from the moans of the yobs still conscious. I didn’t expect her to lean over to grab my right ankle, raise my leg and try to lever my foot over her upper left thigh while keeping my neck pinned with her foot. “Arghh arghh!” I yelped trying not to look a fool in front of all these strangers and failing. “Take our young guests to the confessional to confide their sins and the names of their paymasters” the authoritative woman instructed while keeping me in agony. I suspected the confessions will be taken none too gently given the enthusiastic expressions on the nun’s faces.

Releasing me, she turned to watch the sisters depart taking their weary beaten-down captives with them. Laying close to her feet, looking up at the tall woman standing with her back to me with her tight rounded buttocks clad in shape-hugging fishnets and virtually exposed by a skimpy thong running up the middle and the cut of her form-fitting leotard running up over her hips, where else did you think I’d be looking? Orrrr incredible legs, great backside. This was such a sexy viewpoint it was driving me to distraction. “Enjoying the view Jim?” soft sultry tones asked and to my embarrassment I saw her looking at me. “I can see that you are” she added with a pointed glance at the front of my trousers that was now sporting a tell-tale bulge. “I..I…” I tried to get to my knees to protest my innocence but she had turned around to confront me with a smouldering stare. “HAI!” Mother Superior raised both hands open-palmed then brought them down sharply in a double handed chop to each side of my neck.

My head and vision swam as though it were in some psychedelic light show, the never-ceasing motion making me feel nasceous. As I tried to cling on to consciousness, I felt my head being roughly pulled backwards, forcing my spine to bend sharply backwards. My vision cleared to find my head being shoved upside down between her gorgeous waiting legs then travelling towards her sexy backside that resembled oversized peaches in a black nylon fishnet bag. My face slid between those long fishnet clad thighs until my neck was wedged at the apex of her legs. Sleek slender legs tightened on either side of my neck and the twin orbs before my eyes began clenching sending waves of neck-crushing intensity bearing down on my neck. On my knees, bent over backwards like an inverted U pin, with my back screaming in protest, the holy dominatrix reverse head scissored me from a standing position with her deceptively strong legs. With both hands on the sides of her upper thighs, I could do nothing except hold on while inadvertently feeling how firm they were. The Reverend scissor mistress toyed with me, her glutes kept flexing to send punishing wave after wave of power crushing down upon my neck only stopping for long enough to pull my face right against those tight rounded balls of fishnet-clad buttocks. My nose was buried right up the crevice while I was certain that my mouth was pressed somewhere over-familiar for a woman of the cloth.

MMMM! my hands moved to her firm buttocks. It was a wonderful place to have my face stuck and my dick soared uncontrollably to uncomfortable stiffness within the confines of my pants. I sensed her lean forward and realised that she must be resting her hands upon one of the dining tables. A sleek long calve clamped across the back of my head and I felt myself get locked up in the middle of a very tight triangle with fishnet-clad inner thighs crushing in upon my neck on either side while my face was forced further into her butt crevice. Being squeezed helpless in an upside-down standing reverse figure 4 face-scissor caused my dick to grow even stiffer. I have often found that women with slender legs have the deadlier head scissors as their thighs can get right in there between your jawline and shoulders to bring the full force of all that leggy power against your neck. The slender legged Mother Superior was really powering down an excruciating squeeze that seemed to be trying to break my face against her hard flexing glutes. “Can you stand the pressure?” I heard her smug amused voice over the pounding of my heart in my ears “There is no point struggling, The Lord has blessed me with strong legs and I know how to use them” she let me suffer for a while longer as her strong arse-cheeks devoured my face whilst her inner thighs pounded upon my trapped neck. I was completely overwhelmed by her and yet found it totally arousing.

“You accuse us of destroying historical relics but that is far from the truth” the pious mancrusher told me “It is all held securely in the great library beneath the Vatican, safe from the prying eyes of the unworthy”. In alarm I felt a hand steal to the front of my jeans and feel the prominent bulge that had formed there, which only made it harder. “The Oxford scroll is a fantasy about two of Anahita’s human followers who were half-incarnate souls who will come together again on Earth” she informed me “The female is described as the Angel of the salvation of the Overseers race” she left a knowing pause then unzipped my flies. “The male” she said in an almost seductive tone while unbuttoning my jeans “attracts strong women like flies” she undid my belt “Enabling them to realise their true potential and loving them” My flies were opened wide allowing the stiff package therein to spring out. “Such deviation!” I heard her exclaim, yet her hand began stroking the shaft through my pants. “I am fully aware of how you have become aroused by my dominance over you. Do you expect that to somehow break down my inhibitions and give myself to you?” the bulge in my pants began throbbing under the gentle caresses of her hand. “I think not”. The sexy strong leggy cage opened and with my backwards arching position no longer tenable, I fell to the floor. “You are not a saviour just a very perverted man” she said fixing me with one of her stern smouldering groin-stirring stares. “I honestly don’t know what you are talking about” I panted but she wasn’t listening.

Crouching down very low right above my face, those stunning long legs spread wide with the gusset of her leotard practically staring me straight in the face. There was nowhere else I could look. Those long thighs funnelled my vision straight to her crotch hovering at least a foot above my lips. At such close range it was an extremely arousing sight. That this was a Mother Superior was shocking. “Are you demon-spawn or just a man?” she teased sliding her hands along the insides of her thighs towards the gusset. Oh boy that really raised my blood pressure! “Maybe you like to suffer the same penance as the King?” she suggested while rubbing the front of the gusset. “Mmmm!” I groaned lustfully getting all hot and bothered. “Have you got a lizard tongue that can get up here?” “Oh please, Mother Jackie. Please let me worship you. I want you so badly” I moaned sounding like a lust-crazed idiot, desperate for that unreachable crotch. Mocking laughter burned my ears and reddened my cheeks with embarrassment. “Just a man with a man’s perverted desires” she chuckled. I raised my head with wild yearning to reach her private parts. “Hai! Yah!” long elegant hands slashed down, one after the other, chopping each side of my neck alternately, shocking my nervous system and sending me into a daze. “Down boy” she jeered.

My senses stopped wheeling to see the tall long-legged woman crouching over my waist in her high-cut leotard as she turned right around then looked back at my face as I stared up at those perfectly formed buttocks. Fixing me with a hard stare, her mouth was taut in a smouldering look. “Since you have not stopped staring at my backside all evening, that will be the method of your shaming” she announced. Before I could protest my innocence, firm rounded balls of feminine wonder, seemingly wrapped in a tight string bag and separated by the thinnest of thongs, lowered into my crotch. Sitting astride me on her knees in a very low crouch, her backside lightly brushed my groin causing an exhilarating electric tingle and another surge of growth and stiffness. That feeling grew much more intense as her backside slid back towards me in a firm decisive movement that wedged my bulge firmly in the intergluteal cleft between her buttocks. “Oh wow!” I gasped with the intense feeling of arousal as that marvellous backside began to slide back and forth. Her glutes clenched tight on the forward thrusts away from me forcing my covered erection through the tight muscular channel like a train going through a tunnel before it popped out the other side in time for a smoother return journey through her delightful undercarriage. Oh Lord! I didn’t stand a chance against a backside like that. Just watching those sexy buttocks thrusting back and forth was arousing enough but the squeezing of my hard-on through her clenching butt-cheeks was making me lose all self-control and driving me insane with pure desire. “Ohhh please” I moaned unable to handle the sensations of her incredible arse-job “Please!” I moaned “Fit in mind, fit in body” her seductive voice remarked as she continued to thrust back and forth in a steady constant rhythm as if on some kind of exercise machine. “Orrr!” a few minutes of this would have got me aching hard in no time but being so aroused to start with, I was moaning and drooling while begging for release. Her sleek long thighs drove her amazing backside back and forth until the pressure building in my balls became too much. “Orrrrrr! Orrrrr! Orrrr!” wave after wave of an uncontrollably strong orgasm blasted into my pants. Each spurt was cut-off by the clenching of her glutes only to blast again after her returning backside massaged it and it returned into the open. That clenching and massaging stroke just seemed to make me keep coming again and again as her seed-extracting backside worked away milking me more and more until I could give no more.

“I prove my point” she announced smugly as those cock-milking buttocks rose from my sopping wet groin while I lay exhausted. Grabbing my right wrist, Mother Dominatrix bent back my hand and forced me, writhing and yelping in agony to my feet before proceeding to lead me from the hall. Too shagged out and ashamed to resist while trying to hold onto my loose jeans, I was relieved that nobody was around to see me in this state as she continued to march me up some stairs and into her private room. “There is an en-suite through there” she indicated “Inside you will find my bathrobe. Clean yourself up and put it on. Remove your fouled clothes and they will be cleaned and ready for you in the morning” she instructed. Morning? I wasn’t planning to change or stay that long but I found myself in such a horrible sticky mess that I had little choice but to strip off and put on the bathrobe.

I returned to find Mother Jackie had changed into a black robe resembling a cassock. Unsmiling, she passed me a large black cape. “Non-reflective“ she said “In the dark in the churchyard you couldn’t see me although I was only a few feet away until I opened my lantern. With that wrapped around you, you could have sneaked up to some kid and given them the fright of their lives. Especially if you were wearing this” she passed me a rubber demon mask. “This is very professionally made” I remarked examining the mask “Not shoddy at all. It could almost be a film prop”. She nodded in agreement then went to a light switch on the wall. “I am about to turn the light off. When I do put on the mask, but not before” she said then flicked the switch. Pulling on the mask, the room lit up in green hues. “Night Vision” I said in surprise but the voice that came out was not my own but a guttural growl. “A vocoder” she remarked “remove the mask please”. I did then the lights came back on. “How could those yobs afford such high-tech gear?” I pondered. “That is what we will find out in their confessions” the striking woman told me “I suspect wealthy paymasters with Government access to restricted military tech”.

“It’s getting late, I really should make a move. I can take my clothes home to wash and return the robe back to you” I thought I should try to leave while she was in a more genial mood. The Reverend Mother’s face became smoulderingly seductive. “No“ she said firmly “You will spend the night with me and that is final” her voice although soft was very adamant. With that, her hands went to the front of her robe which, to my surprise, slipped to the floor to reveal that she was completely naked! A wide smile softened her features making her quite pretty and alluring. “Even nuns are entitled to let their hair down” she said in a soft yearning tone removing the wimple and head scarf to reveal short dark brown hair that barely covered her ears with a high centre parting on the right and a soft sweeping fringe on the other. Oh boy! I sighed to myself at the tall statuesque naked woman standing before me. She may be mature but her body is stunning. That inverted triangular shaped upper body was lean and firm, although with a few signs of middle age. Her breasts were impressively firm and rounded with erect nipples.

“Haven’t you taken a vow of celibacy?” I asked nervously for she was very desirable yet I couldn’t forget that she was a nun. Approaching me slowly like a predator with her handsomely attractive face at it’s most smouldering intensity, made me want to back away. “From your tales, I thought you had sex with every woman you met” she purred oozing sensuality. “I try not to but sometimes a woman is too strong and demanding, and sometimes I just can’t resist it” I admitted. She prowled closer and I backed myself against a wall. “We have a much more relaxed attitude to sex” she purred pressing herself against me and moving her face close. “Looks like you’ve broken down my inhibitions after all Jim” she whispered then gave me an intense kiss. Of course my manhood responded to that, how could it not? Hands stole to my robe and thrust it open exposing my nakedness but before I could do anything about it, a hand went straight for my dick. “Hmmm, Good response” she purred like the mature cougar she resembled. “No, we really shouldn’t” I gasped, my objection sounding feeble. “Yes we are. Around here, I am The Law” the tall naked Mother Superior said with a breathy tone then seized a hand in each of hers and pulled my arms out to each side while exerting forward pressure.

I was in a test of strength with a naked mature Mother Superior! Although I had seen her flex her biceps earlier in her leotard, I now saw them uncovered right before me upon either side. A sleek mound with definite depth and a long curving top graced each arm. They weren’t particularly big but they were unmistakably hard muscles that swelled as she tried to force my hands back level with my shoulders. Their size made me confident that I could overpower her but was shocked to find myself struggling just to keep her hands stationary. Hazel eyes stared deep into mine, looking excited with irises wide and mesmerising, while bare soft breasts pressed against my chest with erect nipples driving me to distraction. Chest to chest with her fit nude mature body, slim arms bulged with deceptive strength trying to press my forearms back. All the while, her eyes burrowed into mine. “I can feel it rubbing against me” she whispered seductively. Her stamina was resolute but mine was waning. Continuing to hold my arms wide, her face moved close until thin lips pressed against my mouth and kissed me passionately filling me with raging desire and returning her passionate kiss while my dick beat wildly against her bare crotch. Her small biceps bulge hard as she pressed back my hands and to my astonishment I am unable to stop her. Is there anything more humiliating for a man than to be overpowered by a naked woman? “You will give me the Lord’s pleasure until you can give no more” she purred like a sex-kitten right in my face making me want her even more. “And I always go on top” she added. The bulging mounds on her upper arms had grown larger and more defined as she slowly forced me down the front of her astonishing naked body. I tried to resist, putting everything I had into pushing back but my resistance crumbled at the sight of her handsomely attractive face staring at me with a tight smirk, framed between two hard shapely smooth biceps. My knees began to bend as I was outmuscled by a nun! How embarrassing but having my naked body slide down that magnificent feminine superstructure had me rock hard again, especially when my face slid past her firm breasts with my nose going through her cleavage. “Meet the stronger sex Jim” I looked up at the face looking down at me with her small bulging biceps putting me firmly in my place. “Now get on that bed before I show what else these can do”

Releasing my hands, she wrapped an arm around the back of my head and pulled me to my feet then marched me over to her bed. Turning swiftly around right before me while pressing her nude body against me she leant forwards and threw me over her hip. My back slammed into the bed covers hard followed by Mother Jackie’s naked form leaping astride my waist. She leant forwards to bring her face close to nibble teasingly around my neck then whispered. “I’m going to f*ck your brains out” she said with yearning. “It is going to be a very long night for you” she added.


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