Filipino Mail Order Bride (JP#020)

Caveat emptor, little bully girl

by JimP
(c)Jim P 2019

Inspired by those famous Filipino wrestling girls 🙂

Please help me Jim. You are the only one I could think of who would understand. My name is John and to cut a long story short, I’ve never been confident with women. Perhaps I am just socially awkward or don’t meet the right sort of women. If I see one I like I don’t know how to approach her and strike up a conversation let alone ask her out. In my late 20’s the loneliness was getting me down.

One evening I went to a party for a workmate who had just got married. Gerry’s new bride was a gorgeous Filipino woman who I found incredibly delightful, enchanting and graceful. To be honest I felt jealous as she seemed the ideal partner that I would be very happy with. “What do you think?” Gerry was by my side indicating his bride. “She’s wonderful” I told him honestly, gazing wistfully at the sweet petite woman with a slim perfectly proportioned figure to match. Maybe it was the drink talking but I confided “I wish I could find a woman like that but I never seem to meet anyone” He gave my shoulder a friendly reassuring pat. “Of course you can” then leaned in close to speak so that only I could hear. “I found most Western women too outspoken and liberal for my liking” he admitted. “So I tried Internet dating women from other countries” he told me. “Can’t that be a bit dodgy?” I asked. “Sure. You have to be careful. For example, Russian women are stunningly beautiful but I was worried they were just after a British passport then once here would ditch me for a good looking guy. I also heard about some sites being run by gangsters and guys getting fleeced” he took a sip of his drink then continued “Then I discovered Filipino women. They are lovely, warm, friendly and loyal. That’s where I found my sweetie. She was gorgeous, funny, engaging and we got on like a house on fire. I could tell she was the real deal. After a few months of video dating I took the plunge and flew out to meet her in person then made all the arrangements and married her. I’d recommend it to a nice guy like you”

I went home thinking about what Gerry had said. It made sense, but I had reservations about dating someone over the Internet, especially one in another country. I also was unsure how I felt about marrying a woman shorter than most teens in this country. Was that some form of closet paedophilia? However Gerry’s wife was lovely and sweet natured, the kind of wife I would love to have, so decided to take the plunge and registered at the site. It wasn’t long before I met Alejandra who told me that her name meant ‘defending men’. I felt all cosy and warm inside as soon as I saw her, with an appealing sweet oval-shaped face that always seemed to be smiling, high cheekbones and long flowing straight black hair parted high in the middle. Her eyes were almond shaped but not really slanted, with double eyelids, unlike the Chinese or Japanese, and dark brown irises into which I could have melted whenever she looked at me. Her nose was small, slightly flat and dainty with a rounded tip which I thought added to her cuteness while her skin colour was a wonderful olive to brown hue. Slim, petite, attractive and relatively buxom, Alejandra had a sunny disposition that was fun and kind natured. Intelligent and well-educated, she spoke excellent English. I could tell she wasn’t faking it and even over a video link fell madly in love and she told me she felt the same.

We dated online for a while until I could fly out to meet her in person. It was like getting a bolt from the blue for she was so much more beautiful in the flesh that I was speechless until she broke the ice with a warm smile, a big hug and a kiss on the lips that gave me an instant hard-on. With a penchant for tiny cut-off denim shorts that showed off a beautiful pair of slim toned legs and sleeveless halters that revealed firm arms and a flat taut belly, she was a compact little Goddess and I was absolutely smitten. She had a warm, welcoming manner and was hugging and kissing me every few minutes. We didn’t have sex, for Filipino women are conservative about that before marriage but I was content to kiss and cuddle. Soon we were making arrangements to get married and return to England as man and wife.

Back home she was the perfect wife and despite being petite, was very hard-working which she claimed was because rural girls like her were very strong. “Men call us bully girls and are afraid of us” she chuckled sweetly. “I can’t believe that. You are too cute to be a bully girl” I laughed and gave her a big hug. Yet she did all the housework, shopping and gardening without complaint and was an excellent cook. In the bedroom she loved sex, being very passionate and always willing to experiment. I jokingly called her my Filipino mail order bride which she thought funny.

We had very few disagreements during which she became submissive, always backing down and deferring to me. On this particular occasion she wore a black sleeveless halter that showed off her belly and arms with tiny cut-off denim shorts and small white ankle length socks with bare legs. Her submissiveness annoyed me so I told her that we were equal partners in this marriage and she should sensibly discuss her view if she disagreed with me instead of acting like a little schoolgirl. That really upset her and she burst into tears and fled the room crying. I immediately felt bad but thought I would let her calm down for a while. When she didn’t come back I got worried and went to apologise and make up. I found her sitting in my downstairs study reading something on my computer. To my horror I realised that she had found your story site in my bookmarks. It was like the pit of my stomach had dropped away, there was stuff on there she wouldn’t understand. “You like this?” she said in a calm voice. “You shouldn’t be looking at a man’s bookmarks” I told her trying to remain calm “Why not? You said we share everything as man and wife” “Everyone needs a bit of privacy from time to time that’s er for..get away from there!” I panicked as she opened another of your stories.

Instead of getting upset she calmly got up and faced me, squaring off her 4’11 to my 5’9. “Alejandra I’m sorry I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. Please forgive me” I asked. “Those stories, they are about bully girls?” she said quietly with curiosity. “Er, yes” I replied, proud that she was trying to work this out for herself instead of screaming and calling me a pervert. “Bully girls that men find sexy?” she asked softly. “Well, yes I guess” I replied. She thought about that for a while then smiled as if coming to a conclusion and said “OK I am your wife and if you like bully girls, I will be your bully girl”. She was so sweet trying to please me with what she thought made me happy. “Come here darling” I took her in my arms and gave her a gentle kiss while she gazed up lovingly as she cuddled close. “Darling, you are perfect as it is. I love you just the way you are” I told her.

Unexpectedly she pushed herself away while grabbing my hands. With a look of sheer determination, she tried to push my hands back with her taut toned arms as though testing my strength. An average height slightly overweight man against a slim petite submissive woman. This was typical of her, game for anything if she thought it made me happy. She leant in towards me trying her best to push back my hands. It was such an adorable thing to do that I couldn’t help laughing at the concentration in her sweet face. “Oh darling” I chuckled “You don’t have to do this. I love you like crazy” “You bastard!” that was the first time I’d ever heard her swear and the wide smile showed that she was enjoying this playful physical interaction. “You’re laughing at me. You think it funny” she accused. With that she really put her back into it, pushing against me in a wild determined frenzy that I found difficult to control. She began giggling as she noticed my failure to contain her. “You don’t think I’m good enough to be your personal bully girl” she said in an expression of mock hurt.

“OK that’s enough” I laughed amused by her efforts “I don’t want to hurt you” “I’m tough as old boots” she replied. “You are just scared” she added with a wicked smile “scared of your own little wife”. She was really pushing hard against me, laughing like it was a game, while I was straining with the effort of resisting her. No, this was ridiculous! She was no bigger than a young teenager yet my hands were moving back and I couldn’t stop her! “What’s wrong honey? Have you run out of strength already?” she teased with a look of joy “you are really struggling, aren’t you?”. “OK, that’s enough” I gasped “I’m bigger and stronger than you. You can’t win. I might hurt you”. Actually I was getting worried. I was tiring and didn’t know how much longer I could hold her off. “The only thing that is going to get hurt is your pride” she laughed.

With a hard shove against my hands, she let go then stepped her right leg back. I glanced at the leg, which despite its length was lovely and proportionately slim, then was shocked as a fast travelling blur swung up between my legs and connected hard. “Arghh!” intense pain erupted in my balls and I creased over cupping my groin which throbbed horribly. “Orrr Jeez!” I cried in anguish. Alejandra rushed forwards in concern. “Are you alright? Are you hurt bad? I’m sorry” She looked on the verge of tears. In retrospect what I said next was the worst thing I could have but didn’t want to upset her. “No, no I’ll be fine” I lied, hunched over my aching balls. “How could a sweet little thing like you possibly hurt a big strong man like me” it was meant to sound sarcastic but the throbbing pain made it hard to smile convincingly.

She took it the wrong way, her eyes hardening while adopting a petulant but adorable pout. “So you think I can’t be a bully girl?” “No, darling I…ow!” she grabbed my hair and yanked my head down. Throwing a slender arm around the back of my neck her forearm folded across my throat then joined up with her other arm to form a noose. Pulling it surprisingly tight around my neck, I was stunned to find myself in a headlock and a very tight one at that! If that wasn’t enough she gave my neck a hard yank pulling the side of my face against her right hip, which given our height difference meant I had to bend very low, looking down at the front of her lovely legs from over the top of her hip. “You still like bully girls?” she teased with a soft chuckle. My hands went to her arms but I was shocked to find they felt like soft-covered steel bars. I couldn’t budge them! they were firm and unyielding. “That’s enough. Stop mucking around” I told her with a light laugh. “Make me” she replied and gave my neck a squeeze. Yanking myself backwards to try and break out of her hold, I was dismayed to find myself stuck fast. “Oh you’re so funny” she mocked. I was getting frustrated, she was only a little woman for Pete’s sake. What was wrong with me?

“Stop it” she giggled “keep still” “Arghh!” I yelled as a sudden backwards travelling foot slammed into my nuts. The back of her heel felt like a hammer against my already sensitive balls and continued upwards to mash them against the apex of my legs. “Arghh!” I yelped. “Oh stop pretending I hurt you to make me feel good” she laughed. With my balls aching badly, Alejandra twisted from side to side, wrenching my neck and laughing at me. “Let go before I get angry” I snapped. “Oooh I’m so scared” she mocked. To my surprise a bare leg hooked around the back of mine then tripped me up. I fell to the floor, stunned that the little cutie had thrown me! “This is fun!” she exclaimed sitting before me with her back pressed into my left chest with arms still around my neck. I struggled but she spread her legs wide to form a stable base which I found hard to move while nearly strangling myself in her arms. I was also finding it hard to breathe. Her peels of laughter, showing she was really enjoying this, was embarrassing. “Your face is so red” she laughed.

I twist and turn, managing to drag her around yet she clung onto my neck like a terrier while screeching with laughter. “Keep still” she laughs as I manage to throw myself onto my back pulling her on top yet still her arms remain locked. “Urkk!” she is choking me while giggling, clearly enjoying this. I was not and kept tugging at her arms, amazed that there was absolutely no slack. Jeez she just won’t stop! “This is great. We’re going to do this more often” she laughs. “Urk!” she twists one way and another, yanking my neck violently in hard jerks that make me cough as her arms cut into my neck as taut as cheese-wire. The feel of Alejandra’s body against me as we wrestled was exciting and despite my predicament, I felt a stirring in my groin. Folding my legs to place my feet on the floor, I buck my body until I throw her off. Instantly she span to face me with a mischievous grin. “No, pack it in!” I laughed as the energetic ball of fun pounced and drove a knee into my side. “Ow!” then it came down upon the inside of my right elbow, pinning it. My forearm and hand tingled with numbness. In that moment an arm flashed out towards my right leg, hooked an elbow under the knee, scooped it up then pulled it back until it was over my chest. “No!” I cried as my head was pulled off the carpet and her other arm wrapped around the back. “Stop!” I cry as my knee and face were pulled towards each other. “OK OK I give” I slapped the floor with my free hand. “No tapping out, tapping out is for wimps” she chuckled, ignoring my cries of protest. Continuing to pull her arms together, she clasped hands and interlocked her fingers. With mocking laughter in my ears, I was astounded to find my wife knew such a hold! Spreading her legs for balance, I was helpless and my chest constricted making it hard to breathe. Alejandra broke into gales of uncontrollable laughter. “Your calve is sticking up like a flagpole!” she giggled. “Ple..ase!” I groaned as my knee pressed against my cheek. “You’re like a baby in a cradle” she laughed then began to rock the tightly locked package that was my head and knee singing “Rock a bye baby” between fits of giggles.

It was agony until she finished the song and I was freed. “I win. I’m the best” she crowed, getting to her feet while I groaned with the agony in my back. The sole of a sock clad foot came down on my face and rubbed against it until I forcibly removed it. She so looked magnificent standing over me, I was quite turned on and couldn’t be mad with her. “I love being your bully girl. Let me try again” she told me with a look of enthusiasm. She was enjoying herself too much. “That’s quite enough bullying for one day” I said with a light laugh, raising my palms in submission. I went to get up but a lovely short pair of legs appeared in front and her foot was back in my face. “We fight. I need to practice” with that she pushed my face over my shoulders and I tumbled onto my back.

“I said no!” I shouted, sitting up. “I kicked your arse real good!” “Only because you kicked my balls!” I replied. Before I could object she grabbed my ankles and lifted them into the air causing me to fall onto my back. With my legs spread wide, I watched in horror as a foot fell between my legs onto my groin. “Owwww!” I howled in pain. Maybe she thought I was acting because she stomped my nuts again and again then pressed down hard laughing at my anguished cries. “Who wears the trousers in this marriage?” she demanded. “Ow ow!” I yelped as her foot thumped down twice in succession. “You do, you do!” I squealed. She gave a gleeful giggle at that. “Which big cry-baby is going to wear the skirts?” “Please ow!” her foot stomped twice more on my balls “Me Me!” I sobbed. With a mocking giggle she flung down my legs like discarding trash.

With aching balls and feeling humiliated for being beat up by my normally sweet-natured wife, any hopes for a kiss and cuddle vanished when she leapt astride me, grabbed my hands and began pushing against them. With fierce determination she was trying to get them down to the floor. No! I couldn’t let that happen so pushed back as hard as I could and just about stopped her but couldn’t actually push back her hands. With gravity on her side and my energy zapped, she laughed while slowly pressing my trembling arms above my head towards the carpet. Springing forwards, she came down upon my chest pulling my hands into the air. Swiftly bouncing up onto her knees, she slammed them back to floor spaced wide by the sides of my head. Giggling all the while, a knee was shoved against my face as she pressed the back of my right hand against the floor then pinned it with a knee on the inside of my upper arm then did the same with the left. Determined not to be pinned by a mere slip of a woman, I pressed my feet on the floor and pushed my hips up and down like a bucking bronco. She rode me like a cowgirl bouncing up and down on my chest, laughing madly but refused to be unseated while I just wore myself out.

Looking up from between lovely bare inner thighs I was astonished to have been so easily pinned by such a diminutive woman. Alejandra stared down at me with a self-satisfied grin and for the first time I noticed some light vascularity writhing on her forearms. I was being physically dominated by my wife and never thought I would find this at all erotic as in your stories but now found my dick stiffening at a rapid pace. The pint-pot terror leisurely sat high on my chest chuckling away. Just to rub it in, she casually raised her hands behind her head to adjust her hair while keeping me trapped between her smooth thighs. “I really love you” I exclaimed. Once again she surprised me by grabbing my head by the hair and pulled my face against the crotch of her denim shorts. “You better” she replied in a stern tone then held my face in that position for several long seconds. With my dick lurching stiffly I really wanted to worship her and if she had kept me there for much longer I would have probably begun mouthing the front of her shorts. Instead she roughly pushed my head back to the floor and her inner thighs closed in against the sides of my face. Jeez this was such a turn on. My face was trapped between the inside of her upper thighs looking straight at her crotch. “Ssss!” I gave a sharp intake of breath as the pressure increased. “Ow ow, stop it” I cried as her thighs pushed up my cheeks and became uncomfortable. “You tell me I’m a good bully girl or I beat you up bad” she teased trying to look and sound as tough as a cute little woman can. “OK OK You’re a very good bully girl” I told her with a light laugh then felt a hand steal to the front of my trousers and had a good feel of the bulge that had formed there. There was a loud gasp then she exclaimed “Wow! you really do like bully girls”.

Her eyes narrowed and her smile became predatory, I had never seen her look like this but knew it meant trouble. Reaching back with one hand, her fingertips brush my left knee. I quickly kick my leg away to keep it from her grasp. “Ouch!” hard stinging slaps rain down around my thighs and as I move my leg to avoid them, a hand hooks around the knee then pulls it forward. “No! Stop it!” I cried. “I’ll teach you to laugh at me” she chuckled. I winced as her inner thighs crushed the sides of my face again. “Stop me if you can” she taunts then reached back for my other leg. I tried keeping it out of reach but more stinging slaps around my thigh saw my knee in her grasp. Leaning towards me pulling my knees forward, my backside was rolled off the floor followed by my waist. My legs were hooked beneath her arms on either side while she grasped my knees. Sitting up and pressing on my ankles to keep me folded, she looked down at me over her buxom chest. “Orrr ooor!” it was hard to breath with my legs rolled towards my chest. “I’m going to turn you into a pretzel” she laughed then leant forwards folding me up like a book until her face was bare inches from mine and her bust dangled inside her halter right before my eyes. “Unnghh, please” I gasped, rolled onto the back of my shoulders. “Can’t…breath…”. “You’re so cute with your bright red face” she laughed. She kept me folded me over for what seemed an eternity, laughing at my weakness and rocking from side to side to let me suffer.

Bending my forearms at the elbows, I flap my hands feebly against her thighs to signal her to stop. “Hit me again and I’ll break your face” she teased. Inflicting excruciating agony, she leant forward until her bust pressed into my face. My diaphragm was so badly compressed I could barely breathe. Pressing on the back of my ankles she forced my lower legs close to my face before getting up to lean herself against the back of my legs folding me up so tight that the top of my thighs pressed against my belly. She then sat down on the back of my legs, a human seat for the dominant vixen. I was totally beat yet she continued to press against the back of my legs until my knees touched the floor. “Mmmmm mmmm!” I moaned in agony as the crotch of her shorts pressed down onto my face. “Ohhh that tickles” she giggled then lifted her crotch away. “P..please…I give..huhhh…I give” I begged. “What’s that honey? I can’t hear you” she chuckled. How could my petite wife know these wrestling holds? In agony, humiliation and, to my surprise an incredibly hard stiffy, I repeated myself and to my relief she released me.

Alejandra faced me with a wide grin. “How humiliating was it to lose to your mail-order wife?” she giggled. Before I could reply she was kissing me passionately then eyed me hungrily with her hand on my bulge. “Phoar! I’m having some of this” she exclaimed, rubbing the outline of my shaft in long sensual strokes that got me even harder by the second. “Let’s go upstairs” she said seductively. “Yes please” I replied, my dick straining in my pants “let me rest a bit. I’m beat”. A slap shook my face. “Beating you made me very horny. I won’t take no for an answer” she told me then stood up. “Get up you tired old man, I’ll carry you” she said. “You what?” I laughed.

Raising her arms level with her shoulders as if she were some tough gym-girl about to flex, she had a surprisingly arrogant look that really turned me on. Clenching her fists her forearms folded towards her head. I knew her slim arms were taut and toned but didn’t expect to see much and so was flabbergasted as they thickened in the middle as a firm looking ridge swelled up along the top of her upper arms. “Wow!” I gasped. It wasn’t much but seeing her flex was unexpectedly very sexy. She unbent her arms then flexed them a few more times. After a few reps those small firm ridges had become more defined. “Filipino country girls are small but very strong” she announced proudly as I stared at her small but definitely hard biceps with an incredible stiffness in my dick. I never understood the fascination with muscle girls but now seeing these small hard muscles on my cute wife had my dick as hard as a rock.

I leapt to my feet to feel them and was amazed at how hard her biceps felt beneath her silky smooth skin. “Wow, so sexy!” I loved the feel of those steely hard hills beneath my palms and couldn’t stop feeling them. I noticed the well-defined shoulder caps and ruggedness around her wrists and forearms that gave them an impression of such strength that I thought I’d better not challenge her to arm-wrestle! “Wow! They are really very sexy” I admitted stroking and feeling their hardness and shape. “Pretty strong huh?” she smiled proudly. I now noticed the faint outline of abdominal muscles in her firm stomach that showed as she breathed after the exertion. “Wow!” I ran my hand over her lightly ribbed belly becoming even more aroused then kissed her muscles then her lips passionately. “Feeling your fit lean body really gets me hard” I admit. “You’re weird” she chuckled affectionately.

“Let’s go to bed” I said between kisses. “I’ll carry you. You need to save your energy old man” she teased. “I can walk” I said but she stopped me. “I said I will carry you” she said firmly then flexed her right biceps right in front of my face and pointed to it. It was a sexy sight but I doubted she could carry me upstairs. “I’m nearly a third taller than you and weigh a lot more” I pointed out but she was determined. Looking clear over her head I was concerned that she would put her back out at least. Bending her right knee between my legs she grabbed my right hand with her left hand and draped it over her shoulder. Squatting down, she slipped her right hand between my legs and wrapped it around the back of my right knee. Straightening her short legs, I fell across the top of her shoulders then rose into the air in a fireman’s lift. Instead of buckling under my weight, she lifted me and walked around the room with me draped across her like an oversized bag of potatoes. Being lifted by a woman shorter than most teenaged girls was very arousing. “Pretty strong, huh?” she asked. “Amazing” I replied as another surge of stiffness affected my dick.

Approaching the door she released my right arm and let my head drop down her back then swung my legs to drape down her front. I now had a nice view of her pert backside and the back of her legs and toned calves. The stairs posed no problem as she climbed them steadily. I was excited to see her calves swell and harden into beautiful shapes with sleek hard downward pointing arrowheads towards the inside edges. They weren’t particular large but I found them very sexy. I must encourage her to wear high heels! They flexed and waned in a sensuous manner as they pumped their way up those stairs. By the time we reached the top my dick was throbbing. As she carried me into the bedroom each bump of my groin against her shoulder just made it harder, becoming uncomfortable inside my pants and wanting release.

Dumping me on the bed, my wife jumped on top to remove my jeans and pants. Desperate to make love to her I tried to grab her but she slapped me down. “I’m in charge” slap “I won” slap “I go on top” slap. That was an unusual position for us but I didn’t resist. Getting on top and removing her shorts and undies, she plunged me inside her then began riding furiously. I’d never seen her this wild before, pounding up and down on my dick as she rode with abandon and moaning loudly. Her energy was amazing but I just couldn’t keep up and blasted inside her while she kept going, seemingly inexhaustible until she begin crying out loud as she went into frenzy and rode even faster. Finally she climaxed loudly for what seemed like a series of multiple orgasms before unseating herself and collapsing wearily into my arms. Cuddling up we kissed and fondled gently while resting until we were both aroused and ended the night with some fantastic gentle love making.

You probably think I’m just bragging about what a lucky guy I am but little did I realise the enthusiasm this had fired inside my wife. Our relationship was still warm, loving and wonderful but a few nights later she confronted me in the living room trying to act tough. “Let’s wrestle, big boy. I can’t stop thinking about the other night. It makes me wet remembering how it felt roughing you up” which shocked me. I wasn’t so keen and said so but she was insistent. “You’re scared because you’re no match for me” she teased “I kicked your sorry arse easily”. I’m not a macho man but that irritated me. “You cheated. You kept kicking me in the balls. You better be careful or I’ll take great pleasure spanking that cute little arse” I replied adding a smile to show that I was only joking. For a moment I thought she would back down but instead she squared up to me. “I take that as a challenge and you know I love a challenge” she said with a smile then got into a crouch with her hands beckoning “Come on then. You are such a weakling, I can beat you without kicking your silly balls” she looked so cute trying to act tough that the idea of getting physical with her turned me on. I was looking forward to pinning and holding that lovely diminutive body captive before making love to her.

Suddenly my little bundle of fun rushed forwards, leapt up and pulled down my head with both hands then wrapped an arm over the back of my neck pulling it into another headlock except this time forced to look down at the back of her legs. “Arghh!” jolts of pain lanced through my neck as she began jerking her arm while pulling me around. The outside of my right calve met a leg that swept my foot away and sent me tumbling. The Filipino hottie jumped upon me but I managed to push her away. However she was a wild unstoppable ball of energy and kept throwing herself at me. It was like trying to tame a tiny whirlwind of feminine ferocity and it was tiring. Shaking her off again, I was getting to my hands and knees when Alejandra fell across my shoulders, flattening me. Grabbing an arm she threw herself back pulling it straight between her warm bare thighs. Throwing a leg over my chest and the other over my chin, the insides of her thighs clamped onto the sides of my arm. I was stunned to find myself in a side arm-bar! I never imagined she would be so good. “Arghh!” she levered the back of my arm over her crotch trying to bend it the wrong way. “Arghhh! you’re going to break my arm” I cried. “You big woose!” she laughed and kept punishing my arm for several minutes.

Folding back her legs while holding my arm locked into the crook of hers, she got into a low crouch beside my head. “Ow!” her forearm stressed my arm forcing me onto my side before she lowered herself until a knee pressed on the side of my neck. I was being physically dominated again by the lovely petite woman and found it a real turn-on. “Ow!” any attempt to struggle caused pain that was met by a peel of laughter that burned my ears in embarrassment. “Such a big man” she teased, pulling on my arm while pressing on my neck with her knee. “When are you going to start spanking my arse?” she chuckled, totally in control. “Argh!” a small fist drilled a hard punch into my side before she continued to hurt my arm knowing that I couldn’t do a thing about it.

After ages of arm-wrecking torture, the little bully got to her feet. It was so humiliating watching a petite woman standing over me twisting my arm to force me onto my front before her. A foot pressed down upon the back of my neck to press my face against the floor while she stood like a mini colossus, keeping my arm straight and vertical from my shoulders. I was completely overpowered, kept in this submissive position beneath her foot, she let me suffer in no uncertain terms. “Argh!” my hand was bent back at the wrist and my wife began toying with my arm, twisting it this way and that and rocking from side to side then laughing when I yelped in agony. She was so dominant my dick rubbed itself stiff against the carpet. “Oww!” I wailed as she dropped upon my back then scrambled to sit astride the small of my back. To my horror, she hooked an arm around my other arm then pulled that back as well. I couldn’t believe it! I was face down on the floor with both of my arms pulled back straight. “Bla bla-bla bla!” she made a noise like a chicken amid gales of laughter. “Alejandra stop” I told her “Make me” she teased then rose behind me with a foot pressing between my shoulder blades close to my neck and poured on the hurt. “Jeez!” I gasped, gritting my teeth in agony.

After a while I sensed her crouch above my back and shift her grip to my wrists keeping my arms straight. The smooth velvet softness of the insides of her thighs pressed against the outside of my arms then began to squeeze forcing them to bend inwards. “Arghh! stop!” I begged “Eff no! I love this!” she chuckled then folded her legs around the top of my arms and sat down in the small of my back. With her ankles crossed so that her feet pressed the back of my head, her thighs squeezed against the outside of my upper arms close to my elbows. Trussed up like a frozen turkey, my wife had me in a full nelson except using her lovely legs. I was staggered by her knowledge of wrestling holds and skill at applying them. The feeling of being totally dominated by a small woman using her legs was very feminine and arousing yet agonising. The slightest pressure from her thighs had me screaming, afraid she would break arms that felt as weak as a wishbone. Rolling from side to side behind me, I was totally incapacitated while she made me suffer. “Scream for me, honey!” she would call then press my forearms together with a hard squeeze of her irresistible thighs.

“So when are you going to give me a challenging fight, honey?” she jeered as I whimpered in agony in her leggy arm-mangler. Previously too submissive when we disagreed, she had become over-zealous and dominant when we wrestled. Putting me in one agonising hold after another, I felt belittled yet at the same time highly aroused. “Please Alejandra. You’re too good a bully girl for me” I heard my weedy voice plead. “You’ve got that right” she chuckled. With that she reached back and grabbed my ankles, crossed them then pulled my legs back. “Argh no! Stop!” I cried “This makes me real horny!” the little terror exclaimed. Pulling on my feet, my upper thighs lifted from the floor followed by my groin. “Please it really hurts!” I cried at the strain tearing down my spine but she just laughed. I felt her back press against the soles of my feet which she had bent back to form a back rest! “I don’t even need my hands to keep you trussed up” she chuckled then began to slap my back as I struggled to no avail. “I am beating you so easily it is funny” she exclaimed.

There then came a period of agony as she struggled to force my right arm out to one side, twist it around then force it back under her leg then force the hand between my shoulder blades. I was helpless, totally unable to doing anything to stop her and yet the feeling of being completed woman-handed made my dick soar to new levels of hardness. Repeating the same agonising operation to my other arm, I ended up with one hand on top of the other behind my back which she pinned with a single hand. Uncrossing her feet and lowering them to the floor, she sat up freeing my legs which were so stiff they were agony to move. If I had thought it was over, I was wrong.

A slender arm came from behind to hook itself around my neck then grab the elbow of her other arm which was pressing my hands into my back. “Argh!” she pulled back hard on my neck with my throat tight in the crook of her elbow, causing me to clench my eyes as she pulled my face off the carpet then slammed it back down. Squealing with delight, she did it again and again. She had so much power over me, I felt weak helpless and humiliated, and yes I had an aching hard erection! I begged her to stop but she brought her head forwards and began licking my ear and other parts of my face her tongue could reach. The slobbering tactile sensations drove me insane and made my dick throb like crazy until I was begging to make love to her which she found hilarious.

“Come on, honey!” she shouted gleefully between sensually tormenting my face “Don’t let your wife beat you up again” she chuckled. The feeling of submission as she outclassed me yet again in wrestling while arousing me with her tongue was too much. “Urrrrrr urrrrrr urrrrr!” I tried to suppress my orgasmic groans but she heard and squealed with delight. “Oh you haven’t!” she cried “You have! not only have I beaten you again but I’ve made you cream your pants as well” she exclaimed then to my relief freed me before getting off my back.

“Eff that was so good” she sighed crouching before me and unashamedly rubbing her crotch “Beating you up makes me really wet” I was annoyed that she made me mess my pants in such a humiliating way and was determined to do something similar to her. Flinging myself at her I grabbed hold of Alejandra who twisted and turned, squealing with laughter. She thought I was playing, incredibly feisty and squirmed constantly. I pulled her body against me and laughed as she wrapped her arms around me, thinking she wanted a cuddle. “Hunngh!” I gasped as her hands slammed into my back and she pulled me tight against her front. “Hunngh!” I held onto her shoulders in stunned disbelief as she pulled me into a bearhug! “Hunngh!” No, she couldn’t be this strong, yet the little woman kept pulling me against her, crushing me in her arms! “Eff you’ve got another hard-on“ she laughed. Her hidden strength was turning me on! I didn’t want to lose to her again and desperately tugged her hair until she squealed and dropped me.

Gasping, I paused leant forwards with my hands on my knees to recover. With a loud shriek Alejandra’s weight slammed into my back, flinging her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. “No rest for you, old man” she giggled. I twisted and turned but couldn’t throw her off. “Orrgh!” her legs were squeezing into my sides as she clung on tight. She began rocking back and forth on my back, her weight, as light as it was, driving me to the floor while riding me all the way. To my dismay I soon found myself on the floor again with a little Filipino wildcat upon my back. “Wrestling is so sexy” she remarked then before I could do anything, she seized my wrists and pulled my arms straight out behind me. In discomfort, I felt her hook each over the top of a thigh. Feeling her hands let go, I tried to pull back my arms but to my amazement and horror found myself unable to move them. “Oh how humiliating for you” she laughed then reached down with both hands to clasp my chin and pull it back curling my chest off the floor putting strain on my spine and jaw. Oh my God, she had me in a camel clutch, how could she know this stuff!

With the soles of her feet flat on the floor in front of me, she pushed back with her short thighs forcing more of my torso to peel back from the carpet. It was like being on the rack. My back was in agony and I felt myself go red in the face. My wife’s mastery of wrestling holds amazed and intimated me. She was a non-stop bundle of energy, whose idea of foreplay was to apply a continual stream of agonising holds that had me squealing in agony while she laughed continuously. I saw her feet raise onto her toes as she pulled back even harder peeling my body off the floor all the way back to my groin and bending my face back so hard that I was looking up at the ceiling above me. “Arghhh!” I cried, scared that she would break my jaw, dislocate my neck and snap my back. I was actually reduced to tears and sobbing. Did she show any compassion? No, she removed one hand then slapped me about my face several times with hard stinging slaps before resuming the torture. “You’re such a good actor” she chuckled.

“I’m going to bully you until I’m sopping wet” she whispered with her hot breath on the back of my ear in a sexy yearning tone “Then I’m going to carry you upstairs to bully you sexually as well” Jeez! My dick gave a big lurch to that. “I’m going to get on top and eff your blooming brains out” My dick gave an even stronger thump upon the carpet. That might sound bliss but I realised that it wasn’t coming anytime soon as she put me through more neck-wrenching back-breaking torment. “Who is in charge of this marriage?” she demanded pulling my chin back so hard bright patches of colour strafed my eyes as I stared at the ceiling. “Arghh you are” I cried clenching my eyes against the blinding pain. “And who’s the wimpy bitch!” “Argh!” Jeez she pulled my head right back over my shoulders! “Scream it out honey or I’ll break your neck” she taunted. “I am, I am please stop” I cried. “Again! Louder this time” she shouted “I don’t think the neighbours heard” “Who is in charge of this marriage?” she demanded. Oh God! I’d never heard her so stern and commanding. It was frightening yet exciting at the same time. Her arms were positively pumped with the exertion of pulling my head right back. “You are, you are” I sobbed as her arms threatened to rip my skull from my neck while my head was absolutely swimming “And who’s the bitch?” she chuckled, enjoying this “I am, I am, please I give” “Oh yeah!” she cried triumphantly flinging my face into the carpet dismissively and freeing my arms.

Utterly devastated, all I could do was lay there. My neck, arms and back so stiff and sore I could barely move to loosen them. Alejandra shifted forwards to sit astride the back of my shoulders and began slowly rubbing her crotch against the back of my neck, moaning softly. Boy was she horny! The sexually charged noises she made was getting me worked up too. “Ooohh so good” she moaned and then got off me and rolled me over to my back. I looked up at my wife’s smiling, gloating face with a sense of shame and inferiority for being defeated again. Something snapped. I needed to assert control, I was the man of the house and she was just a cute little woman. Ignoring my aches and pains, I threw myself at her and managed to grab hold of her but she pushed back wriggling and squirming while laughing. Determined to stop this nonsense, I finally got her down onto the carpet but just couldn’t pin her. She squirmed around too much and we ended up grappling, which although the close bodily contact was quite pleasurable wasn’t the aim. She was just too nimble and wild to pin down and somehow managed to press down on my wrists while swinging herself on top. Sitting across my groin she struggled to keep my arms down as I was determined not to lose again. Small hard biceps bulged in her arms exerting a steady strong force that hardened my cock and drove the back of my hands irresistibly to the carpet.

A nice wall of wobbly bosom dangled in her top before my eyes and descended towards my chin as she lay down on top of me. Feeling her legs slip down the outside of my thighs and trying to get her calves beneath the crook of my knees, I knew she was trying to get me into a grapevine but knew a small lady like had no ch…“Ahhh!” hooking her feet around my shins, unbelievable power tore my legs wide apart! Her little legs totally overwhelmed mine and kept them stretched painfully wide. Feelings of impotence and inferiority filled me as I looked up at the triumphant face of my wife as her short legs totally incapacitated me. “Do you remember when you were stronger than me, honey?” she gloated “me neither”. Summoning all the strength I had tried to raise my hands but was crest-fallen when she slammed them back to the floor while her legs remained rock-solid keeping my legs spread despite their relatively shorter reach.

In the TV cabinet I am stunned by the reflection of the strong sensual bulging shapes of her hamstrings and outer thighs. I’d never realised she had such strong legs. Jeez it feels like she is going to rip my legs right out of the sockets! “Argg!” she pushes herself up, straightening her arms while pressing down onto my wrists. There now is absolutely no way to lift my hands as she stares down at me with a wide smirk of superiority that sets my cock throbbing. I was rapidly losing energy while she exerted even more strength to spread my legs well past my point of flexibility. Her bust hung down above my face swinging inside her halter in a teasing erotic dance. “Are you looking at my tits? OMG you are!” she laughed then snaps on more power to her legs making me squeal in agony.

Barely easing up on the socket-searing agony, Alejandra lowered herself back down against my body staring at me with pupils dilated in intense excitement. Releasing my hands, she hooked an arm around the back of my neck and folded the forearm across my throat. Pulling my head forwards I found myself tucked beneath her arm looking out past her back. I saw her other arm reach across her back to join up her hands and pull the noose tight. “Orrgh!” she was choking me! I was in tears as her crotch kept lifting up then crashing down like a punch to my belly while thrusting her legs sending waves of crippling agony through my leg sockets. She also powers the headlock and I feel my face turn red. I am stunned by her ferocity and stamina, she just keeps going while I am whacked. In the reflection of the unit her backside clenches turning into sexy balls of steel while her hams bulge powerfully as another wave of pain rips through my pelvis. “No matter how you look at it, honey” she taunts looking down into my eyes “I’ve kicked your sorry arse again” she added with a chuckle. Pulling my head back I feel faint and my vision darkens. I beg her to stop and to my surprise I find myself released.

“Upstairs, now!” she orders. “My legs are so stiff. I can’t move” I am sick to hear my voice so whiny and feeble. “You wimp! I guess I’m going to have to carry you again” she sneers. Leaning forward, she gently wrapped her arms around my neck then began kissing me deep with hunger. Hooking her hands beneath the middle of my back and the crook of my legs, she rose lifting me from the floor in a cradle lift which surprised me. Proceeding to carry me effortlessly upstairs, I was dumped on the bed whereupon she leapt on top then pulled down my trousers and pants. “Wow! I never seen you so hard. You love this as much as I do” she exclaimed, having a good feel. Before I could reply, she slipped me inside to ride me hard. That was followed by a gentle kiss and cuddle during which I told her that was absolutely the last time we wrestled and would have to find other ways to spice up our marriage. As we began making more caring love I thought that was the end of the matter.

A few nights later Alejandra faced me in the lounge trying to look tough. “No!” I said adamantly “No more wrestling. We agreed” “I didn’t agree. Now give me more of a challenge” she taunted then rushed right at me, grabbed me around the waist trying to push me over. “Stop it!” I cried trying to contain her. I managed to pull her down to the carpet while she squealed with delight. I got on top and tried to pin her arms but she kept wriggling and writhing like a wild thing. My heart was racing as I struggled to control her and with a sense of satisfaction finally pinned her hands against the carpet. “Not so tough now are you?” I sneered “In fact you look very cute and helpless”. Remembering that painful grapevine she gave me, I thought I’d do to same to her and make her squeal before carrying her upstairs. However her legs wouldn’t stay still for long enough to capture, while she laughed the whole time.

Striking like a snake, her slim legs whip out either side of my waist from below, lock ankles behind me then squeezed tight. “Hurrrr!” a sudden constriction around my middle took the wind out my sails. I couldn’t move! I could barely draw breath. It felt like I’d been caught in very quick setting concrete “Are you having a spot of bother?” she mocked as I grasp at the slender thighs gripping my sides and shocked to find them swollen with power as she held me in the torturous hold. “My legs are very strong” she declared as my palms felt rock-hard sleek slabs adorning the outside of her slim thighs unable to find a weak point. “You’re going to be bawling your eyes out in seconds” she announced. “ never” I gasp and use my greater bodyweight to get to my knees, lifting her backside off the floor. Clinging on like a terrier her legs still circle me squeezing astonishingly tight. A sudden twist of her hips sends me back to the floor. The landing had caused Alejandra to slide around so that she lay side-on with her lovely legs across my stomach and back. Forcing myself to sit, I tried to get back up but her thighs re-tighten. “Unnh!” she holds the squeeze for several seconds with her thighs sinking into my stomach. I tense my belly against the pressure exerted by her thighs but feel it steadily getting squashed.

“Uhh!” her luscious thighs re-tighten again and a wave of sheer power hits me like a slug to the gut. Momentarily easing off, her legs turn to steel compressors hammering my gut again. “Arhh!” I’m gasping for breath as her thighs swell and compress my diaphragm and hold the squeeze for a really long time. With a giggle she starts thrusting her hips, re-tightening the squeeze with crippling bursts of power that leave me devastated. “Here come the water-works” she chuckles. I’m determined not to give her the satisfaction. “Arhh!” another brutal thrust of her hips and I’m not sure if I can take much more. I can’t believe how strong her legs are. It’s like her small but strong legs are slowly flattening everything inside preventing me from breathing. “Here it comes. Boo-hoo” she mocks. “Bitch!” I gasp and instantly regret it. A twist of her hips slams me on my side and a brutal series of thigh-flexing hammer my insides, making me cry out with every hard jerk. “What did you call me? you bastard” she shouts. Short of breath with an explosion of lights in my eyes and feeling light-headed I’m not even sure if she is playing any more.

Unexpectedly freed from her devastating legs I gulp in air unaware that Alejandra had gone behind me until her legs slip around my waist from behind and her ankles lock in front of me. “No..Urrgg!” her short thighs compress my sides while her mocking laughter rings in my ears. “Who’s the bitch now? honey” she taunts as I clutch at her shins desperate to prise her legs apart but they’re as immovable as steel girders. Her legs re-tighten again with a thrust of her hips making me cry out as her legs bite into my sides but she shows no mercy. Raising herself up on her arms and straightening her torso, the sudden increase in power flowing through my wife’s legs is truly shocking reducing me to whimpering and crying. “I always keep my promises, cry-baby” she said with a humiliating chuckle “and to make sure you remember it”. Grabbing the back of my hair she pulled my head right then wrapped an arm under my chin and around my neck before locking it tight. “Arghh arhhh!” she jerks and works the headlock with her slim taut arms strangling my neck while draining the blood from my brain. At the same time her short thighs bulge into solid slabs of unyielding muscle reducing me to helplessness while my cock starts beating of it’s own accord against the inside of my trousers overwhelmed by the sheer leggy power. She kept giggling and laughing while I slap and clutch at the arm hooked tight over my throat to no avail. “Orrrrrr!” I groan loudly as she squeezes and squeezes and squeezes. I writhe around managing to drag her around the floor but her legs and arms never lose their grip while I get weaker and feel light-headed. “Orrghhh orghhhh!” I groan in despair as she relaxes then tightens her mean strong thighs in wave after wave of relentless crushing agony. “No!” I gasp feeling really dizzy and unable to keep my eyes open.

“Please John. Stop mucking around, you’re scaring me!” someone was shaking me, sounding concerned. I opened my eyes to see Alejandra’s worried face. “Don’t mess around like that!” she said with tears in her eyes. For a few moments I couldn’t remember why I was on the floor then it began to come back to me. “Oh God! You knocked me out!” I gasped. She kept shaking her head denying it. “I’m not lying” I insisted. “For real?” she looked amazed “Yes” I replied not knowing whether to be excited or horrified that my little wife had done that. “That’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing” I told her “That’s why I said no more wrestling. You could have given me brain damage or killed me!” the thought of missing moments of my life scared me. “No more” I declared and began to rise.

To my astonishment, Alejandra literally sprang over my shoulders, flying over my head to end up hanging face inwards down my back while clinging on tightly to my waist with her arms. “No!” I told her, looking down the back of her legs as they dangled away at an angle towards the floor on either side of my head. “I’m serious!” I cried in terror as her feet crossed to lock her ankles. “Orragh!” her legs tightened around the sides of my neck and began squeezing like a car crush. Astonished to find myself caught in a hanging head-scissors, her legs were as unyielding as a rail track. Out the corners of my eyes I saw her hamstrings bulge against the sides of my lower face pushing up my cheeks painfully. Although lighter than me, her weight pulled on my neck and I was soon down on my knees yanking at her knees in vain. Sleek arrow headed slabs swelled on the outside of her thighs while hamstrings crushed my cheeks. My face burned under the immense pressure and had to clench my eyes against crying out. Feeling her hands press against my back, I sensed her pushing herself up becoming more horizontal. Thinking she was trying to disrupt my centre of gravity, I was surprised when a hard shove flung her torso right up behind my head so she was practically sitting upon my shoulders. In despair I began bending forwards under her weight focussed on the back of my neck until her feet touched the carpet.

Now on my hands and knees with my head bowed, I was staring down the back of my wife’s legs at her toned calves with her crotch pressing down upon the back of my neck. She had me in a reverse standing head-scissors leaving me feel totally subjugated. “Orrrr!” I groaned through gritted teeth as she focussed her strength through her legs to her feet against the floor. “Nnnaargg!” as her feet raised themselves to her toes, making her calves flex into powerful hardness, my head was absolutely swimming. Christ! The power this pint-pot terror could focus through her legs was shocking. Completely overwhelmed by the sheer power of her silky smooth legs, it was now no surprise that I had a rapidly stiffening erection. “All that crap about accidentally knocking you out!” she mocked. It’s true I wanted to tell her but her thighs were squeezing so tight I couldn’t open my mouth! “You nearly had me there” she chuckled.

Up on her toes seemed an unsteady position to be, so grabbing her slim ankles with my hands I pushed and pulled on them with all my might. Hope surged inside me as she swayed and tottered unsteadily on her feet. “Stop that!” she squealed as I nearly pulled her down. My elation died when she caught my right wrist and pulled the arm straight up behind me, trapping it beneath her arm and folding a forearm beneath leaving her to squeeze the hell out of my neck unopposed. After what seemed like several long agonising minutes squeezing the hell out of me, she stopped. Grabbing my head by my hair she forced my face sharply up as the crotch of her shorts slid over it as she moved forwards. Re-clamping her thighs around my neck, I was now looking up at my wife with the bottom of my nose pressed against the front of her shorts and my mouth mashed against the underside. It was an incredibly sexy place to be and wished she wasn’t wearing shorts. “Mmmmm!” I groaned as her thighs crushed the sides of my face squeezing me helpless in the sexiest wrestling hold I’d ever been in. “Mmm!” she was now rubbing herself over my nose and mouth making it hard to breathe and hurting the back of my neck. She continued this for a while then stopped with her crotch smothering my nose and mouth while making soft moans of pleasure. Desperate to breathe, I unintentionally pushed forwards and she lost balance, tumbling together to the carpet.

Hot and horny I leapt upon her. She wriggled and squealed as I got her beneath me. “I’m having you here and now” I told her as she looked up at me with wide excited eyes. Squealing with excitement she wriggled around before her legs flash up from the floor upon either side of my body and close in around my neck. Before I could pull them away her ankles locked together behind my head. “No!” I frantically thrashed about grasping her thighs trying to break their hold. “I’ll put you away for good with my legs and live off your life insurance” she giggled. Her short toned legs were locked tight around my neck and squeezed and squeezed while she laughed in my face. That I was looking down at her, seeing how cute and petite she was just made the humiliation worse. I felt despair at the feel of the strong bulge of unyielding muscle in her thighs that seemed so powerful and inescapable and which gave me an absolute raging hard-on. She gave me a tough look with a hint of mirth. “From now on, if I say wrestle, you wrestle or I’ll eff you up for good between my legs“ she told me then chuckled as she swivelled from side to side pouring on a non-stop neck squeezing power that never waned.

Raising herself herself upon her arms her thighs began squeezing like a boa constrictor around the sides of my neck so hard I was crying in pain. Ballooning with powerful bulging shapes, I felt their swollen hardness and thick solid cords of sleekness and my dick lurched knowing I had no chance against them as she twisted and turned from side to side putting my neck through the wringer. Jeez! her legs are so strong I can feel my face turning red already. “Who’s job is it to do the dishes and take out the rubbish” she challenged “SAY IT!” her voice was so unusually strong and commanding I was taken aback. “Arghh mine mine” I cried as a powerful surge of strength caused my head to swim close to blackness. Lovely but overwhelmingly powerful, an uncontrollable surge of lust went through my dick for her legs and I dumped a huge load of cum into my pants at the unforgiving feminine power of her thighs. “Not again!” she shrieked with glee “I can’t believe it!” she laughed uproariously. “Do it again!” she cried then poured it on some more. My wife looks up at my tortured face distorted by her strong legs with a smug jeering stare. Panicking at feeling the blood being cut off from my brain, I frantically began twisting and turning but her legs held tight. Getting my feet beneath me I push against the floor rising sharply and broke free from the Filipino terrier.

Unfortunately I tripped and fell but before I could recover, Alejandra’s legs whipped over my shoulders from behind to ensnare me. Quickly I grabbed at her lower legs to pull them away but before I could a calve folded across my throat to form a tight figure 4. “Urk!” I choked in the crook of her leg. Refusing to give up I got both hands around the knee and tugged hard, encouraged to feel it move. “Nice try, loser” she chuckled leaning forwards to pull my right hand away before pulling it back behind me and locking the arm in the crook of hers then securing it by grabbing the inside of my upper arm. “But I’m the boss now” she chuckled as she maintained the strength zapping hold. Giggling, she rolls over to one side forcing me to roll too or choke myself in her legs, then she rolled back making me to go with her. “Argghh” I struggle to cope with the tight choking noose of her lovely bare legs as she continues to force me to roll from one side to the other. She’s toying with me and she lets me know it by forcing me slowly over to my front with her legs until my face is pressing into the carpet. I felt her hands on the back of my head, seize it and lift it up then slam it back down again. “You’re not ready to play with the big girls yet” she laughed “Or little ones for that matter” she laughed.

Rolling to one side, my face rose from the floor then slammed back down with a twist of her hips. “So funny!” she laughed as her legs rolled my face away from the carpet. I clung to one of her thighs with my free hand, it felt like a slab of granite beneath smooth skin. “Stop” I demanded but she just giggled and twisted her hips sharply again, bashing my face back into the floor. “I hope that’s the last time you make sizeist remarks about me” she teased, my face lifting once more before a sharp twist of her hips slammed it back down. She rolled back once more and I steeled myself for another face-bashing but to my surprise she opened her legs and released me.

Freedom was short-lived as my wife leapt upon me facing my legs. Her backside was right in front my face and I loved the way the tight denim shorts moulded themselves to the beautiful contours. Her legs flashed back sliding either side of my neck breaking the trance, but it was too late. Locking her ankles, her inner thighs tightened around my neck in a reverse scissor-hold. I watch in lust and amazement as her buttocks clench into sexy hard balls then cry out in agony as fearsome power flows through her thighs onto my neck and her hamstrings swell against my cheeks. My head is instantly spinning, I had never felt anything like it before in my life. Grabbing the top of her hamstrings I try to prise away heg legs but she quickly grabs my right wrist and slams it to the carpet then pins it there while rising herself on one arm. Straightening her body, her backside clenches again and again into tight balls focussing wave after wave of ferocious crushing against my neck. “No! Please!” I beg slapping her back with my free hand. Holding herself up on the arm pinning my right hand, she slaps my chest hard. “Hit me again and I’ll crush your face” she teases then continues squeezing and squeezing me towards oblivion. I am no match for her steel plated thighs powered by her gorgeous tight arse. “Wow! Your cock really loves it” she chuckles. It was true, my manhood is absolutely rigid with all this feminine leggy and arse-clenching power.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, a calve folds across the back of my neck pulling my face tight against the seat of her shorts. Her free hand reaches back to grab the ankle and pull the sexy leggy noose tight, forcing my face right between the denim-clad buttocks. “Mmmmmm! mmmm” I cry into her backside as she squeezes so hard I am afraid she is going to pop my head from my shoulders. I hear her exclaim something but cannot hear over the loud buzzing and beating of my heart in my ears. I clench my eyes feeling dizzy and weak while I begin to sweat and feel nauseous.

The next second I am upon my back unsure how I got there while a she-cat furiously rode my face moaning and swearing in ecstasy. “Oh eff! Knocking you out was so effing sexy I had to cum all over your face” she panted sitting back on her haunches following a noisy climax. I wanted her there and then so took her in my arms, our mouths locked in a frenzied embrace. Her hand slid down the front of my jeans and over the front of my pants in electrifying arousal. My dick rapidly stiffened under her palm as it ran down to cup the base of my shaft then slid upwards while tunnelling it’s rigid outline as we kissed in a wild frenzy. My erection grew harder as her hand slid up and down as we kissed deeper. Her hand gripped tighter around my shaft caressing it into a hard sausage shape in my pants. Unzipping my flies, she opened them wide allowing the tent in my pants to spring out. Her lips then moved to my neck and ears, hungrily licking with her tongue driving me insane with the tactile sensations while her hand squashed and massaged my erection through my underpants. “Incredible!” I gasped as she worked my bulge until it was practically sticking out in front of me stretching my pant elastic to the limit. She had never done anything like this before and she was sensational “Ohhhhh” I moaned in bliss. I felt myself edging towards orgasm and desperate to release myself in her. “Do you love me?” she asked, her big appealing eyes looking up at me while my cock throbbed in her hand ready to blast. “Oh God, yes!” I moaned and reached down to undo her shorts and knickers but she pushed my hands away gently with a coy smile.

“Borrph!” an unexpected punch drilled so hard into my gut that I instantly creased forwards. Winded, I could only watch, totally incapacitated to stop her as her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulder while sliding behind me. A sharp kick across the back of my right knee made it give way and she pulled me down backwards. “Ow!” the small of my back slammed into a hard knee and I found myself lying across one of her thighs with my feet on the floor and knees bent like a table looking up at the ceiling. A cupped hand pushed down against the underside of my chin while her other hand pressed down upon my left knee, bending my back on either side of her thigh. “Orrrr!” the tension rose as the arc of my back increased aided by the weight of my upper torso drooping down over her thigh while my little wife pressed at both ends. “Argh argh!” the blood rushed into my head, turning my face red. “Arghh!” the torture rack that Alejandra applied was dreadful. My back felt as if it were literally on fire and I could not contain my screaming. My hands encountered the carpet a short while before the top of my head did. Bent right back over the top of her knee like a pretzel, I was screaming in agony.

Shock turned to amazement as a warm wet mouth engulfed the bulge in my underpants then slid back with a loud suck. It was so awesome I was rolling my eyes and moaning despite the crippling pain in my back. Even as she tried to break my back, her tongue travelled the whole length of my cotton-encased shaft from the base to the top followed by a long lick around the very tip that had me in esctasy. Her mouth travelled slowly back to the base with her tongue licking from side to side as it worked it’s stimulating way along one side then the other. After a few passes like that I felt blooming enormous with my balls aching for release. She then flicked her tongue around the tip of my package and I was moaning out loud begging for her to pull my pants down and bring me off in her mouth. She just giggled and resumed licking the length of my shaft until it was absolutely straining the limits of my pants. “Oh please, please” I moaned like crazy as she pulled down my underpants. Expectation turned to frustration when her head didn’t return but instead concentrated on pulling back my chin with a vengeance. Screaming in agony, I was astonished to find my dick lurching like crazy on it’s own, like it was beating a drum. Despite my tortured back, it kept on throbbing until erupting in a series of several strong blasts that made me moan loudly. “Cum fountain!” she shrieked in excitement. I knew which story that was from and suspected the source of her wrestling skills.

I rolled off her knee onto the floor with a stiff aching back and absolutely shagged out while Alejandra shrieked with laughter. I was stunned that she had just both physically and sexually humilated me like someone from your stories! I so drained and wrecked I offered no resistance other than a weak “Please no” when pulled into a sitting position. Kneeling behind me with her stomach and chest pressing against my back, a slender toned arm came around from behind and wrapped itself around my neck. Locking this off by grabbing the upper part of her other arm which was bent at the elbow so that the forearm pressed against the side of my face while grabbing the top of my head. It was a sleeper hold! she had me in a sleeper hold! I was nearly peeing myself. Her ruthlessness scared me. “Ha! it’s all over now, honey” she teased “No….too dangerous!” I gasped, her arm around my throat already taking effect “Please… could.. kill me” I gasped “Cool!” she giggled. Suddenly the hand on top of my head stopped pressing down then a streak of motion swung down from overhead. “Arghhh!” her palm slammed down right onto my balls before she reapplied the choke hold while I agonised over my aching balls.

This really freaked me out. I was terrified of being knocked out again or even worse by an amateur woman who got the idea from a story. Yet the more I struggled the rougher she became, cruelly twisting my head hard from one side to the other. “I’m in total control and there’s nothing you can do about it, lover” she chuckled, whispering in my ear then underlining it with a slobbering lick around the ear. “Resistance is futile” she whispered again with another lick that stiffens my ardour again. My head was pulled back hard towards the ceiling forcing me to clench my eyes and grit my teeth while feeling my face turn red. I couldn’t breathe! I was choking! I clutched at her arms in desperation but she was too strong and I too weak. “I’m not letting go” she whispered in my ear “until you admit that I am your bully girl and you have no chance against me” she underlined this by jerking my head hard from side to side which had me coughing really badly. “Please…“ I croaked, struggling to get my voice-box working “you are my…bully girl” I sobbed “and..arkkkk..never stood a chance..arkk against you”

Pulling me right back, she lay back on the floor behind me. Her short legs wrapped themselves around my waist and began squeezing brutally hard while continuing to choke me. My head was absolutely swimming as I was squeezed around the middle and choked around the neck. I didn’t know where to put my hands, pushing at thighs that felt as if my middle was caught in an industrial compactor, or the unyielding arms around my neck. I fell into hopeless despair. The next thing I know my wife is riding my face again while screaming expletives as she orgasmed all over my face. She flopped on top of me exhausted. “Jeez! That was amazing” she gasped cuddling close and becoming loving and gentle once more. I found it hard to be angry with her when she was trying to make up. Of course that led to some gentle loving but those knock-outs really disturbed me. You’ve got to help me Jim. I love her dearly but I can no longer handle the brutal punishment she calls foreplay. I tried to explain that to her but she got upset thinking I don’t love her any-more. Please Jim I beg you.

It’s hardly my usual kind of case but I felt sorry for John as it was my stories that inspired Alejandra, and was keen to meet this little wildcat who could make a grown man cry. Besides, he was willing to pay my rates! Suggesting that I visit their home and speak with her whilst he was at work, I did that. His wife opened the door and was as lovely, sweet and petite as he said. Wearing a sleeveless halter and tiny denim shorts with her arms, legs and midriff bare, she was understandably worried about a stranger standing there. I tried to reassure her that John had asked me to discuss a delicate matter with her and was happy to wait while she called him to confirm this. She did so and a while later re-opened the door to invite me in.

Guiding me to the lounge, she looked worried and told me John wouldn’t tell her why I was here. Once we were seated I went over what her husband had told me as calmly and briefly as I could. She looked like she would burst into tears “I knew it, he doesn’t love me. He wants a divorce and send me back to the Philippines” “No, not at all” she was a lovely woman and I tried to reassure her. I think she needed a hug but I wasn’t too keen on cuddling another man’s wife. I told her John really loved her and although some men would be intimated by having a wife who was stronger and a better fighter, he was not like that. He found himself turned on by her play-fighting but was unnerved by how rough she had become and especially being knocked out, although looking at her it was hard to believe that she was capable of that. “I know you are getting excited physically dominating him” I tried to explain “But you need to find the level that he finds enjoyable and comfortable with so both of you find it fun”

“I don’t know how” she seemed tearful. “Start out playful and have a signal where he can tap out if you get too rough” I told her. “He does tap out” she admitted. “But do you then stop?” she blushed and looked coy. “Please show me” she asked timidly. Normally it would have been a dream come true to have a sweet looking woman ask me to get physical with her but this was someone’s wife. She pleaded with me and was so dainty and gorgeous that I found myself agreeing. I got down to the carpet with her, uncertain whether this was a good idea, and she sat behind me. Her short but slim legs appeared from over my shoulders. The feel of her bare skin sliding either side of my neck was exciting. With the back of my neck against her groin, she crossed her feet over my lower belly, locking her ankles. Wow! her slender legs became rock hard with sleek visible outer thigh muscles bulging strongly and pouring a surprising amount of strength on the sides of my neck. The level soared as she really poured it on and it soon became very uncomfortable. I now understood John’s amazement at how someone so diminutive could deliver such a deliver such a devastating scissor hold. The stirring in my groin reminded me that I was not here to enjoy this and so tapped her firm thigh. However she just kept on squeezing. For a moment I was worried she wouldn’t stop so tapped again more urgently. This time the pressure eased off and then she opened her legs.

“Wow you have a very strong scissors” I told her while rubbing my neck “I thought you weren’t going to stop for a moment” I said then added a smile when I saw how uneasy she looked. Blushing she admitted that she hadn’t wanted to. “I was getting turned on” she admitted shyly. I told her that she must stop straight away when John tapped to maintain his trust that wrestling with her will be safe and fun. “I guess” she said softly then asked “please let me try again” The idea of being scissored by this lovely exotic woman‘s legs was appealing and I again agreed. She got behind me with her legs snaking out to capture my neck. This time her right calve folded across my throat to apply a very tight figure four head-scissors that had me writhing and choking in an instant. I tried holding on, not wanting to tap too quickly but then she began twisting her hips from one side to the other while her little legs really poured it on. Choking and struggling to breathe as she slammed my head this way and that, I knew I had to tap before she knocked me out which I had no doubt she could do, a thought that caused a naughty lurch inside the front of my trousers. I tapped her thigh and was immediately released.

Alejandra faced me with a pleased smile on her face. “That was excellent” I told her as she looked like she needed the praise. “But that means stopping before I get all excited inside. Do you understand?” she looked embarrassed. “You mean it becomes a sexually heightened experience that you need to build to climax?” I hated sounding like a sex councillor but she nodded. I told her that she should continue playfully dominating him in different holds, making him tap out again before putting him in a new hold until finally forcing him to worship her to complete her victory. Again she told me that she didn’t understand and wanted me to show her. Oh boy! I really wasn’t keen at all but she looked at me with that innocent looking face and I knew I had to tell her more.

I ask her to pin me which she does with remarkable ease. It’s exciting having a woman sit high on your chest pinning your arms with her knees but I try to concentrate at the task in hand. I can just about move my wrist and hand so point to her crotch “You sit on his face then force him to er you know um lick” “Sit on his face?” she queried “Slide forwards until you are covering his mouth with your er pussy” Before I can say no she moves onto my face. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” it was a little bit too exciting, I tap her leg and she moves back. “That was sexy but I still don’t understand how he worships me” she told me. She couldn’t be that naive after what John had said but she was adamant that I show her. I was hesitant so stuck out my tongue and wiggled it in the air then looked meaningfully at her crotch. Her expression told me she understood. “What if he doesn’t want to?” she queried. “I’m sure you can think of ways to gently force him. Apply an armlock, tweak his nose or squeeze your thighs against the sides of his head”. Before I could object, she whipped off her shorts to reveal a skimpy pair of panties. “No I don’t mmmm!” she leapt onto my face and, in a playful tough tone, demanded I show her. I refused so she squeezed her thighs then pulled my head up and wrapped a calve across the back of my neck and squeezed even harder. She kept scissoring my face against her panties until I had no choice.

I began to lick her panties, tentatively at first then with more passion as I got carried away. “Oh eff!” she cried then began rubbing herself off upon my face. She was like a wild animal using me for her pleasure. After quite a while of hard face-riding, she moaned and came hard. “Wow that was so good!” she gasped, sliding back to sit on my chest. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that” I told her. She looked back behind her then reached back and to my horror felt my bulge. “Oh, you like bully girls too!” she giggled and proceeded to undo my flies. “No, you mustn’t” I told her urgently telling her that I was tempted but she had a husband who loved her and it would break his heart. She understood and felt ashamed then got off me looking upset. I told her it was alright and to experiment with John forcing him to worship her in playful holds, grapevines and making him kiss her muscles. She seemed happier and I gave her a quick cuddle before leaving.

A few days later I got a mail from John thanking me. I don’t know what you told her but it is amazing, she playfully out-wrestles me until I submit then forces me to worship her. She then always goes on top, riding me hard, taunting that my body is weak and soft but my cock is hard and strong. Afterwards we cuddle up and we have great loving sex. I can’t thank you enough.

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