Lollipop lady – dangerous woman at work (JIMP#67)

Impatient motorist is punished by a mature crossing patrol warden
by JimP
(c)Jim P 2019

I’ve written about this Lollipop Lady before (JIMP#17) but I’ve been seeing her a lot recently as I drive home (as it says in the story) which inspired me to write something new about her.

Lollipop lady – dangerous woman at work
Impatient motorist is punished by a mature crossing patrol warden
by JimP
(c)Jim P 2019

The same Lollipop lady has been working just around the corner at the top of my road for many years. Related to my sister in-law’s husband, his cousin or aunt or some-such, I haven’t really spoken with her much. Recently I’ve been driving home early from my office in a nearby town to avoid the worsening traffic caused by parents picking up their kids from school in big SUVs rather than letting them walk home.

By the time I approached the bend near home, the younger kids were out from school and needing escorting across the road by the Lollipop lady. Now much older than I recalled and ruggedly handsome, shoulder length curly hair once sandy now white swept back from her brow and fell wild and unkempt over her ears. With a long blockish weather-worn face, wrinkled and creased with age, a bit saggy beneath a deep jutting jaw, hawk-like hazel eyes stared out beneath thick eyebrows over a wide prominent long nose and wide mouth set above a dimpled chin. I would guess she was in her 70s with a statuesque presence, around 6 foot 4” with a stocky build, straight back and broad shoulders. The more I saw her on my journey home, the more I began looking forward to those moments. There was something strong and assured in the way she carried herself that caught my attention. Maybe it was because she was a woman in uniform, although a very unflattering one, or her tall sturdy authoritative presence but I strangely welcomed the occasions when she stopped me to let the kids cross.

During warm weather, she wore sunglasses to protect her eyes from the glare off the road and unbuttoned her long fluorescent yellow safety coat with orange flashing, reflective bands and deep storage pockets to give tantalising glimpses of thick sturdy bare legs. Upon her head was a white cap with a black brim and a light green band around the base with a central black area bearing a badge. In cooler weather with her coat buttoned up her lower legs were sheathed in nylons and black flat shoes upon her large feet. Even with the long shapeless uniform, it was clear that her shoulders were broad and her bust large and low-slung. The kids seemed to like her and she would speak to them in a loud raucous home counties voice.

On those occasions when I waited while the kids cross, I had time to study her. When she had her back to my car it was noticeable how very slim her ankles were in contrast to very large calves. With wonderfully curved sides they possessed a definite brawniness and prominent lower cliff-edge even though she wore flat heels. Once I saw them I was hooked and wished to see more. Unfortunately the view was incomplete as the upper part of her large calves disappeared beneath the hem of the safety coat. From then on, I kept glancing at her calves as I passed trying to get a good look.

On this particular occasion I got home earlier than usual, a bit disappointed to have missed the Lollipop lady, to find a note from my son, Bobby, on top of a non-delivery note asking whether I could collect a parcel from the Post Office. After being stuck in an office all day I felt I could do with the exercise and it was a nice if windy day. On the walk back I caught a glimpse of the Lollipop lady at the far end of a side-alley and on a whim decided to walk down to cross the road there and get a closer look at her in the process. As I neared, she was taking a sip of tea from a mug while a flask stood on top of someone’s front wall. “I hate the wind” she complained loudly as a gust messed up her white hair.

Close up her tall stocky build was even more impressive than seen from the car. “Hello Jim” she said recognising me. “Haven’t seen you for a while. Excuse me, I’ll be with you in a moment” she added spotting some kids approaching the kerb opposite. “Sure thing Margaret” I replied, although I couldn’t recall her name until overhearing some kids calling her “Aunty Margaret”. Striding confidently into the middle of the road showing no fear in the face of oncoming traffic, I got sight of the back of her big shapely calves and saw how dramatically her slim ankles ballooned into a large hard mass with beautifully curved sides, looking quite toned with a deep cliff-edge at the bottom of the muscle heads. Sheer black nylon clung to those bulging contours like a second skin imparting a sensual dark sheen, while a vertical seam suggested stockings. I saw a large hard arrow-head of muscle on the inner edge of her right calve as she turned to face the far-side lane of cars. The lollipop came down upon the tarmac like Gandalf’s staff, “You shall not pass” it commanded as the brightly visible woman parted the traffic to let the kids cross. The pole had a large roundel on top, identical on both sides, bearing a bright circle of fluorescent yellow with a red border in the centre of which were silhouettes of a couple of children crossing and commanding drivers to ‘STOP’ in big bold black letters underlined thickly. I thought she exuded a strong forceful presence.

The nearside lane had been clear when she walked out but then an oversized SUV with a single occupant hared down the road going much faster than the 30 miles per hour speed limit. Before I could shout a warning it came to a screeching halt with a loud squeal of brakes and the smell of burning rubber. Instead of scampering for safety, the imposing woman was cool as an Ice Queen, not deeming the car worthy of a glance as she continued her duties. The driver was a skinny shifty-looking man in his 30’s wearing scruffy jeans and a T-shirt bearing an obscene slogan who revved his engine and beeped the horn impatiently. Margaret took no notice and imperiously waved more kids across making him more irate. Rolling down his window, he leant his head out. “Get out of the road you silly old bag before I mow you down” he yelled in a strong London accent. With the strong breeze blowing her grey hair around, she blanked him and signalled to another group of kids yet to reach the curb. It was clearly deliberate to hold up the impatient yob. He seemed to think so too. “For f*cks sake!” he exclaimed angrily, opening his door and getting out.

“Please remain in your vehicle” the uniformed woman commanded without looking around. Ignoring her, he stomped forwards towards her impressive broad-shouldered tapered back. “Eff you!” he snarled, his hands reaching out for her. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, the Lollipop pole dropped horizontally by her side and drove back at high speed. “Oaarghh!” the end slammed into his groin like a snooker cue pocketing his balls. As he creased forwards in agony, the pole drove up into the underside of his jaw with a solid clunk. His head whipped back over his shoulders sending him sprawling onto the car bonnet. The kids clapped and laughed with glee. “Aunty Margaret’s beating up another one” one cried. I looked at tall stocky woman in astonishment. She just stood there with her back to him guiding the visibly-awed kids across. They weren’t the only ones. I’d never expected a kindly old Lollipop lady to be able to play snooker with a man’s balls!

“Bitch!” the motorist groaned, wincing while clutching his groin and sliding down the bonnet. “Remove yourself from the Queen’s highway” Margaret commanded imperiously, not looking around. “Eff The Queen, eff her highway and eff you” he roared charging at her turned back. He was almost upon her when she unexpectedly spun full-circle pivoting on one leg while leaning away from him. The yellow coat fell away from a thick leg, with sleek long strong-looking curves sheathed in sheer black nylon, lancing out behind her. “HAI!” a loud shout made me jump. The sole of a fast-moving flat-heeled shoe slammed against his belly like the hammer of the Gods while a strong bulge appeared in her thigh. “Hee…..!” a high-pitched rasp left his lips as his body snapped forwards creasing around her foot while his feet left the tarmac. I was speechless as his body hurtled backwards before crashing onto the bonnet at such speed that he kept moving until his back came up against the windscreen. My groin gave a strong lurch while the kids cheered loudly. I would never have suspected an aged Lollipop lady knew Karate!

I looked at her broad sturdy figure with new admiration as the buxom greying lady faced the loud-mouth with a look of reproach. With her height, stocky build and commanding air of authority I would have found her quite intimidating if I had been in his shoes, especially after a powerful kick like that. “Get back in your car” the scary wild-haired woman ordered with the lollipop vertical by her side and the circular STOP sign blazing into his retina. He looked shaken but defiant. “…n..nnn..” veins stood out on his forehead, the strain visible as he opened his mouth but nothing meaningful came out. That back-kick must have flattened his diaphragm! Sliding forwards he opened his mouth again, straining to deliver some foul-mouthed reply “..fff….fff…!”. “NOW!” she commanded in a loud no-nonsense tone that certainly made me jump. With a fierce glare, she grabbed his head with both hands and with a brief swelling of powerful slab-like hardness in her huge calves stretching the sheer black nylons thin, rose onto the toes of her left foot. The right knee streaked through an opening in the yellow coat soaring upwards at the same moment she pulled his head down. With a dreadful crunch, a large rounded knee smashed his face, whipping it back with his mouth wide open, nose and mouth trailing blood, as her knee continued to rise. The hem of the coat rode up around the top of her thighs revealing a matt black band. She was wearing stockings! My manhood stiffened at such unexpected action and teasing sight.

With the younger man sprawled on the bonnet, the ageing uniformed lady kept her knee raised with a large solid downward pointing arrowhead adorning the inside of the trailing calve and a large hard bulge in her left outer thigh as it supported her. He had full view straight down the middle of those sturdy long legs to her crotch but seemed too dazed to notice. Fixing him with a hard uncompromising stare while demonstrating surprising flexibility and stamina for her age, that knee was kept raised for several long seconds. “HAI!” it straightened in a flash and the sole of her shoe hammered the centre of his chest with such power it sounded like tenderising a carcass. “Blaggh…!” his body shot back folded double. Crashing into the windscreen, the safety glass cracked and crazed around him leaving him folded over with his backside jammed in the hole, looking like it would give way at any moment.

My dick lurched strongly at the shocking power of the statuesque silver-haired lady’s kick. The ignorant driver looked terrified as she approached with an air of smug superiority. Her aged hands became blades raised one slightly behind the other with the pole tucked vertically against her shoulder, in a manner that suggested she confidently knew how to use them, threatening to unleash further violence all over his helpless body. “Move the car. You’re holding up the traffic” she commanded as he frantically struggled to get out of the crumbling hole. “I won’t tell you again” she warned moving her hands menacingly, her aged face a grimace of stern toughness that I found arousing. “HAI!” the shout echoed off the surrounding houses making everyone jump. I’d never seen a man move so fast. Pulling himself from the disintegrating windscreen in a single desperate lurch, he dashed to the door, threw himself into the driver’s seat, started the engine and gunned it while the awesome Lollipop lady calmly stepped back to the pavement. Over-revving the engine he sped off doing at least twice the legal speed limit. Screeching around the corner and tail-fishing, the back-end mounted the pavement, thankfully free of pedestrians, before speeding off in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

I found myself standing next to the fearsome woman, with a massive hard-on. “They often don’t make it around that bend at that speed” she remarked. “I know” I replied trying to stay calm “The house there are always having the front wall rebuilt”. “I’ve got the reg. He was clearly breaking the speed limit and driving dangerously” she told me. “Especially with that broken windscreen” I quipped. “The Police won’t do much except check it’s taxed and not stolen” she added. Over-awed by this amazing woman I asked if she had nearly finished her shift and whether I could give her hand to carry her stuff back, like an awkward schoolboy with a crush. “I’ve finished for the day. I normally manage quite well by myself but I wouldn’t turn down a nice man like you” she replied with a smile. What have I done? Did she think I was coming onto her? She wasn’t particularly attractive but the way she had handled that driver was highly arousing. Before I had second thoughts, she passed me her flask and lunch-box. “I’ll do us a nice cuppa and rest my aching feet” she said and I knew it was too late to back out.

As we walked I was still gob-smacked and stiff down below by what I had witnessed. “You were amazing back there. That stuff with the pole, was that Kendo?” I asked, finding the courage to ask. “It’s a good way of using the pole for defence. It comes in handy now and then against violent drivers” she answered. “And those kicks were incredible. You must know Karate?” “I’ve never taken any nonsense from anyone” she replied, evading the question “I will defend myself vigorously from aggressive people”. “You were awesome” I said earnestly. “Just because I’m in my 70’s doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself. I learnt a few moves at The Salvation Army” she told me. That triggered alarm bells. Was she in the Militant wing? I thought I better keep my mouth shut. She was clearly a lady of man-destroying action and that steeled my determination to get to know her better. “Is there a partner waiting for you?” I enquired as we arrived at a mid-terrace house. “No, I wore him out years ago” she laughed then unlocked and opened the front door.

I followed her in and through to the kitchen where she left the pole by the door. It was the first opportunity to walk behind her and watch those calves flex and boy I wasn’t disappointed! Even in flat heels, they were huge, brawny and shapely. “Sit down” she indicated a chair by a small table. I sat and watched as she turned around to fill up a kettle and put it on. “It gets awfully hot and sticky with this on” she explained removing the cap then unbuttoning and removing the safety coat. I had a bit of a start to see a vast unfolding expanse of bare back and broad shoulders with no sign of a bra strap. For a moment I thought she was topless until a strapless bustier emerged. As she turned to face me I was amazed by how large breasted she was. The bustier clung tightly around the thrusting curves of her bust as they hung down low. At the lower end of those breath-taking slopes, large rounded orbs hung well forward of her stomach, their beautifully curved sides notably wider than the narrower torso behind. They were so large they pulled the fabric to near translucency leaving her aureoles visible and large jutting nipples. Wow! I couldn’t stop staring, although I knew I shouldn’t. This well-stacked old lady had proven herself more than capable of giving me a good beating. I tried not to stare but when she turned to make the tea, the stupendous view of her side-profile and long steep slopes reignited my boner.

“Sugar, dear?” she asked looking over her shoulder. “No thank you” I replied trying to look her in the eye but finding my gaze drawn to that groin-straining bust. Forcing myself to look away from the badly-stretched bustier, I saw she wore a small pair of shorts and sheer black stockings with a lacy matt-black elasticated circle around the top of her thighs that caused them to stay up without the aid of suspenders and a belt as they sheathed thick sturdy long legs. “I find tights too sweaty and hold-ups much cooler” she explained catching me staring. “You’ve got great legs” I told her truthfully admiring the shapely firm limbs for they were in very good condition given her age, with little sign of ageing, cellulite or mottling. Large elongated arrow-headed slabs of thick hardness adorned the outside edges of her upper legs hinting of strength that drove me crazy imagining what she could do to me if she got me between them and half-wishing that she would. “What these old trunks?” she laughed. “Yes. They are beautiful” I replied. “Thank you, Jim” she said with a broad smile “No-one has ever complimented me like that before” “Well someone should have, they’re very sexy” I said.

I wanted to get down and feel those long firm thighs, attracted to the power she had displayed earlier and they looked very sexy indeed in sheer black nylons. However that would’ve seem weird to a lady who had just invited me in for tea. As she turned back to the worktop I was faced with a vast expanse of bare back from her broad shoulders down to just above waist level. Being a tall broad woman there was an awful lot of bare flesh which tapered on both sides like an inverted triangle to a much narrower, although still quite sturdy, waist. It added to the sense of strength that kept up my ‘interest’ and I swear I could make out some diamond shaped muscular slabs divided by a rugged line running down the centre of her back and other brawny shapes that resembled large lats!

My dick suddenly lurched stiffly as she rose upon her toes to reach for a couple of mugs from a shelf. Huge thick solid masses slid beneath the skin like living tectonic plates coalescing into phenomenally large muscular calves with clearly defined large muscle heads that had a deep cliff edge and now resembled spade blades bulging beneath the back of her knees. “Wow! amazing calves” I groaned lustfully at the stunning thick mass of huge but sexy feminine calve muscle swelling before me. “Too big and unsightly for a lady you mean?” she looked over her shoulder at me. “Not at all” I protested.

Before I could stop myself, I was out of my seat and crouching down behind her with my hands reaching for her calves. However her feet had returned flat to the floor causing them to return to large smooth surfaced shaped masses. “Some women have lower legs like tree trunks” I explained, undeterred, running my hands either side of her slim ankles all the way up to mid thigh and back again. Yes I enjoyed that and luckily she hadn’t kicked me clear across the length of the kitchen! “Straight up and down with no shape. Men like a bit of shape to a lady’s legs and yours certainly have that” I told her “Well-built and shapely in a way that most men would find very eye-catching” I added as subject matter expert while feeling up the back of the mature woman’s legs. “They are so incredibly slim around the ankles” I said feeling them then slowly sliding my hands up “but then they flare out into these incredible calves. Big with beautifully rounded sides full of big sweeping curves”. I looked at them from one side while feeling them. “Even from the sides they are a marvellous curvy sight of delightful contrasts. Not tree-trunks at all” I gave a little laugh. “I bet you turn heads when you wear heels” I remarked. “Only to throw up” she joked “But seriously, I don’t wear heels. Flat shoes are more comfortable for my job” she replied. “But what about after work when you dress up to go out?” I asked, enjoying the feel of those big firm relaxed calves under my palms. “Why Jim! are you asking me out? I accept” she exclaimed then laughed at my shocked expression.

I got bolder and asked her to go onto her toes as she had when reaching for the shelf, she complied and I marvelled as the calves became noticeably more rocky and muscular. “Wow! they’re huge and so powerful-looking!” I groaned, really turned on by the large squat heart slabs of solid muscle before me. “So powerful, so sexy” The separation between the muscle heads was amazing as well as the rugged deep cliff edge. “Incredible!” I gasped running my hands over those big rounded-sided objects of bulging compact solidness with rising passion. “Eh-hem!” Margaret gave a loud cough and returned her feet flat to the floor again. “Er, yes, sorry. Got a bit carried away there” I admitted sheepishly and thought it time to go back to my chair. However as I went to get up, I brushed close to her thighs. Long, thick and sturdy and looking sensational in sheer black nylon hold-ups, her outer thighs were like long slabs of granite that came to a visible arrow head to one side just above the knee. With a weakness for strong sexy legs on a woman no matter her age or appearance, I just couldn’t resist touching.

“Wow! Your thighs are really hard” I gasped in excitement running my hands up and down their length. “Incredibly sexy” I was unable to stop myself “That’s solid muscle” I gasp “No wonder you have such a powerful kick. I bet you could squeeze a man helpless with them” “I’ve never tried” she replied. “Seriously?” I asked adoring those hard slabs with my palms before she moved them away from my molesting hands to pour the tea then taking the cups to the small table to sit down. I thought I better do the same but all I could think of were her strong legs and imagining myself being squeezed between them but worrying about seeming a perv to ask.

The wild-haired lady crossed her legs and of course my gaze went straight to them, admiring the shape of the large calves. After a while she uncrossed and stretched them out in front of her with the light reflecting off the sheen of her stockings in a very sexy manner. “How could these old things possibly squeeze a man helpless?” she pondered as my eyes drank in their beautiful length and sensuous curves. As quick as a flash I was on my knees before her practically begging her to try. To my surprise, she spread her legs wide in open invitation. Phroar! It was a seriously hot sight looking along the insides of her long nylon-clad thighs to the crotch where her shorts were pulled tight. Facing her, I slid my waist between them as far as it could go. As her thighs slid around me they seemed a lot bigger than I had originally thought and long enough to swallow my middle with room to spare. It was enough to make me have second thoughts but before I could change my mind her ankles crossed behind me.

“Wait! I thought you said you hadn’t …arghhh!” I’m instantly gasping as big stocking-sheathed thighs turned iron-hard around my waist and an insane pressure clamps down around my sides squeezing everything inside tight. Those big legs are all-engulfing and powerful, I could barely breathe. Tapping on their sides, I find them swollen up like steel balloons exerting a raw feminine power that no man can withstand, yet arousing all the same. To my horror I realise I never explained about tapping out! “Oh Jim, fancy falling for that one!” she exclaimed as I flounder for survival trying in vain to push them away, running quickly out of energy. “Come on Jim, try to move those big tree trunks if you can” she laughed. I couldn’t separate those huge legs, I was trapped like a bug ready to be squished. Her massive thighs were just too big and powerful! The outside of her thighs were hard and unyielding with slabs of muscle like granite, yet the silky smooth feel of the nylon stockings are a reminder that I was being destroyed by a feminine woman, a thought that made my dick beat stiffly in my pants.

Helpless between the greying lady’s bulging legs as they swallow up and crush my waist, she laughs as I rock back and forth helplessly trying to draw breath. What incredible power-packed legs! I knew she was holding back and prayed that she wouldn’t squeeze me with full power or I’d be extinct. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t budge those massive thighs. I was completely helpless, out of breath and exhausted. “No more…please!” I gasped as those big bulging thighs continued to grind my waist. “Come closer, dear” she chuckled, folding her calves behind my back drawing me even closer to her body while the pressure soared. “Woargh!” I wail pitifully as her large thighs momentarily relax before a shock-wave of power envelopes me, leaving me devastated. “Not bad for an old Lollipop Lady, eh?” she asked but I couldn’t spare breath to reply. “That obnoxious head of the Council’s road safety thought so too when he tried to make me pay for my uniform and pole because of cut-backs despite his 6 figure salary” she said. “My legs soon changed his mind. Shortly before they put his lights out and left him on the pavement for all to see”. “Mind you, he didn’t have a raging hard-on like you” she added to my embarrassment.

“No….” I gasped as she raised herself upon her hands on the seat and really poured it on with those thick powerful feminine thighs squeezing tighter and tighter until my head was swimming with a loud buzzing in my ears. “Men!” I heard the white-haired woman tut as I struggled to stay conscious. “You think you’re so tough but you’re soft as anything” “Soft” I greedily drank in air as those huge thighs relaxed before they snapped tight. “Arghhh!” it was like a hammer-blow to the gut. “Weak” another relaxation of her big long thighs then a wall of power pounding around my middle “Arghhh!” “Easily crushed” “Nnnarrr!” Oh God! I couldn’t take any more. It was like she was pounding me to death with her mighty thighs. Despite feeling weak as a baby I forced myself to try to stand but the mature woman threw her arms around my neck with her legs still clamped tight. In that position her larger body was dead-weight and I fell on top of her. The fearsome crush eased slightly as her thighs rose up with knees bent and calves still locked around my back pulling my helpless body forward until we were nose to nose. The sheer power was overwhelming as she crushed me to near-extinction, was it any wonder I was aroused beyond belief. With a crazy throbbing erection and crazed with yearning, I began kissing her aged creased face passionately, wild lust overriding reason. Twisting her head away for a few moments before my mouth found hers again, she laughed at my efforts. “Orrghh gaa gaa!” a series of even more brutal squeezes pounded around my sides put a stop to that, bruising my ribs and darkening my vision. Before I knew it, I was on the floor by her oversized feet.

I was literally saved by the bell as a bing-bong chime came from her mobile phone as if preceding a railway station announcement. The strong-legged Amazon picked up the device and read the message. “The car isn’t reported stolen and is registered to an address in Councillor Cole Way, wherever that is” she said while I crawled back on the chair, trying not to wince at the pain around my middle which felt as if it had just been through the wringer. “One of the new estates“ I gasped referring to the massive urban sprawl, laughingly called villages that the greedy Council agreed to against the local wishes. It was nothing more than a dormitory town for people ousted from the capital by gentrification (social cleansing). With tax-payer money given for infrastructure improvements going straight into their pockets, the influx of so many new residents clogged up the roads commuting to the city by car rather than pay extortionate rail fare. “They named the roads after corrupt local politicians who are making a mint from it or after the things they destroyed to spite local objectors, valley view, meadow lane, badger warren, pleasant walk” I told her. “Yes. It is an eyesore” Margaret agreed. With a big heave of her huge bust that had me groaning mentally in lust, she gave a sigh “Well the Police won’t do anything. Under-resourced my arse!” she exclaimed standing up and thrusting out her mammoth breasts before I could avert my eyes. “Well it’s down to me again” she stated. “Will you drive me over there please, Jim?” she asked, her nipples pushing out the bustier like bullets.

I walked home as fast as I could and left Bobby’s parcel in the kitchen. Getting into the car, I drove back to find a Lollipop lady waiting outside in full uniform. “Makes it more official” she said to my questioning look as she got into the passenger seat. I entered the address into the sat nav and off we went. “Oh that’s better” she sighed removing her shoes in the foot-well. After navigating the claustrophobic narrow streets of the new estates where there were no pavements or front gardens so that the developers could get in as many homes as possible, we arrived at an identikit house crammed in with many more of its clones. “How can people live in such shoeboxes” Margaret said “There’s the car” I pointed out. The street, narrow to begin with, was congested with cars, SUVs and vans on both sides leaving barely room to drive let alone park. “They all have garages yet none of them use them” I grumbled, having to go a fair distance before managing to park.

Margaret got out of the car first and I followed on behind noticing that she hadn’t put her shoes back on, but not seeming to have noticed. Stepping from the roadway to the front door, she rang the bell. The door was answered by the arrogant driver from earlier who was shocked to see the stern authoritative Lollipop lady at his door. Before he could slam the door in her face, a knee flashed up through the front of her yellow coat. “HAI!” a streak of nylon-reflected sheen off large calves and a long shin arced skyward. The sole of a large foot pummelled his jaw blasting his head clean over his shoulders, sending him staggering backwards into the hall on unsteady legs with a lolling head and dazed eyes.

With her foot returning to the ground, she nonchalantly strode into the hall. Stunned, I followed, admiring the backs of her big strong calves before closing the door behind me. With a fearsome expression, the tall silver-haired woman swivelled her side to the man while leaning away. The safety jacket fell wide open and I gasped in astonishment to see a blue wrap-around gi jacket with a black belt around her waist! My dick instantly sprang into stiffness at the unexpected sight. It looked great on her, like a sexy micro-skirt, so short it showed off all of her long strong legs sensationally sheathed in sheer black nylon hold-ups. The front struggled to cover the wide low-hanging slopes of her bust, showing a deep canyon between the inside edges of her breasts where they met in the middle. It was the ultimate uniform of feminine power and sensuality.

Faced with a tall fearsome lady wearing a gi top and a black belt I would have been petrified but he opened his mouth to shout some abuse. “HAI!” the leg was just a blur kicking out sideways. “Huhnnn!” the foot struck the middle of his chest like a speeding express train with her calves bulging powerfully. One second he stood there looking belligerent, the next he was literally flying through the air doubled over in agony. The power of her kick was phenomenal, sending him hurtling straight into a door, slamming it open then crashing on the carpet in the living room beyond.

“Phil! You pissed again?” a loud raucous female voice yelled. Margaret strode into the room while I followed behind. As she turned to face the room’s other occupant, the gi top beneath her open coat gave a far more menacing edge than the road safety uniform. “Wot you doing in our house you old bag?” an aggressive voice hollered. A squat rough-looking woman with short haired dyed deep red rose in a sleeveless top that showed off thick arms completely covered with a black blue green mess of tattoos and skinny jeans over big shapeless legs. A large rounded unpleasant face was blotched scarlet in what seemed a permanent state of anger. “Your husband was doing more than double the legal speed limit where children were crossing” Margaret explained in an authoritative tone. “Sah? Too many of the little bastards anyway” the obnoxious yob yelled.

The white-haired lady stood her ground “I am authorised to uphold the law, to protect the safety of children crossing the road” “You’re just an old has-been so off you eff” the belligerent lady roared then glanced at her husband curled up into a ball and rocking silently painfully trying to draw air back into his lungs. “You do that?” she asked in surprise. Margaret nodded. “I’ll fix you, ya old carr” red-face roared. Sliding her arms from the safety coat and dropping it to the floor, the tall stocky white-haired lady’s gi jacket was revealed. It was so short I had a great view of the back of her long strong stocking-clad legs and the curving underside of rounded buttocks peeking out below the hem. The tension between the two women was tangible and stirred my ‘interest’.

“They made me learn Karate cos of my anger issues” the confrontational woman yelled unfazed by the sight of the old woman’s black belt. “Didn’t work. I’m going to turn ya into mincemeat and feed you to next door’s dog. Big nasty Effer” she roared then glared at me, her fierce angry stare making me nervous “Then I’ll eff you with my huge dildo until you squeal like pig then make you lick it clean” she hollered like a foghorn.

The angry woman began making loud shrieks and whoops like a demented monkey while violently punching the air but the stern older woman watched unimpressed, turning as she tracked her. “YA YA YA!” suddenly the repulsive woman launched a series of kicks and punches. It shocked me that she could kick so high and punch so hard yet their power was evident and I knew I wouldn’t have stood a chance against them. yet Margaret’s arms moved swiftly and effortlessly blocked them all.

To my horror a kick slipped beneath the mature lady’s defence to hammer loudly against her stomach. “Nnnn!” she grunted through clenched teeth driven backwards by the shockingly loud impact. If that had been me, I’d be on the floor doubled up in agony but her belly was harder than it seemed and she remained standing. “Is that your best shot?” she sneered condescendingly down her nose, not even slightly winded, her eye-watering long legs wide in an arrogant stance. The beastly yob was so red in the face it looked like she would burst a blood-vessel. “BITCHHHH!” she screamed with deafening volume spinning around and powering a front kick against the door in rage. The impact was deafening as splinters and fragments exploded everywhere leaving a huge hole and the door hanging off it’s hinges. “Temper tantrum” Margaret sneered, the bottom curves of her buttocks looking sensational from where I stood. The monstrous woman heard and spun to face her. “HAI!” a stocking-clad knee shot up as Margaret swivelled to one side angling up a long shin and heavy calves. The gi jacket lurched dramatically as her big heavy breasts fell to one side while a flash of nylon arced high backwards. The sole of her foot pounded the side of red face’s jaw hard with an almighty thud, whipping her face over one shoulder with mouth wide and distorted trailing drool. The tall sturdy lady with the wild white hair looked on with a smoulderingly hard stare that made my dick lurch again.

With stunning flexibility, the buxom old woman kept the long stocking-clad leg raised high as the younger woman fell back. The hem of her gi jacket was well above her hips and I was shocked by an eyeful of hairy pussy exposed by her wide-spread legs. She wasn’t wearing any knickers! The disturbing sight was short-lived as the foot fell to the floor while Margaret swung her torso back to vertical with another perilous lurch of her heavy breasts causing the front of the gi jacket to part revealing a breath-taking expanse of cleavage where two soft female orbs met and the open edges of the jacket traced their dramatic thrusting contours. Her face might not be much to look at but her huge breasts were top-notch cock-hardeners.

“Pick on someone your own size!” Margaret snapped “Oh please excuse my manners…Bitch!…HAI!” huge breasts nearly bounced right out from her top while a long strong stocking-sheathed leg rose at the knee then snapped straight. “Wooooarrrrghh!” a long shin slammed across the gruesome woman’s belly like a crow-bar. Snapping forward in agony, she watched in horror as the leggy old woman bent back the leg while keeping it raised, unable to look away from the exposed crotch. “HAI!” a large foot sped forwards to pound her mouth with the sole, splitting her lip and snapping her head back straining the tendons in her neck. The red-faced woman stumbled backwards into a unit and clung on trying to remain upright. The tall stocky busty Lollipop lady’s legs looked sensational from nylon-sheathed toes to bare hip while smugly watching the effects of their devastation.

The blotchy faced yob glared balefully at the older woman and raised her fists with a gruesome snarl. “C*nt!” she screamed as a fat leg kicked forward. “HAI!” the hem of the old woman’s very short gi top flicked up as a knee soared high, the lower leg flashing forward to hammer the back of a meaty calve upon the incoming leg, bringing it down. My dick ached in anticipation as the leggy senior stepped close with her hands raised shaped like blades. Big-mouth tried to raise hers but was too slow. “HAI!” Margaret’s hands leapt above chest height then, with an uncontrolled bounce of huge breasts, arced down in twin blurs of motion. The edge of the left hand chopped across the red-faced woman’s throat while the side of the right chopped across her chest-bone. With a loud croak she folded forwards clutching her neck with one hand coughing and holding her chest with the other.

“Shar!” her partner cried from the other side of the room and went to get to his feet. He froze at the sight of the tall stocky silver-haired woman pointing a finger at him giving him a baleful glare. The blue gi jacket tied with a black belt struggled to contain her busty assets and so short that it barely covered her modesty while showing off the full length of her long legs which looked sexsational sheathed in sheer black nylon hold-ups. She looked unbelievably sexy, dangerous and self-assured. “Sit!” she commanded and he found himself obeying the strident authoritative woman.

Spinning back to the choking woman, Margaret’s knee rose to one side poised high exposing her pussy and a solid bulge of calve muscle in the leg standing upon the floor. “HAI!” the leg unfurled in a split-second, her big breasts heaving in the open front of the gi jacket. “ARRGHH!” the top of the foot smashed across the woman’s mouth whipping her face back in a spray of blood and spittle. Spinning right around with the gi top barely containing her huge bouncing breasts, the older woman leant away pivoting on one foot and raising the other knee before her. “HAI!” the foot pistoned back into the yob’s belly. “Argh!” as she creased forwards a black pulse streaked around in an arc. “HAI!” the top of a foot hammered her jaw with such force it completely twisted her face over her shoulder. A dazed she-yob went down upon one knee.

“No, don’t get up. I mean it” the tough white-haired Amazon sneered as the red-faced woman struggled to rise. “Well, if you insist” she grabbed the back of her hair and yanked her up by the roots ignoring the screams of protest and profanities. “You clearly don’t understand” she lectured as she got the woman to her feet, holding her up by the hair “so let me explain it to you. HAI!” a fist crashed into her jaw rocking her face upward; “HAI!” a spinning back-kick, with heavy breasts bouncing wildly, to the belly; “HAI!” front-kick to the face like a jack-hammer; “HAI!” spinning back round-house to the side of the jaw; “HAI!” sledgehammer punch to the belly; “YAH!” a high side kick to the face spun her head right around. Bloody and battered, loud-mouth might know Karate but was no match for the tall buxom senior raining a brutal bombardment upon her with inexhaustible stamina and stimulating flexibility. “HAI!” a back spinning roundhouse to the chest; “HAI!” front roundhouse around the top of the head; “HAI!” back heel high kick to the throat; “HAI!” side kick to the mouth. The tall stocky senior in the tiny gi jacket, sensational long legs and big bouncing breasts was an unstoppable whirlwind of leggy destruction. The pounding onslaught of her large bare feet made the yob’s body jerk and twitch like a rag-doll in a hurricane, her features disintegrating into a mass of blood and bruises.

“Shar!” her husband cried leaping up behind the tall white-haired woman and wrapping an arm around her throat. Swiftly turning her head towards the crook of his elbow, her ample backside bumped into his crotch then her knee rose before her. “HAI!” a fist swung back into the space created between their bodies, hammering his balls like a mallet. “Argh!” he wailed. Grabbing his left wrist she pulled his arm forward and wrapped it in the crook of her right elbow trapping it beneath her armpit, pinched between her biceps and forearm. Totally in control with a stern expression on her wrinkled face and a sturdy stance, she looked magnificent. “Don’t interfere in women’s work” she growled as she levered his arm back over her forearm causing shrieks of agony. With his arm immobilised she moved slightly to the side. “HAI!” her huge breasts bounced as a long stocky leg powered a foot back solidly into his balls causing howls of agony. “Crushed nuts anyone?” she quipped.

Big fleshy mounds lurched in the open front of the gi top as she span around to face him while keeping his arm restrained. The contrast between the lower part of her legs sheathed in sheer black nylons and the tops of her upper thighs with pale bare skin poised for action was very arousing. “YAH!” a flash of motion and the ball of a foot hammered his balls. The man silently screamed, his face distorted in excruciating pain. Twisting his arm she forced him to bend forwards, the huge cleavage before his eyes taunting that he was being dominated by a woman. “You’re looking at my tits!” she accused. Trying to crease forwards but unable to due to the wild-haired lady’s armlock and grimacing in pain, he was unable to reply.

Raising a hand with fingers straight and held together, Margaret’s chilling hard expression of competence made her look tougher and harder than any woman I dared to get on the wrong side of. “HAI!” the edge of her hand chopped the side of his neck as rigid and as hard as an axe. His upper body jerked uncontrollably. “YAH!” her hand shot forwards and grabbed his testicles. “Eiiiii!” he squealed as her knuckles whitened crushing and twisting his balls forcing him onto his toes with tears in his eyes and a ghastly expression on his ashen face. Forcing him nose to nose, she looked down at him glaring in silence, smouldering supremely while he danced in agony. “Now sit!” she ordered. Releasing his arm her knee shot up as he slouched over his aching groin and remained there giving him full view of her pussy. “HAI!” the leg unfurled in an instant, as huge breasts nearly overspilled the front of her gi. The sole of the foot pounded the side of his cheek and jaw sending him sprawling.

“C*nt!” the obnoxious woman gasped, her face bruised and battered, balling her fists as she rose. “YAH!” a blistering punch shot towards the older woman’s face but hit air as she nimbly ducked beneath. “HAI!” a fist streaked up into the yob’s crotch. With a deafening scream, she creased over clutching her groin, eyes wide with shock and cheeks ballooning as if about to be sick. Margaret clutched the yob’s chin in one hand with fingers digging into her cheeks and forced her to stand straight. “You sure you’re not a fella?” the tall leggy woman mocked staring down into her eyes. “C*.!” “HAI!” the mature woman’s fist cut off the expletive in a blur of motion that pounded the underside of loudmouth’s jaw like a sledgehammer, looking smoulderingly supreme as she did it. Red-face’s head whipped right back over her shoulders trailing blood from her mouth. “Shut your foul mouth” Margaret told her.

A lesser man would have been down and out but the angry red woman staggered back against a wall and somehow managed to remain standing if unsteady. “Phil!” she yelled “We get the c*nt together or it’s the black knobbler for you tonight” Clearly more terrified of his wife’s dildo than the kiss-ass Lollipop lady, he forced himself to his feet. “HAI!” a knee shot up in a heartbeat, with a peek of ample yet tight bare buttocks, and slammed hard across the brutish woman’s chest rocking her back onto her heels with her breath hissing loudly through a tightly pursed mouth while creasing forward before the older woman’s raised leg and exposed pussy. “HAI!” big spherical mounds of breast heaved like twin rising moons in the front of the loose gi top as the foot dropped in the blink of an eye. The back of the heel clubbed the monstrous woman’s temple sending her knees. “HAI!” the old woman’s sensational long sexy leg reversed direction, rocketing back with the knee slightly bent. The top of the foot pounded the yob’s mouth and nose brutally hard hammering her face back in a spray of blood. Before the nasty yob could fall, the aged woman grabbed her wrist and a sharp twist sent her roaring in agony to her knees. Her hand was pressed back so sharply it seemed on the verge of snapping at the wrist at Margaret’s stockinged feet.

With his wife writhing on the floor in wrist-wrecked agony, the man found himself facing the tall silver-haired lady alone. “HAI!” his face drained as her knee shot up with the lower leg horizontal and foot pointing toward him then arced like lightning towards his groin. “Arghh!” his face creased up in excruciating agony while his mouth fell wide open. “How does it feel to be kicked in the balls by a black belt in Karate?” the buxom silver-haired lady asked while grabbing an arm as he creased forwards. “Must hurt bad since I can kick through solid walls” she taunted putting both partners under her control in brutal wrist-locks.

“HAI!” the large convex shape of her left calve from the side looked strong and powerful as it supported her while the man looked on in horror at the sight of a nylon-clad knee rushing towards him like a cannonball. The upper thigh close to her knee connected solidly with his jaw with a sickening crunch powering his face towards the ceiling with eyes screwed tight, while her big breasts bounced in the gap between the edge of her gi jacket so hard I thought they would overspill. Restrained by her grip on his arm, he stood there unsteadily looking dazed and confused while his wife writhed in agony upon the floor.

Pulling him close, she looked down at him with her greater height “Your wife said there are too many of the little bastards, so we better make sure you don’t make any more” the statuesque woman told him. “HAI!” her breasts lurched up in the neck of her gi top as her right knee powered straight into his groin with a saucy glimpse of buttock cheeks and a view of bare thigh above the stocking tops. An eye-watering length of stocking-clad thigh drove the knee high crushing his nuts against his underside with a solid thud. “Oooo!” Margaret groaned mockingly as he screamed silently “Did you feel them crunch?”. “HAI!” her knee flashed up again to power into his groin at point blank range with such ferocity that he was driven up onto the tips of his toes. “Just doing my bit, saving the NHS and the taxpayer money” she quipped while he let out a harrowing wail of anguish.

“Arggg! Let go bitch!” the red-faced woman cried on her knees writhing in agony at the old woman’s feet while her husband tried to crease over his aching balls but found his movement limited by the lock she had put on his arm. “No!” she squealed as the tall leggy woman raised her knee and twisted her hips. “HAI!” with a sharp heave of her pendulous bust her right foot plummeted down, hammering her face breaking her nose in a gush of blood while again showing off those sexy bare buttocks and stocking tops.

It was terribly arousing to see the loudmouth couple under the control of the tall imposing white-haired lady, one with each arm, her huge breasts nearly bursting out of a gi top so short her sexy stocking clad legs were exposed in full. Her calm confidence and ruthless domination was really turning me on. A sharp tug on the man’s arm pulled him close. “HAI!” my dick lurched as a folded arm hurtled around with the elbow slamming into his left temple. He yelled while his wife screamed in agony on the floor with every move transmitted through the wicked armlock. A twist of his wrist made him lean forwards. “YAH!” she screamed glaring straight at his face in a terrifying expression. A leg shot up in a heartbeat slamming the sole of the foot hard against his face. “YA!” the top of the foot hammered his jaw a micro-second later. “HA HA HA!” lightning-strike kicks blasted his head and face. Captive in her wrist lock his body jerked about helplessly while on the floor his wife screamed with every movement the tall mature woman made. She screamed again as Margaret twisted her arm to present her side to her husband. “HAAII!” a long strong nylon-sheathed leg pulsed out at incredible speed in a side-kick. The foot pounded his gut with such power, he was bodily lifted from the floor and sent flying across the length of the room crashing heavily then rolling up into barely moving ball.

“EFF!” the bloodied and battered loud mouth woman hollered, rising like a ghastly creature from the Black lagoon, her features barely recognisable. Margaret had released both their arms in that last awesome kick that had got my dick as hard as a rock. The scarlet woman was a bullish monster intent on revenge “I advise you to stay down madam” the tall broad-shouldered lady with the wild white hair said in a patronising tone “You are no match for a Lollipop lady” she added in tones that infuriated the nasty woman. Red faced and fuming, her eyes were blazing, full of violent intent. “I’ll effing kill ya” she screamed with blood falling from her big mouth, then launched a blistering series of kicks that defied her obese-looking figure. The old road crossing warden calmly knocked aside with her arms like swatting a fly before blocking the next kick by trapping the shin between crossed forearms. A quick twist sent the slob tumbling onto her hands and one knee.

“HAI!” the older woman’s leg pulsed like a lightning strike. Her large foot struck like a sledgehammer against loud-mouth’s face, sending her head jerking back trailing a bloody arc. “Bitch!” she yelled freeing her leg free then bending it back and kicking it at the tall woman’s belly. “HAI!” Margaret’s knee shot upwards, with the hold-up stocking tops peeking below the gi jacket. Her shapely strong legs intercepted the incoming kick with the top of her shin, knocking it to one side and catching it with one hand. “No not the face!” the woman screamed as Margaret, with knee still held high aiming the sole of her foot towards her. “Do you really think anyone would notice?” Margaret sneered dispassionately at the woman helpless on the floor beneath her raised foot. The older woman looked domineering and extremely sexy as she deliberately held the pose with her foot angled towards the woman’s face. “HAI!” a chilling sharp shout sounded overly loud in the small room as a bright arc of light reflected from the nylon sheen pulsing down. There was a very loud sound of impact as the aged foot hammered the woman’s face. The rest of the yob’s body gave a violent lurch jerking away from the carpet before flopping back to the carpet then lay still.

My dick gave a massive lurch inside my trousers to see the white-haired lady standing victorious with a foot upon the face of the loud-mouthed woman, her long strong legs a vision of danger and erotic desire in sheer nylon stockings. The stance causes the very short blue gi top, tied with the black belt that warned of formidable combat skills, to rise up exposing her bare pussy. If that wasn’t arousing enough, during the tussle the jacket had been pulled wide and hung partially open at the front revealing a long deep valley of cleavage between substantial amounts of breast. Enough to make it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra! “Are you staring at my tits?” she accused “N..” I began to reply when another voice answered. “N..No” the arrogant driver spoke, staring at the statuesque white-haired lady standing victorious with one foot firmly planted on his wife’s face. She gave him a hard stare that I found smoulderingly sexy. “I hope you’re better at Karate than your wife, because she couldn’t handle this old granny” “Pp…please no” he begged, the direction of his eyes and the bulge in the front of his trousers telling the lie of his previous answer. “Why don’t you get it out and wank one off now your wife’s not looking?” she told him. His right hand went straight to the zip of his trousers then stopped as he realised what he was doing.

Turning side on to him, he caught sight of the outrageous side-profile of her humongous breasts emphasising their size and shape with the sensual curvaceous landscape cutting a wide swathe down the front of the loose gi top that nearly extended to her nipples. “Orrrragh!” he groaned at those large orbs moving gently up and down with each breath, his hand back on the front of his trousers rubbing furiously. “Not too large for you are they?” she teased. “Orrrrr!” the stiff bulge at the front of his trousers was beating fast. For once I was in agreement with him as my dick was doing the same. She might not have been conventionally attractive but her huge breasts had two men rigid with lust. “You’re not scared of an old lollipop lady are you?” the buxom gi-top wearing black-belt asked in a soft husky voice that went straight to my loins. “License and insurance, please” she demanded in more authoritative tone facing him once more, stretching out her palm. Trembling in a mix of lust and fear he reaches into a trouser pocket and pulls out the documents and steps forwards to place them in her hand. With an imperious attitude she keeps him waiting as she examines the documents while he stares at the exposed expanse of breast with a throbbing trouser-tent.

“Luckily for you, they all seem to be order” she says with a snooty attitude handing them back. “HAI!” a long sexy nylon-sheathed leg snap-kick drives the top of her foot straight between his legs. “That’s for staring at my tits” she states without emotion as he crumples over his aching balls. Grabbing the front of his shirt, she forces him to stand straight before her then pulls him close until they are almost touching noses. Cupping his chin in her right palm she grasped his cheeks with her fingers and forced him to look up at her tough no-nonsense face. There was something very authoritative and dominant about it. His hands flew up to her wrist to try and pull it away. “HAI! HAI!” her left hand was a blur delivering hard chops on each side of his neck that made his body spasm and his hands fall away. He withers under her cold merciless gaze as she glares at him for several long seconds with the left hand raised, poised to deliver more punishment. “Try it again” the stocking wearing dominant Lollipop lady growled, the knife hand moving ominously “And I’ll Karate chop you out of existence”. He was too terrified to try. It must have made him remember being scolded by his mother or school mistress being made to feel like a pathetic little boy who needs a lesson in discipline. She roughly twisted his face one way then the other demonstrating her utter control over him before forcing him to keep eye contact, unable to move, silently acknowledging how pathetic he is as she holds his chin in her hand. “You will not speed, especially within town and near schools” she instructs forcing him to look her straight in the eye. She squeezes so hard with her fingers that his cheeks distort, and he looks even more pathetic.

Eyes wide with fear he watches helplessly as the white-haired tall lady raises her right hand, fingers held together straight like a blade. “HAI!” my dick lurches as the edge of her aged hand slashes down to chop the side of his neck. “Arggh!” his shoulders jerk up and he tried to pull away but her hand tightened around his chin with fingers scrunching up his mouth into a small O shape. “Do you understand?” she asked forcing him to look her in the eye, humilated to have his face in the old lady’s controlling grasp. “Yessh!” he gasped through a constricted mouth. She twisted his face roughly one way then the other then forced him to look up at her. “You will stop if a traffic crossing warden signals you to do so” she told him glaring fiercely into his eyes, her nose less than an inch from his. He withered visibly under her gaze. “You will wait patiently within your vehicle until the children have crossed and the warden has left the road before proceeding” she instructs. “Yeshh!” he gasped quickly as she raised a fist in front of his face then drew it back. “Now to drive the message home” she said “Get it, drive. Oh never mind” she sighed. Her mouth widened into a scary snarl, her long strong nylon-clad legs stood askance. “HAI!” her fist pulsed towards his face, hammering his jaw and driving his face right back to look up at the ceiling.

Before he could fall, Margaret’s hand flashed out to catch his chin and pulled his face back down then forced him to make eye contact once more. The long-legged woman with the wild white hair and large bust bore a smug look of arrogant supremacy. She was in complete control and he knew it. Speaking clearly in a very condescending manner while keeping his gaze on her, she made him say that he understood and to apologize for his earlier behaviour. She was exceptionally dominant and forceful, all the more humiliating for him while arousing for me to watch.
“You will not verbally or physically abuse a traffic crossing warden” she continued her lecture. “I unnershhtan..oorahh” he says quickly. “Nice try” Margaret said cutting him off by squeezing his cheeks so tightly his lips were squashed vertically. “HAI!” a terrifying shout and the mature woman’s fist rocketed into his belly, pounding hard and travelling deep. “WOARPH!” he wailed loudly, snapping forwards to stare at the floor, his mouth opening and shutting like a goldfish, silently unable to draw breath. Finally he toppled forwards with his face landing in her oversized cleavage and stayed there, the lucky bastard! “Really what is it with you and my tits?” she exclaimed in mock outrage then raised her hands shaped like blades, positioning them on either side angled toward him. “HAI!” a flash of motion then the edge of each hand struck the carotid artery in the sides of his neck simultaneously with electrifying results. The man’s head jerked right back over his shoulders as if hit by a cattle-prod before slumping forward back into that marvellous bust.

“This old dear is more than a handful for you” the silver-haired lady exclaimed with arrogant smugness lifting his face from it’s pleasant resting place with her iron-grip on his chin and again forced him look up at her. He was clearly dazed and badly winded yet she held his cheeks tight forcing him to maintain eye contact. After several seconds of intimidating staring she spoke slowly and clearly as if berating a child “Do you understand me?” she asked. There was no way he could answer after that fearsome gut-buster punch. “Nothing to say for yourself?” she mocked squeezing his cheeks tight “That leaves me with no choice” she said smugly, his eyes going wide with terror.

She let go of his chin and faced him with knife hands poised for action. Gasping for breath he stood trembling before the tall busty woman with great legs, her hands raised like axes and a fierce intense stare that showed she meant business. With a swish, her hands swiftly changed over aggressively, her big breasts lurching wildly in the front of the gi top. His dick gave a huge lurch inside his trousers. “Please” he whimpered between gasps, his eyes fixated on the ample amount of bust on show. “HAI! she shouted aggressively swapping over fists again. “Urrrr!” he groaned as the front of his trousers lurched and became sopping wet as he blasted heavily into his pants.

“HA!” she barked mockingly pointing a finger. “HA!…HAI!” with the short gi top falling back over her broad hips exposing beautifully rounded ample buttocks and panty-less crotch, a thick strong sexy-clad leg arced high while her areola and nipples bounced into view. The sole of the foot connected solidly with his face like a hammer blow, sending a shock-wave of power across his face, distorting his mouth and pounding his nose flat. His busted face snapped up in a spray of blood but he had barely made a step back when the foot lashed back in the opposite direction with a dramatic heave of her breasts. “HAI!” the back of her heel clubbed around the top of his face in a high roundhouse back-kick that knocked him around like a leaf in a storm.

“HAI!” without pause the grey-haired female terminator kicked up a long strong leg right in front of her. With her huge breasts now bouncing free, the stocking-clad leg soared right up before her giving him another view of her bare crotch. The sole of a large foot connected with his jaw like a thunderbolt. The muscles in her thick thighs rippled with raw power as she kicked his face clean over his shoulders, lifting him off his feet and sending him hurtling to the floor. To my surprise he was down but definitely not out, but only just. Laying on his back, he seemed to have difficulty keeping his head still and focus on the tall leggy smug-faced mature woman looming over him with her sensational large breasts fully unrestrained and free.

Placing a foot upon his chin and mouth, she forced his face to look up at her. “You should have remained seated like I told you” she told him with arrogant smugness “You never stood a chance against a woman like me”. Looking up at the tall magnificent leggy busty old woman who had totally destroyed him and his violent wife, I was not surprised he was sporting another prominent erection to match my own. “HAI!” she screamed loudly, kicking her right leg high into the air until the top of her thigh bounced against one of her bare breasts where it stopped. “No!” the man cried in fear, expecting to be stomped out of existence. The tall woman grabbed her ankle with both hands and stretched the leg back until the shin and large muscled calves were sticking up way past her shoulders and the foot was way over her head. What an unbelievably arousing sight! I was so turned on by the woman’s incredible flexibility, especially given her age, that my hand had gone to the front of my trousers and was rubbing before I could stop it. The driver however was at arousal ground zero, his eyes irresistibly drawn to the erotic sight of sheer black nylons stretched tight and shimmering under the lights over long shins with the shape of large flaring calves behind. Pulled higher his eyes boggle at the sheer nylon stretched further by thick strong thighs, now aware of their fearsome power. Atop these he encounters the dark matt band of the stocking tops encircling those long strong thighs before being drawn up by the stark contrast with her bare top of her left thigh.

Like a magnet for the eyes he cannot resist his gaze being drawn to the old lady’s crotch and hairy pussy, dramatically exposed by doing the vertical splits, reflecting her limber fitness. Moving on up over a broad firm belly with sloping sides like two triangles merging his gaze was drawn to a huge bare breast dangling free from the gi jacket with a deep dark staggeringly long cleavage that he could only stare at with growing lust. Sight of the other breast was obscured by the back of the raised right leg that soared straight up showing thick strong hamstrings sheathed in sexy sheer black stockings with the stocking tops at the base and wide flaring powerful looking inverted calves at the top making the contrast with the slimness at the back of her ankles all the more remarkable. He was in no doubt that this white-haired lady had a strong thick body full of man-destroying power against he was no match while its strength and fitness hinted at erotic pleasures he could hardly dream of. The short gi jacket, now widely open, tied with a black belt magnified that impression several-fold. His cock beat against the inside of his trousers with unrestrained lust for this statuesque elderly woman although he was paralysed with fear.

“How would you like a woman like me in your bed?” she asked in a smoulderingly seductive voice while her breasts wobbled alluringly high above him. Orrr yes please I groaned mentally. The strong twitches in his trousers showed he felt the same. The tall aged buxom hard-body sneered at the sight of his pulsing member. “You wouldn’t last 5 minutes” she jeered “Just look at you, all ready to blow prematurely again” she laughed. His trouser tent lurched all the stronger in response. “I would ride you to complete and utter destruction in no time” “Orrr!” he moaned loudly. “What a big lurch that was” she laughed to his embarrassment. “You haven’t got the stamina to keep up with a woman as fit and flexible as me. I would devastate you and leave you totally exhausted” “Oorrrrrhh!” that was too much. His body started bucking as he came noisily and heavily in his pants while the old lady looked on smirking.

“HAI!” she yelled, causing another eruption in his pants. He didn’t even have time to scream or raise his hands for protection as the long sturdy leg dropped like an axe. With thick strong thighs quivering, the heel hammered his face with such power that his whole body lifted from the floor as blood sprayed before flopping back limp and destroyed. I was ready to blast my pants as well although shocked by the cold brutality.

With her foot upon the face of the unmoving form of a much younger man she was the perfect image of an all-conquering Amazon, supremely victorious and unbeatable that set my dick beating against the inside of my trousers. I wanted to rush over and make frenzied love to her, but frankly was too afraid of ending up the same way as him. Margaret looked up at me with a cold hard expression although I had difficulty not to stare at her bare breasts or exposed pussy. “I don’t think we’ll be having any more trouble from these two” she stated.

The sight of her standing with the nasty couple out cold at her feet made me lose all self-control. “Oh Margaret. You’re amazing” I tell her with my dick throbbing hard. Although hardly the woman most men would long to kiss passionately, the awesome power and destructive combat skills she had displayed made me want to plunge myself right inside her. That sensational huge bust unfettered before me as well as the sheer black hold-ups emphasising her sensational long strong legs didn’t help. As I stood there longing to take her yet unsure how, she untied the black belt and opened the gi jacket wide with the intention to wrap it back up and re-tie it. Orrrrrr! The unobstructed sight of her naked torso was too much for me to cope with. Not only were her breasts, huge yet firm and incredibly sexy but her mid-riff also caught my attention. Although clearly reflecting the ravages of time with sleight mottling and a little looseness, the sides of her midriff had no love handles and her belly was flat and firm. It was such an irresistible sight in my state of arousal that I slid my hands inside her gi top and around her waist before she could tie it back up. Pulling her close I kissed her passionately with rising desire. “Oh you really turn me on” I kissed her again with more passion “You are an incredibly sexy, fit dangerous woman” I moaned before kissing her again with even more frenzy “God I really want you“ I was really aching for her.

“Orrr!” I wailed as a wide knee rushed up between my legs to crush my ardour. “Argh!” the next second she had grabbed my right wrist and whipped it up into the small of my back. “Really Jim. Show some decorum” she told me as she made me suffer “Don’t make me hurt you” “OK OK!” I cried “I apologise for my behaviour” With that she released my arm and I watched in unfilled frustration as she adjusted the gi jacket over her huge busty slopes before re-tying the black belt. I still ache for her but know I’m in the dog house and can’t tell her that. Even as she finishes off, she is still practically busting out of the top and I can’t stop staring. “Drive me home please, Jim” she states putting back on her florescent yellow safety coat and buttoning it back up.

I drove her back to her place in silence, feeling ashamed and awkward that I tried to force myself upon her. Pulling up outside her house I tried awkwardly to apologise again but she waved me quiet and insisted that I come in for another tea. I tried to refuse but she was very insistent. Feeling that I had to make amends, I agreed. However as soon as we got through the door, the yellow safety coat was discarded and I was faced with a tall stocky lady with wild white-hair wearing a very short gi jacket like a miniscule dress stretched over a very large bust with incredibly long sexy thick strong legs sheathed in sheer black hold-ups. Needless to say, I was barely able to contain my arousal. “Somehow I don’t think you’re interested in tea” she told me “I think you want to want to experience my Karate” “Playfully” she adds at my shocked expression.

After the devastation I had just witnessed I wasn’t so sure but the tall ruggedly handsome woman wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “Let’s start with a few gentle kicks” she said facing me. ”Come and get me” she teased. I paused remembering the ferocious destructive power of those amazing long legs of hers. When she saw my hesitation she pulled open the top of the gi jacket to expose her large breasts and the deep dark cleavage between. “Resistance is futile” she chuckled at the lurch at the front of my trousers. I took an involuntary step towards them. “HAI!” a front high-kick moved so fast I barely saw it until it slowed barely an inch from my face. The sole of her foot shoved against my face like getting hit by a hard pillow, uncomfortable but bearable. It’s not a hard kick but I feel the strength of her leg as it firmly presses my face over my shoulders and kept it there for several long moments to savour what she was capable of. Removing her foot from my face, she kept the leg raised and straight then swung it around to her side without taking her eyes of me as if challenging me to look along it’s lankly length to her exposed crotch, which of course I did.

“HAI!” my dick lurched as a long strong leg flashed out at frightening speed, the sole of her foot striking fast and firm against my groin, belly, chest and jaw in rapid succession eliciting a series of pained grunts from me with my body jerking with each impact. Although she was toying with me, knowing that the white-haired lady was only using a small fraction of the strength she used to destroy the couple was scary yet exhilarating. “Was that too hard for you dear?” being asked that by a white-haired mature woman older than myself, it would have been embarrassing to answer yes. I instantly regretted it.

“HAI!” a strong part-stocking clad leg was barely a blur as it stretched out to crack hard around the side of my head with bulging hard thighs and a view right down its stocking-clad length to her naked crotch. It was like getting whacked around the head by a cricket bat. My whole body shuddered under the impact and scrambled my senses so I didn’t know if I was coming or Wednesday. “HAI!” a black sheened pulse arced around horizontally at blistering speed with toes pointing right at me. “Urrrgh!” I groaned loudly as the ball of her foot and steel-hard toes punched the centre of my breast-bone depressing the clavicle winding me. Within a heartbeat, before my body had even started to crease forwards, she span right around on one foot with big breasts wobbling at her front. “HAI!” the white-haired lady cried as a speeding side-kick slammed a foot hard against my stomach, so hard I felt my feet leave the floor and felt myself flying backwards until my back hit a wall. So badly winded was I that I was unable to breathe and watched in fear as the tall stocky white-haired lady approached me with a cocky swagger and a superior smirk upon her aged face. “Do I take your breath away, Jim?” she teased, slowly approaching. The front of her gi jacket had worked loose and her big bare breasts were fully on show along with her very firm belly. PHROAR! It was a sight that filled me with pure desire for the old lady’s incredible fit body mixed with trepidation of those dangerous long legs. Confronted by a confident woman practically naked apart from the hold-up stockings and open gi top, she placed her hands upon her hips as if challenging me with her fit firm body.

“HAI!” her shout made me jump as a thick stocking-sheathed leg blasted past my face with thick rippling thighs and hefty bulging calves nearly taking my head off as it passed. The top of her leg bounced off her huge breasts and stayed upright in a vertical splits. “Ohhh God!” I moaned in wanton lust as the strong leg extended way above me in an incredible display of flexibility and unmistakable power. That it could fall and hammer my head and no doubt break it, I was under no illusion yet my dick was absolutely rigid and throbbing. The sight of her hairy pussy so shamelessly exposed by the stunningly flexible pose drove me wild. I just wanted to sink my hard member into that mound and give her a good seeing to. Unable to bear it any longer, I stepped forward to wrap my arms around that strong firm middle pressing my trouser-bulge against her mound with the feel of the back of that lethal strong leg raised between us. Going onto my toes and straining my neck to plant my lips on hers and ignoring her looks, I kissed her with unbridled passion while fondling her amazing body.

“HAI HAI!” hard chops rack one side of my neck then the other, making me let go of her as my limbs spasm under the edge of her steely hand. “HAI HAI HAI!” with her foot returning to the floor, her hand is in constant motion unleashing debilitating chops. My neck, shoulders, arms, sides of my waist, even the bridge of nose are struck in a whirlwind of chops as she looks on with a stern smouldering look of such utter superiority that it arouses me even more. Oh God she is ruthless, much too much to cope with yet I really wanted her.

Thankfully the punishing blows stop as Margaret forcefully pushes my back up against the wall then fixes me with a stern arrogant glare as if daring me to make a move and face the consequences. Opening the gi jacket fully, she slips out her arms and allows it to fall to the floor. “Is that hard enough?” she teases in a seductive voice pressing that magnificent body, naked apart from her hold-up stockings, against me as she looks down at me. I thought she was referring to the strength of her kicks until I felt a hand on the aching tent at the front of my trousers and, to my shame, had a good feel. “I see that it is” she chuckled then proceed to undo my flies and scoop it out. “Just the way I like my men” she purred seductively “Beaten, humilated, aroused” then added a long sloppy lingering lick up the side of my neck face and around the ear that reduced me to a whimpering mess begging for her to stop and make love to me. “And begging” she chuckled. With that she took hold of my right arm and pulled me away from the wall. “HAI HAI!” hard kicks around the back of my knees make my legs give way and I fall to my knees before her.

The tall virtually-naked old woman stood over me with her sensationally firm sturdy body and huge breasts then raised both arms above her spread wide in victory. To my surprise she balled her fists then lowered her arms in line with her broad shoulders with her forearms bent vertical. I knew she had big thick arms but wasn’t prepared for the shock as two huge solid mounds swelled into muscular existence on her upper arms. They weren’t that defined but were certainly hard rounded biceps that looked absolutely massive on the tall white-haired woman. “Nothing to say for once?” she teased then pumped her arms slowly a few times seemingly getting bigger and more defined while I watched from by her feet with a painfully straining erection.

“Well?” she asked looking down at me while nodding and pointing with one hand towards the massive mound of muscle on the other arm. In a flash I was on my feet, running my palms over those mighty peaks with an uncontrollable yearning as I felt their dense hardness. “Amazing. You’re amazing” I gasp among other platitudes. Unable to control myself I moved close to kiss her passionately again while feeling those big biceps. Catching my hands she gave a quick twist and with a swell of bulging triceps forced me instantly back to my knees, feeling over-powered and weak, before shoving my face between her big stocky thighs. Tilting my face upwards, the well-built Lollipop lady shoved it firmly into her bare pussy. “Orrr! Get in there” she exclaimed as big thick powerful legs swallowed up my head trapping me in a standing face-scissors with my mouth firmly pressed against her hairy pussy.

Probably one of the most dominant holds a woman can put a man in, I was on my knees before her held tight by her big thighs around the sides of my head which was pushed back hard upon my shoulders forced to look upwards with my mouth against her pussy. Have you any idea how emasculated I felt as all I could do was look up over her pelvis to see her staring down at me with a stony expression on her ruggedly handsome face and knew what she expected from me. As if I needed encouragement the fearsome dominant old lady began flexing her big biceps again. Oh my word, looking up at them from my submissive position between her strong legs and mashed against her pussy, they looked massive! Hopelessly turned on and overwhelmed, I began to lick furiously. “Mmmm!” she began moaning, at first softly while gently rubbing against my face and lightly squeezing the sides of my head with her large thighs. However this gradually increased in frequency becoming louder, rubbing more furiously and crushing down harder and for longer. I clung onto her thick bulging thighs as I was squeezed helpless again and again. It was much too painful for me to have my own climax. Soon her thighs were ballooning almost constantly as she approached orgasm, moaning loudly while reducing me to a whimpering mess until she finally knocked my lights out when she came.

I came around to find myself upon a bed with Margaret completely naked next to me. I still had a hard-on and when the fit strong old lady opened her legs invitingly I was only too keen to get on top and kiss her wildly as I plunged myself inside of her. Before I could start humping her, her thick strong legs wrapped themselves around my waist and took complete control of the movements of my hips. Her legs were powerful and unyielding and the dynamic old woman was using me like a dildo controlling the pace of our love-making while literally crushing any attempt to do otherwise. I was unable to do anything except let her control my hips to pleasure her while kissing her passionately. When I came, I came hard and long blasting inside her again and again until I was drained. I then had to hold on as she came herself, trying not to scream as her powerful thighs crushed so hard I thought my waist would break. She hadn’t finished with me yet and I soon found it no idle boast that she could totally exhaust a man. I finally left her house absolutely shattered, feeling badly that I had succumbed to my base instincts, vowing never to return. Yet I keep seeing her most days when I drive home and find myself staring at her tall strong broad-shouldered build and big calves and imagining myself being kicked helpless then crushed by her powerful legs before being forced to make love to her, knowing that I would be unable to resist the temptation for long.

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