This is a confraternity that celebrates the Strength in the Feminine. We believe that women are Strength, and we love a world where they manifest their potential not only on the mental fronts, but also on the physical ones.

Here, we cater to a specific clientele. We have stories, features, and random musings on feminine power, fantasies about female superiority, and erotica revolving around female domination. As fans of strong women, we also post a number of photographs and artworks here. None of these are owned by the website. All contents belong to the respective parties.

This is not a commercial website. Also, this is not a website for minors. 

If you are up for it, step in – and welcome to our world!


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. I truly believe that woman is not at all behind from man.infact her some attributes are far more better than man.her bearing power is better than man,her ability to produce another life,gives complex to man from centuries. That is why he is trying to enslave woman from centuries. He talks about physical power but physical power is nothing as compared to feminine power.bearing, withstanding is more necessary. Girls are like water and man is like rock.rock seems to be tough but water can cut any rock.
    And nowadays girls are not behind even in aspect of physical strength. Female bodybuilders,female MMA fighters are very tough.Girls should come out of their mind and break all the rules which man has created to cage them.
    Thank you.
    With all the respect to every woman in the world from the bottom of my heart.


  2. I love women in all senses to the word .and more when a woman is muscular. They are moms and bodybuilders to the same time..and this is sexy


  3. i saw this blog recently about how the battle of the sexes was won by the females for example at summer camp last year while the boys refused to go out but stayed indoors with air condition eating ice cream simply because it was too warm with thunderstorms at night,meanwhile the girls were out climbing trees and putting up tents,things boys used to do,it seems boys are so weak now compared to the bold and assertive young females..many years ago i lost to a girl at wrestling and at the end she said ”your weak”..i know this to be a fact now..

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