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Harley’s Masterpiece [DC#1]

A vindictive Harley Quinn takes on Bane

The breakout from Arkham had been chaotic. In a frenzy to get out, many inmates had cut down their own brethren. Harley was in street clothes, snatched from an unwary pedestrian (who was hog tied and dumped behind a trash can). She was looking for the Joker. He was one of the first to escape, cackling loud and long from afar. “The Fool” she thought. “Doesn’t he know he’s in equal danger from the cops and crooks alike?”  Continue reading Harley’s Masterpiece [DC#1]

The Red & White Lady [YL#1]

A brutal tale. Warning: Blood and gore.

She pushed open the nightclub door…the cold biting wind was a refreshing change. She spat. The tequila shots were like piss. And that made her angrier.
Earlier, delivery of her new workout equipment had been delayed. So she had missed out on her new fitness regime.
Helena had always been strong. In school as a gymnast, later as an athlete… Finally, to take up pole-vaulting as a sport of choice… In which her arm and shoulders had become superhumanly strong.
Cut back to present, as she moves away, she hears cries and muffled screams from the alley. She runs in… Only to see Viktor and Olga, her good friends, being mugged by three large men. The three paused to look at her. They were large men, very large.

Continue reading The Red & White Lady [YL#1]

Carmen ~ Their Last Mistake 2 [CA#2]

The sun had just touched the sea. The orange orb made a warm backdrop to the sea birds coming home to roost. A few trawlers and yachts made their way leisurely back to the wharf. All in all, a charming view from the twenty-first floor of the Taj Club Lounge.

Carmen stood at the window, a frown of worry on her forehead. The fading sunlight bathed her nude body in a ruddy glow. Her bare, somewhat tanned arms (courtesy her jogging at the Jogger’s Park nearby) revealed excellent muscle tone. Her rippling abdomen, strong thighs and powerful calves shouted out about the power in her body. A fitness guru, yoga expert and dance instructor, her body was honed for movement, speed and power.  Continue reading Carmen ~ Their Last Mistake 2 [CA#2]

Carmen ~ Their Last Mistake [CA#1]

A cool night breeze on a sultry summer night, a rarity in this city famous for night-time temperatures above 30°C. But then this lake in the southern part of the city was well known as a place where the local bourgeois would often come to cool down after a day full of sweat and grime. But that used to be in the old times, when air conditioners were largely unknown and the best respite against dehydration was a glass of water with Glucon D. The current crop of people here preferred to retire to their homes after dusk, preferring the soft hum of split AC’s to the gentle lapping sounds of the lake waters, and an occasional mosquito bite.

On such a night, Carmen and Sonal were enjoying a stroll, the pleasant breeze occasionally creating goose pimples on the exposed skin of these ladies. The stroll was meant to get over the slight high that the white wine had given them. Which in itself was an excellent accompaniment to the vegetarian continental fare served at the Rowing Club.  Continue reading Carmen ~ Their Last Mistake [CA#1]