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Brief articles featuring inspirational athletes.

The Little Monsta!

Imagine this: It’s just another day at the gym. You walk in, plan to do your cardio, maybe a few reps with weights. Enough to get the blood pumping and to feel a bit sore in the muscle. And then you bump into her – a woman with a thick, pumped musculature. You check her outDanielle Reardon (48) – wow! She’s so… so  buff! Man! You could not get close to her level of build without being blessed. You can see that she’s a naturally gifted athlete, too. And then she turns towards you… she has a beautiful face with a dazzling smile.  Continue reading The Little Monsta!


Before embarking on her gruelling fitness regime Charlene, 36, was just a normal mum-of-two who enjoyed going running.

A keen runner and fitness enthusiast.

That is Charlene Harvey, aged 36, from Malmesbury, in southern England.

Or was, rather. This cute mother of two with a dazzling smile and a job in accounts decided to hit the gym alongwith her husband.

Just nine months later, she was on stage at Manchester, flexing her muscles. Yes, for Charlene had transformed – from a rather plain physique to a bronzed goddess rippling with muscle and sinew.  Continue reading Transformations