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How Ramgarh was won… [MISC#2]

A deviation of the storyline from the 1975 smash hit movie “Sholay”. A movie that all Indians know – each Dialogue and punchline from the movie is part of common lore.
Note: Most characters and situations would seem odd, unless you’re an Indian and have seen the movie a gazillion times.

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Dalberg Diaries 2: A Better Place [ST#2]

Shhunkk! The javelin quivered, its head stuck in the sandy soil. The graceful missile had traversed nearly sixty metres after leaving its wielder’s hand.

Rimi Sen, the champion javelineer of Dalberg, slowly walked towards the javelin. Her left arm was massaging her right shoulder, which she slowly rotated to loosen the muscles that had propelled the javelin this far.

Dalberg was the home for prodigious students, and Rimi Sen was one. The lanky six footer was a national level athlete. At the age of sixteen, she had repeatedly shattered the national record for the javelin throw. Apart from the javelin, Rimi was good at nearly every athletic event. She could sprint like a deer and jump like a hare. Her participation in various athletic events was limited only by the scheduling of various events.  Continue reading Dalberg Diaries 2: A Better Place [ST#2]

Dalberg Diaries 1: Personality Transformations [ST#1]

“Quaint, charming. Definitely British…” murmured Soumita, as she took an expansive view of sprawling school campus in front of her. The Dalberg School, Khonsa (hereinafter referred to as “Dalberg”) had an impressive main building with a large arched entrance and a well maintained gravel road. Thin spires adorned the roofline, indicating the love of Gothic architecture in whoever had designed the place. The East and West Halls stretched away like arms welcoming her to her two remaining years of disciplined school life. Dalberg was known as a school of discipline. The trustees of the school claimed that this discipline was responsible for the school being a renowned talent nurturing institute.

But what really drew the eye was not the building itself; rather it was the grounds, and the richness of the horticulture. Sheesham trees grew everywhere. Their roots were covered by mounds of earth that had the most interesting plants growing in its shade. The shades of these trees were also where many students could be seen chatting with each other, or busy with books, music players and laptops.  Continue reading Dalberg Diaries 1: Personality Transformations [ST#1]

The Homecoming [MISC#1]

(Adapted from Harold Pinter’s Story of the same name)



The time: early sixties. A house in North London, where live the following:

Max, seventy; a retired butcher. He is a robust man, still fairly strong. Is loud and enjoys his drink. He stays in the house with his brother and two sons.

Sam, sixty three; a chauffeur. Quiet, soft spoken.

Teddy, thirty-five; Max’s eldest son. He has lived in the United States for many years, and teaches philosophy there.

Lenny, thirty-two. He claims to do “this-and-that”. His main source of income is pimping.

Joey, twenty-five: A well-built young man who works in the demolition squad.

Ruth, thirty; Teddy’s wife of six years and mother of three children.  Continue reading The Homecoming [MISC#1]