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Sthenolagnia vs. Cratolagnia – Which Best Describes Me?

A very good article on the subject of why we love what we love!

The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi

What about Yaxeni Oriquen turns you on? Gee, where do I start? What about Yaxeni Oriquen turns you on? Gee, where do I start?

Here are two vocabulary words most people in the general population have never heard before: Sthenolagnia and Cratolagnia.

Don’t even ask me how to pronounce either word. Consult an online dictionary instead. Or just take a wild guess. Whichever works for you!

I’ll admit that I never heard of these words before I became an official female muscle fan. So if you consider yourself an admirer of muscular human beings of the feminine persuasion, allow yourself the opportunity to improve your vernacular.

Sthenolagnia is defined as the “sexual arousal from displaying strength or muscles” while cratolagnia is “sexual arousal from strength.” Anyone who thinks muscles are sexy should be able to identify with one of or both of these concepts.

So what’s the difference, exactly? Good question.

People who are attracted to large muscles (regardless of the gender…

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The Season of The Goddess

I have been reminded that this is the season of Durga, on whom I based my tales of the Warrior Goddess Anahita.

Mahalaya is on 30th September this year, – the day on which Durga delivered the final crushing to Mahisasura. Hope you celebrate well that day!

To try to get you in the mood, here is my attempt to honour The Goddess

The Dance of Death (JPECHO#2)

The Wrath of the Goddess (JPECHO#03)

Dancing with the Goddess (JPECHO#04)

Battling the Goddess (JPECHO#05)