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I like to write about the kind of woman that you could meet in everyday life. She need not look like a supermodel, or be slim and young. She could be your wife, daughter, the old lady across the street, that woman you hardly pay attention to every day you pass her on the way to work. Age doesn’t matter – well, OK it does as we have to be careful not to encourage deviant behaviour towards young girls! but she could be the teenager you pass on her way to school or the little white haired old lady you get annoyed with for walking too slow. The point is, I like to explore what could happen if these ‘ordinary everyday’ women had some training in the martial arts or through some kind of athletic activity that makes them stronger than you and capable of giving you a really good beating.

I am fascinated by the extremes – very old women who should be nice grannies, teenaged girls much smaller than yourself but who would be too much for you to handle in a fight, women who culturally would be expected to be quiet and subservient. My women are sometimes tough and sometimes brutal, but fight for their men. I love women with strong shapely legs and love it when they use them to destroy men with their powerful scissors holds or soul-destroying kicks and throws.

Yes, sometimes I will go off on a wild tangent and sometimes I will write stories inspired by well-known characters. Sometimes I will write about women in historic settings when most men would never even think a woman capable of engaging in combat, and sometimes I will write about Goddesses!

Each story can be read in isolation although a better understanding of the overall story arc would be gained by reading the rest of the series. Many of my stories contain descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this, or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country, please do not read on.

The Original Series

Squeezed by the Landlady (JIMP#1)

Cameraman Thrashed by Female Presenter (JIMP#2)

The Nutcracker (JIMP#3)

New Beginnings and the Dominant Horsewoman (JIMP#4)

Enter the Japanese Schoolgirls !(JIMP#5)

The Return of The Dominant Horsewoman (JIMP#6)

The Boxing Stablegirl (JIMP#7)

The Amazon Barmaid (JIMP#8)

A Mistresses’ Vengeance (JIMP#9)

The Kickboxing Amazon Princess (LADYD#1)

Hospitals can be Dangerous Places (JIMP#10)

Sister-in-Law’s Christmas Present (Sislaw #1)

The Airfield (JIMP#11)

The Lethal Slut (JIMP#12)

The Mother In-Law From Hell (JIMP#13)

Echoes from the Past (JPECHO#1)

Bobby, Jackie & Friends

The Return of The Dominant Horsewoman (JIMP#6)

Wrestling my Little Sister (BOBP#1)

The KickBoxing Fight (BOBP#2)

Training Teacher (JACKIE#01)

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom (JIMP#27/JACKIE#02)

Wrestling The Twins (JIMP#28)

The Merit Badge (BOBP#04)

Putting my kid sister back in her place (JACKIE#03)

Jackie’s Revenge (JACKIE #04)

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese Schoolgirl (JIMP#55, JACKIE#05)

Best Friend’s Sister (BOBP#05)

Bobby’s Birthday Surprise (BOBP#06)

The Mythology

The Last (THE LAST#1)

Echoes from the Past (JPECHO#1)

The Dance of Death (JPECHO#2)

The Wrath of the Goddess (JPECHO#03)

Dancing with the Goddess (JPECHO#04)

Battling the Goddess (JPECHO#05)

The Case of the Jujitsuffragette: The Female Pugilist (JPECHO#06-1)

The Case of the Jujitsuffragette: The Mistress of the Workhouse (JPECHO #06-2)

Encounter with the Schoolmarm : A Victorian tale of pain, domination and female empowerment (JPECHO#07)

The New Series

Death of a Princess (JIMP#14)

The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army (JIMP#15)

The Power Of Sex (JIMP#16)

The Lollipop Lady (JIMP#17)

Confessions of a Bimbo -Judo! Chorus-line Karate & strong legs (JIMP#18)

Upstairs, downstairs and in the Kitchen Maid’s bedroom (JIMP#19)

Danger at the beach (JIMP#20)

Harry Carter & The Calves of Fear + The Strong Armed Cleaner (JIMP#21)

Mother In-Law – Security Guard (JIMP#22)

Top Bully – a tale of defeat and humiliation by three young women (JIMP#23)

Disciplined By The French Mistress (JIMP#24)

Kung Boob! (JIMP#25)

Leggy and Lusty – a Lap dancing Strip O’Gram defends herself (JIMP#26)

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom (JIMP#27)

Wrestling The Twins (JIMP#28)

Granny Strongarm – A Granny’s Touch (JIMP#29)

Henrietta and the transform of Muscle (JIMP#30)

George and The Dragon (JIMP#31)

Min Jung: Humiliation Club (JIMP#32)

Danger, Fat Bully Girl At Play (JIMP#33)

The Dental Receptionist & The Kung Fu Nurse (JIMP#34)

The Maasai Warrior Queen & Her Daughter (JIMP#35)

The Legs of the Rickshaw Woman (JIMP#36)

Wife’s Surprise (JIMP#37)

Feel The Power of the Lord (JIMP#38)

The day my mum humiliated me at the Dojo (JIMP#39)

The Little Old Lady (JIMP#40)

Scissored in the Supermarket car park (JIMP#41)

An encounter with Jean (JIMP#42)

Obeying Mother (JIMP#43)

Birthday Surprise (JIMP#44)

Auntie’s secret (JIMP#45)

The Nutcracker and The Tramp (JIMP#46)

Mother in-Law’s Break-up (JIMP#47)

Karate Boots (JIMP#48)

Passing Out (JIMP#49)

Aberdeen Agnes (JIMP#50)

The Hotel Manageress (JIMP#51)

Lady Helen’s Daughter (JIMP #52)

Return of the Amazon Barmaid (JIMP #53)

The Long Legs of the Law (JIMP #54)

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese Schoolgirl (JIMP#55)

The Sari of Discipline (JIMP#56)

Alice – Secret Santa (JIMP#57)

The Internet Date (JIMP#58)

The Perils of Kidnapping Schoolgirls (JIMP#59)

Marriage Guidance (JIMP#60)

Madam Koumaru Assaiki (JIMP#61)

Onward Christian Soldiers (Don’t Lose Your Head) (JIMP#62)

Honour thy Mother in-law (JIMP#63)

The Pantyhose Society

The Taxi Driver (PANTYHOSE#1)

The Dojo of Humiliation (PANTYHOSE#2)

The Savate Lady and The Pretty Tomboy (PANTYHOSE#3)

The Ballerina P.A. and The Lingerie Shop (PANTYHOSE#4)

Deadly Teenage Girls (PANTYHOSE#5)

Schoolgirl Judo (PANTYHOSE#6)

Crime-lord’s Surprise (PANTYHOSE#7)

Busted! (PANTYHOSE#8)

The Vengeful Countess (PANTYHOSE#9)

Related Stories

Domination at the Women’s Institute (JP#01)

Aunt Lilly’s 21st Birthday Present (JP#02)

Joan (JP#03)

The Fbook account (JP#04)

The Wild Woman of the Highlands (JP#05)

Fighting my Mother (JP#06)

Emma (JP#07)

My Sister In-Law and the Bonfire (JP#08)

The Widow (JP#09)

The deadly-legged schoolgirl (JP#10)

Wrestling my Mother (JP#11)

The Religious Education Teacher (JP#12)

Harry and the Black Belt of Power (JP#13)

A Postman’s Lot (JP#14)

School-bully beat down / Victim’s revenge (JP#15)

My Karate Kid Sister (JP#16)

Stitched up with a muscle geek (JP#17)

Featured painting by Boris Vallejo
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